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Carrie giggled as he nipped at her fingers, pulling them away a little when he hummed. The sound was so very sexy, and she was overwhelmed already with heat and desire for him. But she didn't want this to be over quickly. She only knew they had been intimate before because of the explosive fight that had played a part in ending her relationship with Josh all those years ago. He had taken control of her. She hadn't been okay with it. Even if it was exactly what she had needed.

"Josh was taking suppressors at the time," she murmured, trailing her fingertips down his throat to the crook of his shoulder, draping her arms around his neck. "So maybe it makes sense you don't remember."

She turned her head, not-so-subtly displaying the smooth expanse of her neck and shoulder, biting her plump lower lip and brushing the hair away from her neck.

"You're going to mark me tonight, aren't you?"

4/14/2017 #241

He hummed, nodding. "Wasn't a fan of those."

The alpha truly wasn't. He understood the need for such things. Joshua didn't want children, when he took the supressors. He wasn't ready for the responsibility of having babies, of being married and needing to care for his omega. He wanted to grow first, he wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Carrie before all of that happened. He understood.

Didn't mean he liked it, though.

He licked his lips as his eyes roamed over her neck and her shoulder. He growled, leaning in and nipping her lip once more, pulling at it.

"Is that what you want?"

4/16/2017 #242

"I know you weren't. I was there, remember? When you told me you weren't going to take them anymore. That was when we went our separate ways."

It was strange, sharing this moment with the alpha. He was Josh, but he wasn't. They even had separate sets of memories, thought processes and emotions. Carrie's omega was a part of her, but it didn't come out like that. Maybe not unless he brainwashed her again.

She growled in response when he leaned down and nipped at her lip, pressing her hands to his chest and turning her face away when he had finished kissing her.

"Yes," she said decisively. "I want you to mark me. Make me his."

4/16/2017 #243

He frowned, nose wrinkling as she made him recall the memory of the night they'd been separated. He growled a little, dipping his face into her neck and huffing with a frown. He didn't like that memory, not one bit. It was fuzzy for him, but he remembered the yelling and the fighting, the anger he felt at his little omega. And he didn't like that, not at all.

"That... is not a pleasant memory."

When she spoke once more, he lifted his head. He looked at her, then dipped his head into her neck. He brushed his lips against the spot he intended to mark.

"You understand that this will change you, for a few days?"

From what he had heard, for the first few days, both the alpha and the omega changed a bit. The alpha would become extremely overprotective of their omega, taking on the alpha qualities to the extreme, while the same could be said for the omega. They played the extra attentive, extra horny, omega role.

4/16/2017 #244

"It most certainly isn't," Carrie responded, closing her eyes. Nevertheless, she had known it was an argument they needed to have. They needed to understand that their lives were going in two different directions- destined to intersect again at some point, but they had been too young for what they wanted from each other. Carrie knew that. She also knew that Josh couldn't have been satisfied with anything less. But it didn't matter now. Now she was ready. Now she knew what she wanted.

"Yes," Carrie breathed, reaching up to thread her fingers through his hair while he brushed his lips against her neck. She jumped. Her whole body felt like it was tingling. She was so ready to become his, but she knew it was partly her heat, partly the proximity of his alpha that made her feel like this.

"I'm in heat," she murmured, pressing her hands to his shoulders, pulling back to look at him. "It's going to get bad for the next few days." She smirked a little. Her heat was reaching its peak as they spoke. If they did this now, it was almost guaranteed that she would get pregnant. She just hoped she wouldn't regret this later.

4/16/2017 #245

When she was done speaking, Josh decided that it was go time.

He licked his lips and pressed the gentlest, barely there kiss to her neck. He hummed in delight, opening his mouth. He closed his eyes, feeling things shift around and move there, feeling his canines sharpen even more. He grinned a bit when he felt everything stop.

He leaned in, and sank his teeth into her neck.

He let out a loud groan. Instantly, pleasure and intense feelings of affection and adoration flowed through him. He let out another groan as they became more and more intense, almost reaching a feeling of bliss.

4/18/2017 #246

"Hah," Carrie breathed as he brushed his lips over her neck. She closed her eyes, and she knew it was happening. That didn't stop her from jumping, though, when he sank his teeth into her neck. She gasped, bracing her arms against his and squirming underneath him, letting out a soft cry of pleasure and surprise at the sensations that pulsed through her. It felt like ecstatic pleasure, but deeper than that. More. She could feel the bond forming between them, the soft pain of his teeth in her shoulder blurring away. It was irrelevant to the moment. She was finally becoming his.

Carrie didn't know how to feel. She couldn't help but wonder if it had been the right decision. Then again, it felt so good to belong to him, to know that her future was decided. This was best for her, most likely. She had been kicking herself for so many years for pushing away, but now he was here and all was forgiven. After all her struggling, all her suffering, things were finally getting better.

4/18/2017 #247

Josh stayed there for quite some time. His teeth were sank in, his body hovering over her. He groaned as he let all of the sensations wash over him, his mind and body beginning to shift and change. His body stiffened a bit. He breathed a bit heavier.

His alpha was in full gear.

