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In binge watching all of the Captain America, Iron Man, and Avengers movies recently, I've had the urge to roleplay as some of my favorite characters. So, in this roleplay, you can choose one, (limiting it to two) characters and roleplay them as such. You don't have to worry about pairings currently going on in the MCU or the comics, so long as you stick to character. If there are any characters here that you want to roleplay as but I don't have listed, just let me know and we can add them. :3


The Winter Soldier/James "Bucky" Barnes: xthee


Iron Man/Tony Stark:

Captain America/Steve Rogers:

Black Widow/Natasha Romanova:

The Hulk/Bruce Banner:

Hawkeye/Clint Barton:


Spiderman/Peter Parker:

2/12/2017 #1

Music he didn't recognize played in the background of the small room James Buchanan Barnes sat in. He was dressed in a pair of darkwash jeans, his boots, and a black tanktop. The expression on his face was blank, unreadable, as his bionic arm was stretched out in front of him. He slowly flexed and unflexed his fingers into a fist, watching his hand, hearing the parts in the arm wirr.

He'd been Bucky again for some time now. He didn't remember much. Actually, he remembered very little of his life before HYDRA's brainwashing. He knew that he'd been a sergeant. He knew that he had a friend named Steve Rogers, one he'd almost killed. Other than that, his life was like a blank slate, waiting for the flashes and visions he'd occasionally get to fill in the gaps.

He was sitting in what was best as a quarantine room. The only thing in the room was the large metal table he sat on. Steve had convinced him to come here. After he dragged him out of the water, Steve, the redheaded dame, and the bird guy managed to catch up to him. A smug grin tugged at Bucky's lips.

Didn't make it easy for them, though.

Steve convinced the other two, and him, that it wasn't Bucky's fault, that everything had been HYDRA and The Winter Soldier's doing. Well, partially convinced. Bucky didn't care what Steve said. He had killed people, a lot of people. And while it hadn't been his choice, the blood was still on his hands. He knew that bird guy, Sam maybe?, felt the same way as he did. He didn't like Bucky, and the former sergeant could see it in his eyes.

Joke's on him. Bucky didn't like himself very much, either. And he knew just as much about himself as bird guy did.

Now he was here. Sitting and waiting while Steve was in a meeting with some man with an eyepatch, and his super friends.

Bucky was anxious. For the first time in years, he felt something. And it was overwhelming, bubbling up into his chest and spreading through his body, anxiety. And he didn't like it. He didn't like not knowing what was going to happen, he didn't like not knowing what the conversation his best friend and his pals were taking part of was like. He didn't like not knowing if HYDRA knew he was out there.

He needed a distraction, and soon.

2/12/2017 . Edited 2/12/2017 #2

(Okay, so I sort of just like plopped her into the MCU, so lemme know if it's ok xD)

Raven had to steel herself before stepping into that room. She had heard the stories about the Winter Soldier, and she knew above all else that his mind was a wreck. He knew what it was like to have his mind played with- certainly not by the likes of her, but she had to be careful. She was a powerful woman and she knew that if she tried to glean too much out of him he would sense her presence in his mind and things would go badly.

The door was double-sealed to provide another layer of space between the outside world and the careful, sterilized interior of the quarantine room. It was there that Raven had to strip down, scrub down in the tiny shower stall, and put on a fresh set of clothes before she could go inside. Bucky was in there to keep others safe, but it was to keep himself safe, too. They had no idea what he had been through.

That part was Raven's job.

At fifteen a couple of local police officers had found her, dirty, lost and alone, on the streets of New York City. When they tried to get near her she used carefully tailored psychic attacks to keep them away. She had been new to this place, new to this world and didn't trust anybody. After the NYPD saw through her tricks, they sent SHIELD for her. Seven years later, at twenty-two, Raven was their best-kept secret- perfect for interrogations due to her psychic abilities, and an important part of the medical staff considering her healing powers. She was not only powerful but beautiful as well, with creamy pale skin, dark eyes and dark hair cropped sleek and straight to her shoulders.

When she stepped into the quarantine room she was wearing a skin-tight black jumpsuit with mesh cutouts in the sides and a long zipper down the front. It was a regulatory piece of clothing- something clean provided for her to change into on the way in, but it fit her like a glove.

"My name is Raven," she introduced herself in a low, melodic voice, moving forward slowly, cautiously. She paused in the doorway, looking him over with a note of concern in her delicate features. "Are you hurt?"

