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4/18/2017 #1

Jesse Treborn was just like any other college student. Getting by and studying so he can get a diploma and do something with it. However, one thing that made him different from the others was the fact that he was from the countryside. Living on a farm for so many years, he knew plenty of things that nobody else here in the city would know. For example, he could ride a horse and herd cattle, but everyone else here didn't have that opportunity. Instead they were busy partying at nightclubs and drinking at sports bars. Not that they didn't have sports bars in the country, but still.

It made him feel lonely, so he decided to change his sails and try to understand the city a little better. In order to do that, he would need to meet some people within the city and learn about what they did to have a good time. He's only heard about it, but he never got to experience it in full.

The first stop he made was the gym located right by the college. It was a place for students to work out and keep fit. Since he wouldn't be lifting hay or herding any cattle, he would need a new way to exercise and lift heavy things. Although, he did feel a little intimidated by the others, as he had no idea what he was doing. So, he would need to ask for a gym partner to spot him and train with.

Looking around, he saw several guys bench pressing some heavy weights, while two girls were running on treadmills in the other corner. There was also a window view to the indoor track field where people can jog. Oh, just where should he begin?

4/18/2017 . Edited 4/18/2017 #2

Maisie Gilbert was a nursing major at the college. She was happy with her major, and her life in general. She had grown up in a small, almost tiny town, and worked her ass off in high school until she got a good enough GPA to go to college in a different state, in a bigger city. She worked at her local hospital, shadowing doctors in nurses and doing some receptionist work, saving up enough to get an apartment.

She was happy here.

She could be happier, though.

She had a few friends, a few people that she was close to. They were just as busy, though, with their own lives. She was lonely, a lot, especially in her apartment. It was on the larger size, and she was considering just getting a cat or something to hang out with.

She walked into the gym with a tiny sigh. Her long, platinum hair was pulled up into a pony tail. She wore a sports bra and a pair of black running shoes and black, tight fitting yoga pants. She nibbled her bottom lip, looking around as she decided what equipment she wanted to start out on.


(Is it cool with you if I use Cassie as for Superhero? Or did you wanna do the Hunter roleplay?)

4/18/2017 . Edited 4/18/2017 #3

(We can do Hunter roleplay later. I know you have her there. But other than that, go ahead and use her for the Superhero topic.)

As Jesse scanned the gym to find which machine he wanted to use first, his eyes had landed onto an interesting piece of equipment. It was designed to help people with their pull ups if they weren't able to just do them. He had observed someone using it earlier, so he had a general idea as to how he can use it. But at the same time, he also spotted a young woman standing by the machine. It appeared she was also looking around to see which station she wanted to try.

Approaching the machine and looking at the blonde, he asked, "Don't mind if I use this, do ya?" There was a slight southern accent in his voice, which also made him different. But looking at the girl, he could admire some of her features. Especially how fit she was. And since she was looking around for a machine to use, maybe he could let her use this one instead. "Unless you wanted to go first..."

Oh, meeting people was tough.

4/18/2017 #4

Maisie was subject to often being in her own world. This was no exception. She was zoned out, staring a the machine, wondering what body part she wanted to work on first. She was completely in her own world.

When the young man walked up to her and spoke up, she jumped. She let out the tiniest noise, almost a yelp of surprise and looked up at him with wide eyes. Her cheeks burned a bright red.

Lord, was he cute, and he was Southern. That gave him extra hot points.

She managed to collect herself and gave a soft giggle, shaking her head. The brightest of smiles crossed her pretty features as she clasped her hands together in front of her. "Oh no!" She flailed in the direction of the machine, shaking her head emphatically. "Go head, you probably know your way around it much better than I would."

4/18/2017 . Edited 4/18/2017 #5

Jesse had chuckled when the girl had offered the machine to him, noticing how she was reacting towards him. He didn't mean to scare her or anything, but he supposed she was sweet as well. And she had such a bright smile too. Oh, he was definitely keeping this cutie close to him.

