The Adventure of a Lifetime
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Rhianna Park
Undisclosed Location

September 20, 9:00 PM

It was a strange thing to be in the woods at night. Even if you were alone, the whispers of the winds made it feel as if you were not. The woman sprinted at full speed along the worn path, her breath pulling in and out of her. Above her, the trees stretched towards the inky night. The woods were sparse that night, something she might recall later. The autumn leaves had begun their descent to the forest floor. Shame. The maple trees hadn't even begun to show their full myriad of brilliance. She would have liked to see them before the world ended. Still, it didn't matter much. After all, the internet was a thing in existence now. She could always google a picture of 'autumn woods' and find a treasure trove of photography.

That is, if she lived. The woman yelped as she nearly tripped over an exposed tree root. She stumbled backwards, only catching herself when she realized the forest was silent. Whirling, she found herself at the one place she dreaded - the edge. Exposure. Breath slowing, she watched as a puff of frost exhaled from her lips.

A shudder ran through her. A gust of wind accompanied it, nearly shoving her out. Did she dare leave? Yes. One foot, out of the ring of the forest. Then another. She swallowed. So far, so good. Her heart thudded a little faster, as she made a move to duck her head. They couldn't catch her. Not out -

An arrow whizzed past her. The slice of air made her shriek. Instantly, she was off, her legs propelling her through a clearing before her. She could see it now - the warm glow of the house on the hill, the light spilling out onto the lawn.

Please, she thought, willing herself to run faster. Please, legs, please. Another arrow sliced past her, nearly ripping her jeans open. Then another, ripping up the grass besides her. Shit, they were at her heels! She willed herself to run faster.

Just, almost -

An arrow shot through her. She gasped. Blood spurted from her lips. It was dark and warm, nearly freezing against her skin in the cool night. She choked. This -

She fell forward, thumping onto the wooden slacks of the porch.

A screen door thumped open with a moaning creak. The man in question stepped out, eyes wide, before his eyes landed, drawing slowly to the woman before him. Dead. An ebony arrow sticking out from her chest. A note, tied to the shaft. If it wasn't enough to see the body, dead, blood spilling out in a pool around her, it was bad enough to see the parchment attached to the arrow.

The man swallowed. He turned, throwing the contents of his stomach into an ash bucket besides the door. And then, as if steeling his will, he reached forward, sliding the paper from the arrow. It unraveled almost instantly, as if have just being freshly written. That wasn't the problem, Luca thought, stumbling back into his cabin.

'The Game has begun.'

Luca threw up three more times that night.

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maria beee
UCLA Campus

September 21, 7:00 P.M.

Leonora was walking back from the library alone, headphones in her ears and curly hair being tousled by the gentle breeze. She hugged the light sweater she wore closer, her hands disappearing in the long sleeves of it. Though it was a nice night and her smooth, brown legs were bare as she wore her high-waisted, jean shorts. Though truthfully, she couldn't wait for the temperatures to be cooler. Nora was sick of summer heat and wished for a more noticable change in seasons. Change was good. She needed change. Tyler always said that--

The second she thought of his name, she blocked him out. Her lips twitched slightly, she breathed in deeply, and then she moved on. She let go of the breath, releasing it into the evening air. She didn't want to think of him, not now, not tomorrow nor the next. She had other things to worry about and she threw herself into her studies entirely.

She'd been working on a film project in the library almost all day and if she was being honest, her eyes hurt from staring at a screen to edit a video all day. It was simple- just something to display camera angles and creative ways to set it to music. But Nora was always struggling to make something perfect- or seemingly so. She'd practically gone cross-eyed from focusing on this silly project and had finally called it quits and began walking back to her dorm.

Though, she couldn't help the eerie feeling that she was being followed, watched carefully as if she were prey. For a heartbeat, she considered reaching into her backpack and pulling out the pepper spray her mother had gotten her. But by then it was too late.

One minute she had been walking and the next she was being surrounded, trapped-- and...there was a cloth over her mouth. She struggled, thrashing and giving a muffled shout. But it didn't take long before she was becoming drowsy. And then she was going limp, truly looking like a doll with her full, parted lips. Her rosy cheeks. The dark, curled eyelashes that fanned over her freckled cheeks.

And the way she laid limp in the arms of her captors, perfectly still.

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Soul the Avenger
Ionia Correctional Facility (ICF)

September 21, 4:00 PM

The Hole.

