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"Which one?" Loki said, not giving up on this one, not until he could find this insanely absent version of the man calling himself John Harrison that was absolutely not in his office or the hallway, "There are two now, and I am one, that's what the employee ID tells me. I set up in perhaps the wrong office, but I am the right man. Maybe it's the hair that you seem to distrust, in which case I can manage a cut if need be." Loki insisted handing forth an indisputable ID he had meanwhile conjured up. "That is me, and it is also dated today...do I actually even have a job here? It seems like maybe things aren't lining up and are maybe suggestive or could be made so to publications, news media outlets, you know, that the hiring here is shot. Unless, of course, you not continue to dispute who I am."

1/7/2018 #31

"Confused you with him? What like instead of? No...no, I remember his face, after all, he killed me, turned me, made me watch as he murdered my parents, and he terrified my sister into living a life where she had to always be running away from him. I do not mistake you for your brother, I know who he is, and what he looks like. I do not know you beyond the fact that you have a brother who's an evil dick. I'm guessing you might want to add a little bit more to that though...Elijah, that's what you said right?" Natalia gave him a look telling him she was serious for him to explain himself some. "Do I need to be afraid around you? Like are you here to finish off my family?"

1/8/2018 #32

Mon-el had just experienced the worst year of his life and so waking up he was not quick to realize where he was at all, and even when he opened his eyes he didn't register any of it yet because he was always lost in thought over Skylar.

2/22/2018 #33

Loki had taken a short cut from Asgard to some god awful town named Mystic Falls Lansing in the town squat luckily at night not really caring if anyone even saw. He was tired of hiding himself posing as Odin who yikes he shouldnmahbe check on last he recalled they had mentioned tearing down the old folks home he left his King of a father at having influenced him with magic to forget athat whole king part of it all. For now, a drink sounded fine, a place to sleep perhaps. The inn was disgusting and so he would use another method for a place to stay later on, as he walked into the Grill.

2/22/2018 #34
Katia Salvatore

Skylar had put in all the triggers for getting everyone back to the Castle. She pressed the switch last night before she went to bed, knowing it would take a little bit of time to get everyone into the castle from all these other worlds. But, the moment she woke up this morning, she knew immediately who she was checking for. She didn't even put on clothes, staying in just her shorts and one of Mon-el's t-shirts that had gotten left behind and practically running for the "DC" wing. She got straight to Mon-el's door, and stopped for a moment, just staring at it. Something could have gone wrong. HE could not recognize her. He could not be here. But she had to know. So, she knocked on the door, and bit her lip as she waited.

2/22/2018 #35
Katia Salvatore

Elena had been out having a study session with Caroline and Bonnie. After all, just because the oldest vampire in the history of time was coming after her didn't mean she had to fail AP History. Well, Elena would have liked to forgot about studies, but when your History teacher was dating your legal guardian, it made it kind of hard to not get in trouble. Elena was by herself now, Caroline having a dance committee meeting, and Bonnie having a date with Jeremy (which was still weird to Elena, but she was working on it.) She looked up when someone new entered the restaurant, her eyes narrowed. She didn't know him, and he looked...dangerous. And Elena had learned a long time ago to be wary of these kinds of people. So, she watched him carefully.

2/22/2018 #36

Loki caught out of the corner of his eye the foolish brunette mortal girl glaring at him, "You do know it is quite rude to just stare at someone...creepy as well, scamper on home then would you?"

2/23/2018 #37
Katia Salvatore

Elena's eyes widened as she looked at him. She hadn't meant to get caught, so it did catch her off guard. But she recovered quickly. She always did. That's how Elena worked. "This is my town. A new guy can't kick me home." She said simply, raising an eyebrow as she looked at him, before looking away.

2/23/2018 #38

Loki again landed in this foolish town, "As if all tunnels point to Hella..." He muttered. Rolling his eyes and changing his appearance after some guys walked by (including Stefan) and Damon made a smart ass remark. Shifting to look like the broody one, "This more to your liking?" Of course, Loki knew nothing of the current Silas search.

3/1/2018 #39
Katia Salvatore

Katherine was feeling pretty prideful right now. Last night she'd managed to shove the cure up Elena Gilbert's throat, and it had felt wonderful.* Walking through the woods, Katherine looked around for a hiker to snack on when her eyes came onto Stefan with a smirk. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?"