4/14/2017 #3

(It's perfect!)

Bucky sensed her there long before she spoke up. He didn't say anything, just watching his fingers flex and unflex as he listened to the parts in his arm. When she did finally speak up, he slowly glanced up. His eyes found hers and he chuckled, a low deep sound, a grin tugging at his handsome features.

"Stevey sent you."

It wasn't a question, rather a simple statement. He didn't have to ask if Steve sent this girl, he knew damn well that he did. Steve was good, almost overbearingly so sometimes. Bucky knew that Steve looked at him as if he were about to go over the edge at any point, maybe rightfully so.

He looked back down at his hand, grin still ghosting his lips.

"I'm fine, Doll. And you can tell Stevey so, too."

4/15/2017 #4

"He did," Raven replied, and her lips quirked in amusement at the way he called her 'doll.' If only he knew. He was about to find out, either way. Raven got the sense that his cheerful exterior was hiding something just under the surface. Luckily, Raven wasn't quite so dense as the others. She could tell. She knew.

"Good. I was going to heal your injuries if you had any, but since you don't, I'll just get started."

She stepped forward, eyes roving over his form. He was strong and solid, well-built, but Raven sensed an inner sort of vulnerability within him. She wasn't here for that, she reminded herself. She had a job to do.

"You're probably wondering why you're still in this sealed room," she said, laying her hands on the swell of her hips. "My powers allow me to cleanse your body completely of physical ailments and any lingering... maladies that might be passed on to the others. Think of it like an... instant quarantine. It won't hurt, though the process is rather intimate. You might be more comfortable if you lay down," she instructed, gesturing to the table on which he sat. She could heal his mind, too, but that would take time and it would be uncomfortable. So she wouldn't go there just yet. Not until she knew the extent of the damage. And that was a problem she could take up with the others.

4/15/2017 #5

Bucky stiffened immediately at that. His hand stopped moving, his face going stoic almost immediately. His eyes, that had been glued to his arm, trailed slowly up to her face. His brow slowly raised, his nostrils flaring just slightly.


He didn't want a part of this, not any fucking part. He was thoroughly convinced of that much. He had been through the bullshit with HYDRA, the mind fuckery. He didn't want any more, and that was exactly what it seemed like this girl was selling. Mind fuckery, and body fuckery.


He would take his chances, being locked in this goddamn room forever.

"I'm fine." He grunted out.

4/16/2017 #6

"I heard you the first time," Raven insisted, raising a brow. She didn't need to be a telepath to sense his fear. But that didn't change the fact that she had a job to do. She stepped close enough to touch him, holding out her hands and preparing to start the process. She needed to be touching him for it to work, but she moved slowly. He had similar abilities to Steve's, plus a wickedly powerful cybernetic arm. If she startled him, he could do some serious damage.

"Just hold still," she insisted quietly. "It will be over quickly. Please, it's my job."

She stepped forward and planted her hands on his chest in one smooth motion after that, tilting her chin up to look into his eyes. He had quick reflexes, but this would take time. She kept her guard up in case he decided to defend himself while she prepared her mind, her sympathies, her powers.

4/16/2017 #7

"Damn it, I said no."

Bucky snarled the words, his eyes flashing as he looked at her. His eyes, a crystal blue, were wide and wild. He wasn't just scared, he looked like an animal that was cornered by something much larger, much faster and much more powerful. His breathing began to get shallow and fast, and he was staring at her, his body wanting desperately to bolt.

He needed to go, he needed to run.

He had let people manipulate his mind and body once already, he refused to let it happen again. Never again. Bucky had his free will back, and he never wanted to let that go again.

4/16/2017 #8

"Don't," Raven said sharply, stepping back with her own dark eyes wide with surprise. For a moment she just looked at him in silence, eyes searching his with parted lips. Then her shoulders dropped. She understood.

Raven could read minds. She could step forward and read somebody's thoughts, change their emotions, even heal their bodies, if she wanted to. But they could feel her presence in their mind if she did. She was a telepath, but she was also an empath, and that meant that she could read the emotions of those around her. But her empathetic powers weren't voluntary, like her telepathy or her other powers. It was a constant feed, like the dull static of a radio in her head. Right now, just by looking at him, she felt her heart clench with fear, the desire to get out, escape, be far, far away.

"Don't run," she insisted, her voice dropping to a hesitant whisper. "You don't need to run away from me."

