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Sorceress Myst
Yes, I have a wish! Update the Halloween fic you started....or the Toster challenge. Oh, about that possesed drunken rabbit, was his name Chimichaniolannaifeellikeanidiotbecausemyparentsgavemealongstupidnamebecausetheyweredopedupondrugs? He escaped with me from an asylum a few years back and I haven't seen him since. If you ever see him again, tell him he still owes me 29 licorice jellybeans. If it helps, he also answers to Chimi, Chimi-Chan, Retard, and STUPID MONKEY!!!!!! ...I have no clue why he responds to the monkey one, because I thought he was a rabbit......
1/3/2006 #31
Hiya! I thought I'd drop in with a few ideas for people to chew on...These aren't strictly Albel x Nel ideas, so you can go any way you like with them. 1) During the game, disk two I think, you hear townspeople talking about the 'Vile Wind', and how it's changing the monsters to be more violent. They're worried about the affects expanding into humans, etc. Even post-game, the people still talk about it. So here's the idea: What if the Vile Wind didn't disappear when Luther was defeated, and it DID start to affect people? There are a lot of directions you could go with this - maybe Albel and Nel have to investigate the source of the Vile Wind together, etc. Since the Vile Wind appears to have been sent by Luther, maybe they'll even have to go to 4D space again to consult with Blair to get it stopped... You could even do humorous changes, like maybe Albel starts turning into one of those demonic tree monsters that everyone loves oh-so-much, and Nel has to figure out how to turn him back... Stuff like that. It wouldn't even have to be post-game...maybe the heroes went on some kind of side-quest to figure out the Vile Wind even before they went after Luther, and it just didn't appear in the game...whatever you like. Actually I already do have an idea in the works related to this (not posted yet), but I figure there are enough different possible angles to this idea that there's not really any danger of other people's fics ending up being the same as mine. So go for it! 2) Most of the credit goes to Regrem Erutaerc for this one, since he left it in a review for my story (NoS). But I've added some bits. The idea: The Star Ocean universe is a program, right? So that means somewhere in 4D space, there's the code behind the game. And where there's code, it can be hacked into. So you could have the hacker get into the Eternal Sphere's code and start changing things. (Regrem's idea was to have the hacker change Albel into a woman.) As you can see, there are a lot of different things, both serious and funny, that could be done with this, depending on what the hacker can change. Again, like in my idea number 1, they could have to go into 4D space to confront the villain and fix the changes, if you want. Be careful with this one, though. It would be easy to just give the hacker access to everything, but I wouldn't recommend it. If the hacker had access to everything, s/he could just delete the heroes without warning (I've often wondered why Luther didn't just do that, but maybe there's protection around the code, or portions of it, that prevents the immediate deletion of stuff even by its own creator), or erase their memories, or whatever, which would probably make him/her way too powerful for the characters to realistically oppose her/him. Heck, he could just change the orbital path of Elicoor and send it directly into its sun, and everyone would probably die before they could do anything about it - and that would be no fun. ^_^ Unless you wanted to make an angsty at-least-we'll-die-together fic, which might work. So just be careful when you decide what changes the hacker is able to make, and what his limitations are. I've got an idea going for a fic about this, too. But again there are so many possibilities, I think we could get a ton of fics out of this one idea, and they'd all be different. 3) We've all seen the fics that have Fayt or Cliff, etc introduce the Elicoorians to various Earth holidays, like Christmas or Halloween or Valentine's Day, so we know those are fun. How about taking a 'tour' through a whole bunch of different holidays?! Maybe some of the less-used ones, like St. Patrick's Day or something? And there are a whole bunch of holidays that you never see on your calendar, like 'National Talk Like a Pirate Day' (I think that's in September...heh, Psychodog might like that one, for her Space Pirate fic) that could be turned into just about anything, including an Alnel fic. Here's a link to where you can find all sorts of weird actual holidays: But silver thorns has dibs on this idea, at least for the weird holidays, because I posted it in a review to her story first. So if you want to use one of the wacky holidays, it would be polite to check with silver thorns first to see if she's already using it - but it shouldn't be a problem as long as the actual story ideas are different. 