*Im gonna pretend that in this version Elena lost the fight because I hated that finale haha

3/1/2018 #40

(I like your version). The name Silas was thrown about a few moments earlier which made Loki laugh, "Oh wow, forgot all about that prank on that evil crazy witch..." Solidifying his knowledge of who they were talking about, "Oh yeah, hey shadow self, run...seriously, you just need out run your asshole of a brother." They took off and soon after here was some woman less than subtle in her flirtation. "Katherine..." Loki knew to brood that was a give in from the start. "What do you want?" His tone serious.

3/1/2018 #41
Katia Salvatore

(Thanks haha)

Katherine sighed a bit, rolling her eyes, but with a smile on her lips as she did so. "You're just feeling vindictive towards me because I turned that little girlfriend of yours into a human again, aren't you?" Katherine snickered. "I thought I had done you a favor."

3/1/2018 #42

"Come on, I mean what did she ever do to you that you didn't provoke?" Loki didn't need to read into anything he guessed this woman was definitely not a diffuser of drama. "You think you're so much better, and he maybe you would be if you actually tried." Damn he was selling this petty drama.

3/3/2018 #43

Andie watched him. She wasn't scared. She was confused. And to show this odd look alike that, she stopped backing up, letting him walk up to her. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked at him. "I don't know who you are, or why you look like my friend, but I'd like you to explain that right now," Andie said simply, her eyes seriously narrowing at him by now. She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed as she did so. "Being alive is overrated. After all, my life drastically improved the second I was able to do things like this," she said, using her magic to push him away, up against the wall for just a moment, before letting him go. "And this," she said, returning him right back to where he had been (more or less).


"Impressive...so, then, it's kind of like this?" Sylar said before holding up his hand sending her into the wall behind her and guiding her with an effortless flick of his wrist into the wall adjacent. "Looks pretty similar to me..." He said holding her pinned against it before allowing her free.

3/3/2018 #44
Katia Salvatore

Katherine rolled her eyes. She was pretty damn used to Stefan acting this way towards her. "You didn't seem to think that two weeks ago when you were screaming my name," she pointed out to him, sighing a bit as she looked around. "You're just looking for something to complain about. You always are. It's part of your slightly annoying broody charm."

3/3/2018 #45
Katia Salvatore

So, Andie and Sylar began the on-again-off-again pattern of yelling and throwing each other into the walls. It was a routine, at least, and often Andie found herself comparing him to Cal. Not that there was too much similar (given Cal's good-side) but the face threw her off. She was just waking up after another night of sleeping on the cell floor.

3/3/2018 #46
Katia Salvatore

Still trying to find time to grieve Katerina, Elijah had returned to New Orleans, but not before extending an invitation to Natalia as well. Despite not knowing the girl too well, he knew she must be hurting after Katerina's death, so he thought a new city might help her heal. So, he sat in Rousseaus, drinking something as he thought on the Petrova sisters.

3/3/2018 #47

Natalia paced for 20 minutes before finally deciding to just go, I mean, he may get offended and come kill her, this was a survival thing, nothing to do with his looks or accent...no..." She arrived that evening seeing the bar and him sitting there. Starting to turn around feeling stupid for coming she turned back to face Rousseau's. "You are a badass...not really, but you could be..." She hurried to the table and sat down suddenly knocking his drink over into his lap, "Shit...I mean hi! But also shit, that is so not a cheap suit."

3/4/2018 #48
Katia Salvatore

Elijah had watched her carefully when she entered the building, and yet he still wasn't prepared for his drink to be poured all over him. He groaned a bit, making a soft hiss and then letting out a laugh. "Hello, Natalia," Elijah said, his accent thick and rolling off of his tongue as he looked over at her. "It's no worries. I have plenty of them."

3/4/2018 #49

Natalia couldn't help but laugh and she was having some trouble stopping, "Not..laughing...at you, not making fun of you, its just, you look as if your in pain, we can go..,I can go...you probably regret asking me here. Look I don't know what's you two had, and never ever ever tell me...ever...but I'm not her, so if you were expecting that stop."

3/4/2018 #50
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