She understood what she needed to do now. He wasn't aggressive, he was afraid, and instead of lashing out he would bolt and Steve would never forgive her.

"...Tell me your name," she said, after a long pause. She already knew what it was, but that wasn't important right now.

4/16/2017 #9

"My name?"

Bucky was caught off guard by the question.

She knew his name, he knew that. She had to know his name. She was here for a reason, after all. Steve had gotten her, brought her here, and made sure she was available to fuck his mind and his head. So, she had to know his name.

Why was she asking?

"James Barnes."

4/16/2017 #10

"James," Raven repeated slowly. She stayed close but kept her hands at her sides, eyes locked with his. She knew that most prey animals, when threatened, didn't like to be looked in the eye. She also knew that people were different. As long as she stayed calm and looked him in the eye, and didn't make any sudden movements, neither of them needed to get hurt.

"I already knew your name," she confessed. "But I wanted you to focus on something else for a moment so you could calm down. That, and I think it's appropriate to let somebody introduce themselves." She had to figure out a way to gain his trust. Neither of them were allowed to leave this room until she had done what she was supposed to do, and she had to figure out a way to tell him that the process didn't really involve his mind at all. Only hers.

"James," she said again, speaking in a low, soothing voice. "Steve didn't really send me. He sort of did, but I'll assume you know where you are, and you'll know that Steve is part of an organization that I'm also a part of. I'm here to heal you. I know you're not hurt, but that's not what I'm looking for. Your mind is yours. I'm more concerned with your body."

She held her hands out in front of her, palms facing the ceiling. It was a very nonconfrontational gesture, almost like she were offering her hands out for him to take.

"I need to look and see what they've done to you. Make sure there's nothing dangerous inside you or your arm that might hurt the others, and see what happened to you. You were born in 1917. You should be a hundred years old by now. But you're not. I don't want to change anything at all, James, I just want to look."

4/16/2017 #11

He flinched and looked away.

"If you know me," He said, his eyes glued to the wall. "You know who I am. You know where I've been, who I've worked for, and what I've done." He looked at her, his eyes full of pain. "You're gonna go diggin' around inside me, and you're gonna find a bunch 'a shit that you didn't wanna see."

He slowly moved, sliding off of the exam table he sat on. He looked down at this girl, noticing how damn tiny she was compared to him.

"You don't wanna do that, doll. You don't wanna see the skeletons in my closet."

4/18/2017 #12

Raven felt her breath catch a little when he slid off the exam table. She didn't step back, putting herself awfully close to him. Raven had always known she was small in stature, but... he felt huge and intimidating in front of her.

Nevertheless, he was trying to scare her and it wasn't working.

"Don't think you're the only one with skeletons in your closet," she replied, speaking slowly, raising her eyebrows and shooting him a very hesitant smile. She didn't move away, didn't break the eye contact. She couldn't will herself to.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she said, lifting one hand to her temple. She wasn't always willing to do this, but he needed to know that he wasn't the only one. He thought she would be scared, that she'd run away, but nothing scared Raven anymore. Not when her father was who he was.

4/18/2017 #13

His jaw clenched almost instantly. His chest clenched at the motion of her hand to her temple, and it took everything that Bucky had not to flinch. Flashbacks came rushing back, of a certain trainer he'd had, a viscous man with no sense of morality that had made him do some of the most despicable, dirty things.

He swallowed, bringing himself back to the presence.

"You're willing to show me... everything?" He asked quietly. His brow slowly raised at that.

He highly doubted it.

4/18/2017 #14

"I-" Raven stuttered, flushing for a moment. Just what did he mean by everything? He was certainly asking her in a strange way.

But Raven was determined to gain his trust. Especially now that she had noticed how blue his eyes were. They were blue like Steve's were, but Steve had a naive sort of optimism about him that Raven found insufferable. She knew that this man had seen more. Much more. He had his demons, and she was one.

"Yes," she answered decisively.

"I-I..." she trailed off again, letting out a sigh, shaking her head. "I don't trust many people with that sort of thing. But I..." she couldn't quite explain it. There was something about him that ran deeper than a simple 'good feeling' or anything a normal human might be able to sense. There was something deeper. They had a connection. But Raven didn't want to say that to him. Not if he wasn't feeling the same things she was.

4/18/2017 #15

He licked his lips.

He could leave.

He was bigger, stronger, maybe even faster than this girl. He could get out with little to no hassle, run off and leave. He could be out of here, maybe for good, losing all of the baggage here. He could start over.