Getting onto the machine, he looked down at the pad he was kneeling on while he reached up to the bar with both hands. Pulling himself up, he felt light as air. It was just how the machine worked, so he figured he would tell the girl his experience.

"I'm feeling light as a balloon," he commented, "Doesn't seem too hard. Although I'm new to this too, I'm comfortable enough to help you."

4/18/2017 #6

She watched him, her head tilting to the side. Her wide, emerald eyes trailed over his body, and she nibbled her bottom lip. He was big and muscular, amazingly physically fit. He was truly a gorgeous guy. Oh, wow, his arms were huge, she could imagine the way he could hold her close, keep her close to his body while-

Oh, he was talking to her.

She blinked a bit, her cheeks burning a little. She looked up at him, beneath dark, thick lashes, and gave a gentle smile. "Really?" She asked. "I don't want you to waste your time, or anything."


Meanwhile, across town, a beautiful redhead was making her way out of a bank.

She had two briefcases in her hands, blowing a bubble with the gum she was chewing. She had a big smirk on her pretty face, her icy blue eyes filled with triumph as she headed toward her car.

Her long red hair fell over her shoulders, in lose, bouncy curves. She wore tight, darkwash jeans and black boots. She wore a black, lacy bra with just a denim jacket over it. She had little to no makeup on her face. She didn't feel she needed it.

The job had gone perfectly. The bank wasn't busy, as it was a few short minutes before closing. She made her way in and slid her sunglasses off, touching the tellers hand. She had been the only one in there, all by herself, left alone and defenseless.

The glazed look in her eyes when she fell under her spell was delicious.

After a make out session and the cute, nerdy brunette eating her out, she made her way out of the place with millions of dollars in bills.

Cassie was the best in town, and had been for years. But she had one more thing to accomplish.

She wanted to dominate a hero.

4/18/2017 . Edited 4/18/2017 #7

"No, you're not wasting my time," Jesse reassured the blonde, "I'm fine with it." He pulled up a few more times, showing off his impressive muscles before hopping off of the machine and stepping aside for Maisie to get on.

"In fact, been looking for a gym partner and all," he explained, "I'm new to the city, so I could use a city partner too." It was a terrible joke, but he chuckled at it anyways. But other than that, he could also imagine getting his hands on the girl and how her tight body would feel as he lifts her up.


(Would it be okay if I also used Jesse here? Or it could be a canon superhero.)

4/18/2017 #8

She moved onto the machine, almost swooning at his muscles. She could only pray that one, he didn't notice, and two, she didn't make a huge fool of herself. This guy was absolutely gorgeous, and he had the cutest of smiles. He seemed like a total sweetheart, too.

All in all, a great catch.

She sighed softly, happily, and paused, extending her hand out to him. "I'm Maisie, Maisie Gilbert."


(Whatever you're more comfortable with. :3)

4/18/2017 #9

"Nice to meet you, Maisie," Jesse replied as he took her hand, "I'm Jesse Treborn." It was pretty clear that this girl was admiring how strong he was, but anyone can be friendly. He would need to know her better to see if there's a connection, which seems to be going well so far.

He began to help her by placing his hands onto the sides of her waist to see if he could help her move up. "You don't mind... do you?" he asked, wanting to make sure she was okay with this. The last thing he wanted to be called was a pervert. But it didn't help that his hands were so close to her intimate space as well.

"So Maisie," he started, "What do you like to do for fun around here? Nightclubs? BBQs?"


Thanks to today's technology, the process of cloning another human being is a success. However, the amount of clones that are being made are at a limited quantity, so nobody would suspect a thing. One of these clones was Jesse Treborn, who is unlike his original counterpart in every way. Instead of going to college and working on a farm, he was busy fighting crime with his martial arts training and use of weapons. Particularly, the bow and arrow.

Donning a red hood, the vigilante had caught sight of a bank robbery in progress. It was time for him to go stop the bad guy and save the innocent civilians. Running onto the scene, he noticed a redhead woman walking towards her car with a million in cash.

