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The Alexeyevich family, a weak mage family now based in New York City for about 200 years of lineage. The Alexeyevich family have been syphoning magical energy from the holy Grail wars in the hopes of using the magical energy to create their own Grail. However for the Grail to be fully manifested in our world it required a grail war. The Alexeyevich family would go to hire 7 magus to fight their war for them. However the immersion of a new grail alarmed the clock tower them in turn sending 7 magus
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Nubby King Of Beasts

Alexeyevich Servants

Saber- Nubby King of Breasts

Lancer- Apex King of Narnia




Assassin- Copmunk


Clock towers Servants







Caster- 3rdNightingale

9/7/2017 . Edited 9/12/2017 #1
Nubby King Of Beasts

I myself will claim the Alexeyevich Saber class servant

9/7/2017 #2
Trace Carter

If my oc is accepted, I claim the clock tower caster

9/8/2017 #3
Nubby King Of Beasts

Yup it's yours

9/9/2017 #4
Apex King of Narnia

I'll take the Lancer Servant for the Alexeyevich family

9/10/2017 #5
The Cop Of Monks

I'll take aleceyevich assassin

9/11/2017 #6
Nubby King Of Beasts

The list has now been updated

9/12/2017 #7
BEST OC Maker or Gigabyte

I'd like to claim Saber for Clocktower

12/18/2017 #8

If possible I'd like to take Saber or Lancer spot for clock tower

1/4/2018 #9
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