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Just a regular roleplay for our characters to interact in a college setting.

2/13/2017 #1

A certain brunette male was running outside, his Nikes hitting the pavement outside the dorms hard. He'd been at this for hours, running laps around the outside of the dorms, doing push ups and sit ups in the grass. He wore no shirt, showing off his toned upper body, and basketball shorts with his favorite sneakers. He was panting, his cheeks a faint red as he ran his last lap. He slowed down to a jog, then a walk before he doubled over, placing his hands on his thighs. His eyes fell shut, a satisfied smile working it's way across his handsome features. His chest heaved with his exertion.

He felt good. Really good. Working out in every form was a therapy to Josh.

Normally he drew a crowd with his work outs. Adoring fans, he joked with his buddies. But today, he couldn't care enough to see if anyone was watching. Josh just wanted to work off some steam, and he had. Just not enough steam. He was still stressed, and it shone in the rigidity of his movements, in his muscles.

The new semester had just started, but he was already stressed the fuck out. The problems he was having with his room, and with his college life in general, couldn't be helped by working out.

His old roommate, Todd, had graduated and left Josh without a roomie. He was paying double for the room, and his savings, his parents money, and grants were slowly dwindling down into nothing. He had to find a roommate, soon, or he was going to be out of money. And Josh wanted no part of that. On the other hand, he was going to be picky as all hell about a roommate. He was a rough person to live with, and he didn't want just anyone sharing his dorm. No way in hell.

He stood back up at his full height and sucked in a breath of the chilly air, slowly blowing it out. His hazel eyes scanned the surrounding area as he ran his fingers through his perfectly styled locks. He nibbled his bottom lip for a moment before he sighed roughly and walked over to the dufflebag he'd tossed on the ground a few feet away. Reaching in, he pulled out a towel and wiped off his damp, sweaty skin before he tossed it down. He grabbed a water bottle and began to gulp as much as he could down before he tossed it into the trash.

He needed a distraction, or a roommate. And he had a feeling that neither would be easy for him to find right now.

2/13/2017 #2

"You know," Carrie sounded from behind him. "If you're going to run in weather like this, you might as well at least take advantage of the hiking trails." She had just returned from a run herself, clad in a charcoal gray pair of tight-fitting 3/4 length leggings and a pale turquoise sports bra. Her pale blonde curls were tied up into a voluminous ponytail, and her tanned, toned skin glowed with sweat and confidence. It took a lot, she admitted, to just walk up to somebody and talk to them like she already knew who they were. But he was a boy, and he was an attractive boy and he was exercising, so they already had something in common.

Carrie had heard somewhere that sweating was supposed to be gross. But looking over his bare body, slick with sweat, she wanted nothing more than to touch him. It wasn't exactly warm outside, but the cold was thrilling. She knew the drill. It was the same reason she went running in just a sports bra. It felt good to run until she couldn't feel the cold anymore.

She looked up at the dorm building they stood in front of, wondering briefly if dorm life was as awful as people said it was. She wouldn't know. She had never lived on campus. Even in her first year Carrie had her own apartment on top of the little coffee shop in town. It was perfect. And no roommate to worry about. Roommates were tedious. Especially with Carrie's... habits.

She crossed her arms over her chest, flicking her eyes back down to meet his, raising a brow with a sardonic smile. This was going to be fun. Really fun.

2/13/2017 #3

He jumped.

The six foot tall, two hundred pound body builder actually jumped when the random voice spoke up from behind him. He turned around on a dime and looked down at her, his brow raising. A charming smile slowly wormed its way across his features.

Well hello there.

He gave a chuckle at her words, his hand pushing through his hair once more. He glanced away before he glanced back down at her. The girl was beautiful, absolutely fucking stunning. And she had been running, just like he had. Something inside him flared at that, and his roommate worries had slowly faded away the second she spoke. Who cared about a roommate when a friggen ten was scantily dressed in workout clothes, and talking to him?

Not Josh, that's who.

He chuckled again before he spoke up, his deep voice coming out a bit hoarse from his intense workout from the day. "Well, sweetheart, if I knew there were stunners like you on the trails, I wouldn't have thought twice about heading out there."

He bit his lip for a moment before he spoke up, hazel eyes on her. He extended his hand out. "Josh Fletcher. You are?"

2/13/2017 #4

"Sorry," Carrie apologized without sounding sorry at all. She'd be lying if she said she hadn't approached him for the sheer reason that he was hot as all hell. It had been too long since Carrie had indulged in a good time. "Didn't mean to startle you."