He slowly pulled his face back and looked down at her, his hair hanging into his face a bit. He reached down, taking her thighs. He spread them, moving his hips forward to slowly roll against hers.

"How do you feel?" He rumbled, voice a bit deeper.

4/18/2017 #248

Carrie sighed deeply when he pulled back, feeling her body go slack underneath his. She looked up and noticed the gold in his eyes, the change in his body. Something was different. About both of them, though. Carrie felt... different.

He was still wearing his pants and she was still wearing her panties, but that didn't stop her from bristling and whimpering as he rolled his hips against hers. She looked down as he spread her thighs, letting her knees hitch up under his hands, pulling her arms over his head to show that she was giving in.

"I-I'm not sure," she confessed, letting her head fall to the side. "I feel... different." She saw red, and blinked in surprise, looking down at her shoulder. "Am I bleeding?"

4/18/2017 #249

When she spoke up and asked that question, his nose wrinkled. His eyes found her shoulder and he frowned.

Through the lusted haze, the overwhelming need to protect his omega broke through. She was in pain, and she was bleeding. And that? That wouldn't do.

She needed time, also. Apparently the mark didn't work its way through her as fast as it did through him. That was alright, Josh could manage. He could give her the time that she needed.

So, he leaned in. He pressed a gentle kiss to the mark, before he licked up what blood was there.

4/18/2017 #250

Carrie had been okay. She had been able to sleep. Then he leaned down and brushed his mouth against her skin.

"Ah," she whimpered, her eyes filling with lust. She felt her body heat almost instantly, starting to ache with an arousal more painful and more intense than any heat she had experienced. But this was different. This wasn't just desire, or the need for an alpha. She needed her alpha. Josh had become her alpha now, and while she knew that meant all sorts of things, right now it meant she wanted him, needed him to fill her, make her his, give her the chance to belong to him.

"Alpha," she panted, squeezing her eyes shut tight, panting with need. "Please."

4/18/2017 #251

He blinked a bit when it seemed to hit her so hard, so rapidly.

When she whimpered out those words, calling him alpha, he couldn't refuse her.

He reached down and pulled his boxers off, tossing them across the room. He rolled his hips forward against her, his hardness brushing her womanhood. He looked down at her, groaning lightly. He lined himself up with her entrance, slowly pushing himself inside her.

4/18/2017 #252

Carrie was busy pushing her panties to the side as he shucked out of his boxers. She was too impatient to take them all the way off, and she spread herself for him as he eased inside of her. He had been inside her before. But Carrie didn't remember it, so it felt like the first time.

It felt amazing.

"Alpha!" She cried, throwing her head back when he was buried inside of her, feeling her muscles clench around him. This was what pure bliss felt like. And now, after what they'd done, she got to marry him. She didn't have much of a choice. This time next year they would have to be married. And more likely than not, they would have a baby.

4/18/2017 #253

Josh let out the loudest groan he was pretty sure he had ever uttered, his head lolling forward to rest his forehead against her neck. He pushed himself all of the way inside of her with another loud groan. He paused, letting her adjust to him.

"Omega," He grunted back.

He slowly began to pull out of her, before he thrust almost all of the way back inside of her. He grit his teeth slightly, groaning even louder. The sheer ecstasy and pleasure he was feeling was almost too much. It was incredible, feeling her in this way.

4/20/2017 #254

"G-good," she gasped as he eased further inside her, burying himself all the way into her tight heat. He was big, but he was hers and Carrie felt no pain. Instead, she clutched desperately at his back, whining while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Fuck me, alpha," she begged softly. She knew she sounded needy, but she didn't care. He was hers now, her alpha, and her whole body was burning with desire for him, for his pleasure and for the seed that would give her his child. Carrie herself had always knew she wanted children. She had been so afraid of having them at the wrong time. But Carrie knew, and her omega knew, that things had changed. Josh had a steady lifestyle here, which, combined with Carrie's, would provide well for a family. She didn't feel like she was giving up anything by moving in with him. While she liked the city, Carrie had always known she would move to the suburbs to raise children and she didn't have to give up her job to do it, either.

These thoughts were all racing through Carrie's head as her omega bucked and tossed and cried out in pleasure. Josh was good to her. He loved her. They would be happy together.

4/20/2017 #255

At those words, those gasped and whiney, begging words, he gave in.

He began to move inside of her, building up a steady pace. In, then almost all the way inside of her before he pulled back out and slammed back inside of her. He dipped his head down, sucking at her bottom lip and pulling at it. He gave a growl, almost a happy snarl at the way this was all going. He groaned, his alpha in absolute bliss as he fucked their omega.

This was amazing.

4/25/2017 #256

Carrie cried out every time his hips slammed against hers, rocking her back and forth against the mattress while he fucked himself into her. She threw her arms over her head, arching and splaying herself out over his bed. It had been five years since she had allowed herself to feel this way about him. She had been pushing those thoughts, dreams and fantasies away, but she had finally let him in.

Maybe it was their newly forming bond, maybe it was her heat, but Carrie hadn't felt so happy in a long time.

"Faster," she urged, spreading her legs and hitching them up higher so he could see himself disappearing into her.

4/25/2017 #257
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