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2/23/2017 #1

A certain brunette man was hunting all around campus. He wore a baseball cap turned backwards on his head, a muscle tanktop that more than showed off his physique, basketball shorts and his Nikes. He was a man on a mission. He was looking for the object of his desires, hunting for her with no aim to stop until he finally found her. He had some tricks up his sleeve, and he was sure that this would push her over the edge for him.

Josh was determined to find Carrie. He had acquired some... knowlege, that may help him on his little pursuit of securing the blonde bombshell as his mate, and he fully intended to use it. She wanted to play hard ball? Oh, Josh could play hard ball.

He was an alpha, and a strong one at that. He came from a long line of strictly alphas, and his family was thought to be something of a rare and pure bloodline. He had never tapped into that before, not knowing what it could do or how it could help him. That was until today, when in one of his classes, alphas and omegas were brought up.

Apparently, alphas, if they tapped into their more...wild side, could bring a helpless omega to their knees for them. The omega was supposed to become submissive in the wake of an alpha that was being dominate.

Carrie was an omega, and Josh was a very determined alpha.

2/23/2017 #2

These were the hardest times for her.

Carrie let out a shaky groan as she released for the fourth time, muscles clamping and releasing around the pink vibrator that buzzed away inside her. She was in heat, and it was a particularly bad one, and worst of all, she had class in ten minutes and her sex was still aching with desire. There was no satiating it, it seemed. She could have laid here all day, rubbing herself off again and again, but nothing seemed to help except time. Carrie knew the solution. She needed an alpha. But there was one particular alpha who seemed interested in her, and he had apparently scared away any potential competition. She hadn't been touched in what felt like years.

The weather was hot, so Carrie dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jean cutoffs made of a stiff, unforgiving denim. If she was in class and couldn't take it, she could cross her legs, pressing the heavy material against her aching arousal to get some form of relief. She pulled a pale blue cropped camisole over her head, too late to worry about a bra. In her heated state it meant her nipples were constantly erect and pressing through the material, but she didn't care. She had spent too long trying to relieve herself and nothing was working. So now she was going to be late. Her skin was dewy and glowing with the radiance that heat brought her. But she didn't feel radiant, as she pulled on her white tennis shoes and slung her backpack over her shoulders, grabbing her keys. She was radiating pheromones and yet no alpha would go near her. And it was all Josh's fault.

Jogging down the street to the campus entrance, Carrie glanced up at the clock tower and swore. She was already late. She slowed to a walk, deciding that if she was late she might as well not arrive sweaty, panting and flushed. Securing her backpack over both shoulders, she was making a beeline for the library, where her class was held, when she spotted him across the quad. Tank top. Basketball shorts. Backward baseball cap. It would take an idiot not to recognize him. She swore. She could practically smell him from here, the delicious, musky smell that came with an alpha when she was in heat. Every fiber of her being wanted her to jump his bones. But there was more to it than that. Things were complicated. He was Josh, after all. The pigheaded jock who was personally responsible for preventing her from getting any action. He was absolutely insufferable, even if the biological urges in her body wanted him more than anything in the goddamned world.

2/23/2017 #3

He smelled her before he saw her.

Even though she was a few yards away, he could smell her. She was in heat, and good god did she smell good. She smelled needy and desperate, And he knew damn well that she was at the beginning of a very rough heat. He felt a smirk pull at his features as he realized that this meant she hadn't been fucked, not by anything living anyway, and for damn sure not an alpha.

Josh had done a good job at making very sure of that.

He wasn't possessive.... okay, he was, but for good reason. Carrie was like a magnet for alphas, and Josh was a magnet to Carrie. He was a senior now, but he had first seen her freshman year, at orientation. He had watched her, talking to some other omegas and betas, and he hadn't looked away since. He was drawn in by every single aspect of her, her body, her eyes, her smile, and her personality. As much as she frustrated him, her constant rejection only added fuel to his fire, and he couldn't keep himself away from her.

So he kicked any alpha's ass that decided to look her way, hence why she was all pent up.

Well, Josh had a solution.

He pretended to not notice her until he was only ten or so feet away. He brightened up, a boyish grin crossing his handsome features. "Carrie!" He called out happily. He crossed the distance to her in just a few strides, grabbed her arm and pulled her in for a hug. He pulled her body in close to hers, making sure that she got a big wiff of his pheromones as he swayed back and forth, holding her close.