She took a step closer when he extended a hand to her, flicking her eyes downward for a split second before looking up at him through her eyelashes. She took his hand, feeling a jolt of something in her lower belly when they touched. Jesus, he was gorgeous. More than gorgeous. Based on the way he looked at her, called her sweetheart, he was a big flirt. Even better. Carrie couldn't stand shy guys who beat around the bush. This one looked like the type to take what he wanted.

"Carrie Brooke," she said like he might already recognize the name. Her father was, after all, a famous Hollywood actor. She carried the same last name. And Carrie was just that type; when people had heard of her father she preened like a peacock. When they hadn't, she assumed they'd been living under a rock.

"So how'd you get all those muscles?" She asked, tilting her head to the side, a feigned attempt at small talk. It would take an idiot to miss the chemistry. "Running laps around the quad?"

2/13/2017 #5

His hazel eyes darkened just a bit when she stood his hand. His eyes never leaving hers, he slowly leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the back. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Brooke."

He would turn on any charm he had for this girl. She was beautiful, and obviously confident. And he was hooked on her for the moment. She looked like she could give him all the distraction he could want, and he was more than happy to take anything she would give him.

At her question, that charming smile turned right into a boyish grin. He chuckled, deep in his chest, a dark brow arching up.

"Oh you know, from this and that." His tongue slowly moved over his lips as his eyes darkened once more, the grin melting right off his face, instead a smoldering look crossing his handsome features.

"What about you?" He rumbled, taking a step closer to her. "You look like you could handle some heavy workout sessions."

2/13/2017 #6

"Do I?" Carrie asked, intrigued. If this was how he acted when she was bare-faced in her sweaty workout clothes, she couldn't even begin to imagine how things might have been had they met at a club. She bit her plump lower lip, plucking her hand away from his with a coy smile. "Well, I'm not exactly delicate. I can handle myself in... rigorous situations." She couldn't help but grin at that, and rested her hands on her hips.

"Anything to avoid homework, right?" She tucked a wayward curl behind her ear, shifting back and forth on her feet. "Either way," She was still a little out of breath, as she had practically run right up to him. Her apartment wasn't far, and though she had planned on running into town and finishing up there, this seemed like a much, much better idea.

"You look like someone who knows what you're doing," she said, getting a little more serious without letting the flirty tone out of her voice. "Do you think you could... help me stretch a little? It's always better with two people." She even went so far as to throw him a wink. He was so on her, hook line and sinker. A guy like him, she imagined, wouldn't turn on the charm for just any girl. Carrie knew she was good looking. But she couldn't help that swell of pride that she always felt when these shallow kinds of guys were into her. It felt like she'd made the cut, somehow. Not that she ever hadn't.

2/13/2017 #7

Josh decided to be daring. He may be a bit goofy but he wasn't stupid. He knew damn well that she was into him, knew what she was suggesting. He decided to catch her a bit off guard, throw her off balance a bit.

He reached over, his hand finding her hip. His fingers slid just slightly underneath the material of her leggings. He rumbled a noise of approval, his eyes becoming lidded as he leaned down, his face an inch or so away from hers, breath against her lips.

"Oh sweetheart, I'd love to help you stretch." He rumbled.

He pulled back just slightly, eyes flicking down to her breasts, covered by her sports bra. His hazel eyes found hers.

"Where do you want me to loosen you up?"

2/13/2017 #8

If he had been reading the signs wrong, he would have been in a lot of trouble. Luckily for Josh, he'd been right, and her breath hitched when he moved in close and slipped his fingers into her leggings. The skin there was heated, warmth trapped between her skin and the fabric, and the flimsy edge of her thong could be felt where it curved around her hipbone. Furthermore, it was cold, and her sports bra wasn't doing much to hide her perky nipples which strained against the fabric in the crisp air. She knew this already, of course. It was why she'd worn it in the first place. Now that she'd come across Josh, Carrie was certainly patting herself on the back for that particular decision.

Her eyes darkened and she lost it for a moment, looking him over with a lustful gaze, still biting her lower lip. He was certainly going to take what he wanted from her, there was no doubt about that. Carrie snapped out of it. It wasn't often she lost it like that around guys. She was so used to being in control, but Josh was doing things to her already that made her body ache for him.

She blinked out of her stupor, shooting him a coy smirk.