The vigilante fired an arrow, which would have landed right by the woman's feet. "Hey sweets, I don't believe that money is yours," the vigilante called, "How about you return it to the bank and we call it a day, hm?" The Red Hood was what the media had called him, and he was known for stopping multiple crimes. But he also carried a smart mouth with him.

4/18/2017 #10

"It's nice to meet you too, Jesse." She beamed, her face absolutely lit up. She was thoroughly convinced that this guy was a total sweetheart. She could already imagine him as the type of guy to run into a burning building to save puppies, children and nuns. She could totally see it.

When he moved, placing his hands on the sides of her waist, she prayed that she wasn't blushing.

She nodded emphatically. "No, that's okay. Thank you." When he asked her about what she did for fun, She definitely blushed a bright shade of red. "Well... I'm sad to say that if you're looking for excitement, I'm probably not the girl you should be looking for. I work, a lot, and when I'm not working, I'm in class."


She watched, with an almost bored expression as an arrow landed at her feet. How... cliche.

The redhead chuckled softly and pushed the aviator sunglasses to the correct position on her face. She needed eye contact or touch before she could slip into someone's mind and manipulate them. The man that was trying to unsucessfully stop her pursuit wasn't in the vicinity of either, so she had to get him closer.

He seemed to have no idea who she was.


Cassie glanced up, her eyes roaming over his body. Ooo, he was cute. Good. Just the type she was looking for. It seemed that this guy was absolutely perfect for her new challenge. She was more than game.

"Darlin'," She called back to him, her voice like honey. Though she couldn't slip into his mind, she was built for seduction and persuasion. Her voice was almost as hypnotic as her touch or her eyes. When paired together, it was dangerous. "Why don't you walk that sweet ass over here 'n make me?"

4/18/2017 #11

"Yikes," Jesse commented when he found out Maisie just went to work and class, "Sounds like you've got yourself a hectic schedule. But I know a thing or two about hectic." It was true. Back on the farm, he spent most of his time outdoors and working with the animals. He would be inheriting the farm one day, so he wanted to make sure he got his business diploma to become capable.

Still, it didn't mean he could still have some fun here in town. He just needed to convince Maisie to come with him. "Girl, if you're stuck working and going to class, you won't have time for yourself," he commented, "Take now for instance. This isn't class or work, so we could have fun here." He sounded like he was flirting, but he was also trying to get Maisie to break out with him.


The vigilante noted how confident and unafraid the woman was. The arrow didn't hit her, so she probably knew he was one of those heroes that didn't kill their enemies. Or maybe she had some kind of hidden advantage, like a superpower. So, the vigilante would have to be careful around her.

"Walk over and make you?" he replied before pulling back his bow and firing again. This time, the arrow had pierced the bag of money, causing it to separate from the woman's hand. At that point, he began to walk over towards her with his bow drawn on her.

"Now this is the part where you surrender, babe." He was close to her, so one quick move and he would fire.

4/18/2017 #12

She smiled a bit and shrugged. "It's a given." She said. "I currently work as a nurse in a hospital," She said. "And I'm going for a degree to make me a medical practitioner. So, between work and school, I don't have too much free time."

She giggled a bit at his comments and looked up at him over her shoulder, her big green eyes meeting his.

"Really?" She asked. her head tilted. "You would want to hang out with me?"


When the arrow pierced her money, her top lip twitched and she snarled. She wasn't very happy about that. She set both down, as he began to walk toward her. He was big and cocky, just her type.

She began to walk toward him as well. She raised a hand and pushed her aviators up onto the top of her head. Her crystal, almost white eyes were exposed. They met his, and she smirked. She slid into his head easily. He wasn't expecting it, he didn't expect that she had this power. That was her advantage.

She reached out and snagged his wrist. Skin to skin contact.

She was positive that she had him.

"Put the bow down, Jesse."

