The Adventure of a Lifetime
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This isn't a particular chapter, but is still part of canon

6/18/2017 . Edited 6/18/2017 #1
Midwest America

September 20, 3:00 PM

Amira sometimes regretted signing up for this. The internship had sounded very interesting but it had turned out to be a little more different than what it had been advertised as. Not that it wasn't interesting still, was different. And Luca was not your typical employer. She still wasn't quite sure what to make of him. This whole thing with the quest for some hidden treasure sounded amazing, but she personally thought he was collecting the contestants the wrong way. Kidnapping them? Really? Marcella had tried to dissuade him, and she had too but he was very determined on doing things his way. He forgot a few things though, such as collecting one the members of his team and now it was up to her and Ruu to find him and convince him.

Which was proving to be more difficult that she had imagined.

He was apparently on the run and had been staying in this abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. Amira really didn't feel comfortable being here, but she had no other option. She had to get this guy to the ceremony before it ended. She stared up at the building, which had clearly been abandoned for some time. Vegetation grew wildly around it, its paint was peeling, windows broken and spray paint decorated the outside. She grimaced and looked to Ruu, "In we go, I guess?"

6/18/2017 #2

Jesse shrugged, pulling out a pack of gum from his jeans pockets. He held it out to Amira. "Only way to find out if he's here." The building set him on edge. The whole situation did really. As much as he needed the money for uni, when he applied for the job, kidnapping hadn't been in the job description. Not like it would get him deported or anything. How would he even explain that to his mother. "What's the chance he's not 'ere?" He worried his bottom lip while trying to see through the grimy windows. "Or he'll try 'n kill us?"

6/18/2017 . Edited 6/18/2017 #3

"He couldn't have found a less creepier abandoned hotel?" Amira muttered, rubbing her arm, still not moving to enter the building. She looked over when Jesse offered her gum, and nodded her thanks as she took a piece. She paled slightly when he asked about the chances of this boy killing them. He wouldn't do that, right? She chewed her piece of gum nervously for a moment, "No, he's definitely here. And he won't try to kill us. Luca wouldn't send us to get someone who could potentially kill us, right?" She tried to sound confident as she said the last part but she wasn't really sure, to be honest.

Whatever. They had to go in and get this guy anyways, so might as well get it over with. She sighed and stepped forward, climbing up the stairs, grimacing as they creaked loudly underneath her feet. She exhaled slowly and shot one last nervous look towards Jesse before she pushed open the large wooden doors and stepped inside.

6/18/2017 #4
Rhianna Park

Voices. That's the first thing he heard upon waking up. Two voices, one accented, the other american? He couldn't tell. But Cricket was on edge. The dog was silent, but his muscles were tense, snout raised to sniff the air. Cricket shifted, and then padded forward, off their bedroll. Liam groaned. Why couldn't he sleep more? This hotel was supposed to be perfectly abandoned.

Well, time to blast.

Liam pulled himself into a crouch, rolling his sleeping bag up relatively fast and strapping it to the top of his bag. Then he gathered whatever else he had laying around - water bottle, a pack of crackers, shampoo - and shoved them into his pack. He was up, moving to crouch behind the old front desk.

He only caught glances of their conversation. Like the fact that they were afraid he'd kill them. Not likely. He just wanted to leave.

6/18/2017 #5
"Oi, at least it isn't the Shining hotel?" Jesse offered, trying to reassure her. Though it probably didn't reassure her. He pulled a couple pieces out from the package and unwrapped them. He considered not adding more trash he would forget about until it had been through the laundry, but there were no trash cans and he doubted Amira would let him get away with litering. He shoved them into the pocket near his knee, hand brushing against the small utility knife he kept on him. "I'll look 'round, make sure he don't get out another way." Jesse knew he should help her look for him inside, but he would probably be more helpful looking for tracks on the outside.
6/18/2017 #6

"I guess," Amira mumbled, knowing that he was trying to reassure her but it wasn't really working. This place was creepy as hell. She opened her mouth to protest at what Jesse said, but she stopped herself. It was good idea, having him stay outside and make sure the boy didn't get out another way. She could handle herself inside the hotel. Hopefully. She nodded to him and stepped inside, tugging at the sleeves of her shirt.