"Everywhere," she said slowly, letting the word tumble off her tongue. "But it's like I said, you look like you know what you're doing, so just tell me what I should do."

2/13/2017 #9

He heard her breath hitch. He saw her eyes darken, saw her bite her lip with that pretty, lustblown look. He rumbled out a growl, bending once more. His hand slid around in her leggings. He palmed her ass and gave it a squeeze, pulling her hips forward against his. His basketball shorts did nothing to hide his large and stiffening member.

Something told him Carrie liked a dominant man. And he would happily oblige her.

His lips found her ear. He sucked a bit at her earlobe. He nibbled there for a moment before he spoke up, his voice deepening as he rumbled to her.

"Since it's up to me," he purred to her, his voice screaming seduction. "I'd like to throw you over my shoulder, get you to my dorm, and the second I get the chance pin down to my bed and show you just how good I can loosen you up, Carrie."

His hand gave her ass another rough squeeze.

"Sound good to you, princess?"

2/13/2017 #10

Carrie groaned openly when he pulled her hips against his. He wasn't shy at all about touching her, and she braced her hands against his chest, stiffening when she felt his growing arousal pressing into her belly. It didn't take much to get this one going- then again, she'd have been lying if she said he didn't already have her feeling the same way. Then he leaned in and before his lips could even touch her ear, his breath had her shivering against him.

She moaned again when he sucked at her earlobe. He was playing dirty, but he knew what he wanted. And she liked that.

"Okay," she panted softly, done with hiding just how turned on she was feeling. Dirty sex on a dorm bed. Carrie had never been in the dorms before. She only ever took guys back to her own apartment, even if they did live on campus. But she couldn't wait that long. Not this time around.

"So what," she urged, still feeling as breathless as she sounded. "Is your roommate out of town for the weekend, or something?"

2/13/2017 #11

Those sounds set his blood on fire. They were beautiful an hot, and they went straight to his cock. Her moans had him pausing just the slightest, but soon he moved again. More. He wanted more.

His fingers slid slowly underneath her flimsy thong, traveling lower and lower. His free hand moved up to catch her ponytail. He gently tugged her head down and to the side, his lips traveling slowly down her neck, gently kissing and sucking at the exposed flesh. When she panted the word "okay," he felt his lips quirk up a bit. Cocky little thing, she was. It was nice to feel her melt in his fingers.

"Don't have one." He purred back. "Just you 'n me, Carrie."

He gave her ass one more rough squeeze before he reached down. He took each of her thighs into his big hands and lifted her up, her legs on either side of his body. He gave her a charming grin.

"Hold on tight, sweet thing, and we'll get goin'."

2/13/2017 #12

(One more post before I go xD)

Carrie gave a surprised squeak when he tugged at her ponytail, sending a gentle spark of pain through the roots of her hair that felt better than it probably should have. He was letting himself go now, kissing the side of her neck, and she could hardly wait for him to get her alone so he didn't have to hold back like this anymore.

"Perfect," she sighed, giggling when he lifted her up and wrapping her strong thighs tightly around his hips. She could feel his cock between her legs, and it felt as big as he was. Wrapping her arms around him with a blissful grin, she leaned in and kissed him languidly, stroking her tongue across his lower lip before pulling away just enough to speak.

"Giddyup, cowboy," she teased, feeling ready for just about anything. There was no better way to start her afternoon than with a good fuck, after all. Who knew. Maybe they'd be able to do this on a regular basis. If he was as good as he seemed to think he was, Carrie wouldn't be opposed.

2/13/2017 #13

That little surprised squeak made him chuckle. When she leaned in and and kissed him, pretty damn expertly, he allowed his eyes to fall shut for a bit or two. He sighed softly against her lips as she pulled back. He licked his lips, just looking at her for a beat or two as he tried desperately to get his libido under control.

When she spoke up he allowed his classic cocky grin to cross his handsome features with a chuckle. He was so fucking ready to get her hot little self underneath him.

"Hold your horses, sweet thing. We're goin'."

He moved over to where he'd tossed down his duffle and crouched down. He picked it up and moved it onto his shoulder, heading for the dorm.

He reached down and with the weak excuse of more stability, placed his hand on her ass and held her there. He grinned broadly as he did so, smirking as he saw jealous looks of the other men in his building. It took all of a few moments to reach the dorm.

He opened his door and moved inside, kicking it closed behind him. He tossed his duffle onto the floor and turned, pressing Carrie's back against the wall as his hand slid right back into her leggings. His mouth was attached to her neck once more, this time slowly traveling lower and lower.

