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The Alexeyevich family, a weak mage family now based in New York City for about 200 years of lineage. The Alexeyevich family have been syphoning magical energy from the holy Grail wars in the hopes of using the magical energy to create their own Grail. However for the Grail to be fully manifested in our world it required a grail war. The Alexeyevich family would go to hire 7 magus to fight their war for them. However the immersion of a new grail alarmed the clock tower them in turn sending 7 magus
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Nubby King Of Beasts


Title: (This is optional)

Class: (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Caster, Berserker)


Birth and Death Dates: (Approximate if there isn't a definite one.)

Alignment: (Are they considered good or bad)

Personality: (Your Servant's quirks and ethics, both in casual and in battle. It should probably be similar to your Servant's alignment)

Appearance: (Howdy ho now tell me how good looking that dashing devil is or not so good looking. please include approximately how tall they are and a body build.)

Biography: (Your Servant's tragic or romantic history. I guess Google it or something :/)

Weapon: (Armaments that your Servant use. Please list down all of them and describe them.)

Stats Parameters

Strength: (Physical Strength. A rank STR means one attack can destroy a small house.)

Endurance: (Damage one can take. How much HP one has.)

Agility: (Dexterity or reaction time. Agility does not equate to top speed.)

Mana: (How much Prana one can has. Usually the bigger the prana pool, the greater the magical attack.)


Class Skills: (Your Servant will have skills that are already set for certain classes, regardless of whether your Servant has it or not IRL. Give rank and description as well.)

Personal Skills: (Personal traits and abilities that your Servant possess. They should make sense in regards to your Servant's biography and personality. Give rank and description as well.)

Noble Phantasm:

Name: (Insert cheesy name here)

Type: (What kind of NP is it? Anti-Unit ~ Anti-World. if your not sure just ask a mod)

Range: ( Im really not sure hiw you could express this just think of something I guess) :

Targets: (How much target can your NP hit simultaneously. It should make sense with the description.)

Description: (Most important part of your NP - the description of it. The process, the maneuvers, the dazzling colours, the magics, the consumption, the limitations. Whatever your NP comprises, describe them down. Also, you can have more than 1 NP.)

9/3/2017 #1
Trace Carter

Name: Oberon

Title: Faerie King

Class: Caster

Gender: Male

Birth and Death Dates: around 21BCE to 15th century

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: He doesn't talk much in battle and prefers to always have a trump card up his sleeve. He will do what he wants, but will obey his master as long as he/she doesn't go against his wishes, otherwise the master will need a command seal to force compliance. He enjoys animals and nature, and dislikes how humans have destroyed both with modernization and their urban civilization.

Appearance: He wears a black cloak over a silver tunic and leggings with green vine patterns along it. he wears no shoes and has gold bracers on his wrists and ankles and a jeweled amulet around his neck. He has long silver hair that is tied back with vines and hidden with his hooded cloak and he also has silver eyes and pale skin along with faerie wings hidden beneath his cloak.

Biography: Oberon was born long before the time of humans and cultivated nature to form a kingdom for the Fae, living with his queen Titania as they avoided contact with humans and their kin. As humankind grew and modernized, he saw the destruction of the beautiful kingdom he cultivated and he sealed away the remains of the Faerie kingdom from the human world, giving his life as a sacrifice to close the portal.

Weapon: A scepter made from adamantine and wood that he uses to channel his magic.

Stats Parameters

Strength: D

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Mana: A

Luck: B


Class Skills:

  • Territory Creation A plus plus: can create an area where he can draw upon nature's power to increase his Servant Stats based on how much untainted nature in within his area and he can sense an opponent's presence in his territory. (one plus to each stat for every km of pure nature in his territory). He can also redirect the land's leylines to power his territory if it is placed in it.
  • Item Creation C: can create magical objects and charms to aid and support his master in battle, like charms that create protective barriers or healing objects.

Personal Skills:

  • Flight via his wings (Rank: B. He can perform semi-complex aireal maneuvers and only a rider or lancer can outmatch him in terms of aireal combat)
  • basic elemental magecraft (Rank C plus: can manipulate the four main elements to fight, but is not a true master. he can maniplate fire, water, and wind, and lob stones at people with earth magic.)

Noble Phantasm

Name: Faerie Kingdom (reality marble)

Type: Anti-Team

Rank: B plus

Range: 50

Maximum Number of Targets: 27

Description: Light consumes the world around Oberon for a radius of a single mile and a large forest emerges with fae dancing about the flowers and an air free of pollution. within the forest, he can control the plants with his mind, allowing him to cause them to attack or entrap his enemies. Using this ability puts a strain on his mind, as he is mentally controlling the environment, so, because of that and the Mana cost, he can only use it for an hour at most before it fades and he is left extremely weak.

