Final Fantasy: The Twilight path
O.o Come to the Twilight side! We have cookies, cheese, fluffy bunnies, and hott bishies!
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Mituna Captor
^.^ Done.
11/27/2006 #31
Swedish Gingersnap
Welcome! ^^' I'm glad to help!
12/5/2006 #32
DUH!...That's why I'm buying the TNT in the first place!
12/9/2006 #33
Mituna Captor
^_^ K.
12/9/2006 #34
*Buys the TNT and a bunch of Rubber matteria*^_^
12/11/2006 #35
Mituna Captor
O.o Rubber materia?
12/11/2006 #36
-slips in through an open door and looks about anxiously- Could I possibly join in with...


1. Rufus Shinra

2. Xemnas

3. Seymour


12/12/2006 #37
Mituna Captor
Yes, you can join! =D

o.o Sorry, but tone down the name alittle. =P We're not going to call you master. =P Oh, and you can have four bishies.

12/12/2006 #38
-laughs- I was mainly refering to the fact that they all rule over something- But that's okay.

Okay then, Zexy, join the group!

Zexion: No.

I think that's a yes!

In summary...

Team monochrome

1. Xemnas

2. Zexion

3. Rufus

4. Seymour

12/12/2006 . Edited 12/13/2006 #39
Mituna Captor
=P Well, since you're on the team, and you don't rules over anything...

And please, before starting, read the rules.

12/13/2006 #40
*Hugs Pyro* Welcome to....INSANITY!!!!!!^_^

( Does this mean I have to change the name of my alter ego....who I use instead of my boring own name in the stories I write that I have had in my notebooks 4ever...!!!!!!!ToT)

12/14/2006 #41
Mituna Captor
o.o Huh?
12/14/2006 #42
Does that mean I gotta change the name I use to write about my alter ego!?

I found this on Wikipedia.....

'An alter ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person. The term is commonly used in literature analysis and comparison to describe characters who are psychologically identical.'

See? I write myself as someone else alter ego!!!

(If ya read my story A Day With Masamune which I just recently put here, you'd see I use the name 'Pyro' as a name for my alter ego, my 'second self'.....)

Hehehehe....I love Latin.....^_^,can I keep the name but never use it in forums or anything else besides my stories? Pwease?????^-^

12/15/2006 #43
Mituna Captor
-_- I know what it means. Don't mock me!

=P Change it if you must.

12/15/2006 #44

I only write everything out like that so I don't forget what I'm writing....and so I pay attention to it.......(I kinda think I suffer a little ADD [Or ADHD...whatever it's called] so thats offense meant.....REALLY!!!!!)

...will you forgive me...?I never meant to mock ANYONE!!!! ToT

...and yes...I will change it....Any idea's??????

12/16/2006 #45
Mituna Captor
X3 It's alright. I was having some fun.
12/16/2006 #46
ToT....Any ideas for me? Please?
12/16/2006 #47
Mituna Captor
O.o Not really...
12/17/2006 #48
Really? None at ALL?!? 0.o



12/17/2006 . Edited 12/17/2006 #49
Mituna Captor
._.'''' Okay...
12/17/2006 #50
By the way...can I switch Tseng for Saskue????Pwease? *Puppy-dog pout*
12/17/2006 #51
Mituna Captor
=P Fine.
12/17/2006 #52

Can I switch Ryudo for Saix please? He's getting really annoying... ¬___¬

12/31/2006 #53
Mituna Captor
12/31/2006 #54
YAY! Thank you! :)
12/31/2006 #55
Mituna Captor
:) You're welcome, Ang.

:'( You left!

12/31/2006 . Edited 1/4/2007 #56
may I have Itachi?
1/14/2007 #57
Mituna Captor
*Sigh* Fine, BUT NO EXTREME OOC-ness.
1/14/2007 #58
Any chance of me changing Rufus for Erol from Jak II?
1/16/2007 #59
1/16/2007 . Edited by Mituna Captor, 1/16/2007 #60
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