2/23/2017 #4

Carrie had turned her back very firmly just before he spotted her, hoping he hadn't noticed that she'd seen him. She was practically at the foot of the library steps, almost in the clear when she heard him call her name and grab her arm. The quad was practically deserted after everyone had moved on for their classes, and his touch made her jump.

"Hold on-" she started to say before he pulled her in for a hug. She gasped just as he did, accidentally inhaling a deep wave of that delicious, musky scent. Jesus H. Christ, he smelled amazing. Carrie felt the dull ache between her legs flare up into a very real slow burn, her sex aching and dripping into her panties when all the buried instincts in her body realized that she was being embraced by an alpha, a very powerful and very fertile alpha. She could never quite figure Josh out. Sometimes he was boyish and cheerful, sometimes dark, aggressive, dominating. No matter what, she couldn't. She couldn't. Not only was he personally responsible for her descent into a very special circle of hell, but all her friends had crushes on him. So there. She couldn't very well have him, or they would never forgive her.

"Josh-" she urged, her voice low and hoarse as she finally managed to break away from him, stepping back, practically panting with rampant arousal. She pressed her thighs together, biting her lower lip as she re-shouldered her backpack. "Hi."

"Look, I'm late, okay?" She murmured, holding her hands out in front of her, feeling a flush creeping down the sides of her neck. God, it was so hard to walk away from him. So very difficult. But he'd been chasing her for four years and she wasn't about to give in now.

2/23/2017 #5

Her body's reaction to him didn't go unnoticed. Josh was a smug, smug bastard, even more so when he knew that just being this close to him did something to the little blonde. He could venture a guess that her newly changed panties weren't exactly in their pristine state anymore.

"Well, if you're already late, what's the rush, right?"

He flashed her a charming smile that showed off his teeth and his dimples, the smile that spread to his eyes. He reached forward and snagged her belt loop in his finger, slowly drawing her back to him. His other hand found her chin, slowly tilting her head up to meet her eyes.

It was time to try what he'd learned.

His eyes, normally hazel, slowly darkened to a deep brown. His tongue slowly traced over his lips, pondering what exactly he wanted to say, before he spoke up. His voice was lower, his tone deep and commanding.

"I think," He purred, pulling her in a bit closer, her body almost pressed to his larger one. "You wanna stand right here and talk to me. Isn't that right, Carrie?"

Everything in him was trying to execute what his prof had spoken about today, about instinct and alpha commands. He was desperately hoping that he didn't fail and look like a total idiot, hoping that his voice wormed its way into Carrie's heat induced mind and changed it into thinking that she wanted to be there with him for the moment.

2/23/2017 #6

"Well, I guess, but I'm almost-" She cut herself off when he pulled her close again by her belt loop, having to close her eyes to keep herself from whimpering out loud at what that did to her. Her whole goddamned body wanted him, everything except the rational parts of her brain. She had been in this situation with him a couple of times before. But she had never been in a heat this bad before. Carrie had managed to cheat her way through too many heats by spending her days laying around and fantasizing with her extensive collection of toys. But either way, he was a very prized alpha, and he wanted her very badly, and Carrie was very close to bending over right there and demanding he take her.

She had no choice but to meet his eyes, and her heart was pounding, blood pumping through her veins. She was so, so goddamned turned on simply by his presence, and she had to brace her hands on his stomach to keep him from pulling her any closer.

Then he spoke, and for a minute Carrie thought he was being ridiculous. She was going to pull away, shake her head, insist she go to class. But... standing around for just a little longer didn't seem like such a bad idea, did it? Her friends could forgive her for holding a conversation with the guy. And she was already late, anyway...

There was some buried part of her rational mind that was kicking and screaming for her to get a grip. But it had been buried by something else, something Carrie couldn't quite...

When she looked up at him again, her pupils were dilated almost all the way out to her irises, and her gaze was lidded, flushed lips parted ever so slightly.

"Yeah," she sighed, sounding not completely there. "I do wanna stand here and talk to you."

2/23/2017 #7

Fucking score.

Josh could barely believe this was working. He could barely believe that Carrie was willingly standing there, allowing hhim to touch her in such intimate ways. She could tell by her scent that she was desperately turned on, that every single part of her body wanted him. He wondered that if that, and the heat, had anything to do with her submitting so quickly. Whatever, he wouldn't complain.

