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The reviews for the chapters posted are not showing and it's broken. Please fix it soon.

1/12/2017 #1

Yup, this is happening to me too, again.

1/12/2017 #2

Just happened to me.

1/12/2017 #3

Having the same issue. All of the reviews that were posted on my story today will not show. Incredibly frustrating.

1/12/2017 #4

The same thing has happened to me. I got the email notifications for my reviews on gmail, and could even read the reviews up until the point where they were cut off, or "truncated due to length". But when I clicked the Reply URL link, it took me to the page where the review would normally show up in full and I could writer my reply, only instead it said "Invalid Message 3. We cannot find the review you are replying to."

The reviews are also not showing up on my story page, or on my review list page.

1/12/2017 #5

Yup. Same message.

1/12/2017 #6

Same, had a few that are showing on the review count, but not on the review page.

1/12/2017 #7

Hmmm...I'm not entirely sue what my review count is supposed to be, so I can't tell if it's gone up or not...and I aint gonna count through all of them to check xD

1/12/2017 #8

At this point, this glitch is as common as Avengers slash-fics.

1/12/2017 #9

@LordryuTJ, Lolz.

In all seriousness, I don't care unless the reviews disappear forever. As long as they show up at some point, I'm fine.

1/12/2017 #10

Yeah, I'm having a similar issue. I was reading and reviewing a story today and I posted at least five new reviews, but none of them show up when I clock on the reviews link next to the story title.

1/12/2017 #11

Same here! I hope they fix it!

1/15/2017 #12

I have the same problem I can't read the reviews in my stories. Please fix this.

1/17/2017 #13
Arie Draconoid

Same here,i got two reviews yet i didnt found any when clicking it

2/10 #14

also, im not getting the emails for new reviews?? the review count is going up but I never got emails and they don't show up on the site. or the confirmation that I updated my story?? I know this has happened a couple of times in the past but I hope it's fixed soon. I also havent gotten PM emails but my inbox in ffn has three?? thats never happened before.

2/10 #15
Asuravartin the Ur-Dragon

The "Reviews not appearing" glitch happens every now and then, they'll appear around a week or so.

2/10 #16

me too.and I'm not getting the emails for new reviews. please fix it soon

2/10 #17

Luckily, I haven't updated in awhile, but apparently I got a review that I can't see. Hey you never know, one time this happened and it was not working for two weeks. No email notifications or reviews or chapter updates lol.

2/10 #18
Anonymous Girl Gamer

Same! It's really annoying, but I hope (in fact, I'm pretty sure) that they'll appear eventually, I just hope we won't have to wait too long.

2/10 #19
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