"Hello?" she called as she walked through, pausing in front of the old front desk. She eyed the layer of dust that had formed on top, wrinkling her nose slightly before she looked around. "Anybody here?" she said, tilting her head as she tried to listen for footsteps or voices or anything.

6/18/2017 #7
Rhianna Park

If anybody was, no one answered. Well, Liam sure as hell didn't, that's forsure. He kept his breath measured, waiting until the footsteps had passed. Whoever was here had chosen the wrong abandoned building to explore. The reason Liam had stayed relatively close to the entrance was the instability of the building. Every time he tried to venture upstairs, the railway of the stairs would shake too much or the boards would tremble.

So he had camped out in the office.

Now, waiting several moments, he stood and slipped out into the winter, Cricket padding after him.

6/18/2017 #8
Surely it can't be that easy Jesse thought, watching as a blond man appeared from where Amira stepped into the building. He knew better than to believe that it would be that easy. Jesse could probably catch the bloke if he ran. Middle of America had nothing on the GAFA at the end of summer. Jesse could hold out running in the heat longer than the kid could. The dog would be his big problem. He'd been bitten by dingos before, not an experience that he wanted repeated. "Oi! Dero!"
6/18/2017 #9

Of course no one was going to answer her. She wasn't even sure why she had bothered. She moved further into the building, heading towards the staircase. Maybe he was hiding upstairs. She placed on hand on the rail and had just placed on foot on the first step, but the rail shook too much from even that much and the wood creaked loudly underneath her foot. She backed away immediately. Alright, she was not going upstairs and it was very unlikely anyone else was upstairs as well.

She turned when she heard Jesse's voice calling out to someone, and headed back the way she had come. She stepped outside, immediately spotting who Jesse was calling to. How had she not noticed him in the hotel? She really needed to work on her observation skills. "Hey, wait!" she called after the boy as well, climbing down the front stairs.

6/18/2017 #10
Rhianna Park

Shit! Liam heard the both of them, shouting for him to stop. It seemed reasonable. But he needed to see their faces. One, a pretty girl, with long dark hair, and the other, a boy with dark eyes and an intense look about him. Not threatening. But who knew what the mafia was up to? He tugged on Cricket's bandana.

"Run, boy, run," he urged, and together, Liam with a sprint, Cricket with a bounce, they took off into the concrete jungle that lay before them.

6/18/2017 #11
"I'm not making enough for this," Jesse muttered, staring after the kid for a second. Would it save him time and hassle trying to get the kid to stop and just listen to them? Probably not. Would it save him from being mauled by a dog? Maybe. Either way they were still basically dealing with a cornered animal. "We just wanna talk!" He yelled, hoping that the blond would listen.
6/19/2017 #12

Amira had to really agree with Jesse on that. They really weren't being paid enough for the things they were made to do. Was it likely the guy would stop and listen to them? Not really, but she also didn't want to chase after him and get mauled by his dog. "We won't hurt you, really!" she called after him, speaking after Jesse. She really hoped they wouldn't have to chase after him.

6/19/2017 #13
Rhianna Park

They didn't look too threatening. And Cricket had merely growled. When Cricket was truly threatened, he tended to leap and snarl and distract until Liam could escape. So did eh take his chances? Liam considered it. Did he do it? Did he stop?


Liam kept sprinting, running along the side of the an abandoned warehouse now.

6/19/2017 #14
"Yeah, I honestly don't know what I was expecting," Jesse said. "So, what are the chances we can tell Luca that he wasn't here? Like not our faults that intel was wrong." Maybe he could convince her to just let the kid run. He doubted it. Marcella would likely send them back out if they came back empty handed anyways. "This job is gonna get me fucking deported," he groaned, sprinting after the kid.
6/19/2017 #15

"We can't do that," Amira protested. Even if she had agreed to his lie, she wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face when telling Luca and Marcella. She was such a horrible liar. She set off after Liam when Jesse did, hoping that they didn't lose sight of him and the dog.