As much as he wanted to haul her over his shoulder and drag her behind a building to fuck her brains out, he knew he had to go slow. He didn't want her regaining herself and bolting on him.

"Good girl," He purred, when she looked up at him with that lidded, lust blown gaze. It went straight to his dick, and Josh had no problem admitting that.

Her voice sounded vacant and dreamy, and some part of Josh was completely and utterly turned on at how compliant and obedient she was in this state. He decided that while he adored Carrie's badass, wild side... something in him also loved this subordinate, obedient side as well.

He slid his hand around, the one hooked in her belt loop, to palm her ass, pulling her body even closer. This time she was pressed against him. He thought about his words once more, before he spoke up.

"You don't wanna go to class, do you, Carrie?" He kept that deep, hypnotic tone as he spoke, never breaking eye contact with her. "You just wanna stand here and talk to me. That's all you want right now, is to be with me. Isn't that right, pretty girl?"

2/23/2017 #8

"I, ah..." Carrie blinked, coming out of it a little bit before he pulled her closer with his hand resting on her ass. Her shorts were tight and almost indecently short, with just a little bit of perky cheek showing past the hem of them. She stumbled forward a little, pupils dilating again when he spoke. Every part of that rational side of her was fighting this, whatever it was he was doing to her. But the rational part of her brain wasn't working right now. She was completely under his spell, and maybe it was the heat, or her needy desperation, or her biological nature as an omega to submit to an alpha that willed her to, but any part of her that had been saying no to him before was on a long vacation.

Every part of that rational side of her was fighting this, whatever it was he was doing to her. But the rational part of her brain wasn't working right now. She was completely under his spell, and maybe it was the heat, or her needy desperation, or her biological nature as an omega to submit to an alpha that willed her to, but any part of her that had been saying no to him before was on a long vacation.

"Okay," she sighed, her voice coming out light and airy, almost as if she were high, when he looked down at her. "I'll stay here. That sounds... good." Her brain was fogged by pheromones and lust and whatever hypnotic influence his commands had on her. Her resistance was completely gone, and if her sober self could have looked down at her lust-addled, pheromone-induced self now, she would have been completely and utterly ashamed.

"Pretty girl," she echoed, her eyes going even darker as she tumbled deeper and deeper into his influence. "Talking... Hello, Josh," she sighed dreamily, resting her hands on his muscular biceps, wrapping her hands around the firm flesh. "How was your summer?"

2/23/2017 #9

Thank fuck this was working.

"There's my good girl." Josh purred the words, his hand giving her ass a rough squeeze. He'd seen that internal battle in her, seen the rational, more human side of her trying desperately to fight out of what her instincts wanted her to give into. But the heat and the pheromones won, and Josh couldn't be more fucking delighted.

When she echoed his words, when he saw the effect he had on her, well that went straight to his dick too. And his ego.

"My summer?" He leaned down a bit more, so that his face was closer to hers. He slowly brushed his lips against hers, before he pulled back to gaze down at her once more. "My summer was good, Carrie, how was yours?"

He licked his lips. He wanted to play with this submissive side of his favorite little omega some more, make sure that this all wasn't some game that she'd be giggling about with her friends later. He wanted to make sure that this was real, that her submissive side was really reacting to his alpha side.

He paused, giving her enough time to answer, before he spoke up once more.

"I bet," He purred. "You thought about me all summer." He said. "I bet you dreamed about me, woke up with your hands between your legs and your panties soaked." He leaned in a bit more, making eye contact again. "I get you so hot and bothered, isn't that right, Carrie? Even right now, you're soaked, all for me."

2/23/2017 #10

Carrie shivered when he brushed his lips against hers, stepping a little closer out of instinct. This wasn't her at all. She was a spitfire, fierce and wild and unwilling to submit. But something had her feeling desperate and needy, and the influence of Josh as an alpha, asserting his dominance over her had her acting completely different. She was meek, and airy and not all there but most of all she would agree to just about anything he said, no matter what.

"Hot," she responded before she could even consider her answer. While she, like always, had spent her summer sunning herself at her dad's summer home in the Hamptons, the weather had been hotter than usual. But that wasn't exactly what she referred to in her answer. She felt hot. All over. Especially when he touched her like that. She watched him lick his lips and she had to bite hers, teeth pressing down on her plump lower lip as she looked at him with hazy eyes.

