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5/2/2018 . Edited 5/2/2018 #1

Sara had invited a not sober but not yet crazy drunk Alex back to her hotel room. "You want another drink? Come on it's a wedding, and trust me I can tell you are one of those wound too tight types." Sara handed the glass to Alex, "You are a badass from what I can tell so explain this whole woe is me you've got going on..."

5/3/2018 #2
Katia Salvatore

Alex was tipsy, and maybe that was why she decided to go back to Sara's hotel room, despite having just broken up with her fiancee not that long ago. "Mmm...one more," Alex finally decided, grabbing the glass from Sara, and then giving her a look. "I don't have some 'woe is me' thing!"

5/3/2018 #3

Sara nodded in the direction of the couch tossing a blanket and remote her way. "If you weren't so woe is me, you would not have just gotten super defensive, look I get it, you got burned, girlfriend? Boyfriend? Long term? I expected you to be more of a talker as your sister is...cheerful...and awesome, and she speaks fast and I never really know what she's saying."

5/3/2018 #4
Katia Salvatore

Alex glanced up at Sara, following her silent directions. "Girlfriend. Well, fiancee, actually..." Alex said simply, pressing her lips together. Not that that was really true anymore, but Alex was trying not to think about it too hard. It just...well, it didn't exactly make her happy. When Sara talked about Kara, Alex couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah...she's a bit of a mouthful, that's for sure. But...a good heart. One of the best, actually."

5/6/2018 #5

Sara grimaced pouring another drink for Alex and handing it over to her, "Yikes, that's gotta sting. But...and hey I get this is the normal annoying crap people tend to say, but I also don't lie, and I hate to even say this, so as painful as it is to sound optimistic and like some greeting card, it's her loss. I mean...whoever this fiancé was...there was a reason she's not here...why I am...though super sure that's the alcohol." Sara said laughing a bit, "Look I think your sister is pretty amazing, and I can tell you...she may be super and all...but hold on to her. I wish I had with mine." Sara said before growing a bit quiet.

5/6/2018 #6
Katia Salvatore

Alex shrugged a bit, not really sure what to say when it came down to it and all that. She pushed out a soft breath, running her hands through her hair, and then looked over at Sara. "Yeah, I know. I just...I really don't want to talk about her right now." Alex said. She didn't even want to think about Maggie right then and there, if she were being completely honest with herself. She looked over at Sara, taking another sip of her drink. "you have a sister?"

5/7/2018 #7

"Probably a good choice!" Sara remarked knocking back her own drink before Alex asked this next part. "Uh...had a sister...she was murdered...she was better than I will ever be, and here's the best part, I can literally go back and save her, but I can't let myself...she wouldn't want it that way."

5/8/2018 #8
Katia Salvatore

Alex frowned a bit, just looking over at Sara as she spoke. "I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine what that would be like..." Alex said, pursing her lips slightly. Thinking of Kara dying? That was just...too much.

5/8/2018 #9

"Yeah, this is like pretty much my least favorite topic, sorry, and she is like actually unbreakable, look just drink, you'll be fine by wedding time…I can sleep out here, make sure you take some aspirin and all that…"Sara said with a smirk, "I mean it though, your fiancé or former girl, she gave up the family and life with you? If I ever got that shot, you know an accepting person who is able to see me as I am? I would go so far into the scary unknown for them.

5/8/2018 #10
Katia Salvatore

Alex smiled as she looked at Sara. "Oh, please. We are perfectly mature adults. We can share the same bed without it being all weird," Alex said with a laugh as she downed her drink, then looking over at the girl and grinning a bit. "Well, thank you. That means a lot to me."

5/8/2018 #11

"Yeah, thing is my bed never ends up just being used purely for shared sleep. I'm not making a move, but historically...based on my experience, you will. And if so, great! But don't say I didn't warn you." Sara smirked giving a casual shrug.

5/10/2018 #12
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