She saw him run along the side of an abandoned warehouse and followed, calling after him, "Wait! We just want to talk," she called after him.

6/19/2017 #16
Rhianna Park

Talk? About what? His recent interactions with the mob? Nonexistent. Witness protection Program? A certified trap. Liam wasn't paranoid. He was just certain that was there no way in Hell he'd talk to these kids. Well, that is until he tripped. A stray steel bar, a collection of them, caught him off-guard.

Within minutes, Liam was on the ground, his ass stinging from the sudden landing pad it had become. Oh. Great. Those kids were catching up. He cursed, just as Cricket slid in front of him, growling.

6/19/2017 #17
"Talk about karma," Jesse snorted. He stopped about a meter short of where the dog stood in front of the boy. "Making us do our god damn jobs. Listen mate we just wanna have a chat. Call off the doggo. Rather not catch somethin from him." He dropped down into a squat, holding out his hand for the dog to sniff but still far away enough he could jerk it back if the dog snapped at him.
6/19/2017 #18

Amira winced when the boy tripped over the steel bars, thankful that at least he had stopped some way but damn, that had to hurt. She slowed to a soft beside Jesse, watching the dog that had jumped in front of the boy warily. She tucked a errant curl of hair behind her ears and adjusted her glasses, which had begun to slip down her nose because of the running. She'd let Jesse handle the dog, he was better with animals anyways.

"We won't hurt you, promise," she said, holding up her hands, palms turned upwards.

6/19/2017 #19
Rhianna Park

"I'm supposed to trust you?" Liam asked, though it wasn't an impolite query. He crawled back on his hands and knees, practically scrambling, before he managed to push himself upwards. He staggered to his feet, the ground a little testy at the moment. Once his head stopped swimming, he sighed, and called the dog off. "Cricket! Come here boy."

Cricket snapped at the two, before retreating to his owner's side.

6/19/2017 #20
Having a dog snap at him would usually have Jesse pulling his hand back and probably running the opposite direction, but he kept his hand held out. It wasn't a confortable position at all, but keeping himself small usually helped with fightened animals. That had to work with humans too. Show that he wasn't a threat. Right?

"We haven't attacked you yet have we?" He offered. "We've had plenty of opportunities."

6/19/2017 #21

Well, he hadn't run off again and had called off his dog, which she was thankful for. The dog snapping at her didn't make her feel any more comfortable around it. Amira shifted from one foot to the other, nodding along to what Jesse had said though paused for a moment at the last part of his comment. Maybe admitting they'd had plenty of opportunities to attack him wasn't the best thing to admit at the moment. "And we don't want to attack you," she added on quickly, shaking her head.

She gave Liam the prettiest, most charming smile she had, which usually made people want to trust her. She took a small step forward so that she was standing beside Jesse's crouched form. "Just, give us a few minutes? Let us make our case then you can decide if you wanna run away from us again or not."

6/19/2017 #22
Rhianna Park

"You have 5 minutes," Liam said, adjusting the straps on his backpack. He huffed, and panted, regaining some semblance of his breath. Ok. Ok, he could breathe again. No mafia. Not that he didn't trust these two to not be mafia. But there was a copse of woods to their left, a warehouse to their right. If anything, he had options. Feelings his nerves begin to quake, Liam reached down, petting Cricket. The dog was faithfully at his side, watching, waiting.

6/19/2017 #23
"Our employer is gathering a bunch of kids around uni age for... something. The shelia can explain a bit better honestly, wasn't really paying attention during that meeting," Jesse answered. He lowered his hand, resting his upper arms against his thighs. It threw off his balance but he managed to stay perched on the balls of his feet. He wasn't sure how much they were actually supposed to tell him. Jesse wasn't even aware of how much they were supposed to know about this mess. "Probably better off that we came after you. Gods know what stupid plan he came up with to get the others."
6/19/2017 #24
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