Until Dawn
After a tragic accident resulting in the death of one of their own, a group of young adults meet up years later to rekindle their friendships. Soon, however, they'll learn that it is not the only reason they've been brought back. Not only will their decisions and choices determine their will to come together, it will determine their will to survive until dawn. **INTERMEDIATE ROLEPLAY THAT INCLUDES PARAGRAPH USE! OC DRIVEN AND OPEN FOR ANYBODY!
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Blackwood Pines (2006)

Ten Hours Until Dawn

9/15/2017 . Edited 10/21 #1

The wind felt cooler than it probably needed to be, at least to Liz anyhow. Most of their visits when they were younger were in the summer. There were, however, two occasions in which they spent the winter holidays up on the mountains. They were not too bad, especially with the gift giving and all, but they also weren't after something so horrible.

Liz was willing to ward off part of the coolness to her emotions. Despite being able to pull this together, she felt no more comfortable about coming back than she did before the thought crossed her mind. Who would after what happened? Nobody sane, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, no amount of time running the company and life she dreamed of was enough to forget about all of this- not enough to forget about what happened that night.

Tucking a strand of dark hair back within the realm of her hat, she leaned against the railing inside of the cable car station. There were quite a few reasons why, one of them being that she had to kill time while Adam retrieved the keys from wherever. Already, she was regretting the decision to trust him to keep hold of them. Sadly, there was not much else she could do other than wait around. Given the circumstances, she was hopeful that she'd come across someone in her backtrack to the cable station. In hindsight, it would have been a lot smarter to have everything prepared in advance- after all, she had a reputation to uphold. Still, it was hard and near impossible for her to willingly come back alone in advance. Adam, while not as bad as he was before, was not any more reliable.

Great, this'll be a learning experience for everyone. Clearly, your hosting skills have dried up.

If there was anything good about this, it was that she was finally going to see the others again. Just the thought of being able to see some of her old friends was enough to leave a hopeful expression on her face.

The ignoring of attempts to convince himself to change his mind about the trip were suddenly seeming to be missed opportunities. Abe didn't particularly dislike the idea of seeing his old friends from the good old days, but where he was in life- where he felt he had yet to be, was far from impressive. Liz was enjoying the life in the fashion world, Adam had his money still, Mimi probably managed to land some bigshot editing job and the others, well...they couldn't be stuck in the shithole he felt he was in.

If this whole weekend was going to go the way he expected, then he was not looking forward to the catch up conversations. It felt silly, to still be ashamed of where he was in life at his age. Yet, he couldn't help it. Somehow, he was getting all the reasons to refuse the offer and now it was too late to actually act on it.

With his arms folded, he continued his trek through the partially plowed trail. It might as well had been a poorly done one because it was hard to make out where the right place to step was, let alone not trip over something.

You're here for them, remember that. You're here for them.

Abe had to keep repeating the words as he could make out the cable car station up ahead. On the bright side, they had to have it running, otherwise everyone was going to be inconvenienced.

9/15/2017 . Edited 9/15/2017 #2

Fluorescent lights were supposed to have some dull, lifeless quality that drained the color out of everything and made rooms of any size feel like storage closets for embalming fluid.

This was a cruel corporate lie, as Xander could now attest, scrutinizing his face in the grimy bathroom mirror. He could see those gray circles under his eyes, maybe in brighter relief than he would have outside this perfectly pungent rest stop toilet. And it wasn't just around his eyes. There was an uneven gray pallor in his cheeks as well, the sides of his neck, hell even his sweep of cornsilk hair seemed to be going a little gray at the tips.

He was swarmed in shadows, slowly, determinedly, picking away at him. The mere reminder made him want to scream, to lash out, to punch a mirror, send that dirty, scratched glass scattering across the room...

Great idea, Amadeus. Punch the mirror, fuck up your playing hand, you might as well just walk in front of a truck right afterward, your life would be over anyway.

His life. Over. High-larious.

Still, wouldn't want to disappoint Ron. Ron, for whatever reason, seemed to really dig him.

It sometimes felt like the world's biggest joke, but maybe that was just him. Xander was finding more and more lately that only stupid shit made him laugh.

His hand was shaking against the rim of the sink basin, he realized with a start. That was happening more and more lately, maybe eventually he wouldn't even notice it at all, just like he didn't notice the grayness, the shadows, the age lines, anywhere else but under these harsh, unforgiving fluorescent lights.