This was wrong. All of this was so, so wrong. But the part of her brain that was usually there to tell her how bad an idea this really was had been forcefully tied up and shoved into a deep, dark hole, and it was going to take a lot to get that part out and working again. So for now, she was completely and utterly under his control.

"Not possible," she answered smoothly to what he said next. "Never woke up with my panties soaked. Can't," she added, reaching up idly to push her hair out of her face, smooth it back over her shoulders. "I don't wear panties to bed."

2/23/2017 #11

Well shit. That last one was kind of a fail, but he'd redeem himself. Besides, now he knew she didn't wear anything to bed.

"Alright," he said, with shrug. He shamelessly moved his hand up to her lower back, and slid it down into the back of her shorts, into her panties. He gave zero fucks that they were in public. He wanted to push this as far as he could, make sure Carrie was under his control. He needed to make sure, for his plan to work out.

"Spread your legs for me, Carrie." He put force into his tone, more than there had been before. His eyes bore down into hers, making sure that he didn't break eye contact with her. He wasn't letting this, letting a submissive and needy Carrie slip through his fingers. No way in hell.

With his free hand, he reached up and slid her bookbag off of her shoulders, setting it down in the grass beside them. He took his hat off as well, placing it next to her bag. He ruffled his hair, fixing it, before he turned his attention fully to his omega.

2/23/2017 #12

Normally it wouldn't have been this bad. But Carrie was in a very special kind of heat, the strongest kind that came when she'd been cheating her way through too many heats before this one. She was already wet and aching all of the time, so when Josh came around, smelling like he did, touching her and willing her to submit to him, it got worse. Far, far worse. She whimpered softly when he told her to spread her legs, knowing that she was going to have to show him eventually.

So she did as he slipped his hands into the back of her shorts, shifting back and forth a little as she parted her legs for him. Her arousal was rampant, forming a visible damp patch in the denim of her shorts and, as she spread her legs, dripping down the insides of her thighs. Her whole body was broken out in goosebumps as he relieved the weight of her bag from her shoulders and she reached forward to grip his arms again, nipples straining through the thin fabric of her top as she whimpered and flushed in humiliation and submission.

The scent of her arousal only added to the pheromones she released already, and before long alphas were poking their heads out from all over the place, a couple of guys emerging from the library, some from the other buildings surrounding them. They saw Josh and immediately turned away, playing it cool, but they had come out here in the first place because they could smell her, smell an incredibly attractive omega in powerful heat with a strong, raging arousal.

"Josh," she sighed, rubbing her hands up and down his arms, licking her lips and swallowing hard. "Josh," she moaned again. She wasn't trying to get his attention for any reason, just speaking his name because he was in front of her, because he was doing this to her and her brain had nowhere to go from there.

2/23/2017 #13

Josh groaned in approval as he felt the wetness in her shorts. He licked his lips again, unable to help himself. She was so wet, so pent up and needy, and she was all his. He fought the desperate urge to pin her to the closest wall and fuck her pretty brains out. Despite having the upper hand for the moment, he had a soft spot for Carrie. He wouldn't do anything that was too against her sensibilities.

"Tell me how bad you want me, Carrie." He dipped his face to whisper in her ear, keeping his body close to hers so that she could smell him. "Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you, and I will."

He slid his hands forward in her shorts, just a bit, his fingers slowly running over and massaging her womanhood. He didn't slide his fingers into her, not yet. He wanted her as needy as possible before he did that. Besides, he would make sure that they had all day to fuck. He wanted to play with her for now.

2/23/2017 #14

It was going to happen, right here on the library steps. The rational part of Carrie's mind threw up its hands and gave up when he slipped his hands forward in her shorts so he could feel her wetness. She was aching for him, aching so badly that when he touched her her knees gave out and she collapsed against him, shoulders trembling as she pitched herself forward with a needy whine.

"So bad," she echoed softly. He was still ordering her around, and Carrie was helpless to resist. Even if parts of her would look back on this in horror, right now she was completely his, influenced only by the desires of the alpha who commanded her. "Josh," she groaned again. "I need it. I need it in me." Only the touch of an alpha would be enough to satiate the aching she felt right now. She had needed this (and resisted it) for so long. She would have been resisting now, if it weren't for his ability to command and influence her. It was like he was tricking her mind into wanting him, and Carrie was completely responsive to it.

