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He gave a wink when she grinned down at him. He loved that, loved that even when he was giving her pleasure, she could keep that razor sharp wit. She was such a fucking treasure.

He pulled his lips back, grinning when he saw the mark he'd left. Good. He was damn proud of it. His lips began to slowly but surely move further and further downward. He skipped completely over her womanhood, bending instead to kiss at her thighs.

4/18/2017 #421

"Josh, I-I can't-" Carrie started to say as he moved lower, gasping in indignation when he skipped her sex completely and started kissing at her thighs. He was sneaky and quick, but he seemed to know exactly what she had meant to say.

"Josh," she moaned again, running her fingers through her hair, sighing deeply in some attempt at keeping her cool. "I-I can't... I need to sit down, baby."

4/18/2017 #422

He seemed to not care about her words.

He moved his hands, using them to spread her legs slightly. He sank his teeth into the inside of her thigh, sucking a large spot on her thigh. He sucked for a few long moments, before he traced his tongue over the spot. He drifted over to her other leg, doing the same to her thigh.

4/18/2017 #423

"Mm," Carrie stumbled a little when he spread her legs but kept her balance, leaning forward a little when he pressed his head between her legs to nip at the inside of her thigh. It was all she could do to keep herself from clenching her legs around his head.

"Josh," she protested, her voice more urgent. She was getting hotter and hotter, her womanhood swollen and slick with arousal for him. But it was getting harder and harder to balance, to concentrate. Her knees felt weak.

"Please," she begged, not sure what she needed. Something needed to change, she supposed. Anything.

4/18/2017 #424

He stood and grabbed her by the bottom of her thighs, carrying her over to the bed. He laid her down and hovered over her with a grin. He winked, his mouth going immediately for her breasts. He began to kiss and suck at her breasts, paying extra attention to her nipples.

His hand, meanwhile, skated down her body. He slowly pushed a finger into her, groaning. "God, you're soaked, baby."

4/20/2017 #425

Carrie yelped as he lifted her, clinging to him until he laid her down on the bed. As he got on top of her she stretched her arms over her head, shooting him a bright look. She couldn't stop herself from grinning as he winked at her, but her expression soon changed when he dipped his head to her breasts and started to suck her stiffened, rosy nipples.

"J-josh," she choked, breath catching in her throat while his hand trailed down her form. As he slipped it between her legs she stiffened, groaning when he slipped his finger inside her.

"Don't tell me you're surprised," Carrie managed to say in a shaky whisper, clutching at the sheets over her head and squirming beneath him.

4/20/2017 #426
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