Clenching his hands into fists, if only so that the shaking would slow, he turned to head back outside.

It was getting dark, and they still had a ways to go, and not enough time for him to figure out what to say, what to do, when they go there.

9/17/2017 #3

He hated riding in cages. Sure, they served a purpose, and had quite a few advantages when you were going to a job site.

But for Ron, a cage could never replace a his Harley, or the wind in his face. The freedom of the open road, his boyfriend gripping his waist as they went on a roadtrip...

Speaking of which, he turned when Xander walked out.

"Hey, babe. You want anything before we go?"

9/17/2017 #4

"This is Mimi Kaufman-Campbell signing off, Thank you for watching Local 19."

The clip came to a stop, allowing Mimi to stare at the obnoxiously false smile on her frozen face. She rolled her eyes and sighed, ending the screen and shoving her phone down into her bag. She turned and looked out at the snowy landscape, a few flashbacks of memories coming to her. She could remember spending quite a lot of time here as a kid...with her friends... If that's what she could even call them now.

She wasn't sure why she agreed to come on this new expedition. She was a mother now, she had better priorities. Her son was barely Four and her ex-husband was barely a decent human being. It was a messy divorce... something she had kept hidden and quite for a long time. Here she was, a rising star in journalism, both in broadcast and print, having married an equally successful and wealth man and making a name for herself... only for all of that to change. There he was, balls deep in some knock off Kate Moss, and here she is... clawing for scraps in her career and fighting for joint custody to the only good thing that came from that man.

Mimi was so distracted in her thoughts that she didn't even notice that the uber had stopped. The clearing of a throat shot her out of her daze. "This is it, this is as far as I can go."

"What?" She asked, peering out from behind the passenger seat at the setting in front of and around them. "There's still plenty of road for you to go on." She said, pointing her freshly done nails.

"The snow will trap me, you'll have to walk from here. The place you seek shouldn't be more than a five to ten minute walk."

The place she was seeking was Elizabeth and Adam's cabin... or at least the trolley house for it. It was one of, if not the only, way to reach their mountain get away.

"I-" She started, but cut herself short. She huffed and got out of the car, her heels instantly sinking down into the snow allowing a gasp to escape her mouth as the cold hit her. She watched as the driver got out and fetched her suitcase from the trunk and sat it aside.

"Idiot." She thought, "That bag costs more than this pile of metal!"

"Thank you... Very much." She said through a forced smile. She nodded and grabbed the handle of her bag, beginning to pull it through the snow behind her.

She didn't bother looking back at the driver, she didn't really want to see him anyways. She began to mumble to herself how the service industry was going down hill, getting lost in a new train of thought. Maybe there was a story there?

Just as the thought of changing her shoes had popped into her head, she found herself approaching the gate to the property. With this opportunity, she took the time to unzip her bag and pull out a pair of snow boots, realizing then that she should have put them on sooner probably but sometimes beauty is pain.

After replacing her heels with the boots, she was ready to continue her trek.

9/17/2017 #5

You've got a man who calls you 'babe'. How the hell did you get here and when the hell do you wake up?

"Eh, I got one whiff of that place and kissed my appetite goodbye," he said in as pleasant a voice as he could manage, "Besides, I don't want us there late. If Liz is still her charming old self, she might just shut down the cable cars out of spite, make us walk up the mountain."

Charming old self... Xander had been thinking about that, more and more since getting this invitation. He wondered if any of them would really be anything like they'd been, back then. He sure as hell wasn't.

Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night, feeling like he was coming out of some terrible dream, a cruel nightmare. He'd still be lying in his big bed with the blue comforter, looking over at the Semisonic poster on the wall across from him, still a kid, still with his whole life ahead of him, still with hopes and dreams and the hubris to think any of that meant anything.

But from all he'd heard Liz was doing just fine.

That was good, for her. She deserved it. Whatever else could be said about him, Xander had always known Liz had something special to her. A resilience, a light, a fire.

He brought himself back to the present, clearing his throat, "And, though I'm sure mountain climbing is no biggy for you, I left all the icepicks at home."

9/17/2017 #6
Ron chuckled and held the door of his pickup open for Xander. "Then I guess we better get going."
9/17/2017 #7

Xander slid inside, picking anxiously at the seatbelt to find it caught on the back of the seat. Tugged it once, then twice, then figured to hell with it, just leaning back.

Ron was a good driver, and there were no cops up in these barrens to care about traffic regulations in the first place. Rules are all a construct, etc. etc.