She purred the words. They reverberated in his mind, sinking in to every part of him. Her words were hypnotic, coaxing and demanding. She made sure of that. This guy was hot as all hell, but he was dangerous. She couldn't chance him firing at her, or getting the drop on her.

"You don't wanna hurt lil 'ol me, do you, sweetheart?" She purred. She tugged him a bit closer.

4/18/2017 #13

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind hanging out with you," Jesse replied as he raised Maisie back up again through her exercise. He was new in town, and he figured he should let his intentions known early. "Like I said, I'm new in town. And I was hoping you'd show me around."

This was perfect. He was practically asking her out, but now he wanted to step things up a bit. "But first, I gotta know. Which machine would you like to try next? Your choice."


Once Jesse stared into the woman's eyes, he felt something that he shouldn't be feeling. The woman had somehow managed to hypnotize him, and he was now under her control. There was no fighting it. When she told him to drop the bow, he instantly dropped it.

"No, I don't wanna hurt you," Jesse replied to the villain, "In fact... we should leave before the cops get here." He then dragged Cassie by the hand towards the getaway vehicle. He didn't come with a car, so they had to move quick.

4/18/2017 #14

"Oh, awesome!" She beamed as Jesse said that he would like to hang out with her. She hoped that he would follow through with that. He seemed like a pretty good guy, and he was absolutely adorable. She would love to get to know him, if for no other reason because he was a total sweetheart.

When he asked what machine she wanted to move to next, she looked up at him with wide, big green eyes. Her head tilted slightly.

"Which one do you think we should move to next?"


She was stunned at how willing his mind was, but extremely happy with the outcome. She decided that she wanted to get back to her place soon, to see just what she could do with such an amazingly willing mind.

"Jesse, baby," Her voice was a gentle coo. She rubbed his arm as he dragged her along. "Calm down, baby, take a breath."

A man stepped out of the vehicle and swung the door open, chuckling as he caught sight of Jesse. He raised an eyebrow at Cassie, who grinned and shrugged, getting inside of the the back of the car and tugging Jesse's hand.

4/20/2017 #15

Jesse looked around the gym to see which machine they could try next. He spotted a machine where they could do lat pull downs, so he pointed right at the machine for her. "That one," he said. It was just one of those machines where she would be exposed out in the open, and where he can show off his arms even more.

And as he lead her over, he commented, "Oh, and you did really well with the pull ups. I could honestly feel how toned you are." Was he hitting on her? He made a complement, but he felt like he could get away with it.


Meanwhile, the vigilante nodded and watched as a man got out of the car. This must have been the getaway driver for the job, so he just willingly complied and got into the car with Cassie. "So I'm guessing this is the part where we drive off somewhere?" he asked, "I'm guessing this is where the action begins?"

4/20/2017 #16


She smiled and nodded as he picked the next machine. When he led her over, she smiled and padded along with him. When he complimented on how toned she was, she smiled and blushed, pushing her hair back behind her ear. She looked up at him, beneath her lashes.

"Really? I try." She gave a pointed glance at his muscles. "You definitely know a thing or two about being toned, so I believe you."


She smiled a bit and reached over, taking his hands. She held both, looking up at him. She was small, so his larger frame easily towered over her, even in the car. She chuckled. "Oh no, sweet thing." She grinned and winked. "The action begins when we get back to my place.

4/25/2017 #17

Jesse simply chuckled when Maisie had complemented him on how toned he was, noticing how much she was finding it attractive. "Oh, I try," he replied, "After spending all that time on the farm doing hard labor, I tend to get strong."

Sitting down on the machine, he reached up to the bar and began to pull down, which also lifted the heavy weights behind him. "Just let me know when you start to get sore. I know a way to help you relax."


The vigilante was looking out the window, watching as they were driving off from the crime scene. The woman was mentioning how the real action would take place at her hideout, and he was curious to know. "So what's gonna happen?" he asked, "Post-robbery sex? I wouldn't mind fucking a cutie like you."

4/25/2017 #18
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