4) A twist on number 3: Have Albel and Nel (and/or Adray and Roger, since they're Elicoorians, too) introduce the others (Fayt, Cliff, etc) to an Elicoorian holiday! Like, maybe there's a holiday celebrating the day Apris married his three wives or something. Or maybe they've got a day to celebrate the invention of (insert weird invention here). Maybe with the defeat of Luther (which, since nobody would want to tell people they're just characters in a game, would translate on Elicoor to 'the defeat of the celestial ships'), there might be a big national holiday to commemorate that. Ohh, great opportunity for embarrassment, there. I can just see Albel waving to people from a parade, gritting his teeth the whole way... Or Cliff and Mirage could introduce people to a Klausian holiday, or Peppita could show them a Velbaysian one, etc. Most of the possibilities are humorous for this one, but you could come up with some serious ones, too, if you wanted. Whew! That was longer than I thought. Well, I hope that these ideas got some wheels turning in people's heads. ^_^
1/5/2006 #32
Gothic the S-E-X-Y one
Um, miss Libra... ^_^ I got great news for you. Lady Nox would like to take on your challenge, the Ranma 1/2 - Fruit Basket one. She found it interesting and original so she said she'll take on that one. I'm interested in seeing how she cooks this one up since the idea of Albel changing into a women will indeed be hilarious ^o^ I can feel the humor coming on now. Anyway I will be going now.
1/7/2006 #33
WOW ~the~ Lady Nox I've been hearing about is going to take on one of my challenges? ^_^0 I'm flattered.... Well I don't feel ignored anymore. Thanks Gothic for telling me this. XD I'm so happy I can cry right now (J/K). When its finish can you link me to the story so I can read it or better yet give me Lady Nox's Alnel website? Well... if Lady Nox's site is private, can you give me her e-mail so I can get her permission?
1/7/2006 #34
Lorelai Kline
Hahaha!!!! My birthday was the 6th! I forgot to post my own birthday!!! Happy belated birthday to me, lol.
1/9/2006 #35
HAPPY B-DAY LORELAI KLINE-SAN! WOOO! And I also saw that you updated! SWEET! MY PRESENT IS A REVIEW! YAY! I'm hyper cause we finally found a FOUNTAIN of Alnels by the biggest fan out there!
1/9/2006 #36
Ecstacy of Quietus
Haha! Happy Birthday to you! My birthday's next month! I am so sad!! Oh well. Paitence. Get it together.Get it together.Get it together.Get it together.Get it together.Get it together.Get it together.Get it together.Get it together. Sorry...
1/11/2006 #37
Lorelai Kline
Okay.... Two new ideas. No shock that one of them is YET ANOTHER AU. (What can I say, I love them!!!) Idea number I-don't-have-a-clue:) (Smiley Face!!!!... on with the idea)Sophia concocts a potion that she gives to Nel to test. The result, just about every man that comes in contact with her is automatically attracted to her. That's right, Cliff, Fayt, Roger, Luther, Steeg, Leiber, LASSELLE!!!.... and of course, Albel. Just about EVERY man wants to woo her and capture her heart, much to Nel's dismay. The worst part, she's actually genuinley attracted to a certain spikey-haired grump frump persuer. Even worse part: she has no idea it's the potion doing this. LET THE CHAOS ENSUE!!!! Idea 54 (because it's my favorite number.):) (ANOTHER SMILEY!!! YAY!!!) Remember the show "Xena: Warrior Princess"? What if Nel were an Amazonian and Albel were a demi-God? I know it's weird, but the potential is there and I'm sure some talented writer who actually knows a thing or two about Xena could make it work. I can just hear Nel doing that war cry thingy... *Starts to laugh until she cries* Aiyeyeyeyeyeyeeeee!!!! ^^;
1/11/2006 #38
Sorceress Myst
I just had an idea for your 'Idea 54 (because it's my favorite number)' challenge: Albel could be like the god of war trying to get his warrior princess back and is using anything in his power (like resorting to trickery) to do so. Now why don't I take on this challenge? Simple: LOOK AT ALL THE STORIES I HAVEN'T FINISHED YET!!! If I were to make another chapter fic, guess which one won't get updated? *Several Aquios High fans lead by darkladyxion959, who is riding on top of Crosell, appear with torches and pitchforks* ...I rest my case *grabs Albel and Nel plushies and starts sucking thumb*
1/11/2006 #39
Raven The Dark Angel
Omg I LOVE idea 54!!!! I used to be a big fan of Xena back in the day and Aries was just so hot. And yes Aries, Albel. Both five letter names with A in the begining. (I know I'm crazy O_o) Oh I hope some really picks that up. I'd do it but seeing as I hardly have time to update even ONE fic... I can't multi-task. X_x!! But that's so awsome. I can picture Albel just appearing and making all kinds of comments at Nel. Wee! I'm all excited. ^_^!!