The dark, dirty place that people were sent to for insubordination, and or excessive violence. That is, if you get caught during the act. Safe to say, Angel got caught in the act for one reason. Well what he felt like was the reason. He felt set up, but not by the Cartel, he hadn't wronged them, and he had no reason to wrong them anyway. Why he felt like he was set up for something? He was jumped by a few gang bangers that normally didn't involved with crime in jail, and just wanted to get out early. Simple things like drug convictions caught a large bid towards a criminal record.

The guys that jumped him weren't even doing hard time, simple marijuana and "party drugs". You begin to realize that jail can change a person, especially if they want to get out fast. Seeing as Angel didn't give the police anything against the Cartel, and they still believed he knew something, any means necessary was the only thing in the window.

But, Angel didn't getting jumped. It gave him time to work on the things Azrael had taught him growing up, with actually connecting his fist to a few faces. Though he was definitely upset that he was the only one that got put into the hole. And he figured that he was definitely going to get jumped again.

Its been a day since then and nothing happened. He hasn't eaten much, the stale bread and food they decided to give him wasn't any better than just chewing on his finger nails, until something strange happened. It was dark all around, and with the hunger clawing at his stomach he could barely sleep. His cell door squeaked, and he turned to see men in black putting a bag over his head before knocking him out with a strong right hook to the face.

Prison sucks.

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University of Zurich

September 21, 8:00 A.M.

Claudio Camenzind sighed as he exited the dorms, his backpack slung over one shoulder. He took a deep breath of the crisp Swiss fall air, taking a second to appreciate the slight chill around him that was just cool enough to offer a wake-up call, but not cold enough to be uncomfortable. He looked at the Victorinox watch on his wrist, seeing that he had about an hour's worth of free time before his first class today, and sat down on a bench nearby.

The young man affectionately known as "C.C." to the few friends he had smiled. He'd been so focused on his studies lately that he barely had time for himself, and made a mental note to try and do something about that soon. Maybe a trip with his mom to the Alps...that sounded good. Winter in the Alps was always one of his favorite things; all the snow and cold air and beautiful scenery. His mind drifted to a vacation a few years ago he and his parents had had, and he frowned. All these years gone by, and he still missed his father terribly. His mother constantly told him how proud his father would be of Claudio; he just wished the man was here now to see it.

Claudio's train of thought was soon interrupted by a damp cloth smothering his mouth and nose. He flailed his arms in surprise, trying to get a look at who was doing this to him, but he was slowly losing concentration. Chloroform--someone was trying to cut off his breathing!

With his last gasp of strength, Claudio thrust himself off the bench and onto his knees in front of it. The shock of the surprising strength of the Intellect caused his would-be assailant to lose his grip on the chloroform rag, and with the airflow now entering his lungs again, Claudio gasped for breath. He looked around for a second or two to locate who had tried to choke him, and saw a man in a suit, his shoe raised at Claudio's head.

One stomp into the sidewalk later, Claudio was out cold. His breathing had returned, but he didn't move as his captor scooped him up.

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Rhianna Park
The Flåm Railway

September 21, 9:17 p.m.

The bump of the train as it rattled over the tracks was somewhat comforting. It was a sullen lullaby, rocking passengers to sleep. Riley draped her arms loosely across her knees, staring blankly at the floorboards before her. Old, wodden, worn by the dust that tracked through his cargo bay. This wasn't the most ideal place to sleep, unfortunately. She was sorely lacking in the function. She sighed through her nose, glancing out the narrow window. She was somewhere in Norway. That's all she knew. The high edges of the fjords towered above the train. Moonlight glanced off them, shades of green and brown hinted at in the white light. Norway was beautiful.

It had been the first thing she had wanted to see on their trip, so much that they flew in from England. They. The word seemed hollow now in her mind. That's right, Riley thought, her gaze tracking back to the floorboards.

She was on her own now.

A flash of a memory crossed her mind. Gunfire, the journal flying from her hands. The fear that coursed through her, the knife, golden, glinting, arcing over her head, towards her - the body that flew between her - blood. So much blood. And then the body. Riley flinched, her hands flying to her head. A tear slipped down her cheek, one she immediately smeared away with the back of her hand.

That had been two days ago. What point in there was crying?

The door from the next car over rattled open. Riley tensed. Last she checked, most passengers were asleep. Besides, this area was restricted. Not even employees ventured back here. The girl slid to her feet, making sure to stick to the shadows as she slid around some boxes to hide. Her satchel banged against her leg as she moved though, and Riley cursed. Why had she packed three books? She turned as the door slid open, stumbling backwards.

Eyes snapping up, she blinked. Two men. Both in black suits. Riley cursed. As one rushed her, she ducked his arms, edging to the other side of the car. Unfortunately, the second tracked her movements and caught her almost immediately, his arms wrapping around her in a bear hug.

