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The Reddest Of Roses

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The Reddest Of Roses


Name: Clarissa

Age: 2100

Gender: Female

Appearance: Clarissa has platinum blonde hair that is long and wavy down past her waist. She has smaller pieces of hair that are wavy and shape her face. She has beautiful charming bright red eyes she is elegantly curvy with long dark eyelashes and plump blood red lips. Her curves are attractive to all men. Her skin is pale and her face is gentle and beautiful. She looks fragile like a doll but her personality confuses that image. She has the royal crest branded into her left hip.

Outfit: She is often wearing revealing clothing to suit the needs of the prince. She is meant for a pleasure slave as well as looks. She usually wears a red bralette with gold accents on the top and straps with golden jewels hanging beneath the bralette. She wears red underwear with red sheer skirt hanging in the front and back and is connected on the sides by a gold chain showing her outter legs. She wears a golden collar around her neck with a pure gold leash attached. She wears golden slippers

Personality: Clarissa is a spitfire, she has a deep hatred inside of her for vampires despite the fact she is one. She is strong willed and stubborn, not one to break easily. She is prideful and always holds her head high. She will bring grief to anyone who tries to tame her. She is loyal to no end but to gain that loyalty is very difficult as she is untrusting.

History: Clarissa was taken as a human for her beauty to pleasure noble vampires but when they tasted her blood she became more of a fine wine that no one wished to soil. Her old master accidentally drank too much of her blood and to save her he turned her into a vampire. She was trained to be a slave to a noble she was defiant and anyone else would've been killed but her beauty saved her life. She is given to the prince for his birthday.

Relationships: Prince Gavin (Master)

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The Reddest Of Roses


Name: Queen Adreana

Age: 4300

Gender: Female

Appearance: Adreana has long black hair that is thick and silky, down to her mid back. Her eyes are a deep scarlet and she has dark red lips. She has pale skin and a very serious expression. She is curvy with more hips than anything but still gracefully so. She is average height but she wears heels that make her slightly taller.

Outfit: Adreana wears a lot of gothic lace type clothing. She is often in a black gown with lace sleeves that are off the shoulder and lace accents on the neckline. Her dress is a sweetheart neckline that hugs her torso with a corset and puffs out and to the ground with lace accents down the skirt of the dress. She usually puts on a black scarf that she keeps laced around her arms. She wears black heels.

Personality: Adreana is very prideful, she doesn't believe in disrespect from anyone and she is very harsh on her subjects and believes ruling with an iron fist is the only way to gain respect and loyalty. She is a hard working queen who puts her money where her mouth is. She is loyal to her husband and son and would never go against them but demands they respect her as the Queen so she never has to.

History: Adreana was raised as a princess and had always been nobility, she was betrothed to the King and was married when the time came. She worked along side the king to rule the land and eventually they had an heir, the prince. She spent much of her time raising him but had no problem with allowing the nannies and maids to take care of him as well seeing as they were royalty.

Relationships: King (Husband) Prince Gavin (Son)

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The Reddest Of Roses


Name: Tavia Vayne

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has brown wavy hair that is parted on the side and has deep wave like side bangs her hair is wavy and down to her mid back. She has deep meaningful blue eyes but they are hard as stone. She is beautifully curvy with breasts that give her a leg up in man fights. She has fair skin and is taller than most girls but shorter than most men. She has a large scar on her side that is s jagged X shape. She has dark long eyelashes and an oval face. Her lips are deep red and she looks uptight at times.

Outfit: She wears a white shirt with a slit in the neckline that laces up with black laces but shows her cleavage. The sleeves flow out and the waist is form fitting but flows out at the bottom of the shirt. She wears a black corset so the shirt flairs out under the corset. The corset is held together in the front and stops under her breast like a w the point of the w between her breasts. The corset has three golden clasps that hold the corset. She wears black legging pants with brown boots up to her knee. On her hips she wears a brown belt carrying a pistol and a sword. Under her belt on her hip she has a red scarf tied on the right hip and the scarf angles as it drapes on her left hip. On her right leg is a brown knife holster. She wears a plain red bandana wrapped around her head and tied in the back.

Personality: She is very hard working and at times hostile. She doesn't like anyone underestimating her because she is a woman and she will fight anyone to prove her worth. She is eager to prove herself but not stupid enough to throw herself in harms way for it. Even when her pride is against it she has backed down from a potential fight. She is unafraid of danger and has no issues facing such. She is short tempered.

History: Tavia was a noblemans daughter. She ran away from home at 15 and was picked up by a famous pirate captain. Instead of doing the worst he enjoyed her spitfire attitude and trained her as a pirate starting her as a cabin boy and teaching her swordsmanship. If it wasn't for her outright skill and reputation it wouldn't be easy being a pirate as women aren't respected in it.

Relationships: Captain (lover)

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