"I think this is the part of the road trip where I give you one last chance to back out while you still can," he told Ron with a faint smile, "I mean, not that I don't, yanno, appreciate it and everything, but... Well, this isn't exactly gonna be a big happy reunion. If I were you, I'd probably be halfway home by now."

9/17/2017 #8
"Well, I want to meet your friends." Ron got in on his side and buckled up. Kissing Xander lightly, he continued, "You've already met mine. Why not?"
9/17/2017 #9

Jesus, he was very kissy for a stone-cut Adonis. That had been the most surprising thing about Ron, in the beginning. That, and the fact that casual post-bar sex was not casual post-bar sex. But that was more terrifying and also thrilling, and Xander had kinda gotten guilty and he still wasn't sure if that guilt was justified or...


"Yeah, well, they're a wild bunch. At least two of them are on the Fem 500," he paused, "It's...it's like the Fortune 500, but...you know, with just girls."

Clearing his throat, he added, "Liz will like you."

Liz would probably also have a few questions about why Xander was escorting an underwear model's envy in the first place, which was sure to be a loving conversation. That is, Xander was pretty sure he'd told Liz he was gay, at least once.

Look, he didn't even call himself gay, how was he gonna articulate it to other people? Besides, it didn't matter much one way or the other. Gay or not, he didn't exactly have big dreams for romance or settling down.

Not him, not even now. Not that Ron needed to know that just yet.

9/17/2017 #10

"And I'll probably like them." Ron cranked the truck and they set out.

"No drugs, right?"

It wasn't just that he didn't need to lose his job. Oh no. THAT particular subject went back a long ways...

9/18/2017 #11


Adam stared down at his phone, seeing the few missed calls he had from a particular businessman. It was one of his only reasons for coming up here in the first place. The thought of spending the entire weekend to relive the tragedy that took place years ago seemed, well, stupid to him. What was the point of this anyways? Sure, he had a lot of unresolved feelings about it, but did he actually need it to move on?

Hell no.

It couldn't have gotten any worse than the first month afterwards. Adam did blame himself partially for what happened given he suggested the couple go out to the cabin. It was the first and only time he was willing to say he unintentionally killed someone. Then, as another year or two went on, he was able to come to terms with how he really felt- this was mostly Liz's fault. He recalled being completely against the idea of letting them use the cabin to begin with, but nope. She had to be the unusually nice and giving friend that night. Had she simply let them be, Adam was certain they'd be alive to this day.

It was unfortunate too. He saw no long term plans with Johnny given his clear mental capabilities, but he wouldn't have minded a few more hangouts after that night. As for Stacy...yeah. Being able to reap the benefits of money, he was able to travel a lot, do the shit he really wanted to do. It got a little repetitive yet was a good distraction from the serious problems- all of that he was leaving to his parents to take care of. Since then, he was happy to have the late nights of partying, clubbing, and encounters of the sexual kind.

Sadly, he was having his doubts about any of these things happening anytime soon unless he closed a deal he was interested in making...

He groaned before placing the phone back into his pocket and pulling the keys out. Suddenly, pretending to lose the keys was looking like a bad idea.

9/18/2017 #12

Mimi continued her trek through the snow to the cable car station. She huffed in annoyance at how heavy her own bag was. Like she really needed all of this stuff for a short weekend trip? Leave it to her though to never know what outfit she really needed for any possible occasion. It was always best to come prepared, nonetheless. She stared blankly ahead as she looked longingly for the cable car station. She knew she was getting close, but she wasn't sure how close exactly. The snow made things a little more skewed.

She was used to coming her in the warmer months, when the trees were heavily shaded with leaves and the grass was freshly cut. Of course, she had been there quite a few winters too, but there was always a bus taking them to and from where they needed to be. Things had changed over the years. The once popular meet and greet spot had now slowly began to lose its once active patrons. A brief flashback of Mimi's last night at the cabin quickly played across her mind, lasting long enough for a shiver to run down her spine.

In that moment, her suitcase caught a rock, toppling it over and making her drop her purse... scattering its contents out onto the blanket of snow. "Shit, Shit, Shit!" She cried, kneeling down to begin picking it all back up. She started by up-righting her suitcase and then placing her purse on top of it again, shoving her snow coated items back inside. "I'll have to get this dry cleaned ASAP." She mumbled to herself. The bag was a gift from her ex-husband, the purse itself no longer had any significance to her... but its price tag sure did.