1/13/2006 #40
Lorelai Kline
Awww, c'mon. You know you want to..... And if you enjoy writing it enough it won't come so difficultly (is that a word?)to you! Oh PLEASE!? I'm so thrilled someone took an interest in my fic ideas!!!! *Snuggle huggles* I am THE AU addict, so I always get uber excited at the prospect of a new AU to enjoy. If you change your mind or find the cure to lazyitis let me know... A.) Because I would REALLY like to hand over one of my ideas 2.) Because I need the cure to lazyitis. I did that A, 2 thing on purpose... was it funny? I want to be the funny fic champion!!!! Lol, don't mind me, I've had LOTS of sugar. ^^;
1/14/2006 #41
I've got another idea... Though, it's up to you however you want to put it if you want to do it. Idea #Whatever: Nel Zelpher, wants to prove that women weren't as 'weak' or 'frail' as people thought them ought to be, and so attends Airyglyph's best high school to prove her worth... And keep her identity hidden as she stays four years in an all-boy's high school. But what is she to do when she has a roommate that goes by the title of Wicked, and making guys think they're not straight? Chaos ensues... (chases after chaos). I feel like making something out of that myself. But I have so much s*** to work on, that maybe I'll hold it off. See you. *slithers away*
1/18/2006 #42
Aleu The Lunar Wolf
I do have an idea though it's not reall good "A man from Greeton has threatend to invade both Kingdoms with his army if Nel Zelpher doesn't marry him within 10 days. Nel refuses at first, but to protect the countries she accepts. The only problem is she is in love with none other then the a Black Brigade Captain himself Albel Nox and he's not too trilled with this idea." It's basiclly two men fighting over Nel. It's really based on the new movie Tristan and Isolde. I have recently seen the movie and it was so beautiful -sniffles- Anyways I thought it might work well if Albel and Nel, but I'm not sure o.o;;
1/18/2006 #43
Lorelai Kline
I LOVE THE NEW IDEAS!!!! I wish I had clones so that I could work on all these good ideas. Gosh darnit, I'm so busy!!!! Grrrr.... Anyway, keep it up, these all are GOLD. I mean, they got Lady Nox's attention. LADY NOX!!!! She's an Alnel legend!!!!
1/20/2006 #44
Alright, I'm lazy to read all of them so I'm sorry if these are mentioned but... 1) Nel falls in love with someone (Most likely Fayt) and Albel gets jealous. Unfortunately Fayt has his eyes on another (Sophia or Maria) then it'll start up as a love quad then someone's heart will be broken then mended... 2) Nel gets amnesia just after Albel admits that he loves her. I think kinda overused but Albel will do everything to remind her of who she is and then...
1/22/2006 #45
Ecstacy of Quietus
Ha! IT"S TO CUTE! Heheheh. I can never imagine him like that.
1/24/2006 #46
I love Lorelai Kline's idea Idea number I-don't-have-a-clue (the one right before 54 ;) its something i could almost see myself writing...I'm just not sure if I have the time. I'm trying to keep up with the schedule I set for myself on my other fic! But a little sidetracking might help...Do you mind if I borrow your idea?