Aria: Land of my brethren, tainted by man, rise up once again, with your power in my hand.

9/7/2017 #2
Nubby King Of Beasts

Wow you really got here quick. Give me 10 minutes to post the rest of the topics and I'll review your master and OC

9/7/2017 #3
Nubby King Of Beasts

Question about the territory Creation ability. Say the area has no plant life at all. So a concrete slab or something. Would he be able to spawn vegitation or does he need plants to build upon?

9/9/2017 . Edited 9/9/2017 #4
Trace Carter

his territory creation doesn't create plants. it just allows him to create an area with bounded fields and such that makes the are his advantage. it does grant him extra power if there is more untainted nature, but if there isn't, then the base stats remains the same. for example, if there was 2 km of untainted nature, then each stat gains two extra pluses.

9/9/2017 #5
Nubby King Of Beasts

I would say it's a bit op but concidering his caster class typing I see him starting with a lower hand in close combat so this could help give him an edge. Still something feels off about it to me but I can't explain what so I guess they're accepted

9/9/2017 . Edited 9/9/2017 #6
Trace Carter

he honestly sucks in close combat. he specializes in long range spell casting.

9/9/2017 #7
Apex King of Narnia

Name: Leonidas I

Title: King of Sparta

Class: Lancer

Gender: Male

Birth and Death Dates: 540BC-480BC

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Leonidas is protective of his master like many others are, though he will respect them more if they fight by his side. He doesn't think his master is any better than he is as the master is strong. He isn't a bundle of joy nor does he sugar coat anything and is rather blunt. Preferring to be forward and not beat around the bush. Leo is a simple man who doesn't seek extravagant treasures and feasts and instead a simple meal and the most basic commodities.

Appearance: Leonidas stands at 6'2 being tanned from many years standing in battle victories and muscular from his tough training during his childhood and from battles fought. Having a black colored beard and black hair reaching to just the bottom of his neck. His eyes are a steel color. As armor Leonidas wears a bronze cuirass, bronze greaves and a corinthian helmet with a red horsehair crest. A red cape follows behind his back.

Biography: Leonidas I was born around 540BC to the wife of King Anaxandridas, the ruler of the Greek nation state of Sparta at the time. He was the youngest with two older brothers. Due to Leonidas not being the heir of the throne he was faced with the task that many children of his age had to face. At the age of seven he was taken and had to face the grueling training of the agoge. His father passed away in 520BC with the eldest brother Cleomenes taking the throne. The second eldest brother Dorieus was infuriated and instead seek his fortune in Sicily where after some success was killed. By the time the First Persian Invasion of Greece occurred, Leonidas had became King of Sparta while the previous king Cleomenes was deemed insane and exiled himself. By 490BC he had married Gorgo, Cleomenes' daughter. In 481BC the Persians had returned to invade Greece and Leonidas was chosen to lead the armies to fight the Persians. A year later he would meet his demise at the Battle of Thermopylae where he and 300 spartans stood and fought the Persian army of around 100,000. All because of a man who showed the Persians a road around the spartans.

Weapon: Leonidas uses a 8ft long spear with an iron head and an ash wood shaft with a bronze spike at the bottom. Also carrying an aspis shield with the lambda (Λ) symbol painted onto it.

Stats Parameters

Strength: B

Endurance: A

Agility: C

Mana: D


Class Skills:

Magic Resistance- A skill held by all Lancer class servants. Rank-CPersonal Skills:

War Cry of a Warrior- Similar to the breathing techniques in karate, Leonidas boosts the morale of his allies, increasing their strength and resistance by a little bit. Rank-B

Dignity of the Rearguards- The power displayed at the Battle of Thermopylae had given Leonidas a skill in becoming an even more defendable servant, as with each disadvantage against him making him more resilient against his enemy or enemies. This including being outnumbered, the enemy knowing his identity,

Noble Phantasm:Name: The Army of 300

Type: Anti-Army

Range: 1600 Meters

Targets: 1000

Description: Pulling all participators into a reality marble, the surrounding scenery resembles the ancient pass that the Persian Army sought to pass. The enemy finding themselves facing the famous army of 300 Spartans with Leonidas in the first line of shields. With each strike that is given the army blocks and then aims to hit the aggressors with their spears. If one dies it will quickly be filled with a Spartan in the back as the deceased body will evaporate.

9/12/2017 . Edited 9/13/2017 #8
Nubby King Of Beasts

Space it out please

9/12/2017 #9
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