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it's a next generation role play. tell their story YOUR way. *rebooot November 2018*
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1. No arguing with the Admin/Mods

2. No Mary/Gary Sues

3. No Godmodding

4. No Metagaming

5. Keep things realistic in the time period.

6. No faceless man unless approved by mod/admin

7. No bullying/fighting on the forum. In RP is okay if and only if it's between characters, but not between yourself and another user.

Failure to comply with these rules:

First offense- warning

Second offense- banning from rp itself. You can still be here, but you can't rp.

Third offense and so on- banning from the forum.

If your offense is past ten(or if you Did something really unforgivable) will result in expulsion from forum. You will not come back.

If you agree with these rules, say your name, your favorite house, and i agree.

8/18/2017 . Edited 9/12/2017 #1

I agree, and I want to be original so Starks

8/20/2017 #2

Nice. Welcome :)

8/20/2017 #3

I accept. TrollDragonborn. And also its hard to pick a house out of fear of some one saying "Wow really?" Because every one has a different form of reaction to me saying a sertine house. So ill keep it secret for now and also because I enjoy dipping my toe into different houses.

8/20/2017 . Edited 8/20/2017 #4
Little Psycho x
I accept. I'm midnight, and favourite house? Stark. Without a doubt :)
8/22/2017 #5

I accept, I'm Meshka and my favourite House is Martell :)

8/22/2017 #6
Karine, and favorite house is Lannister!!! I agree
9/11/2017 #7

Onfire, well Targarian because who does not like dragons, and I Agree

12/19/2017 #8

TWS, Lannistark, I Agree

2/15/2018 #9
Interesting. Welcome
2/15/2018 #10
Gloria Regali

Is this still active?

5/9/2018 . Edited 11/21/2020 #11
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

I agree to the Rules.

11/8/2018 #12

welcome, go ahead and continue the journey.

11/9/2018 #13

Lyanna Baratheon (fav house Starks Arya is the best!)

4/25/2019 #14
4/25/2019 #15

I am Yubby, loyal to House Stark and House Reed, and I agree.

6/1/2019 #16

I am Yubby, loyal to House Stark and House Reed, and I agree.

6/1/2019 #17

I, Gaalactatech, hereby pledge myself to House Stark.

2/3/2020 #18
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