There was a little part of her brain coming back to her- not enough to make things go south, but enough to make her plant her hands on her chest and furrow her brow, looking worried. "'m friends," she murmured. "Like you. She's gonna kill me."

2/23/2017 #15

Josh pulled his hand out of her shorts, lifting it up to his lips and cleaning it off. He instead took her thighs in his hands and lifted her, wrapping her legs around his waist. He reached down and snagged her bookbag, pulling it over his shoulder. They needed to get to his dorm, and soon. There wasn't much he could do to refuse Carrie, especially when she was begging for him in that sweet, delicious way.

He began to walk, though it came to a screeching halt when he noticed her brain coming back.

No, that wouldn't do.

Holding her up with a hand on her ass, his free hand reached up and snagged her chin. He directed her eyes back to his. He leaned in and kissed her, soft and slow, before he pulled back to look at her.

"You don't care what she'll think, not right now." That hypnotic tone was back in the works, slowly washing all of her anxiety and worry away. He wanted to make sure she had no reservations while she was with him. "All you can think about is being a good little omega, and getting my big cock deep inside you. Right, Carrie?"

2/23/2017 #16

Carrie twisted a little when he picked her up, thinking about her friend, looking away, wanting to go and make things right.

"I gotta-" she started to say, but she was cut off when grabbed her chin. It felt rough, and for a moment, she looked at him with genuine surprised. But then she sighed as he pressed his lips to hers, closing her eyes. When he pulled away she was gone again, her pupils wide and dark, eyes half-lidded and hazy.

"Good little..." she sighed, and pressed her hips down against his where he had them pushed up against him. She gripped her thighs against his sides and arched her body away from his, then melting into his form again, feeling the way her soft breasts pressed into his solid chest.

"Hmm, want your big cock," she purred, leaning back and biting her lip, slipping her hands down his stomach to play with the waistband of his basketball shorts. Basketball shorts were rather unforgiving by nature, so she licked her lips when she imagined what he would look like hard for her. "It's too big," she insisted quietly, licking her lips again and looking up at him. "It won't fit inside me. I hope it fits," she sighed.

"I'm a good girl," she insisted quietly, finding she couldn't stop talking now. She wanted him to know these things, even if her mouth wasn't exactly controlled by her brain in the moment.

2/23/2017 #17

There wasn't a man in the world that wouldn't be smug with a girl like Carrie saying the words It won't fit inside me in reference to their cock. And if their was, well fuck, it wasn't Joshua Fletcher.

He gave a soft smirk at how compliant she became once again, all for him. Josh had an affinity for dirty talk, and hearing her say that she was a good girl, and that she wanted his cock? Oh, it did things to him. He decided that after he fucked her for the first time, they would experiment, and he would find a way to make submissive, obedient Carrie part of his daily routine.

"Good girl, Carrie," He purred. "Good girl."

He began to walk once more, smirking a big more smugly as he watched alphas and betas alike breaking their necks to watch him carry the needy little omega away from the library, heading toward the dorms. Good. He wanted all of those fucks to know that Carrie was all his.

"You belong to me, don't you Carrie?" He asked. "All mine, aren't you?"

He shifted her a bit in his arms, leaning forward to nip at her bottom lip. "Your alpha's gonna make you feel all better soon, don't you want that?"

2/23/2017 #18

Carrie felt the strangest rush of pride and satisfaction when he called her 'good girl'. It was perverse, really, the way she felt when he degraded her like that. He was referring to her like a needy little pet, but that was what she had been reduced to at this point. She barely noticed all of the outside attention they were getting. Her mind was gone. So far gone that it would have been impossible for her to say no to him.

"All yours," she agreed softly, pitching forward and draping her arms around his neck, pressing her body into his in as many places as she could muster. "'M all yours, Josh. Make me all yours." He nipped at her bottom lip and she groaned in bliss, wanting more. It was hard to get what she wanted when he was holding her like this, but feeling his big hands holding her up by her thighs and the soft back-and-forth of his hips against hers was already enough to drive her slowly insane. She could feel his manhood through his basketball shorts, nudging against her with every step he took. All she could think about was it, and how much better she'd feel with her alpha buried balls-deep inside her.

"Feel better," she whined, burying her face into the crook of his neck. "Josh, it hurts. I wanna feel better. I wanna... f-feel so much better."

