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Rhianna Park

hey, my name is rhi, and some of you might know me pretty well. some you might not. so that's where this page comes in. this is the introduction page! introduce yourself here, say a few things about yourself, whatever you feel people need to know about you!

a bit about me, my name is rhianna, nicknamed rhi. i'll apologize in advance if i ever seem a bit bossy or highstrung - most of the time, i really just want the forums to run smoothly. that being said, i've been on forums for most of my fanfiction history. i actually started out reading percy jackson fanfiction (yes i will admit to this i was in the 7th grade), and then worked my way to rp-ing on a PJO forum, where i met Oz! (shoutout to Oz for being my OG forum buddy). then like, around 8th grade i figured out, hey, i can make my own forums! and that's how we ended up here. my first major forum was a Young JUstice forum, where I met Fun, and Wild, and then Mia, ID, Red, and i met Rae & Izzie on one of Rae's forums!

all in all, i've had a pretty eventful time on fanfiction! so that's my story. here are some little facts about me!

  • name: rhi
  • she/her pronouns
  • stupid college student who is v much in the process of Figuring It Out
  • proud gryffindor, v much an enfp (flighty af y'all), also a pisces
  • luca/charles is my favorite character and tbh, i'm still not sure who i came up with him
  • my favorite forum is AoaL. it's the longest lasting, and i've honestly had some of the best times on it.
  • i want to travel the world someday! i'm going to be changing to an iscor/journalism student, with the end goal of being a travel writer/journalist/something
  • also i speak some french so that's cool whaddup

yep that's me, alright have fun with your introductions!

6/16/2017 #1

Alrighty n.n Hey, everyone :) Im Gryphon, but you can call me Gryph, Gryphy, Gry, or any sort of variation of that xD I started writing on FanFiction years ago, but it took awhile before I actually discovered "forums". My very first forum I joined was for Soul Eater (an anime) called "Stolen Souls". Im now a moderator for the forum and it's currently at the top of about 200 Soul Eater forums with over 600,000 posts. I love FanFiction and I love writing! Im also a beta reader who loves to help create amazing stories, so hmu if you need a beta! Im excited to have an amazing adventure with you all :D PM me any time. I dont bite (not hard anyway)! Oh, and FanFic needs emojis~

• name: Gryph

• she/her pronouns

• currently a biology major in university

• Gryphy is a Gryffindor! INTJ. Gemini. sadistic writer.

• ive run out of things to talk about, so... hey look over there! It's a talking muffin! *runs off into the sunset*

6/16/2017 #2

My names Red, yes I named myself after a color, but I have an explanation. It's that I just really love Pokemon. I've been on forums for all but maybe 2 months of my fanfiction history. I don't remember what started me on fanfiction, but after 2 months I started in forums. I had joined one before it, but it really didn't go anywhere at all, so I consider the OG YJ forum my first, and favorite one. That was where I met Rhi, Wild, Oz, Mia, ID, and a few other people. Since then, I pretty much only join forums that Rhi makes. It's been a ton of fun to spend all these years RPing, and talking to everyone. RPing was actually one of things that got me into actually writing a show, so it's had a big impact on my life.

Some little facts about me.

  • Name: Red
  • I guess he/him pronouns, but I don't care either way. I'm chill with whatever
  • I work in games media and journalism.
  • I'm not proud of it, and would rather not admit it. I'm a hufflepuff. Can't even be a Slytherin, nope, I'm a hufflepuff. I'm also a Libra
  • I have a special place in my heart for Axton and Alex from the OG YJ forum.
  • As stated previously, favorite forum is the OG YJ forum. It was where I met everyone, the characters were great, and it was a ton of fun
  • As much as I love Games Media, my goal is to one day make a tv show and be a rap artist.
6/16/2017 #3

Hey! so my name's ID, it's from my old username which was super lame but the nickname was fine so it stuck haha. I joined forums pretty quickly after joining fanfiction, and my first forum was percy jackson forum and 39 clues one (i was in grade 7, pls don't judge) and I frequented here and there on some other forums. I consider the old YJ forum my first legit rp forum, and that's basically where I met everyone else like Rhi, Wild, Mia, Red and Oz and then I met Rae, Billie, and Random at the old aoal forum, and tbh, I've mostly been joining whatever forums Rhi makes because they're always hella fun. so yeah, I've been here for a while, met a lot of great people.

