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It's been awhile since I was here. o.o But that's not the point. (I think...)

I've been thinking up ideas for multiple stories and my question is this: Is anyone who still visits this forum willing to provide assistance with either beta-ing or whatever or just to help me think of a name for it? It doesn't have to be much but I could use whatever help I can get. My writing skills aren't...that good really. I'm good with ideas but writting them on paper is difficult for me.

Either way, whether or not you help, thank you.

BTW- I will explain my story ideas if anyone cares to listen.

1/26/2009 #1
Mituna Captor

XD''' If you still need help, I'd gladly give it.

8/16/2009 #2

Thank you! ^^

3/13/2010 #3
Mituna Captor

You're welcome. 3:

3/24/2010 #4

Okay, trying to go along with the revival of this thread, I need a generic timeline to create, that could fictionally associate numerous Final Fantasy races as being one entire race. Centra, Cetra, Summoners, Zanarkhand, Espers, and the like.

Which one is first, which is last. All accounting for them splitting up and separately being annihilated.

6/22/2010 #5
Mituna Captor

The world is being rebuilt after an accident that has destroyed those who were too ignorant to prepare for the predicted disaster, as the predictor was a Cetra. In this world, people are very biased against those who have been cursed with such attachment to things that are against the true religion. It's very ironic that those with magic cannot breed magic beings from themselves; children from perfectly normal families have a better chance of giving birth to a magik user. The main reason that so many of them have survived is that their magiks are not revealed until the person has reached adulthood.

Uh...yeah. Starter for stupid? Does I makes any sense? ...Probably not. XD'

7/28/2010 #6
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