The Adventure of a Lifetime
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Rhianna Park

Please check here regularly for new announcements and press statements.

6/21/2017 #1
Rhianna Park

[[REVISED]] PR Statement

Tonight we'll be rebooting the RP. That means new spin, new take, and brand new drama. You ready? Alright. Let's go.

What You Need to Know

Our characters have been invited to a research conference in Berlin, Germany! Luca Fortuanato has all sent them extremely fancy invites, inviting them to the Berlin Conference of 2017 to collaborate on a project that requires different areas of expertise. In reality, this 'conference' is a ruse for the Games, a way for Luca to get them all in one place. Do they accept? That's up to you. But when Luca runs out of time, he's forced to take drastic measures. So, he kidnaps them. Smart.

So How's This Going to Go Down?

Great question! Everyone's still going to be kidnapped, so that will stay the same. You can make a new opening or keep the old one. It's up to you! But what happens next, well, you'll just have to see.

Important Notice

So if your character doesn't make the opening section, don't freak out. And don't throw them onto the location they'll all end up at! If this happens, then Amira & Ruu (Billie, you can change him being a mansion hand if you want!) will come and get them, and bring them to the end of the ceremony. The reason behind this?

Our team, they're the underdogs in this adventure. They're literally going to end up the laughingstock. So if they're missing a few members, it only makes them look even worse.


So as the mods and I were discussing how the rules of the Game works, we realized that we have 6 teams, each centralized on a continent. Team Luca is located in North America. As such, the characters are to be from North America. This goes the same for other Teams. If your character is on Team Santiago, for example, at least part of their life should be based in South America, even if they just moved there for a year. How the Benefactors chose their people is they chose them from the Top choices provided to them to choose from that are located in their country. I'm sorry if this causes anyone inconvenience, and I realize this should have been addressed in the beginning.

A side note, you could even explain them moving to that country as the Benefactor having pre-chosen them. So if they're from another part of the world, and the Benefactor of that particular team really wanted them, it could be explained as the Benefactor having paying them to move there for the Games. This only works for very rich Benefactors, and certainly doesn't apply to Luca. He's pretty cheap. We'll discuss later what other Teams we have planned!

Questions? Ask them below, and I'll answer them before we start.

Thanks everyone!

6/21/2017 #2
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