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it keeps saying code 1 when i try to view my story ... what does code 1 even mean so i can fix it????

7/24/2012 #1

i have had the same problem whope en i try to view a story i read about a month ago as well. hope someone tells us something soon it was a great story too.

7/26/2012 #2
Angel Yuyun

Hey, this happened to me, too. I looked for a specific story on google, found it, but when I tried to open it: Sorry, story could not be found. Code 1. I really liked thi story and I hope it hasnt been deleted. :(.

7/29/2012 #3

same thing on two of my fav fanfictions

7/31/2012 #4
I think 'code 1' might mean that someone might have accidentally violated that stupid new rule with nothing over 18 year old material that included lemons and some measures of violence. Some of the best stories are being deleted without a chance of putting them back on. It's stupid, really.
8/2/2012 #5

that sucks!

8/5/2012 #6

has that theory been confirmed by anyone? I really hope that's not the case but it seems likely :( it just happened to me with one of my favourite stories, which was in progress as well so I'm annoyed that I might not get to keep following it if there's no way to get around this. Do you think it would be possible to re-post or would it likely be detected...?

8/13/2012 #7

Yes. I think it is very likely as it has only been stories containing this sort of material that have been removed. I was reading one and clicked on next chapter when it said that. It must have got removed while I was reading the chapter!

8/25/2012 #8

Yeah, there was this story in the Inheritance Cycle called Forgetting the past, and Code 1 shows up when I try to search it on Google. The author unparalledthinking was apparently deleted too after their story was found to violate some stupid MA ratings rule. Damn fanfiction and their M rated fic purge, now we can never read these stories again!

PS If anybody knows anything about the whereabouts of the story i mentioned above or the contact info of the author mentioned above, can you PM me with the information, I'd like to get a copy of Forgetting the Past from the author in Word version so I can read it. Thanks!

8/27/2012 #9

Omg that is super duper stupid and I hate it.

8/31/2012 #10

Super duper stupid. That's something awesome.

9/2/2012 #11

Hey! I just had this same error and found that if I changed the summary's wording a bit, it was able to be uploaded. I think they have a way to stop certain things in summaries to be found.

9/6/2012 #12

Ah please help! I have had the same problem with my new story and this is the summary:

25 years on and the NCIS team have taken their own paths, only to be lead together again at the funeral of their much loved funeral. But old names start appearing and there are new ones to negotiate.

its not at all dodgy and i don't get what 'code 1' is??

9/7/2012 #13

Ah please help! I have had the same problem with my new story and this is the summary:

25 years on and the NCIS team have taken their own paths, only to be lead together again at the funeral of their much loved funeral. But old names start appearing and there are new ones to negotiate.

its not at all dodgy and i don't get what 'code 1' is??

9/7/2012 #14

This happened to my own story. There is nothing at all wrong with it, only maybe a couple words. Don't know what exactly constitutes an MA rating, but I don't think that's it... I just wanted to post my story in a place so I could get more replies...

9/7/2012 #15

tell me how and what you did please?

9/7/2012 #16

I just posted my story. 2 chapters. The worst thing that happens is the main character curses a bit in the beginning. Description said it was unfinished and nothing more. And the rating was K plus.

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #17
district4 demigod

Its not. i posted my fanfic , and hunger games and percy jackson crossover called 'a game of death' and i checked it after i logged out it said code 1. and the most worst thing there is a little kid using a sword.

9/7/2012 #18

This just happened to me too, I had the rating set at M but there wasn't anything that should have set off any alarms. Summary read:

Dean comes back from hell to find his brother has crawled in bed with Ruby. But is it really Ruby? If not, where is she? Will he ever get her back? And if he can, will they ever be able to escape the hell that they carry with them? GenRuby and CassidyRuby both featured, Sam and Bobby also star, Cas makes a few appearances too!

The only thing even slightly MA was suggested torture but there was nothing explicit.

9/7/2012 #19
district4 demigod

i wrote a fanfic called a game of death , a hunger games and percy jackson crossover, and when i opened as a user not a member-


even thought the 1 chapters were so safe even my 5 year old sister would be allowed to read it.

9/7/2012 #20

the same thing just happened to me. My story is completely fluffy, there is no violence and not a curse word in sight. It is rated K it is so clean. I dont really understand what Code 1 means.

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #21
left account

My story keeps getting deleted and its making me sad... :(

9/8/2012 #22

UGH! Same - I deleted the story and then uploaded it again which worked for a while but has stopped again. This is ridiculous!!! Fanfiction needs to sort something out. :( It seems to have happened a lot recently to people so maybe there is a glitch since they have been updating everything :/

9/8/2012 #23

It stopped happening for me. That's weird...

9/8/2012 #24

What do you mean by "that's something awesome"? I got my favorite PJO facebook taken off of there. Do you like it or do you think it's stupid?

9/15/2012 #25

Did you ever find out what Code 1 is? I see that people think it means something, but has that been confirmed, do you know?

9/28/2012 #26
Never had it confirmed, no :( but I trust what people are saying is true, it seems to be following a pattern. (but there are a few exceptions...) I have no idea :/
9/28/2012 #27

i have some fanfiction that wont let me go on them what should i do to fix it

11/15/2012 #28

code 1 appears on some of my fanfiction what do i do so i can read that fanfictionand not see code 1 on it

11/17/2012 #29

Some author's entire body of works are gone. I have no trouble finding penis worship porn with a side violence - that still comes up, though it all seems to contain unsafe sex and an express desire for impregnation. Stories with plot and mature writing, correct grammar, thought provoking content- that seems to get code 1.

11/21/2012 #30
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