A crack in the foliage just beyond her caused her head to shoot up. She looked around quickly before staring straight ahead, squinting her eyes to see through the trees at any possible appearance of life. "Hello?" She called out, for all she knew Liz and Adam were out or maybe even another one of the kids who had been at the cabin that night seven years ago.

She stood up slowly, taking a step towards the heavy trees, leaving her items on the ground. She looked around once more, smiling in relief as she saw the cable car station was just up ahead. Looking back at her bags, she debated about whether she should leave her stuff and go get help or if she should just finish the task and journey on her own? For all she knew the station was empty anyways and there would be no one to help her with her bag. Turning back to the woods once more, noting that whatever critter was there was now gone, she went back to collecting her things.

Within seconds, she had gathered everything she had lost and started on her way to the station again. The brunette pushed a strand of her back into its well groomed place, pleased with her accomplishment.

9/26/2017 #13

At the rate of time it was taking Adam to call her back, Liz was beginning to think she'd have better odds getting a boy scout to help her. Sadly, it wasn't too surprising how much he was lagging behind. With her mother pampering him like some overgrown baby, it was no wonder why he turned out the way he did. As long as he kept his cool on this trip, then he'd end up getting compensated somehow. What that something was was beyond her for the time being, but like a baby with shiny things, the consideration of throwing money at him and calling it a day didn't seem like such a bad idea all things considered.

She moved back over to the railings, checking to see if anybody perhaps hitched a ride on the C & O Express that was the cable car. Much to her disappointment, it was about as nonexistent as her sex life for the past week.

As he continued walking against the chill air, Abe was curious as to what made Liz think meeting during the winter was a good idea. Not that he entirely minded what the weather was like, he was sure that a more suitable time could have been chosen- preferably one that didn't warrant him to greet his old friends halfway frozen. With this thought and other ones flashing through his mind, he heard a distant noise. Since his trek started, there weren't a lot of animal noises he could hear, which seemed normal in the dead of winter. However, what he heard instead was a voice, a woman's voice actually.

Pausing, he glanced around a bit, squinting to see if there was someone from behind trying to address him. Failing to see anybody, he started to wonder if he actually heard a voice or if it was just the woods foreshadowing how crazy his emotions were at the moment.

"Alrighty then..." he murmured, going on to continue his walk until once again hearing a voice. There wasn't much to be made out of it other than what he already knew. If this was Liz' way of greeting her guests then Abe knew feeling better would be out of the question by the time this weekend was up; he hoped that her current lifestyle of seeming to mature wasn't just some poor act.

He took a few steps to his left, peering beyond a cluster of trees to at first see nothing out of the ordinary.

"You haven't been here for one hour and it's already making you crazy," Abe said, shaking his head. "A real winter wonderland."

With a few other self criticisms, he continued down until eventually reaching a few steps. Ahead of it, he was able to see a lot better with a light switched on that was attached to the station's door. There was a an empty bench that he was sure he'd have to wait on until seeing a sign of the mountain up ahead. Just before he used the steps, he noticed a wooden object shaped on the ground. The temptation to pick it up was strong, but the want to actually know where everything was was stronger, so he proceeded on towards the map. Getting closer, he saw odd markings along the side that resembled claws. How it was possible for something with claws to reach this high was puzzling- and also pretty out there, so he chose to ignore it as he made out his location.

"This oughtta be fun," he said, trailing his finger from the cable car station he was at to the one he needed to get to. If he wanted to, he could go on up to the mountain, but his thinking of someone else nearby left him with the thought to wait a few minutes. In the meantime, he would be befriending the bench.

9/28/2017 #14

"Drugs?" Xander asked, maybe too quickly.

How did you land such a total square?

Of course the presumption that he had 'landed' anything in this case was ridiculous in and of itself. He knew very well how this had all started, and it had nothing to do with him. Okay, well...very little.

"Yeah, we're a hunch of hardcore freaks. We serve brown acid for hors d'oeuvres," he waited a beat, "No, no drugs. This thing is half memorial service, and they're not that depraved."

The funny thing was, they probably weren't. Xander on the other hand...

You can't even last two hours without a fix, you think you can survive three days?

But he'd have to. Or die trying.