2/13/2017 #14

The campus was rather big, but gossip still got around. If people knew who he was, this was going to be the next hot topic in a few hours. Lots of other guys had seen her with him, and she felt that swell of pride from before. That, and the soft sway of his gait had her hips jostling gently against his with every step, and Carrie had never ached for anyone so badly in her entire life.

She gasped when he pressed her back to the cold wall of his dorm. It looked exactly like she had expected- maybe a little cleaner, but the furniture was plain. She couldn't help but notice the fact that there were two beds, so this was a double room, but he had no roommate to share it with. She didn't have much time to pay any more attention to her surroundings, because his hands were in her pants again and his lips were on her neck. She tilted her head back with a breathless groan and clutched at his back. This was so irresponsible. But she didn't care. It felt so good to have hands on her where they shouldn't be, to feel his mouth dragging down her neck.

"So," she panted, reaching up to tangle one hand in his perfect hair, grinning, "is this how you finish every workout?"

2/13/2017 #15

"Not every one." He said with a broad grin. He leaned back a bit, still supporting her body with his. He pulled his hand out of the back of her pants and instead slid it into the front. He slid his fingers slowly into her thong, exploring the flesh there. He didn't go for her neck or her breasts this time.

He wanted to watch her face.

He wanted to watch the stunning, beautiful look on her face when she gave into the pleasure he ached to provide her. He needed to see it.

"Mmm," he growled in appreciation for her body. "You're fucking perfect, y'know that?" He slowly slid a finger into her, waiting for her reaction to do more there.

His other hand slid up, into her sports bra. He gave her breast a gentle squeeze, unable to hold back his grin as he gave her nipple a slow but form pinch.

2/13/2017 #16

Carrie giggled, though the grin slipped off her face when he slipped his hand down the front of her leggings. Her eyes filled with lust as she felt his fingers slip down into the hot space inside her thong. She was almost completely hairless between her thighs, with just a small patch of trimmed hair above her slit. And she was already slick and ready by the time he got his hand there.

"Nobody's per-" she started to say, but stiffened and closed her eyes as he pushed a long digit inside of her. She whined softly and clenched her muscles around him, clutching more tightly at his back, pulling him closer, wanting more.

She had been so distracted by his one hand that she didn't notice the other hand sliding into her bra. It was keeping her breasts pressed tightly to her chest, but that didn't stop her from flinching slightly in sensation when he pinched her nipple. Those were sensitive- all girls had sensitive nipples, but they were a sweet spot for Carrie.

"Don't stop," she sighed when she could speak again, clenching her tight sex around him again. "Fuck, I want to see what those hands can do."

2/13/2017 #17

"My hands?" He gave a slow, deep chuckle. "Oh sweetheart, just wait til you can see what my mouth can do."

Just as he ended that statement, he began to move his finger inside of her. He pushed it as deep as he could within her, slowly pushing it back in. He licked his lips as he watched her face, heard that pretty whine escape her.

"God, you're fuckin' soaked." He purred.

Another finger slid into her. He began to thrust both, slow and deep, up into her. His eyes flicked to the hand under her shirt and he gave a slight grin. He pushed her sports bra up enough to free those gorgeous, pretty breasts. He gave a grunt of appreciation and leaned in.

His eyes never moved from her expression as his tongue slid out, slowly sliding across her nipple before he took it into her mouth, sucking lightly.

2/13/2017 #18

Carrie flushed at the mention of his mouth. Oral sex was another sweet spot of hers. Everybody liked it, but Carrie loved it. Giving it, getting it, no matter what, it got her going. Now she was starting to feel a little more submissive. Some of the things he was saying were... actually making her blush, and his fingers had her ache flaring up into a slow burn. She wasn't going to last long like this. Not at all.

"Apparently," she panted, managing a little smirk despite the fact that he was moving inside of her, "I'm not the only one feeling excited about all of this." She traced one hand down his stomach and snapped the waistband of his basketball shorts, implying exactly what she referred to. He pushed another finger into her before she could say anything else, though, an action that earned him a soft cry of pleasure as she threw her head back against the wall.

She arched her back as he pushed up her bra, feeling the fabric bunch up under her arms. His breath ghosted across her chest and then his mouth was on her nipple, and she cried out again, louder this time, bucking her hips forcefully down into his hands. He was good. Very good. With the way things were going, it wouldn't take much to have Carrie coming in her panties for him right here, against this wall.

