The Adventure of a Lifetime
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Rhianna Park

While you wait for the RP to start up, please read over the rules! Thank you!

  1. Grammar check! This forum strives for appropriate grammar and spelling (capitalization, usage of commas, periods, etc.). Please just be mindful of this and check yourself.
  2. No god-modding. Period. There are exceptions to this, typically if you apologize and have a plausible reason (i.e. to move the flow a bit better) then it's fine. But not major god-modding - you can't kill another person's character outright.
  3. Talk to you fellow RP-ers! Communication is key.
  4. Be kind to one another or treat one another as you wish to be treated.
  5. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus, go over your character and they should have a flaws.
  6. No X-rated stuff, even if it is implied. Keep things PG and PG-13 please.
  7. Super-characters are a huge no. This mean characters that are overpowered, have no visible flaws, and are perfect. No one wants that.
  8. RP with everyone! It's good to build relationships with everyone, not just one person.
  9. *Make sure not everyone has the same talent or skill set as your character! We don't want duplicate characters.
  10. You can create one main cast character as of the moment. People will double up when it comes to the main team, but we'll decide who when we get there.
  11. If you have two members on a Team, make sure to have a boy and a girl to have an even ratio.
  12. Please refrain from claiming two or more of the same Talent. If that Talent is still available by the time everyone has claimed someone, then feel free to claim it.
  13. Treat everyone with respect.
  14. Finally, have fun!

Please indicate below that you have read the rules. For returning AoaL RP-ers, give me your favorite moment from the past RPs! For example, mine is anytime Charles was extra af, especially when he fell out of his chair. If you're new, favorite OC you've ever written!

Have fun guys!

6/5/2017 . Edited 6/21/2017 #1

Favourite moment was whenever Noah decided to talk tbh, as well as the time Nate, Zach and Eliza started arguing over rugs. Fun times

6/5/2017 #2

Favorite moment was when Chris and Chelsea got drunk, and when Savannah smeared guacamole all over one of the BW's on one of the missions.

6/5/2017 #3
Hm.... my favorite OC ive ever written is probably my very first one xD so many memories of torturing him lol but it was for an anime forum and his name is Rin Asakura :)
6/5/2017 #4
scott mccalles

that one time they went to high school and got in a fight w that brat in study hall and then someone set the school on fire :')

6/5/2017 #5
The Optimal Oz

Everytime our characters got drunk, Charles epic fails, and Noodle Boy :)

6/6/2017 #6

My favorite OC I've ever written? Probably Axton Logan or Alex Kyle from the old YJ forum.

6/6/2017 #7

my favorite OC i've ever written would have to be samirah pierce - she was part of a walking dead RP and she was the perfect combination of dorky and badass c:

6/7/2017 #8
maria beee

my favorite memory was when Charles faked his death Bc he is Extra af.

6/7/2017 #9
Soul the Avenger

My favorite OC ever? Man that's hard because I treat all of my children equally.....but I'm going with Lucas Knight. Because who doesn't love the violent orphan that just wants love?

6/13/2017 #10

Of course I accept!!!

Oh my god, Born! It's you! I remember that! It was the lemonade! They had no idea it was spiked. That's one of my faves. Also, the AU in the future when they were trying to best each with sweet, science-based comments.

6/16/2017 . Edited 6/16/2017 #11

Favourite moment honestly probably powers AU when everyone was also just trying their best

6/16/2017 #12
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