9/28/2017 #15

Mimi approached the cable car station, hearing voices as she closed in on it. She smiled to herself as she recognized one of the sounds. She paused, debating her next approach. Her smile faltered for a brief moment, another flashback of that fateful night popping into her head. Liz helped segway that moment... its not that she blamed her for it, but that was the starting point. The brunette shook it off and rounded the corner to the source of the voices, clearing her throat as she came to another stop.

"Well, Well... I thought I heard a slut." She said, smiling to Liz. Her old friend hadn't changed much over the years. She was still pretty, of course, and her features were pretty much still the same. Her style had changed some, Thank God, but everything else seemed to be the same. Mimi may have seen her once or twice over the seven years, far less than she had saw her brother, Adam. Unbeknownst, to Liz, Adam and Mimi had met up a few times over the years... at first to discuss that night seven years ago. It was kind of a venting therapy session for the two of them, to help get over and move on from the incident. Later it just became a meeting among friends. She found herself actually able to tolerate the annoying Frat boy... there was much more to him than that, much to her surprise. This all stopped however, once she got married and had her son.

"You have a very distinct voice, I knew it was you from a mile away." She eyed the boy briefly who she hadn't really met yet. "It's good to see you." She said, approaching her with open arms.

9/28/2017 #16

Surprised at herself for not being attentive of her guests, Liz felt her stomach drop yet also rise once she heard one of the preferred voices from the past. She recalled only being able to communicate with Mimi via email and texting, given how busy their scheduling at become. If she remembered it right, Mimi was already living a somewhat successful life. The journalism spectrum was always rather cluttered to her, filled with people who simply stuck their noses where it didn't belong. That said, Mimi was making a name for herself, and Liz wasn't going to be completely judgmental of the career choice- especially given some of her questionable decision making. She was happy her friend was able to do good for herself though, well, minus a few mishaps along the way.

Smiling and turning around, she playfully rolled her eyes. "And now I'm looking at one," she greeted before laughing. Liz wasn't going to say she was too surprised to see Mimi looking the way she did. Unlike her in her younger years, the girl was never one to showcase her looks as much; it was like the woman Robin Thicke married, Paula Patton, except more natural.

"Did you now? Well, maybe that's why I don't bring a megaphone with me to work." She embraced Mimi, also taking note of her stellar fashionable choice. "We don't have a trolley, but I'm sure Adam would love to carry your bags for you."

As if on cue, Adam motioned over to the two girls, scoffing. If years did anything to Mimi, they only got her looking better. He was able to go back to those nights he spent with her- hell, the first night in which he opened up about his thoughts and feelings of what happened. Among other things, she was the only person he considered the possibility of settling down with...but clearly, she had other things on her mind.

Kicking the door closed, he shook his head. "Yeah, found em in one of the boxes out in the back," he gestured with his thumb, but his eyes couldn't help but latch onto Mimi for a moment too long. Eventually, he raised his hand to reveal jingling keys. "Golden Ticket Express here we come."

10/1/2017 #17

Mimi's Choice

A. Acknowledge Adam

B. Dismissive of Adam

10/2/2017 . Edited 10/2/2017 #18

A. Acknowledge Adam

Mimi Acknowledges Adam

Mimi smiled at her friend once more as she hugged her, "Same sense of humor, I see!" She said, finally breaking the hug and glancing at her bag. "That's fine with me, as long as I don't have to lug it up the rest of this mountain alone, I'll be alright." She let out a laugh as she turned to acknowledge the boy. Her smile became a little more subtle as she stared at him for a moment before speaking.

"Adam..." She debated briefly as to whether or not she should hug him too, not sure if that response would be appropriate considering Liz wasn't aware of their relationship after the incident. She decided a simple nod would suffice until the two had a moment later on. It was a few days... they were bound to have at least a few seconds alone, right?

"Thank God, I'm ready to get out of the cold and out of these shoes. Heels just weren't the appropriate mountain climbing attire, apparently."

Adam and Liz hadn't seemed to change much, at least not Liz. The girl looked very similar and acted very similar. She couldn't say she was too surprised. Girls like Liz had a reputation for peeking in High School or college... she felt guilty for the thought, but also knew she wasn't giving her enough credit. Each of them had left this mountain a different person 7 years ago... no one was exactly the same.

10/3/2017 #19

"Mimi..." Adam gave a cordial nod, figuring now was neither the time nor the place to say how he truly felt about seeing her again. Depsite his usual shenanigans, he wasn't going to deny himself the old flamed thoughts of how he saw her throughout the years. some of these things were not easy to forget. Still, he also couldn't unsee how it all ended so abruptly. A part of it left a bitter taste in his mouth that he wasn't too sure was for better or worse.