2/13/2017 #19

He absolutely adored this girl already. If Josh believed in soulmates, he was confident that Carrie would have been his. The beautiful, confident blonde was everything he'd ever wanted or needed. The way she reacted to his touch set him absolutely on fire.

"Oh I'm excited."

He mumbled the words against her nipple, gently tugging at it with his teeth before he sucked again. He moved his mouth to her breast, nipping at her flesh before he sucked there until he left a bright red hockey there.

Carrie was his now. He'd make damn sure another man wouldn't put their hands on her, or he'd rip the goddamn things off.

He moved his mouth back to her ear, his fingers thrusting up into her faster. His thumb slowly rubbed at her clit, calloused finger massaging at the sensitive nub. His other hand found her breast, massaging it in his hand. He wanted to overload her with pleasure.

"You like this, Carrie?" He purred to her. "Let me know, sweet thing. Let the whole goddamn building know how good I make you feel."

2/13/2017 #20

Carrie had always questioned monogamy. But it was a question of satisfaction that had her worried. Here they were not five minutes into whatever mess of a relationship this was going to become, and Carrie had never been so satisfied before in her life. He was big and strong and hot as hell, and he was good at what he did. He seemed to know what worked for her already. And was it bad that it seemed even hotter when he touched her under her clothes instead of waiting to get her naked?

She whimpered again when he closed his teeth around her nipple. He'd tugged her hair earlier, and he was liberal with his teeth. Carrie was a girl who could take a little bit of pain, and he seemed to have no trouble being rough with her. If there was such thing as the perfect lover, he was quickly shaping up to be just that.

"Ah! Fuck," she cried when he pressed his thumb to her clit, hips squirming beneath his touch. Her body was trembling with sensation, she could feel her stomach tightening as he thrust his fingers into her again and again. "Keep going, Josh," she urged, gripping at his hair, pulling his body closer to hers.

"I'm gonna come," she warned softly. "Soon... Jesus, don't stop."

2/13/2017 #21

"Wouldn't dream of it, sweetheart."

The sound of his name rolling off of her lips, soaked in her pleasure, made Josh bite down on his lip, his own eyes lustblown and lidded. Watching her whimper and squirm, hearing her moan his name, it would all be engrained into his mind until the end of time. He absolutely fucking loved it.

His lips closed around her earlobe, remembering the way she'd reacted to it earlier. Then he spoke in her ear. Josh had an affinity for talking dirty, and he hoped beyond hope that it would help Carrie get off.

"Come on, baby," he purred. "Let go for me. The sooner you cum, the sooner I can bury myself inside you and have you unraveling all over again."

His thumb pushed into and rubbed over her clit faster, his fingers following suit. The only thing on his mind right now was getting the beautiful blonde to orgasm, just for him.

2/13/2017 #22

"Ah, fuck, mmm, f-fuck," Carrie sighed as he intensified his ministrations. She was gripping tightly at him now, her hips bucking involuntarily in pleasure as her body twitched. He was getting her there, closer and closer, each shiver pushing her closer to the edge. It was getting hard to keep it together, but she was determined to last just a little bit longer.

His breath ghosted over her ear and she shuddered, body breaking out in goosebumps. For a moment, the only sounds were the noise of their mingled breath, and the soft slapping of his hand against her wet flesh, muffled by the fabric of her leggings. Her breathing grew ragged and irregular and she had to grit her teeth to stay grounded. She tilted her head back again, pushing her hips forward against his hand, clenching her muscles around him.

"Shit, fuck, I'm so close," she groaned, grabbing at his back, holding his shoulders tightly and gripping his side with her thighs. "A-almost there, please, oh God..." She was begging for her pleasure now, dangling tantalizingly over the edge of a painfully powerful orgasm. It would only take a few more seconds for her to be tumbling into bliss.

2/13/2017 #23

She was coming undone, but trying hard to keep herself together. She was coming apart, falling apart in the best of ways. Josh was so goddamn happy to take ownership of the way that he was letting her come apart. God, he loved this.

"Come on, Carrie," he purred. "You're right there, baby."

He pondered how he wanted to push her over the edge. He could pay more attention to her breasts, her neck, her ear...


He wanted to change the game, catch her off guard.

So he pushed his lips against hers in a slow, deep kiss. He pushed as much passion as he could into the kiss, slowly sucking on her bottom lip when it was done. It wasn't a kiss that reflected the way he was finger fucking her, it was a deep sensual kiss. And he hoped it was enough to push her over the edge.

