FateFools Grail
The Alexeyevich family, a weak mage family now based in New York City for about 200 years of lineage. The Alexeyevich family have been syphoning magical energy from the holy Grail wars in the hopes of using the magical energy to create their own Grail. However for the Grail to be fully manifested in our world it required a grail war. The Alexeyevich family would go to hire 7 magus to fight their war for them. However the immersion of a new grail alarmed the clock tower them in turn sending 7 magus
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Nubby King Of Beasts

Hello all these are the rules the most important part of the forum. Please accept these as the first thing you do! Also please note that once we exceed the max limit of people allowed per war we will make a second war and so on to accommodate these people

1. Save the non-RP related chat for the chat topic, if you need to tell someone something, alert them in brackets and move to the chat topic.(this rule generally isn't followed but whatever)

2. This should probably be the most important rule... NEVER KILL ANOTHER OC WITH OUT THE PERMISSION OF THE CREATOR OF THE OC.

3. Cursing is allowed if it fits your characters nature, but try to keep the cussing to a minimum. (Not gonna lie this rule kind of useless. Just don't be excessive.)

4. Please wait until a mod or the admin accepts your character before roleplaying.

5. Make sure you describe your OC in enough detail to give a general image of the character.

6. This is the grail war. Thins are gonna get messed up like buildings destroyed and stuff. Just if you're gonna blow up the statue of liberty or something of the matter. Please tell a mod first.

7. No godmodding. It's pretty standard, don't control other's OCs (without permission) or something like.

8. Be respectful to the other RPers, if they don't want to pair their OC with one of yours don't get salty, deal with it and move on. Don't harass others and no bullying, I would like arguments to be civil if any are going to take place in the chat.

9. No lemon's on the forum! Keep that on PM's please.

10. Please no more than one Servant per character.

11. Each person can have 2-3 OC'S one Master and One Servant. If you want to make a second servant or a second master please contact a mod first.

12. No metagaming, you can't know outside knowledge about something. For example if person A was evil but kept it a secret person B can't just say they're evil since they would have no knowledge of it.

13. During fights actually treat it as one, and when I say that I mean take the occasional hit unless there is a good reason why you are able to dodge them.

14. I personally feel that this rule is very important. I as the Admin relize that I am not perfect. And you as my fellow RPers are always allowed to comment on what I do and let me know if I am being unfair.

15. you may only claim a servant for one week without posting your OC. once the week is up your reserves spot will be lost. At this point you may renew it but if someone else wants it they will get the option before you.

If you agree to these rules post your favorite Servant from the Type moon universe ( fate/stay series essencially.)

9/6/2017 #1
Trace Carter

My favorite servant has to be a tie between Nero and Frankenstein's monster.

9/6/2017 #2
The Cop Of Monks

i accept sorry for being gone

9/7/2017 #3
Apex King of Narnia

I agree to these rules that you may or may not have stolen from somewhere else

9/7/2017 #4
Nubby King Of Beasts

Whaaat I dont know what you're talking about

9/8/2017 #5
BEST OC Maker or Gigabyte

I accept


12/18/2017 #6

Favourite Servant, huh? I'd say a tie between Mordred and Saint Martha.

1/6/2018 #7

I accept.

As for my favorite characters, hm, that's a bit of a tough one... I'd have to say either Mordred or Jackie.

2/27/2018 #8
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