Karma sure was a bitch.

"This is inspiring me to go for a new winter line within the next ten minutes," Liz said jokingly. As the seconds passed, however, she began to imagine the prospective benefits of such a thing. She made the mental note to bring the idea up to her PA- the girl was probably going to agree with her as always, but a differing opinion never killed anybody.

With her brother and old best friend got acquainted, she wanted to comment on how some things just never change, but it felt out of place given the circumstances. Instead she twirled to Adam, staring at the now visible keys in his hand. "Alright, well, I don't know how far behind some of the others are, but there's no point in continuing to freeze. Care to crank it up, Adam?"

Making a silent scowl, Adam walked over to the control panel, coming across the keyhole. For someone who really wanted to come up for the weekend, his sister sure did a horrible job at doing a sweep of the place to make sure it was all running. Of course, he wasn't going to complain all too much about it- it was only going to help his plans become a reality after a few weeks. As he turned the key, the lights came on. A motor met their ears, signaling the generator was up and running.

"Where'd you find them anyway," Liz asked.

"Uh, Barney apparently placed them in one of the cabinets under some junk," he explained. She wasn't going to dwell any deeper, he figured. One of the few people she seemed to give the benefit of the doubt since this idea started was the elderly housekeeper.

"Right, where would we be without," she remarked, approaching the cable car.

"Probably a cruise," Adam retorted, sneaking in another glance at Mimi with Liz's back turned.

10/5/2017 #20

Ron nodded before he gave Xander another kiss. That's when he started up the jacked up pickup and started on the road again. He might not have liked cages, but God, he loved the Silverado he'd customized.

"How far away is this place anyway?"

10/5/2017 #21

"Oh, only about another three days, unless the earth decides to swallow us,"

Xander looked up, smirking, "One more exit, I think. Then there's this one stretch of road that hasn't yet been kissed by the Industrial Revolution. Not lit, barely paved. Fun stuff."

He shrugged, "I don't know, I never got the appeal."

Isolation, he supposed. Rich people love to be alone. And Xander could kind of understand that. But even then...this wasn't the kind he imagined, some dark, cold, barren wasteland. It wasn't a fun place, and really it never had been.

Maybe they'd tried to make it one when they were all kids, but there was an aura about the place that proved it to be a futile effort.

And hadn't they all learned that to their misfortune?

10/6/2017 #22

Ron nodded and kept his eyes on the road. But something was bugging him. Couldn't place it.

"You know, you never really talk much about your friends. Or this place. What's so special about it?"

10/6/2017 #23

Xander felt himself tense in his seat.

Okay, so he probably have been better about telling Ron about...well...everything.

But, approachable as Ron was, affectionate and...boyfriendish, that just made it more intimidating to consider telling him anything even the least bit over the edge.

"Like I told you," he said simply, "We used to do weekends there, when we were all kids." he sighed deeply, "And then we stopped."

He remembered Stacy's smile, her little awkward dancing, how ugly she thought she was, and yet how pretty she'd been because of that. They'd used to talk, he supposed about them maybe ending up together.

Danica had never thought so, not at the time. Not that he knew he was gay then, but he did know she wasn't the one for him. Whenever he'd thought of getting a girlfriend, she'd always looked...well, like him.

Blonde, clear eyed, bright smile. The Freya to his Odin.


10/7/2017 #24

Ron considered asking more, but decided against it. Maybe it'd come out when they got there.

He would never admit it, but something about this mountain made him uneasy. He couldn't place what it was. But something had spooked Xander. And as a result, had therefore spooked him.

But maybe there was an upside to this whole thing. Maybe it would distract Xander from their...issues. Certain things that Ron had been trying his hardest to avoid discussing with Xander.

The night they'd met, he'd been lucky. The stars had lined up just right, as his welding instructor had once said.

"This turn, right?"

10/7/2017 #25

She gave Adam one last look before glancing down at her bag, "Could you...?" Mimi cut herself off, looking between him and her Louis Vuitton suitcase. "I would finish the haul but I don't pack light..."

She gave him a soft smile and pushed the bag in his direction, practically putting it into his hands. She didn't want to have to ask him for a favor, she was honestly perfectly capable of carrying the bag the rest of the way herself, she just figured it would give Liz the idea that she was just like the "old" Mimi.... not that she cared much of what Liz thought about her.