2/23/2017 #19

His mind immediately went to marking her when she said the words make me all yours.

Marking was something rarely done by those their age. It was for couples, serious couples. An alpha would mark an omega, forever bonding them and letting the world know that they were bonded. It was something like marriage, but stronger. It was a physical need to be together and stay together on the part of both parties.

Josh wouldn't do that to Carrie, not when she wasn't truly asking for it.

"It's okay, baby, you're gonna feel better soon."

When they got to his dorm building, he walked a bit faster. Carrie was whimpering, desperate to feel better, and he would more than happily to that for her. He unlocked and swung his door open, kicking it closed. He dropped her bookbag to the floor, followed by his hat. He moved over to the bed and gently laid her down, kicking off his shoes, pushing his shorts down, pulling his tanktop off.

He moved over, pulling her shorts off gently, followed by her panties. He moved between her legs, looking down at her.

"Tell me you want me, Carrie, and I'll make you feel better."

2/23/2017 #20

Carrie was in real pain by the time he laid her down on the bed. He pulled off all her bottoms and she spread her legs, letting out a needy whimper. Her sex was flushed and swollen with eager lust, soaked with her slick fluids that still dripped down the insides of her thighs. When he moved between her legs she looked up at him for a moment before turning over onto her stomach, pressing her chest and shoulders into the bed and propping her hips up on her knees.

"Want your big cock," she purred, reaching behind her and spreading the folds of her tight sex with her fingers, exposing her wet entrance to him from behind. "Make me all yours. I wanna feel better." She was just repeating things he had said to her before, but she wanted them- at least, her hypnotized lust-addled brain thought she did. She was ready to do anything to feel better now that he had her under his command like this. There was nothing she would have said no to.

"Make it fit," she murmured insistently, toes curling in anticipation for the relief she would get upon feeling her alpha's cock inside of her. She had never been satiated properly like this- not since meeting Josh, at least. And that had been almost four years ago. Even in the summer when he wasn't around, alphas were hard to get. It was like they could smell his claim on her or something. They just seemed to know to stay away from her. It was torture. Absolute torture.

2/23/2017 #21

It irked him a little, hearing the same phrases come from her lips. No matter how sexy they were, he knew that Carrie wouldn't just mindlessly repeat them over and over. He would fix that, though. Once this first fuck got out of the way and he could think of the little things he wanted to change about submissive Carrie, he would fix it.

When she moved and laid out in front of him, getting on her knees and spreading for him, he licked his lips. He got onto his own knees behind her and placed his cock at her entrance with a soft groan. This was everything he had ever wanted, and everything he had needed. He was going to finally have Carrie. It would start with this side of her, then slowly spread to her more human side. He would make sure of that.

"Oh, I'll make you feel better, baby."

With those words, he thrusted hard into her, putting his hands on her hips to steady himself. He groaned loudly, biting his bottom lip as his head lolled back. Fuck, she was tight, and damn, did it feel good to be inside of her.

2/23/2017 #22

Carrie buried her face into the sheets and cried out when he thrust inside of her, practically collapsing between his hands. She was so sensitive that she came around him as soon as he thrust inside of her, walls clamping down around his thick cock as she cried out again in ecstasy. She felt relieved already, just to have her alpha here, inside of her, taking care of her rampant heat.

It was dangerous, for them to be fucking while she was in heat like this. It would have been so easy for him to lose control and get her pregnant, or worse, mark her by accident because she was so willing and needy and eager in her current state. But she couldn't bring herself to care. It felt too good, better than anything she'd ever experienced before.

"Josh," She whined, voice muffled by the blankets she had her face buried in. "More. More," she begged. She thrust her hips back against his, wanting him deeper inside of her, wanting to feel him pressing all the way up inside her belly. So much of this was so wrong, but it felt so right to Carrie at this moment that she just couldn't say no.

2/23/2017 #23

The second he felt her cum around his cock, he knew.

He knew he wouldn't be able to let her go, to let this go. He had an inkling of such before, figured that if he got his hands on his perfect little omega, that he would never let her go, but he didn't know that it would be this bad. Josh would do anything, absolutely anything to keep Carrie with him. If it meant permenantly fucking with her mind a little bit...

Well, so be it.

"Yell my name, Carrie." He panted out. He pulled almost all the way out of her, slamming back into her with a loud groan. "Let everybody know who you," He pulled almost all of the way out once more, thrusting back into her as hard and as deep as he could. "Belong to."

