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Should Rory be with Logan or Jess? Is Lorelai in love with Chris or Luke? This is a forum to discuss all your favorite Gilmore Girls ships!
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This is the place to discuss the Lorelai/Max ship. Should Lorelai and Max have gotten married? Or did they break up for a good reason? Is it over between them? Post your opinions here!
8/10/2006 #1
Myspace Must Die
I hate this ship. I didn't like them together when I first saw it in the show and I don't now. I don't usually say this, but he was too smart for her (book smart). They just didn't have any chemistry.
11/1/2006 . Edited 11/1/2006 #2
In third season, Max and Lorelei seemed to rekindle their realtionship, but only for a moment and then Max was never spoken about again. Have you noticed that happens to almost all the Gilmore Girls ex-boyfriends, everyone accept Luke and briefly Jess. Think about it...
1/1/2007 #3
Ok I just have to say that if I was Rory, I would've been sooooo angry with Lorelai for kissing Max at school! I know that technically she didn't do anything wrong, how was she to know her daughter's worst enemy was watching? But I still would've been mad. That sounds unfair but it's true. lol
1/30/2007 #4
I liked this ship for awhile, but personally I liked "Max" in the 10th Kingdom better.
6/16/2007 #5
Max was not good for Lorelai. Not good at all.
10/12/2007 #6
Max was OKAY. But i'd have to say Luke and Lorelai were better. They showed Chemistry even from the start.
11/24/2007 #7

I liked Max and Lorelai. I thought they were cute together, i mean i like Luke much better, but i still would have been fine with Max!

4/24/2008 #8

Max wasn't the worst of Lorelai's boyfriends, I suppose, but the two had more or less no chemistry.

7/8/2008 #9

Max and Lorelai were awful together! He is way too serious and boring to be with someone as energetic and crazy as Lorelai. He never deserved her!

6/8/2010 #10

I ultimately prefer Luke, but I think Max was still pretty good. First off, this was during the first season, when Lorelai's character was still in the first stage of development, and this really helped to highlight who she was and what she valued. Max was serious, but it didn't drown out Lorelai's quirkiness so much as ground her. He supported her and he had a very nice bond to Rory, which was definitely important. I definitely felt bad for him when Lorelai broke the engagement, though I do think it was the best since they were clearly not head-over-heels for each other. He was infinitely better than Jason, who had a similar level of seriousness, but none of the maturity or respect, nor ability to entertain and speak with Lorelai, who is more intelligent and driven than she's given credit for.

12/17/2010 #11

I would've liked Max's relationship with Lorelai better if there was more development to it, because I felt like itmoved so fast. As a result, I feel like the ship suffered for it because there was so much focus on the romance and not Lorelai/Max getting to know each other on a personal or romantic level. I mostly liked Max because as a previous poster said his actor was great in 10th Kingdom

12/18/2014 #12
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