1/31/2006 #47
Sorry...I didn't mean to post twice, somehow my previous comment got entered twice... :(
1/31/2006 . Edited 1/31/2006 #48
Lorelai Kline
YAY!!!! My idea is liked!!! It's fine if you use my idea, just give Sorceress Myst credit too; She helped me come up with it. Anyway, has anyone read Nox M.D.? It's really funny and it's an Alnel, give it a look!!! (It's really close to my idea where Al and Nel are both doctors, but not quite. Just read it, it's funny!!!) I'm glad people like my idea. Viva le Alnel!!! e need lots of them since so many are being deleted!!!! (The AU's seem overall safe. *nod nod*)
1/31/2006 #49
Yep, 'Nox, M.D.' is great! I haven't reviewed it yet (shame on me...) but I have read it. Hey, while I'm here, I've got another idea to post. Well actually it's a spinoff/extension of the "Peppita forces Albel to marry a toaster" idea, so I can't take credit for it. But, anyway, here's BlueTrillium idea #5 (I think): What if Albel was so reluctant to ask anyone to marry him, he decides to go through with marrying the toaster? And then, Nel finds out, decides that a human marrying a toaster would be an offense to Apris or something like that, and marries him herself to prevent it. Heh, maybe she breaks into the ceremony during the 'speak now, or forever hold your peace' part, if Elicoorian weddings have that. But Peppita won't let the wedding stop, so Nel substitutes herself for the toaster. Or whatever. Strange? Yes. Funny? Quite possibly. Am I insane? Most likely. Yeah, I originally left that idea as part of a review and just pasted it in here. But I figure, what's the harm? ;)
2/1/2006 #50
Raven The Dark Angel
Bwhahaha! ROFL. OMG Actually go through and MARRY the toaster. omg... LOL. Wa! That sounds so GREAT! And Nel suddenly running down the isle "Noooo! It's aganst the teachings of Apiris!!" And tackles the toaster or something right in the middle of a serious ceremony. OMG. Haha!! Awsome idea!
2/1/2006 #51
Just remembering reading those stories is funny....ahhh the chaos of a toaster. Umm, no new ideas, but I do have first chapter up for the idea of Lorelai Kline's Sophia concocting potion thing... Check it out!
2/3/2006 #52
Yes, I did read Nox, M.D.! LOL, that is so funny! How in the world did Albel become a doctor?! I could definitely imagine him as a surgeon, because we all know he loves to cut things open....LOL. He's the hottest doctor I know though. I wonder what craziness will happen next! PLEASE HURRY ZOSOCROWE-SAMA!
2/5/2006 #53
Sorceress Myst
Just had a conversation with Lor about a new v-day idea and here's how it went: Nel: you liiive!!!! Myst: You better be happy Myst: I just cleaned some of my room for you Myst: I miss my mess! Nel: lol Nel: I had an idea Myst: ...but on a brighter note: I just found out that I do have a floor! Nel: why don't you post a special v-day challenge for al the Alnel writers? Nel: oooh, a floor? What's that? Myst: it's some solid thingy that hurts when you fall on it... Myst: so do you have any V-day challenge ideas? Nel: I had the whole "Sophia and Peppita introduce Al or Nel to V-day" Nel: but that seems so bland... Myst: oh yeah, I read that a few seconds ago, I thought it was a half finished idea Nel: I want something spicy... like Albel hunting for cupid to kill him for messing up his life Nel: y'know, fun and funny and not bland Myst: So far no idea...but the candy challenge could fit into that really well Nel: yeah, I suppose. Nel: I'm thinking something crazy like... uh.... Nel: OOOOH!!!!! Myst: OOOOH!!!!!??? Nel: Nel: y'know how people have collective weddings? Myst: uh huh Nel: One drunken day (Cliff and Adray's fault) there is a mass wedding on V-day and somehow Albel and Nel get married Nel: officially Myst: Oooooooooooh! Myst: I like it so far Nel: Everyone but them knows they got married, but they slowly stumble across clues Nel: like rings, a wedding dress.... things that need explaining because they got married outside of the ways they know for matrimony Myst: Heheheheheh Nel: can you imagine how they feel when they find out Nel: and how pissed Albel would be that he can't remember their wedding night? You heard the girl, a valentines day challenge. Hop to it non-lazy authors!