He squeezed her into submission though, making her lungs burn something fierce. She coughed, tears leaking from her eyes. Thrashing wasn't an option. Not as the other man's partner smothered her face with a white cloth. Riley screamed. But it was lost, somewhere in the ravines.

Her body fell limp. It was the first time she had slept peacefully in two days.

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Off the Highway... somewhere in Virgina...

September 21, 10:00 a.m.

A hodded figure browsed through a convience store. That's the great thing about gas stations these days. It's always connected to some sort of quicky mart. It sells mostly junk food, but it's all pretty cheap. That's all that matters when your budget is what you find on the side of the road. No one really gets time to prep before becoming a fugative, but at least most people have their memories. It took a certain silver-locked detective a good hour before she could figure out which state she was even in now and how much of her memories had been stolen away by some unknown means.

Isla Lockwood was not a criminal. No matter what the police said. No matter what was on the news. No matter how bad her amnesia was. She knew she was not a killer. Murder was the one thing she could not stand for, and she refused to believe otherwise.

Even so, she was charged with manslaughter. That's why she was wearing a hoodie she bought at a Family Dollar with the cash stuffed in her back pocket and walked God knows how many miles to this shady gas station for a pack of Doritos and a water. Just as she was conteplating if she had enough for a pack of beef jerky, her senses began to tingle. Her eyes sharply looked up, registering a few figures in the store that made her nervous. She picked them out easily. Not cops. No, something else. She paused, clamly heading toward the register as if nothing had set her off before suddenly tossing the goods on the floor and making a break for it. She actually managed to get out of the store. Still, she didnt get far. She hadnt eaten in awhile and was exhausted, so catching up to her was not much of a challenge.

One blocked the path in front of her. Before she could turn, the on e behind Isla took advantage of her hesitation due to the sudden obtacle and grabbed her arm. He yanked her back, but she trashed around. The man wrapped his arms around her and hoisted her into the air as a third put a cloth over her mouth. Isla fought the sleep, but the sickly sweet smell eventually overtook her.

Definitely not.. cops...

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San Francisco, California

Septemer 21, 4:28 p.m.

Seeing Felicita smile was what she lived for. Honestly, watching her be alive and happy was all she could ask for. Days like this were perfect. The weather was actually behaving for a change. The sun was out, but not setting the world on fire. There was a fantastic breeze without the worry of flipping up skirts. The crowds weren't so bad either. People were in an oddly good mood. It was a good day to hang out, even if Yuki er Colt Faustus was spending this glorious day with her mistress a few feet behind her. Indeed, Felicita was on a date with a boy from their class, and she'd asked Colt to keep her distance. Felicita didnt want to scare the boy off, after all. A "male" bodyguard arose more than just suspicion.

Despite that, Colt rather enjoyed these days with her favorite person. Her saftey was her upmost priority. As they walked through the streets, Colt kept herself alert. The two had walked all the way to the park, ans the boy had yet to pick up on the "third wheel". Excellent!

Although, Colt began to realize she wasnt the only one following her charge. No, she'd seen those men already a few times. They were following them. No surprise, Felicita was the daughter of a mafiaso boss. The couple locked arms and continued down a trail, oblivious to the action. Colt snuck into the shadows, leaving the suits curious until one of them hit the floor. Suddenly, the other two got into gear. One aimed to grab Colt from behind, and they succeeded. However, Colt managed to grab the attacker and flip them over her shoulder, causing them to land with a thud.

"Did you hear that?" Felicita's date asked, stopping in his tracks and looking over his shoulder.

Felicita shook her head, hoping her bodyguard had it covered. She didnt worry. Colt could handle herself. She was just worried about this boy getting spooked. She bit her lip, putting her faith in her friend. "No. Why? Did you?" she asked.

The boy hesitated before shrugging and continuing on. "Guess it was nothing."

Colt let out a quiet sigh of relief, keeping that third pesky suit in a headlock with her hand over the attacker's mouth. She hit a pressue point, letting them down easy as they fell limp. That was a close call. At least it ended well.

Suddenly, Colt felt a sharpness in her neck. She winched, reaching to rub what she assumed to be a sting. She then discovered a hard object. The stinger? Great. She yanked it out to examine it, realizing it was actually a dart. As her mind got cloudy and she felt a heavy weight to her bones, Colt knew that dart was laced with a sedative. She stepped forward, trying to warn her charge, but fell face-first. She refused to go down so quickly, getting to her hands and knees only to be struck again in her shoulder. The world in front of her blurred into hazy colors. As black shapes soundlessly rushed her, Colt realized they werent after Felicita after all.

