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Am I the only one who has the new review method, of reviewing stories at the end of the page instead of opening a new window? Also, why are some boxes already marked, and why do the four options appear twice--one at the top of the review box, and one at the bottom? It's both annoying and slightly confusing.

6/28/2012 #1

No, I've got it, too. There's no real explanation on the FFN homepage either - just about the option of moderating anonymous reviews.

Generally, I'm totally with you - this is *not* an improvement. I have no wish whatsoever to have my inbox spammed with alerts for every story and every author for which I leave a review - and I'm bound to forget to *uncheck* those boxes since we never had to do that before.

Having the reviewbox in a separate window makes it easier to switch between review and story when referring to specific parts of the story you are reviewing, too. It even gives the option of going back and checking another chapter if you have to. Doesn't look like you can do that anymore. Are they perhaps on a quest to dumb down the reviews? Calling them "comments" as the alerts now say doesn't inspire confidence either - that more reeks of twittery comments than of serious reviews.

And last but not least: I understand from Jinzle (and seen it from others) that when not logged in, you're automatically leaving your review under the name "Guest". What is that good for? It's awfully impersonal, and if people don't remember to mention their name in the actual review (which most people don't by default), you have no idea who it's from. So no idea who to contact if you want to discuss their comments. And it happens regularly that I just pass by the site quickly, read a new chapter and leave a review - without signing in. Looking through the reviews on the site, I get the impression many people do that. What's wrong with that?

Besides, what's the whole point? An anonymous review in the name of one of the people I see around the site regularly for me is *not* an anonymous review. Automatically calling them *guest* however makes it totally anonymous.

A quest for getting more reviews (which is all the homepage talks about regarding the new set-up) is fine of course. But why does that have to be at the cost of keeping it personal?

Perhaps we should mail them (support at with our complaints. I know ffnet doesn't work the same in every fandom (and we have one of the best!), but I think they overlooked a few things when they changed this...

Grrrrr... I *hate* changes...

6/29/2012 #2

Besides, what's the worth of automatically having a story and author alert? For me, if someone puts an alert on a story of mine (or on me as author), that is a great honour. They *choose* to do so because apparently they like the story very much and want to get the earliest possible notification of an update.

But if that goes automatically, such alerts aren't worth a penny for me as the author...

6/29/2012 #3

I usually use the notepad to type my reviews, and then copy/paste into the review zone - a result of too many mistakes where I accidentally deleted the whole review. Isn't the automatic alerts something you can un-check in your profile? I'll look into it. I don't think it'll change much; quite a few people put a story of mine in their favourites and story alert without even paying attention to the fact that it was marked "Complete". I used to send a message of thanks (and to point out that the story was, in fact, finished) but I stopped after a while. Some people just check the "story alert/favourite story" button without thinking, like you'd use the "Like" button on Facebook, but I don't think the new feature will actually make it worse.

Now, the fact that all anonymous reviews are "signed" Guest is more problematic. Maybe it's a temporary feature? We can hope :/

6/29/2012 #4

Isn't the automatic alerts something you can un-check in your profile?

If it is, I can't find it...

6/29/2012 #5

I don't mind following a story, but I prefer not to follow an author. I know that many HH authors write in other fandoms, but I generally only read the fandoms that I'm familiar with. Also, I don't need to be spammed either; the only thing I like is following a story if I found it to be interesting. I put more stock into if somebody favorited a story of mine--that's the highest mark of honor for me. At least they haven't checked that box automatically.

I completely agree with you on the use of the word "comments." This isn't Twitter, and I believe everybody in this fandom wants to make sure that what they write is of their highest potential and effort. We even have the annual PBAs, which means that reviews is a much better word.

It says "guest?" That's not very fun. In the past, if you forgot to sign in, you could still leave your moniker, and we know who each other is. I would like to know who left a review, even if it's our favorite anonymous reader, St PA. I don't want to see her/him showing up as "guest." I guess it's a good thing that I leave myself signed in automatically.

Also, should we check each option twice? Only the top option? Only the bottom option?

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #6

I don't like it either. I mean about the guest part. Most of the time I'm reading fanfiction on my Android phone and when I want to review it's much easier to just type in my pen name than go to the hassle of logging in. I don't know about you but it's really hard to type the user name and pw and that security code on a smart phone with the on screen keyboard. Now that they've switched it to guests really ticks me off because now I have to log in and well that's annoying. Especially since half the time I can't even login because my internet crashes for that particular part of the site. It's completely stupid and we should protest!

Also the auto check ticks me off. I think I already made a mistake because when I went and read the latest update to Tuttle's cross over with MASH and left a review I think the box got marked off to author alert and now I'm getting notices when he updates other stuff. Not that Tuttle isn't a good writer but personally I don't want to read every story he ever writes.

