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What does Code 1 even mean?

12/24/2012 #1

In what context? Maybe we can guess.

12/24/2012 #2

It says "Story not found. Unable to locate story. Code 1." I don't know what it means.

12/25/2012 #3

Code 1 probably just means the story is deleted. It could be it breaks a rule like the wrong rating and someone reported it. Or the author might have deleted it themself.

12/25/2012 #4
Kitsune no Tora

As far as I have been able to tell, Code 1 seems to be related to FFN's staff taking things down, either on purpose or to fix something. Code 2 seems to be for random errors that aren't caused by staff directly.

So, either the story was taken down by staff or the user like Hippothestrowl said. That's my best guess.

12/25/2012 #5
Boots 2 Asses
What does Code 1 even mean?

Any story deleted/removed from the site falls under code 1.

2/1/2013 #6
Herr Gespenst

Note, this is not a reply to you Boots 2 Asses, but if you can, that'll be helpful. I just had a fanfic I recently wrote called Kikou Kishi Warviour deleted twice. I got the URLs, but every time I search for it, I get the code 1. What's going. Case anyone's interested, here' are the URLs:

6/18/2014 #7

Can someone confirm that when FFN delete a story:

  1. They don't inform the user.
  2. They don't send the user any kind of message indicating why?

If so, that explains why we get so many of these messages. If a story just disappears without explanation, anyone would expect the user to simply publish it again, so why they don't they tell them why specifically, so they can correct the problem?

6/18/2014 #8
Kitsune no Tora

Herr, your story is available on your profile and clickable, but it says it was published right around when you made that forum post, so I'm not sure if the current version is a repost after you asked your question or not.

But, your story does violate site rules. Your first chapter is an author's note and not the beginning of the story. The story itself reads more like a poorly formatted play than prose, but that might be more opinion than anything. The big thing is the first chapter. Get rid of it or combine it with the second chapter, and that might solve your problem.

6/18/2014 #9

They do inform you. You get a mail from Fanfiction Admin" where they tell you that your story was deleted and they give you a general reason without telling you what the thing that led to the deletion actually is. Like with mine, they say I had song lyrics in one of my chapter but I didn't. I also never got a reply to my question what those lyrics have been.

6/23/2014 #10

If I got a message like that and was certain my story was within the rules then I would just keep putting the story back up.

It's absurd if FFN simply delete stories if requested by any other user without even checking for themselves. I accept they might not have time to police every story themselves but when other users do that work for them then they ought at least to check the ones reported.

It's hard to believe really because there are enough nutters out there who would spend all day reporting as many stories as possible so likely we would finish up with no stories at all on FFN.

6/23/2014 #11
Shadez Furry

Actually, the idea itself is not to far-fetched, mien fruend. In fact, i would actually believe there is someone doing that, Someone just had their ENTIRE account deleted with no message.

8/20/2014 #12

My story code 1'd and I got no message after constantly checking for at least an hour. During this time, I exchanged several messages with one of its readers, confirming that the PM system was not running slowly.

I re-uploaded it shortly afterward and the problem fixed itself.

8/20/2014 #13

I have the same problem right now. It always says Code 1 and I don't really know what to do :(

I didn't got a message or something. My new story just got deleted.

8/20/2014 #14
Writer Marx
I think it's just a chapter re upload problem cause its coming up on multiple stories on multiple communities upon my observartion
8/20/2014 #15

Negative. My story, the X-Pendables, code 1'd on me. I can't search for it or get it on my profile.

8/20/2014 #16

Same here. My newest two stories keep getting deleted over and over again, and I have no idea what's wrong with them.

8/20/2014 #17

[in sing-song] GLITCHES!

8/20/2014 #18

Pretty damn annoying glitches. No matter what, I can't get both stories to stay on the website.

8/20/2014 #19

I have the same problem with my newest story. Well, at first, the message was different. Or rather, at first everything worked fine (maybe 1 hour after publishing), then I started getting this error:

FanFiction.Net Message Type 1 Story does not have any chapters. Please check to see you are not using an outdated url.

Reuploading the chapter didn't help at all. Yet I could read it just fine in Preview mode, just not on the site.

Then it started working just fine for no reason I could discern.

The next day (today, that is) I'm getting the error you guys mentioned:

Story Not Found

Unable to locate story. Code 1.

Or this one, depending on what URL I use to open it:

FanFiction.Net Message Type 1

Story not found.

I can still see it in Preview mode just fine, and it shows up in my Legacy Story Stats - just not on my profile, and it can't be accessed normally. Wouldn't that mean that it wasn't deleted?

8/21/2014 #20

Yeah, it's not deleted. Mine is still on my account. Like they say, it must be a crashed server or something. have patience.

8/21/2014 #21

Hey, mine's bck up. Thanks for the advice everyone.

Anyway, FFN is using it to purge their database of stories that contain content above M rating. I read the article last night.

8/21/2014 #22

What article?

And what makes a story higher than M? I'm still not sure what causes a story to be rated higher than M because nobody can explain what "explicit" means in that context...

8/21/2014 #23

Dammit, mine code1'd again. ANyway, there's an article on wikipedia about it. Search code 1 on google and it comes up. A sotry higher than M is really extreme descriptions of sex and violence.

But then, that's bogus, because it all depends on what you imagine it as.

8/21/2014 #24

That's what I mean. I have read numerous stories that were more graphic than mine and they aren't getting deleted. Also, it's not as if my story description is misleading. But FFN should really implement the MA rating so people can be on the safe side. If underaged people read those stories not suited to their age, it's not the author's fault...

8/21/2014 #25

For real man. MA should be allowed. The FFN people are a bunch of pansies. I mean, like props to them for setting up a great sight, but c'mon, if we right something M (which is mature), then we're bound to put stuff in it.

8/21/2014 #26

Especially since you can watch worse stuff in daytime television. Or on the internet...

But there are always those wannabe purists who get riled up reading about a bare ankle

8/21/2014 . Edited 8/21/2014 #27

Yep. Definitely. No matter how we imagine it, someone else will imagine it different. Those guys at FFN might watch too many horror movies.

8/21/2014 #28

I just posted a story too with two chapters. When I looked for them on another browser page I could find it with the first chapter up but when I posted the second chapter it came up with the code 1 when I clicked on it. The story still shows up under the search and the summary says it has one chapter. Meanwhile when I look at it on my account the story shows up with both chapters and everything looks fine. I double and triple checked and I haven't broken any rules that I can see. There's not even a cuss or a kiss in it and I made it T to be safe. It's just a couple of one shots. Any ideas?

1/1/2015 #29

It's a known website problem affecting many. All we can do is wait. You can report the bug to FFN using the help link at the bottom of any page.

1/2/2015 #30
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