She was asleep before they pulled her lanky body up.

Those men were after her.

6/15/2017 #7
1 block away from Wing Wings, somewhere in San Francisco

September 21, 10:00 PM

Chloe sighed in delight as she took a bite of her food, walking down the sidewalk. She had spent the day pick-pocketing, since she was starting to run low on funds. It was her lucky day though, as one of the people she stole from had been carrying a little over a hundred dollars in their wallet. Seriously, who even carries that much cash in their wallet anymore? Their fault for being a complete moron, Chloe supposed.

Chloe paused and set the wing she had been eating on back into the styrofoam takeout container, before licking her fingers clean, then shutting the container closed. She continued walking, passing by a bar. One of the cities many homeless people was sat out front, passed out and smelling like cheap beer. Chloe crinkled her nose disgusted, before quickly moving on. She had been free for 3 years now, and still got reminded of that man.

Before Chloe could even shake the thought away, she was grabbed from behind and had something cover her mouth, causing her to drop the container. She struggled, yelling for help, but it just came out muffled. Soon drowsiness took her, and the struggling stopped as Chloe fell limp.

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Stanford Campus

September 21, 7:00 A.M.

Nick's breath came out in short puffs, frosting in the air in front of him. The mornings were getting colder now, the leaves wilting and changing colour. All the signs of fall returning. He would have to move indoors soon for his morning exercise, or at least stop wearing shorts when he went out running. That's hadn't been very smart of him. He was freezing right now. He frowned and picked up the speed of his jog, hoping that would help him warm up. His sister would mock him if she knew. Got into med school at twenty, but can't figure out seasonal clothing? He almost grimaced at that. Her voice was too sharp and clear in his mind since he had spent the summer back at home. He wasn't sure if he could do that again, he didn't think he could handle his mother's aloofness towards him and the resentment he saw in his sister's eyes. He couldn't blame them either. They had lost a son and a brother because of him.

He pushed himself harder, his easy jog turning into more of sprint, his breathing and racing heartbeat almost drowning out the music in his ears. He passed by other runners, their figures just a blur in the corner of his eyes.

Usually, Nick was aware of his surrounding and later, he would blame the music in his ears and his distracting thoughts for what happened next. He never even noticed them, the two hooded joggers that showed up behind him, until they were right beside him and by then it was too late. One of the men reached over and grabbed the back of his hoodie and pulled sharply, making Nick crash into him. He made a very loud undignified sound, but not that it mattered, there was no one else on the trail besides the three of them. Nick's mind caught up quickly to what was happening after that, when he saw the other man approaching him with cloth.

Was he being kidnapped? What the actual fuck. He was a damn medical student, what did they want from him? Not like he had money or anything. He thrashed in the man's grip, but the guy had a good grip on Nick, and then the cloth was covering his mouth. He struggled even further, as if that would do him any good but he was becoming drowsy now. Nick stopped struggling a few moments later, the sickly sweet smell of the chemical overtaking his senses.

Had a peaceful run been too much to ask for?

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The Optimal Oz
Copley Square, Boston

September 21, 2:00 P.M.

"Say it with me everyone!" Ben yelled out to the large crowd that was gathering around him. In response, the crowd answered with "Hocus Pocus!" The crowd cheered as an entire deck of cards vanished from his hands. The words that the crowd yelled, seemed so stupid to Ben, but it worked in regards to getting them into the act. Ben saw them as nothing more than pawns with wallets, but he might as well but on a good show while getting paid.

He spoke up loudly, to make sure all the crowd could here him "Alright, so just now. I had this lovely lady pick a card." He motioned to the girl, who he had picked from the crowd. "I did not see it." Suddenly, with a flick of his hands a card appeared. He showed the card to the crowd "Is this here card." At first, their was silence and then replies of "No!" or "Not even close." The crowd began to mumble among themselves. Ben easily held up his hands and began to silence the crowd "Ok, you got me. I don't know where it went." By now the crowd was getting a little anxious, but this was Ben's favorite part. The part when the crowd was actually dumb enough to think he might lose. Ben pointed to man standing in the crowd. He seemed to be one of the people that thought Ben was a hoax. "Step up here." The man happily stepped forward, looking for the chance to embarrass Ben.

The man was wearing an expensive looking white button up shirt, and a red tie. The crowd had grown quite, and before anyone could react, Ben produced a bottle of ketchup from his sleeve and squirted it all over the man's shirt. The crowd was stunned, and the man's face was turning about as red as the ketchup. Ben quickly grabbed a napkin, and began to clean the ketchup off "I am sorry." The crowd was not sure was to say, but half way through wiping of the shirt, some people began to cry out "Look at that."

