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i was wondering if looks count when capturing or starting w/ a pokemon. Which one melts your heart? what is the most beautiful pokemon?
12/23/2011 #1
Empress Empoleon

Interesting question. 0.0 Well, when I got my first Pokemon Game ever (Pokemon Platinum), I did not know diddley-squat. So, when I was picking my starter Pokemon, I thought they were all cute, but ended up choosing Piplup because:

1) My friend said that Piplup was the best choice, Turtwig was the second-best choice, and Chimchar was the worst choice (hope I didn't offend anyone here!)

2) Piplup was the cutest, blue, and resembled a penguin, and EVERYONE KNOWS PENGUINS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (okay, not everybody, but still!)

When I got my second Pokemon Game, SoulSilver, I knew a lot more, so I chose Cyndaquil (not saying the other starters are bad here, because they're not!). My friend again had something to do with this choice, as she wanted me to close up the trio (she had chosen a Chickorita, and my other friend had chosen a Totodile).

However, in Pokemon White, I went ahead without asking my friend anything, and ended up choosing Snivy because:

1) It looked awesome, and I had seen a picture of it's final evolution (Serperior), which I thought looked absolutely epic and beautiful.

2) In my other two games, I had chosen a water starter and a fire starter, so, now, it was the Grass type's turn.

So, now, ending this rant, I shall now try to answer the original question it's self.

YES, I DO think that looks count when capturing or starting with a Pokemon. Because even though some people choose Pokemon for the power, type advantage, etc., a lot of the time, when you catch a Pokemon or are choosing a starter Pokemon (ESPECIALLY when you are choosing a starter Pokemon), people choose based on looks somewhat.Nobody wants an ugly Pokemon, after all. :-)

Of course, it's not all based on looks. Like I said before, you would also choose a Pokemon for other reasons like power, type advantage, good moves, etc.

By the way, I do find that Piplup is the one that melts my heart, and Empoleon is the most beautiful Pokemon. ;-)

12/28/2011 #2

I watched the show before I played the actual game. When I got Blue version when I was five, I chose Squirtle because he was my favorite of all the starters. But then as I played the game, I realized how rare fire types can be. :"D So whenever I got a starter after that, I always chose the fire type one. But I think looks count somewhat when it comes to choosing pokemon that you keep in your party.

For me, Clefairy is definitely the cutest! It's even cuter than it's baby form Cleffa in my opinion. Somehow in every game I always end up with a level 100 Clefairy that knows Ice Beam, Metronome, Moonlight, and Psychic (sometimes instead of Psychic it knows Meteor Mash). XD It's usually my strongest too because I'm a nerd, I EV train the crap out of it and breed it to have a beneficial nature (I try to go for Impish, Adamant, or Jolly nature). It's really won my heart, so I always make sure in every game that I find two Clefairies and breed them to get the ULTIMATE CLEFAIRY.

Dragonite is another pokemon that I love! In Blue version, I always hunted down for a Dratini in order to get Dragonite. Sure it took about 2 hours of game time from catching Dratini to leveling up all the way to a Dragonite, but it's worth it if you really like that pokemon.

Looks also make me feel repeled by a pokemon. For instance, I don't like Electivire, Rhyperion, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Magnezone, and Porygon Z. I think they all look kind of garish... and frightening. There are a lot of pokemon in Black and White that I find weird looking too. Woobat is a flying-furry-eyeball, Swoobat looks like a flying-cyclops-pig , Conkeldurr... well honestly I just don't like it's nose or expression, Seismitoad looks like it has frog herpes all over it's body, Scrafty for some reason looks really unappealing to me, and Garbodor looks like a giant, moving pile of garbage! I'll still catch them in order to complete the pokedex... but I just won't be in a hurry to do so... XD

12/30/2011 #3
Empress Empoleon
A LOT of Pokemon in the Black and White games are weird-looking, right? The genral appearances of most of them really creep me out. XD
12/31/2011 #4
The Ambience

I still don't understand what Oshawatt is.

12/31/2011 #5

It's an otter.

EDIT: I guess to stay on topic, looks count some when preparing a team. Usually if I see a cool looking Pokemon I'll start with it and try to build a balanced team around it of other good looking Pokemon. But I have used Pokemon I don't consider cool looking becuase weather I like it or not, they are good in battle and ultimately that's what counts. i.e. Infernape.

12/31/2011 . Edited 12/31/2011 #6
Okay, but in my opinion Pokemon Black and White was made to be weird looking. ('_') hehe
1/2/2012 #7

I agree (with the whole do looks count thing) When I chose my starters, I based my decisions on power and looks. When I played Black, I didn't know any of the fifth generation Pokemon so I caught Pokemon that looked cute. I ended up catching/choosing Snivy, Lilipup, Darumaka, Panpour, Gothita, and Throh, for my team just because of their looks, well, except for Throh. In that Pokemon's case, I needed a Fighting type. I ended up replacing him with Cobalion once I caught it.

I also like my Pokemon to have cool sounding cries.

1/2/2012 #8
Empress Empoleon

I never really pay attnetion to the cries, to be honest...^-^"

1/4/2012 . Edited 1/4/2012 #9

My first starter ever was a Charmander in FireRed. Iv'e always chosen the starter that always struck my fancy (Which ironicly is almost always the one with the best stats) After a while when my pokemon are leveled up I Poke Transfer (or whatever it's called in Platnuim) the pokemon, and start over with a new starter Pokemon.

2/17/2012 #10
Call me weird but i always thought Swampert looked very huggable
7/9/2012 #11

Looks count more than anything. As far as completing the game goes, any Pokemon will do. So looks are my main criterion.


Chikorita (Cyndaquil comes a close second)

that fire bird one that May had

Chimchar (Piplup comes second but I don't like the appearance of its evos)

and I haven't played BW but if I did probably Snivy (definitely not that wotsitsname)

7/13/2012 #12
Xirroq the Absoleon

The only starters that I have problems with are Chikorita and Tepig...I choose fairly between the rest because I like them all outside the two mentioned...

7/13/2012 #13

I like Ice and water types, so I alsways choose the water type starter, which in all of their cases final evolved formed looked awesome! Swampert is my all time fav lol

7/15/2012 #14

Meh, looks count but only when it comes to things like starters or pokemon you have to choose (in general, I mean).

For RBY and RSE I mostly thought the starters were fairly equal-opportunity in terms of looks so I just went with whichever one seemed the most appropriate to the game's color. For DPPt I liked all the starters quite a lot but decided I liked the fire starter the best (though really it was a tossup between the fire and water starters). I will say that when I first picked up Pokemon Silver, I fiercely disliked the look of the Totodile line, so I always went with a Cyndaquil; and when I picked up White I thought the only starter that really looked great as a final evo was Snivy; although the others have grown on me since.

7/19/2012 #15
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