2/23/2017 #24

"Josh!" Carrie practically screamed as he slammed himself deep inside of her. She was turning to putty in his hands, reaching forward and grabbing at the blankets in front of her, needing something to hold on to. He was pushing himself all the way inside of her, so far she could feel him up inside her body, and when he slammed into her so hard like that it produced a deep shiver that resonated throughout her whole body, making her whimper and whine.

But she needed more than that. She needed her alpha to take care of her, but she needed him, too. She needed his hot load inside her when it was all finished, solidifying that he had made her his. So she stayed there, clawing at the sheets in front of her, screaming his name over and over as he fucked her mercilessly into the mattress. She had needed this so, so badly. And he'd been the only one to give it to her. It had only been a matter of time before he figured out how to get through to her.

Even if she wasn't all there. She would be so, so angry when she found out what he'd been doing to her. But she didn't care right now. Right now she needed to be dominated, to be taken like this. It was the only way to relieve the persistent ache she had been feeling for so long.

2/23/2017 #25

"Oh fuck, yeah." He groaned the words. He was pretty sure that he would leave bruises on her hips, but right now he couldn't bring himself to care. She was rocking her body back into his cock, screaming his name, and everything he had ever dreamed of was happening. He was in heaven, absolutely in heaven. "Good girl, Carrie, good girl."

All it took was a few more thrusts, before he was panting and groaning, his rhythm becoming faster and slightly sloppy. He licked his lips.

"You want me to cum inside you, Carrie?" He panted out the words, gripping the omega's hips tight as he fucked her, fast and hard. He smirked to himself. "You want your alpha to cum inside of you?"

2/23/2017 #26

Carrie whined louder as his thrusts became erratic. She knew he was about to cum, and she would have given anything to cum one more time before it was all over. She did her best to thrust herself back against him, pushing her hips harder and harder before he said those things to her.

"Yeah," she whined, shifting to spread her legs apart even wider, letting him fuck her harder, giving him easier access to the aching point between her legs. "Cum inside me, alpha," she insisted. "I need it. I need your cum inside me..." This was bad. Bad on so many levels. She was in heat, she was ridiculously fertile, and he was about to cum inside of her. If he got her pregnant- if he didn't, it would be a fucking miracle. But Carrie wasn't herself. She wasn't sensible enough to understand that in the moment. All she understood was that feeling it inside her would satiate her, it would calm the aching between her legs.

"Now," she urged. "Now. Please."

2/23/2017 #27

He held himself back as best he could. He reached around and rubbed her clit desperately, trying his best to get her to cum once more before he came. He wanted to make sure she was satiated enough for a few moments that he could try some other new things with her head. He couldn't concentrate if Carrie was whimpering about his dick, after all.

He groaned loudly.

After a few moments of desperately rubbing her clit, of hearing her begging him to cum inside of her, he lost it. He came hard, shooting his load into her. His eyes fell shut, his head lolling back as his thrusts slowed to an almost non existent level. He groaned loudly, panting as he ran a hand over his face.

2/23/2017 #28

Carrie was almost there, dangling over the edge of another climax when he came. It was his hot load shooting inside of her that did it. Feeling the warm weight inside her made her cry out and cum again, rolling her hips smoothly back into his hips before she collapsed in exhaustion, panting softly.

"W-what," she moaned softly, pushing herself up onto her arms. Her head was coming back to her now that her arousal had cleared and she blinked. It wasn't all there yet, but she was gaining some realization of what was going on. "What's going on?" She whimpered, pulling forward a little. "I feel better," she sighed in soft realization. Why did she feel better? What was happening to her? Did she finally find an alpha to fuck? And if she did, why the hell didn't she remember anything leading up to this point?

Did he mark her? She reached up to feel for signs of a mark anywhere on her body, squirming lightly underneath him. What was happening?

2/23/2017 #29

It took Josh quite a long while to realize that Carrie was coming back into her mind.

When he realized that she was, his eyes flew wide open. He slowly pulled out of her and pulled her up, to face him. "Carrie," His deep voice was loud and insistent, borderline nervous, as he pushed the alpha tone into it. He needed her to fall back into submission. He would make sure that she didn't remember this, then he would send her on her way.

"Look at me, look into my eyes."

2/23/2017 #30
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