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I am going to write a Avatar the last airbender fanfic and I have never wrote one before so I would like to know how to write a fan fiction.

I am planing to make a Pirates of the carribean and Avatar the last Airbender fan fiction I think that is what I plan to do.

I may also make a Avatar the last airbender or Chronicles of Narnia fanfic also but I need some Ideas.

I am also wondering to know what are some good Avatar the last Airbender fan fiction where people get sucked into another world such as the Avatar world or Our world? Does anyone know?

1/18/2011 #1
Mew Ami

Well, writing a fanfiction is just like writing a story expect for the fact you're using an author's characters and settings. You need to make sure you know the characters' personalities pretty well. For example don't make Zuko a happy go lucky guy or Azula a prep. Now, there's nothing wrong with changing their personalities a little bit because people do change over time. You just need to create situations that would give a reason to why they changed. Now, for the writing part. Make sure you use proper grammar and DON'T use chat talk!!!!! I have stop reading fanfctions because people were using chat talk. Also make sure everything is spelled correctly. Now, no one is perfect. You can't catch every little grammar mistake and typos trust me, it happens to me all the time XD. However, the more you write the more you approve.

Okay for writing the plot. For trying to think of a plot ask yourself questions. What would happen if so and so did this or what would happen if this person was killed off, ect, ect. Also let real life situations inspire your writing. Music is also a great inspiration too. Another good way is to get ideas for a plot is to brainstorm! Write all your ideas that come to your mind down on a piece of paper and pick the ones that work the best! Not every idea will work out. You have to make sure that your plot will work through out the story.

here's a tip. Once you have your plot, plan out your chapters. For example, when I write stories I write out summaries for each chapter so I know what will happen next. It's a good way to keep your story going and also keeps you from getting suck in the middle of a chapter.

As for your other questions well, I can't help you there ^^. I have never written crossovers before and I haven't read Avatar fanfictions for a long time. Sorry! However, feel free to ask me more questions about writing a fanficiton. I hope I was able to help you!

1/18/2011 #2

Cool. I don't like writing crossovers my self I like to read others. I am only writing the Ideas for the Crossover because none thought of it before. That is what I like doing.

1/19/2011 #3
Mew Ami

I'm not really into crossovers what so ever. It's just some get so weird. lol I'll do crossovers for rping with my friends.

1/20/2011 #4

Yeah most are terrible like a Naruto crossover or something.

1/21/2011 #5
Mew Ami

lol, I bet there are ton of naruto crossovers.

1/22/2011 #6
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