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Mituna Captor

Post here with the bishounens that you want to be on your team, and we will begin when we have at least four, or five teams. Others can join just be putting up their names (Bishounens included), and the name of their team. Now, 4 characters per user, including themselves!

Does anyone want to have a bishie war? Everyone picks their favorite bishies *That is not being used*, and we fight, either with them, or as them.

Also, it doesn't matter WHERE the bishounens comes from. Kingdom Hearts, a Final Fantasy game, a book, a Manga, it DOESN'T MATTER! You can have up to three bishounens on your team. Only one team is allowed per person.


Team one-

Shockingly Surprised Sodomists

1. Liz

2. Rorschach (Watchmen)

3. America~ (Hetalia)

4. Prussia (Is occupying your vital regions)

Team two-


1. Arcbus

2. Squall

3. Riku

4. Cloud

Team 3-


1. AoS

2. Uchiha Sasuke

3. Uchiha Itachi

3. L

10/12/2006 . Edited 8/16/2009 #1
TEAM TWO! The Undeniably Incredibly Powerful Bishie (Anti)-Heroes: 1. Squall Leonheart 2. Ryudo... Robbed of a surname. 3. Cloud Strife. (Looks confidently proud)
10/13/2006 #2
Swedish Gingersnap
Team 11![What? I like 11] The Specials: 1. Edward[Edo! XD] 2. Miko[aka MEEE!!] 3. Sora[hehe] 2 bishes is the limit?[or is it 3?]
10/13/2006 #3
Mituna Captor
There now is a three bishie limit! :D Also, they don't HAVE to be from different games anymore.
10/13/2006 . Edited 10/13/2006 #4
Swedish Gingersnap
OH! Then can I have Al? XD
10/13/2006 #5
Can I rename my team from 'The Squirrels', please!? :(
10/14/2006 #6
Mituna Captor
Yes. XDDD I'm sorry, but the team name was too long, and kind of disturbing. Already done, Libs! :D
10/15/2006 . Edited 10/15/2006 #7
Since there's a 4 bishie limit now, can I add in Riku? Okay, I'll rename my team the Emo-Bishies! Yey!
10/16/2006 #8
Swedish Gingersnap
Miko: *starts preparing for the war* Ok, so we work as a tem! Sora: Tem??? Miko: I mean team . . .
10/16/2006 #9
Mituna Captor
Uh... Arcy, when I said there was a four character limit, I said that one of the four included YOU.
10/16/2006 #10
Hiya! Can i try? Team Anti-Sanity! 1.Sephiroth 2.Reno 3.Kuja( Don't ask...I'm crazy!) 4.Kadaj! I hope I got this rite....thanks.....
11/14/2006 #11
Mituna Captor
o.O I have Reno. Pick again. Sorry.
11/14/2006 #12
chrysanths about....Auron? Rufus? Maybe.....I think I'm gonna pick....Tseng...!!!!(hope i spelled it right...)^-^
11/15/2006 #13
Mituna Captor
o.O Sorry, but there is a three bishie limit. If you want Tseng, you'd have to give up one of your bishies.
11/15/2006 . Edited 11/15/2006 #14
Later on...I might wanna switch Kuja for Axel!^-^
11/16/2006 #15
Mituna Captor
^-^ K.
11/16/2006 #16
Sorry.....Now my team is..... 1.Me (AoS) 2.Sephy 3.Tseng 4.Axel....Is that OK....?
11/16/2006 #17
Mituna Captor
^-^ Yes.
11/16/2006 #18
11/16/2006 #19
Mituna Captor
=P Yes.
11/16/2006 #20
11/17/2006 . Edited by Mituna Captor, 2/13/2007 #21
Swedish Gingersnap
XD Anyway I trade Al for Roy. ^-^
11/22/2006 #22
Mituna Captor
o.O K. Attention people! ._. There will now be a four bishie limit!
11/22/2006 . Edited 11/22/2006 #23
Swedish Gingersnap
I call Tamaki!
11/22/2006 #24
Mituna Captor
._. Done. kairyokuranshin.
11/23/2006 . Edited 11/24/2006 #25
Swedish Gingersnap
11/25/2006 #26
There are... 5 (including us), now, right?
11/26/2006 #27
Mituna Captor
11/26/2006 #28
Can I have Ryudo back then?
11/27/2006 #29
=P *Looks at Shakaniseppou* How often DO you change your pen name? Can I add..... *thinks for a minute* Makenshi...from Final Fantasy Unlimited...? Hope I spelled it right....
11/27/2006 . Edited 11/27/2006 #30
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