The brunette walked away from the boy and her bag and hurried up to Liz, latching her arm around the other girls as they made their way to the cable car. "So I swore you or Adam were hiding in the woods trying to fuck with me a little bit ago..." She started with a laugh. She then began to tell her of the incident that happened just a few minutes before.

10/12/2017 #26

"This turn," Xander repeated wearily, looking with a detached interest out the window.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, bringing Ron along. Maybe he'd been tempting fate. Xander knew that he was going to go from the beginning, that wasn't in dispute. He wasn't going to like it, hell he would probably hate the whole experience and want to fling himself from the mountain before the first night was even half over.

But Ron hadn't needed to come. Not that Xander knew how to say no to him, he was clearly pretty intent on this whole 'my love is your love, your love is my love' thing.

"Hey, um..." he paused, weighing the implications of what he was about to say next, "Mind if I ask you a question?"

He didn't even wait for an answer on that, "Why are you really doing this? I mean...coming up here with me?"


-Answer Xander honestly

-Butter Xander up (I'll go where you go, etc.)

10/14/2017 #27

"Not like I have much of a choice," Adam uttered under his breath before speaking louder., "ure, don't mind if I do. Someone's gotta do the heavy lifting here, right?"

As much as he didn't want, he knew the alternative was leaving the bag where it was. Inevitably, Mimi would complain about it being left on the mountain and he would be tasked to take on the late night journey of retrieving the bag unless one of the others decided to bring it up with them to the lodge. Shit didn't matter though, Adam wasn't going to make an ass of himself when he didn't need to.

Hopefully, this weekend was going to be worth it.

Liz cringed at the thought of spending her time trying to spook anybody in the woods, let alone people she gathered here for the weekend. As fun as it seemed, there were a few immature things from the past that she was willing to leave there if it came to it. Besides, what kind of person would she come off as if that was how she greeted everyone? Certainly, no professional. "You won't have to worry about me waiting to start a one sided snowball right with you. As for Frosty the Snowman over there, he probably was the culprit with how long it took him to get the keys." It should have been less surprising that Adam decided to put some spooks in for the night, but it felt tasteless with everything that happened. Liz, however, didn't want to be the one kill the mood quicker than it started. "That seems a little creepy though. There are some animals around here, so maybe it was just a bird or whatever."

"As if I needed to be a creep to get a girl's attention," Adam said, motioning towards the cable car doors, "it was probably a bear or something. Mom and Dad always said to never go out in the woods because of them."

"A life of denial is a not a good life, brother," Liz chimed., "and the bears are probably hibernating. Could have also been a deer or something."

Adam laughed. "I remember you used to think Bambi actually lived here."

"I was seven and convinced that every deer I saw in my life was Bambi, give me a break," Liz spoke, walking into the cable car. "You know, Mimi, I'm sure it wasn't anything major and if it was, well, we are totally going to be up at the lodge and away from it."

10/14/2017 #28

"Well I'm glad neither of you decided to pull a prank on me... I carry a taser in my purse so that would have been fun for me, but a little sad for the culprit. Also, I'm pretty sure every child thought every dear they saw was Bambi."

Mimi glanced at the cable car, noticing how downhill it had gotten. "This thing is uh... still safe, right?" She figured with the lack of use, it was only natural for the once shiny, chrome cable car to have turned a little dull and rusty. The idea of being halfway up the mountain and having it snap sent a shiver down her spine. Mimi wasn't afraid of heights, but that seemed like a grisly end.

"Yes, perfect. At the cabin away from the creature in the woods." Mimi said jokingly with a nod. "And away from the cold... you still have that hot tub up here right? Because I sure could use a long soak."

It wasn't until now that she realized she was the first to arrive... unless the others were already at the lodge. "Is anyone else here yet?" She asked, looking between Liz and Adam. "I expected to be fashionably late, not fashionably early."

Punctuality was a strong suit of Mimi's though, so she knew everyone would naturally expect her on time.

10/14/2017 #29

Ron's Choice:

Tell Xander the truth.

"What? I can't just want to be apart of your life?" Ron joked.

He squeezed Xander's hand and said, "That's why I'm doing this, babe. And what better way to spend my weekend off?"

The air was colder than Becky remembered. At least what she did remember.

And another great reason never to drink again.

She spotted Abe sitting on the bench and asked, "Sup, Abe?"

10/14/2017 #30
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