But something was stopping him.

There was something about this girl, something keeping him cemented to this spot.

4/18/2017 #16

"So?" Raven persisted, her soft voice growing a little lower.

She had a job to do. But it was about more than that, now. She felt the need to challenge him, to make him see that things weren't always as they appeared. Raven was a lot smaller than him, certainly, but he wouldn't get past her. Not if she didn't let him go. And she might have, if she thought that would help. But he couldn't be on his own right now. She could feel it in his very presence.

"You introduced yourself to me as James," she said, lifting her eyes to his. "But the name in your head is Bucky. Your friends call you that, don't you?"

She hesitated.

"Are you going to let me see?"

4/18/2017 #17

"Bucky." He whispered. "You can call me Bucky."

No one but Steve had called him Bucky in... forever. It was always Barnes or the Solider, or some demeaning thing in Russian. He hadn't allowed anyone to call him Bucky in years, and here he was, letting this girl do as she pleased.

At her question, he slowly nodded.

4/18/2017 #18


Raven had a mysterious look on her face as she pressed forward. She hadn't been lying when she said the process would be intimate, and now that she'd promised to show him her past, her mind, it would be even more so.

"I don't know if you heard me before, but my name is Raven," she responded. She let out a shaky breath, preparing herself, settling her mind. She wasn't ready to show anyone. But it didn't matter. She had promised, and something told her that this mysterious stranger would respond better than anybody else. He had done things too, after all. But all that was over for him. He didn't know that she was still fighting.

She moved closer, inches between her body and his. Reaching up, she touched one hand to the side of his face, the tips of her fingers resting on his temple in a gentle yet mindful way. She reached her other hand up, sliding it up his chest until it rested over his heart, feeling his pulse beneath her fingers.

"Are you ready?" She whispered. "I'm going to enter your mind now. You'll be able to see... everything."

4/18/2017 #19

Bucky took in a slow, deep breath. He stared at her, for a long time. He took in the feeling of her gentle hand, touching his face, the other touching his chest. Something, deep within him awakened at her touch. Something he had long since buried, kept hidden deep within him.

A slight grin crossed his handsome features. It was a boyish, slightly mischievous and handsome grin. "It's nice to meet you, Raven."

Slowly but surely, he gave a nod.

"I'm ready."

4/20/2017 #20

"U-um," Raven realised, pulling back a little and flushing. She had gotten lost in his gaze and allowed herself to be distracted. She shook her head to clear her mind, pushing thoughts away. She could worry about that later. Right now, she needed to focus on doing this safely and efficiently.

"You should probably sit down," she spoke, her voice lower this time, hushed, almost a little husky. "I've had others go limp on me, and no offence, but you look heavy."

She managed a smile at that last part, just the slightest upturning at the corners of her mouth. She felt bad about spoiling the moment, especially when he was ready, but she didn't want him slumping over her shoulder as soon as she let him in to her mind.

4/20/2017 . Edited 4/22/2017 #21

He pursed his lips at her words. He wanted to make a quip about how he could handle it that he'd been through a lot worse than what she was saying would happen. But he didnt. His head tilted a bit as he heard her tone, then his lips lifted a bit at her tiny smile.


He moved back to the exam table and hoisted himself back up. He put his hands down on the table and leaned forward slightly, his eyes never moving from her face. Jesus, she was absolutely beautiful.

4/25/2017 #22

Raven stepped forward as he popped up onto the table, having expected him to move backward when he did. He leaned forward, however, and for a moment their noses almost collided, causing her to gasp and stiffen.

"Okay," she whispered hoarsely, resting her hands on him again, one on his temple, one over his heart. She could feel his pulse once more, thrumming with vitality between her fingertips. She closed her eyes and settled her mind, concentrating, gathering her powers. Then she entered his mind. Everything was laid bare. While she could see everything inside him, he could see everything inside her.

For her, there was just darkness. The long shadows casting themselves across her dark past. Her father's wishes dragging down her own desires. He was the devil. The closest representation of Satan there was, and he had plans for her. Plans she had managed to escape once. She was safe on Earth for now, until he found her again. Then he would try to bend her to his dark will once more, and Raven was losing hope that she'd be able to resist. She didn't like revealing this to all of him. But she had no choice. She had promised to let him in for once chance to get a look at everything they had done to him. If she could see, she might be able to fix him- put back the pieces of his broken mind. Maybe. Just maybe.

4/25/2017 #23
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