2/13/2017 #24

Carrie was falling as soon as he kissed her.

She let out a grunt against his lips as she came forcefully against his hand, her hot liquid arousal rushing from her sex as he pumped his fingers into her. Her channel clamped tightly around his digits, tighter than she could have squeezed it before, and her cries grew higher pitched as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her body, her noises constantly muffled by his passionate kiss.

When it was over, she was trembling with the aftershocks of a painfully forceful orgasm, her panties and leggings soaked with the juices she'd released when she came. She pulled away from the kiss to breathe, panting hard, unable to keep herself from shaking. She felt sensitive all over. He had given her one of the hardest orgasms she'd had since discovering vibrators, and she wasn't even naked.

"You're fucking perfect," she panted, lips curving into a weak smile as she echoed his statement from earlier, "You know that?"

2/13/2017 #25

He was proud, so goddamn proud at the way she came apart. He felt her soak his fingers, her pretty thing and those leggings. Slowly, he pulled his fingers out of her and pulled his face away from hers. He cleaned his fingers off with his mouth, a grin on his features. He chuckled to himself.

"As I've been told." He murmured. He pushed his lips against the side of her face in a gentle, sweet kiss. With the hand that hadn't been covered in cum, he kept her held up. He pulled her leggings and her thong off, tossing it across the room before he carried her back over to the bed and laid her down.

He shoved down his basketball shorts, leaving him in a pair of boxer briefs. They didn't leave very much to the imagination, as he looked down at her with a grin.

"So?" He asked. "What next, Carrie?"

2/13/2017 #26

Carrie watched him clean her essence off his fingers and blushed. He was dirty. Very dirty. She hadn't realized just how much she liked it when men played dirty until he sucked her cum off his fingers and kissed her cheek. As he carried her across the room, Carrie relieved herself of her pushed-up sports bra, leaving her naked for him. Her body was tanned and toned, her pert breasts flushed from the exertion of everything that had just happened.

"I don't think anyone's made me come with my clothes on before," she teased, eyes roving over his form as he stripped down to his underwear. She licked her lips at the sight of his manhood and stiffened a little. Her orgasm still had her feeling sensitive, but she hadn't forgotten.

"Well, I think you promised to fuck me if I came for you," she purred, sitting up and reaching for him, curling her fingers in the waistband of his boxer-briefs. She made like she was going to slip her hands inside, but snapped the elastic waistband again and pulled away giggling.

2/13/2017 #27

At her words, Josh didn't even bother trying to hide the smug smirk that crossed his handsome features. Damn right. This was all in the effort to make damn sure that no other man would be inside of Carrie without her thinking about him. He would make damn sure of it.

He still refused to let another motherfucker out their hands on her.

When she spoke and reached forward, snapping the waistband of his briefs, he jumped a bit and growled. That grin spread across his features, touching his eyes as they lit up with a boyish grin. He shoved his boxer briefs down and tossed them away. He slowly made his way onto the bed, gripping her thighs and spreading them so that he could hover over her.

"Ready again already, pretty girl?" He waggled his brows. "Can't say I'm not appreciative of that."

2/13/2017 #28

"No," Carrie murmured, looking down and biting her lip as he spread her thighs. Her sex was flushed and slick and swollen from her last orgasm, and the little trimmed patch of hair confirmed that she was a natural blonde. She looked up into his eyes, reaching up to cup the sides of his face. "I'm still sensitive. But if you don't wait, I'll come again really fast." She was aching for him, even more so now that he was bare and she could see just how turned on he was. He was big, too, and she wondered for a brief, ironic moment if he would even fit inside her tight body.

She reached up and pulled the hair tie out of her hair, letting the blonde curls tumble over her shoulders. They were a little wild from her run and from her sweat, but she combed her fingers easily through the wavy strands before reaching for him again.

"I don't care, anyway," she sighed. "I need you. I've wanted you inside me since I first spotted you out there on the quad."

2/13/2017 #29

He thought about waiting, he really did. Until she opened her mouth

He groaned at those last words. They got to him, to the core of him. He was even more turned on, if that was even fucking possible.

He positioned himself at her entrance, looking down at her. His eyes found hers. He don't want to break eye contact, wanted to look at her and watch as he slowly pushed himself inside of her. He groaned, fighting the urge to close her eyes. God, she felt so goddamn good around him.

"Fucking shit, Carrie."

2/13/2017 #30
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