  • Name: ID
  • she/her pronouns
  • currently doing a bachelor in engineering at Uni
  • I'm a Ravenclaw, and also a Capricorn
  • favourite forum is also Aoal, but the OG YJ forum is a close second
  • also i spell things with a lot of extra letters because i'm canadian yo
  • and yeah ive run out of things to say
6/16/2017 #4

Yo! So my name's Billie, but most of you who are returning more than likely remember me as Rabbits. I do have a total and completely good reason for the name change and the baby account. After the fourms here kinda died I fell off of Fanfic (mostly due to tumblr and just I like Ao3 as a fanfic site a lot more) and I lost access to the email that my old Fanfic account was attached to and just I didn't really want to be attached to my old account after finding it again I cringe so much at that thing. So when Rhi DMd me that this was starting up again I just made a new account. I also kinda grew out of the user name that Rabbits came from so here I am, with another weird account name going by a slightly normal name. But yeah, I'm pretty sure the OG YJ was my first forum, if not it was one of the other incarnations of the YJ forum, where I met Rhi, Wild, Mia, and others who I honestly don't remember because it's been nearly 4 years now and my memory is Bad(TM). It's been a few years since I've done any rping like this but I'm a Creative Writing major so it's not like I've completely fallen out of practice. The Bullet List:

  • Name: Billie
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • I am an unemployed Creative Writing major I'm glad I'm spending all this money I don't have on this liberal arts degree
  • I'm a Slytherin (even tho the second time I took the sorting quiz it tried to put me in Gryffindor actually fight me Pottermore) and Capricorn
  • I have to say I still really love Cameron from the YJ forum my anger son may not have been repurposed like Blake ended up being but he has a special place in my heart
  • AoAL also probably my favorite forum from the before times.
  • So you'll notice me also going in and out of the extra u. Blame the partial Aussie on that
  • Fun facts: I can understand three words in Greek, I know how to ask for food and directions to bathroom and sleep in Spanish.
6/16/2017 . Edited 6/16/2017 #5

Hiya! I'm InsaneRandomness, and people have known me as Insane, Random, Ran, IR, Randomness, Insnaity, and Cupcake! Take your pick or whatever, I don't really care what I'm called. According to others, my name fits me well and they often say that I worry them during my more energetic, honest, or loopy times. It really amuses me, actually. XD I have no idea when I first started here, I just remember that I first found this site when I dicovered fanfiction was a thing that existed and there was this amazing Star Wars story that I'd been glued to. At some point, with random curiosity while trying to seek out more stories, I discovered the forums. I was instantly drawn in to the world of cooperative creation that is roleplaying and haven't left since. (Except for a break here and there to deal with life.) I do know that, a couple of years ago, I joined the first AoaL forum, and it stuck with me. Even if they didn't realize it, the original Adventure of a Lifetime crew taught me how to create better, more balanced characters and even just how to write better than I'd been doing before I met them. I have so many fond memories of RP's with them and I hope I can create more with everyone here. Even now I'm remembering the AHS-type AU we had, and my character being so verbally violent to the ghosts bugging her friend. XD I loved those forums so much and still do.

  • Name: (I'll just put) Random
  • She/Her pronouns.
  • Recently graduated from highschool, looking for a job, trying to decide on a college. :3
  • Slytherin, INFP, Aries (I really, honestly don't understand myself half the time. XD) Ambitious, Mediator, Tempermental hahahahaha
  • I think all of the AoaL characters have a cramped little place safe inside my heart. It's very snug for there are many characters.
  • AoaL is most definitely a favorite forum, don't think I'll ever forget it.
  • I just really want to experiment for what I want before I get started on what I think I've decided for a career. Write a little, travel a lot, learn a language or two. That kind of thing.
  • So, there's me. XD Nice to be back.
6/17/2017 #6

Hi there! I'm Wildman, but most people here call me Wild. I'm among the oldest of this little group (mid-20s), but don't think for a minute that I'm an old fart. I'm much more like everyone's big brother who likes to make jokes and have a good time! I honestly can't remember when I started on Fanfiction, but I know it started with the sister site Fictionpress, where I think I still have an old story posted that I sadly lack the motivation to work on and probably ever finish. I discovered the forums not long after searching the site, and one of the first ones I joined was the old YJ forum, where I met Rhi, ID, Oz, Red, Mia, and all the other amazing people there that I honestly consider some of the most amazing people I've ever met (including real life!). I've been part of this little gang ever since, and I hope to make a lot more friends!

  • Name: Wild
  • He/him pronouns
  • College graduate, currently working as a vet tech at a local clinic (which means I sometimes can't be on b/c of my schedule and having to sleep ugh :(
  • Uhhh, Gryffindor I guess dont know much about Harry Potter plz don't kill me, also Gemini
  • Favorite characters are Danny/Amoeba from the original YJ forum and Chris from AoaL (ships I will defend with my life are DannAlys and Chrelsea)
  • Favorite forum: honestly a tie between YJ and AoaL, I love both equally
  • One of my dreams is to start a webcomic of my own starring charries from Time Heroes, one of my old forums
  • ummmm I can't think of much else, so...yeah. See ya!
6/19/2017 #7
The Optimal Oz

Hello, most be people on this site usually call me Oz, or Dragon. I am not the most active on chat, but I am always lurking. Like a ghost I haunt these forums. I'm a pretty relaxed person, so I apologize if I am not as excited sometimes as I should be. As Rhi said already, my first forum was a PJO forum way back when. My first memories on a forum is Rhi and another member of the forum chewing me out for my god awful writing skills, at the time. (Shoutout to Rhi). Eventually, I joined the YJ forum where I met everyone. My favorite forum will always be the YJ forum, because it is where I met my fanfiction family, you guys.