The shirt had finally been cleaned off, but on the shirt was a print of the two of diamonds. Making it even better was the fact that the print was mixed into the shirt like it had been made like that. He smiled as he motioned to the woman "Is this your card?" She nodded happily, and the crowd cheered. Ben bowed to the crowd "You've been a great audience, but I must be going." He grabbed his bag of things, and ran off into the alley heading for his home. Leaving the man who is trick had been performed on completely confused.

He arrived at the end of the alley, but stopped when someone called from behind. It was a man wearing a nice suit, someone who would not want to associate themselves with Ben. "I think you did a fantastic job today." He reached out his hand, and Ben shook it. Their was a pause, while the man seemed to be surprised not to find something in his pocket. Ben smiled knowingly "If you are looking for that rag of chloroform. I relieved that of you a moment ago." He was going to continue gloating, when he felt something stick in his arm. Someone had stuck a bloody needle in his arm. He turned to see the same girl he had been performing the trick on. She smiled warmly and spoke "Sorry about this. You really were amazing."

Things were already beginning to grow dizzy for Ben. He started speaking "Hey, two vs. one. No fa..." He never got finish his sentence as the ground rushed to meet him, and his world went dark.

6/16/2017 #10
scott mccalles
University of Pennsylvania

September 21, 12:00 AM


So many lights. Eva realized then that she absolutely despised frat parties. All they did was flash insane colors all over the house to imitate some kind of rave and play The Chainsmokers music at too loud of a level, things she knew now that she'd be able to do without for the rest of her life. To her, it was a complete joke of a night. She wasn't one to sit around if everyone else was going out, especially not her roommate, whom she didn't mind being around. But this was on a whole other level of horrible.

Eva stumbled into the bathroom after searching for what felt like hours. There was no one else in this particular part of the house, Eva realized as she leaned her head back on the door and heard no other movement there. She took a deep breath, silently thanking herself for not drinking anything. With her size, it didn't take much to cloud her mind. Right now, the only positive of being in this house was the fact that she could figure out how to leave it. Eva pushed herself off the door to look at herself in the mirror and knew she would rather be anywhere else but here right now. She ran a hand through her hair, placing her hands on her hips and examining how she looked in the glass. Not too shabby for suffering through crowds of drunk and sweaty people.

Outside, Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey was blasting at an unreal level, almost too loud for Eva to hear herself think. "Stop playing this damn song!" She screamed, mostly for herself, just to let out her frustration for her situation. She was well aware no one was here to listen but that was almost comforting -- the only person that could hear her was herself. She needed to get out of this party. With another deep breath, Eva threw the door open and marched back out into the crowds, pushing people around all the way to the main door of the house.

Freedom. The air outside was cold and unforgiving to Eva's outfit, and the darkness didn't do much to help her find her way back to the dorms. Fortunately, a few streetlights lit the surrounding area, enough for Eva to know she was going in the right direction.

She knew she couldn't be naive on a college campus at night. Even a university like Pennsylvania had its danger. But she never could have seen what was coming next -- two men in suits, following her closely. Before she knew it, they were right behind her on either side and grabbed at her arms. She had taken her heels off prior to the encounter and was carrying them, allowing her to swipe at one of the man's face and make a small cut. It didn't do much, he grabbed her right back while the other held a white rag to her nose.

Yeah, she really hated frat parties.

6/16/2017 #11
Rhianna Park
Undisclosed Location

September 22, 9:52 pm

When Riley came to, she was in the back of a van. She groaned, her eyes flitting open. What happened? All she remembered was her dad's death, the train rocking back and forth on the bumpy rails. Of course, this felt similar, Riley assumed she had never left. That is, until she saw who surrounded her. Wherever she was, it was dark. The only lighting came from a dim fluorescent light above them, that hummed.

Across from her was a bench. Padded, she noted, shifting, rather comfortably if she did say so herself. But that wasn't the weird part. The weird part was the row of people sitting across from her. People that seemed to be her age.

Riley swallowed. What the hell? Was this some kind of trafficking? That was it, wasn't it. She had just gotten kidnapped by a human trafficking ring. an image of the Men in Black, a chloroform cloth being pressed to her nose. Yep. Human trafficking. Shit. Wait. The journal. Her bag! Riley panicked, looking around. She went to stand, only for the van to rock. Riley was forced back into her seat from the momentum.

"Shit," she cursed out loud, only to clap her hands over her mouth an instant later. Didn't want to wake the others. Though, with the rate this - whatever it was - was hurtling along, it seemed like they'd be up soon.