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #7
With this new reviewing system it has completely locked me out on reviewing all of my favorites! I'm on just 3G mobile phone It's just not my phone portion but even the guest box will not let me in . It's very fustrating and I do not like it at all ! ANYONE having the same problem ? I'm upgrading to an android soon and I hope it will be better?
6/30/2012 #8
With this new reviewing system it has completely locked me out on reviewing all of my favorites! I'm on just 3G mobile phone It's just not my phone portion but even the guest box will not let me in . It's very fustrating and I do not like it at all ! ANYONE having the same problem ? I'm upgrading to an android soon and I hope it will be better?
6/30/2012 #9

I hate the new feature. It is difficult enough to leave a review on my old phone but my new one has made it a nightmare. It will not display any pictures and therefore I can't get pass the security code. And in violation of ADA regulations, the audio does not work (I've tried it on several different phones and computers). What was inconvienent is now too much trouble. So I guess you guys are going to have to wait until I am near a computer before you get my reviews. I also don't like it chosing for me which stories/authors to follow like I am a complete (unlike semi in real life) moron.

6/30/2012 #10

So, I guess the main question is: who here is best at complaining in an efficient and eloquent manner? ;)

6/30/2012 #11

While I do not believe it would happen here (hopefully), I think this "guest" thing would lead to more inappropriate comments and flaming due to the simple ease of being hidden. Something I think FFN would want to keep to a minimum.

6/30/2012 #12

How do they even manage Twitter - how does a person read a fic that's thousands of words long in 140 characters or less increments? Lots of sentences are more than 140 characters.

As for complaining, it's not just the person with the best skills - everyone needs to complain. If they see how much they're damaging peoples' enjoyment of the site they'll hopefully do something. Whereas just one person complaining may make them think, "Well, that's just one person."

6/30/2012 #13
Changes? But I know nothing! (sorry couldn't resist) . I've been using mobile for almost a week, forces to buy overpriced coffees from tiny little coffee shops in order to justify using their free wifi because I'm living in something that has no right to call itself a boat. In the pouring rain, to boot. Are these changes really that bad?
7/1/2012 #14
dust on the wind

I emailed support with some concerns but received no reply

7/1/2012 . Edited 4/9/2013 #15

I too have sent my comments and like dust, I'm not holding my breath.

7/1/2012 #16
Yes the box maybe cleaner on the mobile sight but it does explain why I am lock completely out of reviewing since 06/27 and I have not computer at home so until something is solved I 'll be reading and enjoying the stories with no fun reviewing until upgrade .I wish this would be solved sooner ,but I too not holding my breath!!!!!!!
7/1/2012 #17

Hopefully people from other fandoms are emailing as well. I would have to agree that the number of replies will probably count for more than the eloquence of them. I'll be sending in my two cents as well, because this new system really is terrible. For all the reasons said above and also because I just hate looking at that stupid review box at the end of the chapter. I miss the big blue button...

On a side note, Kathy, I hope you're living out of a boat for regular reasons and not because of all the flooding out there. I don't know how bad it is where you are, but I just got back from the Shuswap area and it was terrible. Just hoping everything is a-ok!

7/2/2012 #18
Thanks for your concern, Fear, but I am a-OK! My house is high and dry (though some of my friends aren't so lucky) and we're just living on a boat for "pleasure" in the theoretical sense of the word. I just noticed the automatic favourite boxes are automatically checked on the mobile version too, unfortunately.
7/3/2012 #19

I'm also a little concerned that it's no longer possible to disable anonymous reviews.

On the homepage it says: 'Disable Guest Reviews' settings is now a toggle for "Guest Reviews Moderation".

But I can't find it in my account...

7/3/2012 #20

I found the "Guest Reviews Moderation" underneath Account settings, but it's really messed up. 36 hrs to accept or refuse guest reviews before allows them on the site. I think the old way was better :(

7/3/2012 #21

Yes, that I found, too. But not *disabling guest reviews* altogether.

Like Dust says, if you are being stalked, it's better not to see them at all...

7/3/2012 #22

Apparently, now FanFiction thinks we can only read numbers, instead of dates.

7/6/2012 #23

Yeah... Not that the dates here on the forum are all that important in itself, but putting it like this is rather non-American unfriendly (read carefully! ;-). At first I was really looking at those numbers like, "What is that supposed to mean?" As you might know, we write them the other way around on this side of the pond ;-) Giving the month in letters instead does not trigger that puzzled reaction - even if it is written the American way around.

Maybe our request to the ffnet bosses should simply be, "Can you guys just stop messing around?" LOL

7/8/2012 #24
That's ok, I'm getting alerts now for stories I haven't read or reviewed.
7/8/2012 #25

Now *that* is a definite feature I'd prefer to avoid...

Could it be that they are from author alerts you forgot to uncheck when reviewing their other stories?

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #26

Yep--FanFiction definitely has a knack for fixing what isn't broken. I know that the dates are reversed outside of the States--took me a while to figure out what they meant when it was written in the other style on a website I used to visit.

7/8/2012 #27

Good news: check the new ffnet/fictionpress blog:

They've reverted the guest review thing, so our email campaign certainly had a positive effect! (Though I think to get this result, more people than just us HH-ers must have been involved.)

Now the rest...

There is an option for leaving replies to their update, so we can make our grievances public there. (I just did with the cry I mentioned here before, combined with Marie's ;-) The replies are subject to moderation, but let's hope they're not so childish as to ban all criticism - be it constructive or not.

7/8/2012 #28

The German language has a great word for this mess, which, unfortunately, does not have an English equivalent. "Schlimmbesserung"

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #29

This is good to hear. :)

7/8/2012 #30
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