  • Name: Oz
  • He/Him pronouns
  • College Student who has no idea what to do
  • Ravenclaw and Sagittarius
  • Favorite character is tough. I like Jalil, alot.
  • Favorite forum is OG YJ.
  • I'm a History major looking to switch to Political Science and major in law. Eventually, announcing my run for presidency.
6/19/2017 #8
Soul the Avenger

Hello lovely people! I am Soul the Avenger, or you can call me Soul, Captain Soul, The Great Soul or nothing offensive! I'm the newbie of this group and been knowing majority of these guys since Late October early November, and I honestly feel like I have a second family here, also the kid is in Eastern Standard timezone. I am not the most active on chat or during most early days, but I am always lurking, slowly catching up and prepping myself for the long haul. I'm down for many RP's when it comes down to it I'm a nerd when it comes to everything superhero and action, and caught up on almost all of the shows & movies around. I'm a College Journalist, Musician and among anything a writer. Been here since like 2014 I think, I forget because my mind forgets simple things like that. I like to consider myself trustworthy and if I promise a RP, I will deliver! (Most times)


  • Name: Soul
  • He/Him pronouns
  • College Student who, enjoys Naps, food and music
  • Gryffindor and I don't believe in that other yea
  • Favorite character is tough. I like Luke, a lot, but I still have a few characters I haven't introduced that I shall keep secret.
  • Favorite forum is the YJ for now. If this is any good as YJ then it'll be a tie.
6/19/2017 #9

Hi, i'm the newbie! My name is Hanami but I go by Hana :) I joined FF a r e a l l y long time ago, almost five years now (jfc i'm old), and my first forum I ever joined was a PJO forum. I love to write, which would play into my desired future job, so RPing was always so much fun for me. I've only recently gotten back into RPing bc I stopped for a while due to life being dumb, but I missed it too much. So I'm very excited for this forum and what the future holds for it!

  • my pronouns are she/her

  • im a sophomore in college

  • lazy is my name and procrastination is my game

  • im a theater major, i want to write scripts for tv shows and movies

  • I'm a Hufflepuff, INTJ, and a Capricorn

  • i frickign love creampuffs and memes

  • thats about it yep yep yep

6/22/2017 #10
maria beee

hey, i'm maria! but most people call me mia! i've been on fanfiction for quite a few years now and i actually had started on rhi's original YJ forum. from there, i've joined other forums as well as be apart of nearly all of rhi's. i've definitely grown as a writer with all of these amazing people and i loved the first aoal so much. i'm pretty chill and i love reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy books. so, if you have any book suggestions, let me know!

here's some facts about me:

  • name: maria or mia
  • she/her pronouns
  • i'm a writing major and considering investigative journalism? maybe-?
  • i'm a ravenclaw! INFJ af. pisces with libra moon and sagittarius rising. i'm hella into astrology.
  • i love aoal but i think my fav forum was YJ. or there was one with superhero reincarnates?? idk but i loved amelia and tim from that one.
  • i would love to travel, i may be going to italy soon because i have family there. i also have started modeling?? don't worry about it bc idk my life's weird lmao. but my main passion is writing and hopefully one day i will be an accomplished writer.
  • also i usually have to get up and work at like 4 or 5 in the morning so im not on as late as i used to be but gotta make money sooo
  • i think thats it??
6/22/2017 #11
scott mccalles

omg hey guys i can't believe i haven't gotten around to doing this yet

anyway my name is rae and i know a great deal of you from the og aoal. i'm really not that interesting because i don't do much with my life but its fine, it's cool. i've been on ffn for suchhhhhh a long time i think my first forums were percy jackson ones?????? i met izzie from there (some of you don't know her) and then i met rhi from her i think????? then rhi invited me to the og aoal and here i am.

  • she/her pronouns
  • going to college in the fall haha what the hell
  • i sleep a lot
  • enfj, scorpio (ya it sucks ik), and a ravenclaw
  • my favorite character???????? mine all end up being a hot MESS but savannah has a special place in my heart, she always slayed me also #bravannahtillidie
  • aoal is obviously my fav forum
6/22/2017 #12
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