6/16/2017 #12
scott mccalles

The first thing that Eva noticed when she woke up is that the men who took her didn't let her keep her heels. She cut one guy in the face and apparently they were considered a dangerous weapon-- ridiculous, in her opinion. Those heels were expensive. Her annoyance with her bare feet didn't last long when Eva took in the rest of her surroundings. "What the fuck is going on?" She cursed, not giving a second thought to her statement. That was the only thing going through her mind right now. Where was she?

She realized she was in a van, surrounded by other people whom were either just coming to or still passed out. How long had she been out? Where was this van going? What was happening? Why did they want her, of all people? She had so many questions and it didn't seem like any of the other young adults were in a different mindset than she was. Eva narrowed her eyes in attempts to recognize any of these people, but she knew none of them. Maybe they were from around campus. But if this was some kind of freshman hazing trick, it was extremely cruel.

6/16/2017 . Edited 6/16/2017 #13

Nick woke up slowly, his consciousness returning bit by bit. Dim light pushed against his closed eyes, the ground beneath him shook ad rattled. It sounded as if he were in a car, which made no sense at all. He had been jogging, hadn't he? His thoughts were sluggish and slow, failing to catch up to what had happened immediately. He heard someone curse, and then someone else did too and with that, it all came back to him His run, the men who had attacked him. His eyes snapped open and he sat up in his seat sharply, grimacing slightly at the dull headache that rose up. His eyes tracked around the area, realizing that in the back of a van, and his eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting in the van, spotting a girl sitting across from him, her hands clapped over her mouth.

It was then that he realized there were more people sitting around him, some passed out and others rising. There was another girl who was awake, who he assumed was the second voice. He rubbed the back of his head. What the hell was going on? Had they all been kidnapped as well? Was this some sort of human trafficking? He didn't think any of them would have any answers. "Probably not anything good," he muttered in response to the girl who had asked the question.

6/16/2017 #14

"Mmm... mhm...." a young asian "boy" (or who appeared as a boy) muttered as she stirred herself awake. The affects of the drugs were wearing off, though she still felt groggy. Those jerks got her good. As her brown eyes opened, she noticed she was in a car. Not surprsing. But apparently she'd just been kidnapped. The oddest part of the situation was that there were several other young people around her age in the car as well, some of them asleep while others were coming to or fully awake. So they had been targets, but for what reason? As she forced herself to sit up taller, she looked over the others to see if she could find any similarities. They all looked completely different, though. Was this random? It certainly didnt seem like a gang was behind this. Human trafficking? That'd be annoying. She didnt have time for this. What if that boy got touchy with her boss? The thought of it made her finger twitch.

Colt suddely went wide-eyed. Her gun? Sebastian! Someone had taken her precious child! She frantically patted her arm, searching for the weapon to no avail. Who dared to kidnap her baby?! Colt gritted her teeth, thinking of all the ways she'd kill whoever was responsible.

"Anger wont help our situation," a voice suddenly said. When Colt looked up, she noticed a holded figure with folded arms over her chest mysteriously sitting amoung the teens. "It's better we save our energy."

Despite the girl's obvious strangeness, Colt had to agree with her. She relaxed slightly, still sitting up professionally straight. "What happened? Where are we?"

"That's what i'm wondering as well," Isla admitted, putting a hand to her chin as she retraced her steps. "The last thing I remember is men grabbing me and using chloroform to knock me out."

6/16/2017 #15
The Optimal Oz

Where was he? He must have fallen asleep. Was it the subway? No it did not feel like the subway. He heard some voices, so he was not alone. One seemed to curse, and he opened his eyes prepared to defend himself. A habit he had developed from getting yelled out. Usually when someone cursed around him, then it was because of him. When his vision cleared up he took in the dark area, and some of the other bodies. He started to remember what had happened. He was still a little pissed that he had been taken. Their had been two of them, completely unfair.

He looked between the others that were up "Fuck, my head hurts." He mumbled as he grabbed his head. He looked around the room, obviously in a car or some type of vehicle "They could have just asked. It would have saved me some pain."

6/16/2017 #16

Chloe slowly opened her eyes, the feeling of the van shaking and moving waking her up. She didn't remember partying, so what happened? Chloe bolted awake as she began to remember, somebody had drugged her. Now they had shoved her in a....something? Chloe wasn't too sure what kind of vehicle it was that her kidnappers had put her in, but she didn't like it either way. She glanced around, finding people that all looked to be about her age in a similar position to her, some of whom who had already woken up. Had they been nabbed as well?

"What the fuck?" Chloe cursed lowly, slightly panicking. She had been in the back of her fair share of police cars when she was younger, but this? This was like something out of a mob movie.

