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Super Pan-chan

why the fuck cant i copy n paste from a fanfic?!

10/13/2013 #61

I don't know for sure, but it probably was the second: a dick move from FFnet; the whole thing is a dick move anyway, in a whole series of dick moves these past years. I couldn't highlight anymore either.

Go back to the userscripts dot org page and install the script again. It was updated only a few minutes ago. I could highlight again after that.

10/13/2013 #62
Super Pan-chan

fanfiction is making so many stupid ass changes its gunna loose all its users. like wtf that whole more than 2 characters is okay i guess but i had fanfic bookmarks and after the update it was fucked up

10/13/2013 #63

This is annoying me too. I cross-post all of my stories to Livejournal and it was easy to highlight the text to copy and paste. Now I have to do it from the Word document.

10/13/2013 #64
Super Pan-chan

i cant even copy my OWN stories wtf

10/13/2013 #65
Xireana Prime

what do you delete? i got to the inspect elemebts and a lot of coding came up. what now???

10/14/2013 #66

FFiction huge dick move. Anyways,

go to div role... storytext.p...webkit user select - none -- Click on that tag and element style will open up - uncheck both boxes. And voila!

Worked for me, you have to do it every chapter though :/

10/14/2013 #67


Quick fix for firefox users.

1) Download RightToClick add-on

2) Install, restart firefox as prompted

3) Click on add-on button on your browser; looks like a yellow thin mouse arrow.

You will have to re-click the button if you close your browser.

4) Enjoy

I got this to work yesterday but today it isn't working.

10/14/2013 . Edited 10/14/2013 #68

For Google Chrome Users!

Go to the website down the bottom, and under the install button there's a "how do i use this" option open it and follow the Chrome instructions.

I used the Tampermonkey one and it works great. For this one you've got to copy the source code from the first page you were on and paste it into a new script the the tampermonkey extention

10/14/2013 . Edited 10/14/2013 #69

this move is so stupid fanfiction -_-

10/14/2013 #70

I'm a Chrome user on a Mac and though I would install Firefox solely for purposes, I just want to thank you guys for all the help in suggesting the add-ons that helped me get around this annoying update on FF's part.

I also like to save stories to my computer so I don't have to use the internet or I can print them, and occasionally I copy things to submit them to the Tumblr blog wtffanfiction ;) [don't worry, it doesn't say who wrote the fics]

Also, I have a dictionary extension where if you double-click a word it shows the definition, and I use that all the time...

So thanks, everyone!

10/15/2013 #71

i cant copy pages with chrome anymore ether but if thats all u want to do internet explorer[evil s.e] will still let you copy the page

10/16/2013 #72

On Chrome :

- When opening a new chapter, I hit F12

- Ctrl F, I search for "noscript"

- When I find "div class="storytext xcontrast_txt nocopy" id="storytext"" I choose to edit it as HTML and remove the class.

Painful to do it on each chapter tho, I sent a mail to suppor suggesting to remove this :)

10/16/2013 #73

It's great that people are complaining to the site about this, but to be honest I don't think they'll listen...

10/16/2013 #74
doctor anthony

I can't highlight either and its beyond annoying. I want to be able to copy and paste my favourite fics and now I can't.

10/16/2013 #75
My Review Account

Of the 3 suggested fixes only the pagestyle option seems to work reliably. I have to check and uncheck the box in Righttoclick a few times to be allowed to highlight and deleting the section of code makes the entire body of text disappear. This antitheft crap is stupid, it doesn't prevent theft and annoys those of us that aren't thieves.

10/16/2013 #76
doctor anthony

Exactly and what if some of us want to print the stories out they can read while on the bus or something.

10/16/2013 #77

There are three methods for three browsers that work (might not be for all).


Hit Ctrl A. Only the top and bottom of the page will be highlighted. Don't be fooled for it is an illusion. Simply click and drag the un-highlighted text into a word file and there you go.


Hit Ctrl A. Everything WILL be highlighted but do not try to copy/paste. Drag into word instead.


This one is a little more complex. Begin highlighting like normal near any button (chapter select, post review, follow/favourite etc) or the story summary. You will then be able to highlight all the text like normal. Here's even more of a curve ball. You CANNOT click and drag. Here you CAN copy/paste (Ctrl C).

This might not work for all but it did for me. Good luck.

10/16/2013 #78
Renne Michaels

Yeah Dragon that works in Explorer for the whole page... but if I just want to copy a sentence or two for a review, or maybe something I don't understand and want to look up... you have to take the whole page. Then paste it elsewhere so you can copy the bit you are interested in.

Which is why it is stupid. This just makes it harder for the users, not the abusers. Sigh....

10/16/2013 #79
doctor anthony

I agree this whole is unfair to use users who aren't thieves or violators of the rules.

10/17/2013 #80

I use Firefox so I just installed the "Right to click" add on and then when I'm on the story page, I click the icon to activate it and ta-da... I can copy/paste. I have to refresh the page though to click to the next chapter and then repeat the process, but it takes no time at all. It's the easiest for me. Now I can paste a story into notepad, print it out and hide it between my papers at work so that I can read it. lol.

I couldn't figure out how the Inspect Element thing worked because I couldn't find nocopy at all.

10/17/2013 #81

i don't know what wrong with me but Right to click isn't work (firefox) include (chrome)

only option that work is Inspect Element it painful but okey

10/17/2013 #82
Thulian Rose

agreeing with everything said here. How am I meant to read blocks of text on this site without that tool? It's like they go out of their way to misunderstand their base. don't even get me started on that messy search function. there is a reason almost everybody has moved on to AO3,DW, or LJ by now.

10/17/2013 #83
My Review Account

"there is a reason almost everybody has moved on to AO3, DW, or LJ by now"

I hate this nocopy bulldookie but lolwhut? AO3 & DW are small (and AO3's search is a freaking joke) and LJ has been on life-support for almost a decade

10/18/2013 . Edited 10/18/2013 #84

for all of you using chrome enable user style sheets,

1. Edit custom stylesheet in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User StyleSheets\Custom.css

2. Paste this code in the custom.css div.nocopy {-webkit-user-select: all !important;}

3. Launch chrome with --enable-user-stylesheet (add the ' --enable-user-stylesheet ' to a chrome link and it will be active forever

and welcome to forever being able to select text :D, still working on solving the CTRLA bit

10/19/2013 #85

AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much AliceOnClouds

10/20/2013 #86

Just in the last couple days something changed to make it a lot harder, however, if you're blocking javascripts on pages (it's either the ones from or it now prevents RightToClick from working. Simply re-enable those two scripts (or experiement to figure out which of the two it is) and right to click starts working again. If you use Noscript to block ads from loading, just use it to block google-analytics and and you won't get ad banners/towers (of course, then doesn't make any money to pay their service bills, so you should just live with the ads in my opinion).

10/20/2013 #87
Stitchfan 82

I am a little confused about the code. I do not want to do the wrong thing and brake my computer. What part is the code? 2. Paste this code in the custom.css div.nocopy {-webkit-user-select: all !important;}

10/21/2013 #88

the part to paste is

div.nocopy {-webkit-user-select: all !important;}

And anything you do on that file is reversible, simply delete it

10/21/2013 #89

ok so I got this to work in my chrome browser, but as chrome uses a TON of virtual memory I tend not to use it as much for as I always have multiple tabs open sometimes for days reading different fanfics. So my question is, is there an internet explorer fix for this issue? If so what/how would I go about fixing this, because this is nonsense! any help will be much appreciated!

10/21/2013 #90
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