Fable War of the Void Invite Only
Years after the events of Fable III the forces of the void are stirring. The Seer Theresa has seen this and knows only the decesndants of the greatest (or infamous *cough* Reaver *cough*) can save the world.
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Zeus Lord of the Sky

"Nice to meet you." Susan said as shakes her hand. "If you don't mind me asking but why are you heading to he city?"

4/27/2021 #271

"Oh I am just a wanderer, never sticking around in one place for too long. I make my coin, buy what I need, and then move on." She would tell her.

10/26/2021 #272

Aeon who had been listening quietly noticed she had a an air around her similar to his great grandfather but no where near as strong showing she had some knowledge of Will

10/26/2021 #273
Zeus Lord of the Sky

"I see." Susan said smiling as the group continues walking down the road.

10/26/2021 #274

Lana would watch the group start to walk away, seeing they were heading in a different direction that she was going.

10/26/2021 #275

As Aeon passed her he said "You should be careful moving forward, we ran into some bandits as we came here and while I like to think we dealt with them all their might still be some in the area"

10/26/2021 #276
Zeus Lord of the Sky

As the group started to pass Lana she would be struck by a vision of events to come. She would see towns on fire and people dying with the group fighting against creatures of the void

10/26/2021 . Edited 10/26/2021 #277

Lana would shudder and gasp at this vision, holding her head as she had never experienced something like this before with her being quite confused.

10/26/2021 #278
Zeus Lord of the Sky

Hearing her gasp Susan turned around to look at her. "Are you ok?" She asked walking over and placing a hand on her shoulder.

10/26/2021 #279

"U-Uh yeah, just fine. It's just a mild migraine, that is all." Lana would say to her while catching her breath.

10/26/2021 #280

"Are you sure?" Sean asked

"Do you need anything for it?" Gale asked

10/26/2021 #281

"I-I just need to sit down and rest for a moment, I will be okay." She said to them, moving away from Susan.

10/26/2021 #282

Aeon frowned, he clearly sensed something coming from her when her apparent migraine hit but he could figure just what it was he sensed

10/26/2021 #283
Zeus Lord of the Sky

Austin looked at Aeon as he was watching what just happened. "What was that?" He asked him

10/26/2021 #284

"I am unsure, I sensed a spark of Will when he supposed migraine hit but it like nothing I ever dealt with before and my great grandfather practically showed me every spell that exists in Albion" Aeon said to him

10/26/2021 #285

Hope would just quietly watch Lana as she took a seat down on a stump and slowly rubbed the temples of her head.

10/26/2021 #286

"Well, we do need to find a place to rest soon." Sean said.

"Perhaps we should figure it out later" Gale said

10/26/2021 #287
Zeus Lord of the Sky

"We can either set up camp or try and find someone willing to put us up for a night." Austin said looking at the sky

10/26/2021 #288

Aeon also looked at sky "If we could find a working Cullis Gate we could head to Brightwood Tower for the night"

10/26/2021 . Edited 10/26/2021 #289
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