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Season Six

5/2/2018 . Edited 5/3/2018 #1
Katia Salvatore

Andie was sitting in the living room her and Cal were living in when it came to this new world.

5/7/2018 #2

Cal had searched the town exhaustively only to collapse next to her on the couch, cuddling her in close, pressing a soft kiss to her temple, "Yeah, we will find a way out. But Prison World...again..."

5/8/2018 #3
Katia Salvatore

Andie sighed a bit, looking over at him and smiling the tiniest bit, kissing his cheek as he did so. "I know. Fuck your descendant for being an ass and getting himself stuck in here."

5/8/2018 #4

Cal held her closer even more, "I love how you insult him. Why wouldn't they consider the one ancestor that wouldn't be affected by that knife happy idiot? No one knows we are here! This is where that whole should have made friends with other people would have be useful isn't it?" Cal turned to look at Andie, and kissed her softly, "We can't die in here…someone will be stupid enough to come get him…that's the story of that guy's life…"

5/8/2018 #5
Katia Salvatore

Andie rolled her eyes a bit, kissing him back, and then just laying back, her back hitting the couch as she looked up at him with a soft sigh. "I know, I know. But how long? He spent almost twenty years in the last one. There's not enough blood here to last very long, and you know it."

5/8/2018 #6

Cal wish he knew, "No celestial event...I mean...Andie why did you let go, you knew what it meant...you could have gone on being you and amazing people with everything you are...This is kind of just as much my fault. Mostly Kai's...there is blood downstairs, we can ration, I am older I can handle less for longer...But right now, especially now, let make all we can of here, because we don't have a choice..."

5/8/2018 #7
Katia Salvatore

Andie sat up, crawling into his lap and cupping his face as she looked at him. "I held on because I love you." she said softly, leaning her head onto his chest and looking up at him. "I one hundred and ten percent am so madly in love with you, that letting you go here and leaving me..." she sighed. "It would have killed me."

5/8/2018 #8

"I know you seriously have a strong grip I couldn't have gotten you to let go, but, then again, I wasn't letting go of you either. Whenever and wherever we are, I would not get through it without you, and this is going to be rough...so please, for tonight, lets have fun, and forget all else there is to worse over." Cal kissed her lovingly before pulling away to grace at her now, "I love you, and...I loved who I am with you." A most difficult admission in the past, she made that effortless and even something worth feeling proud about.

5/9/2018 #9
Katia Salvatore

Andie smiled as she looked at him, kissing him back when he kissed her and then frowning. "Don't talk like that. I don't like you talking in past tense about us. That makes me feel like we're finished. We are not finished, okay?" Andie told him softly, squeezing his hand slightly as she did so and just sighing the tiniest bit when he looked at her.

5/9/2018 #10

Cal rolled his eyes and even started to laugh, "How am I suddenly becoming the optimist here? No, we will get out, someone will always come for that fucking idiot descendent of mine, but we'll desiccate first. And we can't BOTH do that...so, you should...I mean when it's looking like it's time to ration that is...take mine. Save us, as no one else knows we are here."

5/10/2018 #11
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