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Katalin Kat Royal

Warning messages.

If you are sent a warning message about attendance to the forum or anything else for that matter. Do not make up an excuse. That is the fastest way to get removed from the forum as I will not tolerate excuses or complaints any longer. It is your responsibility as a member of this forum to follow the rules posted under the Rules topic. It is not my responsibility to remind you that you must follow the rules that you should've accepted or at least became familiar with them. My job is to run the forum and ensure that all rules are followed by everyone.

9/11/2017 #1
Katalin Kat Royal

Moderator Openings

There is currently one opening for a moderator on the forum. Attendance will be considered for anyone interested. To apply, PM the admin (Katalin Kat Royal) with your name, character(s), and why you should be a moderator for my forum.

Roles of a moderator:

  1. Accepting Ocs: Admin can overrule a moderators approval
  2. Accepting Cannon Requests and adjusting the claimed list.
  3. Making sure everyone follows the rules and letting the admin know if a rule has been broken.
  4. Working with the admin to ensure that the forum runs smoothly.

Moderator DO NOTS:

  1. Do not make any changes to the forum without talking to the admin first as it is her forum.
  2. Do not confront any rule breakers unless given permission by admin.
9/11/2017 #2
Katalin Kat Royal

Admin Absence

I will be gone on vacation from May 21 to May 28 and maybe unreachable during said time.

5/17/2019 #3
Katalin Kat Royal

New Rule

I have added a new rule to the rules list.

The New Rule: No advertising on the forum unless you have permission from the admin to do so. The admin will also tell you the appropriate location to do so once you have permission.

6/20/2019 #4
Katalin Kat Royal

Accusations against member of the forum

All accusations are taken seriously on this or any other Katalin Kat Royal forum. With that being said, anyone who wishes to make a claim against a member of this or any other Katalin Kat Royal forum will need actual evidence before it will even be consider. If a message is sent and the sender cannot provide any actual proof other than a he-said-she-said scenario, then there is nothing I can do. I will not take action against someone without evidence as hearsay and rumors is not evidence. I suggest that all members do not listen to accusations where no evidence is able to be presented.

As for the claims against Dart, numerous people have confronted me about having this person on my forums. Key thing is that none of these people can actually provide the so-called pictures, messages, or anything related to that case other than what they have heard. If you have no evidence, you do not have a case. You have a rumor with no backup. I will not take against against anyone without proof of what they have done. When a rule is broken, members provide the page and post number of the incident. No different for any other claim. If you cannot provide proof, then sorry my hands are tied.

I will ask all members of this forum to consider this. Ask for proof on the claims that are brought to you. If they do not have proof, then are they really true? Are they rumors that someone has spread to ruin a reputation? The claims could be true, but without proof, why should you or anyone else believe them?

10/9/2020 #5
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