6/16/2017 #17
Soul the Avenger

The first thing Angel noticed when he woke up were the shackles on his hands and feet. Angel couldn't see them, with the bag still on his head, but he had tried to stretch his legs. Didn't work in his favour. He guessed that a man already knocked out for at least a few good hours needed to be chained up before he woke up. It was logical, yet seeing as he could get the smallest inkling of a tool into his hands, someone was really going to get hurt. He was grateful to get out of the prison, but bagged and tagged like terrorist? That was not how he expected to leave what would've been a life sentence. Depending on how mad or corrupt the court room was. But instead of dwelling in dark thoughts, it was time to attend to the now.

First the bag, then the cuffs. Figure it out from there.

Once he pulled the black sack from the top of his head, the mop of hair fell in his face, "Great," he grumbled before hearing a voice say "Shit!" like they had messed something up. Pushing the hair from eyes to help him adjust, he noticed something about the vehicle he was in. The extra people sitting across from him. They seemed to be his age, and at the moment he could care less, what he did care for was that none of them were in the same navy blue prisoners outfit, or had shackles on.

That annoyed him, and his dark colored eyes showed him as he watched everyone wake up from their own slumber. "Well this is unfair. I keep these," Angel spake lifting his hands, "and you all have none?"

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Rhianna Park

Slowly, everyone began to wake up. Starting with a girl across the way and then - Riley caught the eyes of the boy across from her, blinking. Turning her head, she saw just who was sitting besides her. A boy, with hat looked like blonde hair, and the first girl, the one who seemed very displeased with their situation. Which, she assumed, was natural. Still, the sudden cacophony of voices was alarming, especially having been sitting in silence for so long.

"Wait," Riley said, speaking for the second time, though this time her accent was a little more pronounced. Everyone here seemed to be American. "Where are you all from?"

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"They picked me up somewhere in Virgina, I think," the hodded girl spoke, dropping her hand in her lap. She thinks? Didn't she know where she lived? You just casually think you live in Virgina like you just casually get kidnapped with random people, right? No big deal. It was hard to make out Isla's face with her wearing her hood like that. It was uncomfortablely secrative.

Colt rubbed her head, gathering her thoughts. "California," she answered. "San Francisco," she added, looking at the other group of teens. It seems like they didnt come from the same place either. "What about you?" she asked Riley.

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scott mccalles

"At least you all have shoes on." Eva murmured, glancing down at her bare feet once more. She sat in silence as everyone started to wake and look around at each other. She was just glad everyone seemed as confused as the next. No one knew what they had done to deserve this, or what was going to come of it. Eva stared at the girl sitting next to her for a moment, debating her question. Did she want to reveal any personal information? No. She had no idea who these people were. "Boston." She deadpanned after a beat of silence, deciding it probably wouldn't hurt. The girl's accent gave way that she wasn't originally from the states. Well, neither was Eva -- she could have said Brazil. Or Miami, or Pennsylvania. Or given a random location, for all they knew.

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"Wow, we have so much in common already," Nick said, his tone dry and his comment directed at the girl who was trying to retrace her steps. He couldn't really help it, really, instinctively falling back to sarcasm to hide his own panic. Soon more people began to wake up, and the outburst and cacophony of different voices did nothing to help his headache. He looked to one of the boys who had just woken up, shackled and in a navy blue prisoners outfit. Nick narrowed his eyes at him, "You probably did something to deserve them," he deadpanned, before shifting his attention the girl who had spoken up now.

"Palo Alto, California," he answered, his eyes then shifting to the girl who had made the comment about shoes, "Yes, because the lack of shoes is really your biggest problem here," he remarked. Okay, maybe he needed to cut back with the sarcasm but he was really freaked out right now.

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Soul the Avenger

"I'd be happy to trade places miss." Angel spake with a sly smile. "These things get a bit itchy after a while." Which was definitely true, the way they rubbed and brushed against his skin at every movement. "Technically Barbados, but I was raised in Detroit, and various other places." he spake as he looked around the room to see if anyone in the room looked like they could even remotely be connected to the Cartel, and honestly....the looked innocent. Except the one with the hood, as well as the Asian, the former secretive and the ladder looks like they could knock a jaw sideways with the flick of a wrist.

"Well man, I was technically in IMAX before being bagged and dropped in her with all of you. I'm actually half way innocent by the way before you ask any questions."

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More people had begun to wake up, when Chloe heard someone ask where they were from. She glanced over, finding the source of the voice, and bit her lip contemplating on answering. Any one of these people could be with the kidnappers. Chloe's attention turned slightly, as one of them replied San Fran, before focusing back on the girl who had asked.. She sighed before answering the question.