2/10/2006 #54
Sorceress Myst
I recieved a new idea from Ayumi-hime: What if Nel and Albel hooked up and busy (cough) and Nel gets pregnant and really really really grumpy. It'll be nice to see her get all PMS on Fayt and the gang.
2/17/2006 #55
I have an alternate form for Lorelai Kline's Idea #54. It's more of an approach than an actual plot, though. The basis for the idea is the relationship of Achilles and Penthesilea (an Amazon Queen and daughter of Ares/Mars) at Troy, as in Quintus of Smyrna's The War at Troy. The way that went down was that Penthesilea came into the war because she helped kill her sister (Hippolyta/Antiope (long story)) and so is atoning by fighting alongside her former enemy Priam, who is also paying a hefty amount of loot. Penthesilea is all riled up and ready to go, and she goes out with her Amazons and fights the good fight, taking names and whatnot, and then Achilles and Ajax hear the war sounds from wangsting over the very dead Patroculus (whose name I cannot spell). Ajax goes to take out the other Amazons, and Achilles takes on Penthesilea. She gets whooped 'cause Achilles is woah-over-powered, and dies. Achilles wants to see the face of this proud warrior, so he takes of her helmet and WOAH. Her beauty amazes her and he says that he should have taken her home and made her his queen, not killed her. Then this other Greek whom everyone hates ('cept his relative) mocks Achilles for mourning a woman, and Achilles gets pissy and kills the guy. Achilles then proceeds to give her body to Priam for a proper burial. Take note here that Priam had to BEG Achilles ON HIS KNEES so he could bury Hector properly; this is a sign of respect. Granted, the alternate ending was that Achilles raped Penthesilea's dead body and was mocked for that, but that version really creeps me out, so we're gonna ignore that here. Henrich Von Kleist also wrote a weird German play about it (Penthesilea: A Tragic Drama), if you're interested. Anyway, you get the point of the story. I think you can draw some nifty stuff from this, especially Albel-wise. This type of thing would work best in an AU where Fayt and company never dropped in to be awesome, so the war is still going on. The focus would especially be on Albel and Nel as opposing military leaders in battles and their changing opinions of eachother throughout such a long war, e.g. growing respect and admiration of another highly competent warrior. There's a lot of potentially awesome fight scenes, military tactics, politics, and spying. Lots of violent smut potential too, if you want to go there. I'm too tired and lazy to think out Albel and Nel enough to be able to do this sort of thing, so I leave the concept in...uh...everyone's?...hand(s)(??). Yeah. Also, I'm sorry if I dragged on about Achilles and Penthesilea, but I've studied them too much, you know? ...Yeah. Have good, everyone.
2/21/2006 #56
Aleu The Lunar Wolf
Cute idea Myst. I think most of you people know my friend and I came up with the idea of Cast Away based off the movie. I love Wilson 8D Yeah Albel and Nel get standed on a island. Nel's going to crack(or go insane) later on in the story. Being stranded on a island with Albel will do that to you.
2/22/2006 #57
Lorelai Kline
I dunno.... I wouldn't mind being stranded on an island with Albel. It'd be a chance to forget prejudices and start anew.... not to mention a good roll in the sand with the waves crashing over...... uhhhh..... Sorry, my brain went into fluff-mode. It'd be great to see Nel go nuts. Maybe she eats some bad berries or something. LMAO!!!! I just got the image of a high Nel around Albel. Dear APRIS, let the hilarity ensue!!!! (and the fluff.... love the fluff).
2/22/2006 #58
Aleu The Lunar Wolf
Well think about it. It's Nel. Normally she would stay calm, but in thise case she's going insane. It's really that Albel is going to just bug her and bug her and bug her until she finally cracks. Don't worry. There will be fluff ^.^ My friends a Alnel fan too and she has a screwed up mind o_O;;
2/22/2006 #59
Ecstacy of Quietus
I like the Freaky Friday Idea. I really wanted to make a fic like that maybe I should Start!!
2/24/2006 #60
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