The Adventure of a Lifetime
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Rhianna Park

here you can make a claim for a talent! there are multiple talents, but we'll try to keep them to simple things.

reserved talents:

Team 1 is done, no claims are available.

Team 2 reserved:

The Leader, Athlete, Hunter, Spy, Mechanic, Detective and Techie are claimed.

talent list

These are the talents you can choose from - if you want to argue for a certain talent, bring it to the chat and we'll talk it over.

  1. the leader
  2. the artist
  3. the performer
  4. the soldier
  5. the athlete
  6. the hunter
  7. the thief
  8. the intellect
  9. the techie
  10. the spy
  11. the detective
  12. the medic
  13. the mechanic
  14. the musician
  15. ?
5/29/2017 . Edited 6/22/2017 #1
The Optimal Oz

I think I want to claim the performer :)

6/6/2017 #2
I'd like to claim hunter, please.
6/6/2017 #3
Rhianna Park

can i negotiate with you on that? bc that's what i was claiming

6/6/2017 #4

Claiming the intellect!

6/6/2017 #5
Oh TvT I can take detective instead? Think I can take hunter for one of the other teams then, Rhi?
6/6/2017 #6

If I can, I'd like to claim the thief!

6/6/2017 #7

i'd like to claim medic please!

6/6/2017 #8
scott mccalles

ok ok i'll claim the techie!

6/6/2017 #9
I may claim soldier. Let me ask if this idea would be valid before I make it offical.
6/6/2017 #10
Ill claim solider :)
6/6/2017 #11

i'd like to claim the athlete please!

6/7/2017 #12
Rhianna Park

claiming the soldier for Team 2!

6/12/2017 #13


6/12/2017 . Edited 6/12/2017 #14
The Optimal Oz

I would like to claim athlete for team 2.

6/13/2017 #15
Soul the Avenger

I'm taking that mechanic for team 1

And if open can I have the spy for team 2?

6/13/2017 . Edited 6/13/2017 #16
Rhianna Park

Oh, this is void then, of course!

6/13/2017 . Edited 6/13/2017 #17
Is the 13th talent different for every team or is it always the mechanic?
6/14/2017 #18
Rhianna Park

It's going to be different, at the moment. That's subject to change.

6/14/2017 #19
So the 13th is like a wild card as of now?
6/14/2017 #20
Rhianna Park

Pretty much! The 13th is kind of like whatever the Team needs.

6/14/2017 #21
So whatever the team needs would be like something random? A theme for the team? Something particular to the benefactor supporting the specific team?
6/14/2017 #22
Rhianna Park

Something random, something that fits the Team theme, yeah. The Mechanic, for example, was decided in place of the inventor, because we figured the Team needed someone with some mechanical skills, as they were lacking. So the 13th for Team 2 will be decided when we build Team 2 and see what the particular vibe of that Team is.

6/14/2017 #23
Makes sense!
6/14/2017 #24

*quietly slides in to claim mechanic for team 2*

6/17/2017 #25

Can I claim the Techie for team 2, please?

6/21/2017 #26
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