"San Fran as well." Chloe replied shortly, before blowing a bang out of her face and adjusting her beanie. At least she got lucky in that front. Some girl was whining about her shoes, and another one of them was in cuffs. And was that a prisoners outfit?

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scott mccalles

"Okay, smart ass, cool it with the attitude. Do you have any suggestions on how to help the situation?" Eva shot right back at the boy, her eyes narrowing once she found the speaker. She wasn't in the mood to be sassed like that. Who was he to tell her what her biggest problem was when he was the one firing off every sarcastic remark he could think of? "Because if you don't, I think we would all appreciate you shutting up." She snapped, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms across her chest.

Her gaze shifted to the guy in the jumpsuit, her face scrunching up slightly in judgement, though it was hardly noticeable in the dimness of the van. "No, I'll pass, thanks. Why were you in jail?" Eva asked blatantly, not one for beating around the bush. If she was in transportation with a prisoner, she deserved to know why.

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The Optimal Oz

Ben instinctively checked his person to make sure nothing had been taken. He discovered that his deck of cards, and some of his other stuff had been taken. Yet, they did not take his money, which was all he really cared about. He looked around at the others. He was trying to figure what they all might have in common, but besides the age, not much. "I'm from Boston. Was enjoying a perfectly good day, when these kidnappers came in mucked it up." So far, the only thing he could tell from these people, were that they were all weird.

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"This can't be human trafficking. No one would go through the trouble of breaking someone out of jail," Isla spoke up, not responding to Nick's sarcastic remark. "And we havent come from the same places... kidnapping to this extreme wouldnt be random. We must share some form of commonality," she insisted, thinking aloud for the most part.

"If it's all the same to you, i'd rather not stick around to find out," Colt insisted, unbuckling her seatbelt. "I dont intend on going whereever it is these people are taking us."

"I doubt it's as easy as opening a door if they went this far to capture us, else we'd all be handcuffed," Isla countered, making no move to try and find an escape.

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"You complaining about your shoes wasn't exactly helping the situation either," Nick retorted, rolling his eyes. He had been drugged on his morning run and stuffed into a van heading god knows where and with people he didn't know. He thought he was allowed to be sarcastic at least. His eyes shifted to the in the jumpsuit again, an eyebrow raised. "Half innocent? How are you half innocent in a crime?" he asked, sounding skeptical.

"I mean, one of us is," he pointed out to Isla, pointing to Angel. But he supposed she was right, leaving this van couldn't be as easy as it looked if not all of them had been bound.

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Rhianna Park

"I was in Norway, so you're right," Riley agreed with the hooded figure, trying to ignore the others. She was scared shitless. She was sitting next to a bunch of lunatics, all who wanted to either kill each other or laugh. All Riley wanted was out. She scanned the van. The interior was dark, hard to make out in the flickering light. Even that was pale, a mere haze. But still, she could make something out...a window.

"Whose strong enough to break open a window?" Riley asked, standing up. She steadied herself by reaching out, bracing her arm against the top of the van. It was smooth to the touch. Smooth and warm, which indicated they had been here for a while.

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Soul the Avenger

"I can feel the disdain, along with the judgement in your voice, so its no offense taken." Angel had decided to not start a fight with the smart ass that decided to make the prisoner angry, without knowing what he was in for. He wanted to give him the proper ass whooping and not the restricted version. Shit, this guy didn't even think to consider that Angel could've been charge with various accounts of assassination and manslaughter and various other things and could've been sent here to kill all of them.

"Let's see," his heavy accent dragging out the last word before he continued. "Street Racing, Grand theft auto, Illegal parts, dealings with the leader of the Cartel, you know the works." he added with a shrug before a quick thought came into remembrance. "Oh and I was in the hole before this for beating the shit out of four douche bags who thought they could jump me in the hall by my cell.

His attention turned to the asshat that decided to keep prodding at him, now towards the nature of his crimes, along with his innocence. "Well I can admit to the racing, theft, parts and dealing with the Cartel. But what they hadn't considered was I'm just a kid who works as a mechanic. Not some criminal mastermind who helped smuggle drugs, weapons along with slaves across the border to Canada. Oh and I can't forget about the crooked cops who said that they would pin me down for various murders that deal with the Cartel." Angel concluded with a smile. "Anything else?" Which was before the snide remarks about handcuffs were made.

His attention turned to the girl who initiated the 'where are you from game' and her quest to get out of a moving van. "I probably am, but y'know the cuffs and all."

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