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Ickle Putty Tat
I have said before and I'll say it again, I STILL beleive that 'Jerrie and 'Teazer are siblings. I remember reading an interview with Jo Gibb and she said she beleived them to be siblings and that all the way through the DVD there is nothing to say they're mates.
10/2/2006 #1
She believed them to be siblings! Exactly! She never said the couldn't also be mates... But in the case of that not being the case, I like: Mungojerrie/Jemima or Rumpleteazer/Plato
12/4/2006 #2
Ickle Putty Tat
Too true.
12/5/2006 #3
I say both too. They're CATS, there's nothing unnatural about it, and even if there was they wouldn't care. =) They've never been ones for rules anyhow...
8/13/2007 #4
*sigh*, I've argued this point so many times I'm just sick of it. :) I believe they're siblings. As to whether they're mates, it's definitely possible seeing as (as Wolf said) they're cats. Might cause some defective kittens though. ;) I don't like the idea of them being mates, but I'm not gonna rule it out, cuz cat siblings mate sometimes. *shrug* it's a fact of life.
11/9/2007 #5
Black Jack and Coca Cola

Lol, they don't have to worry about kittens, since Mungojerrie's a male calico, and male calicos are always sterile...

9/21/2008 #6

I have to agree with Wolfjet. Even if their siblings, the can still be mates anyway. They're cats.

10/30/2008 #7

I also agree. Many people believe in MistoxVIctoria even though they are siblings.

Al though Mungojerrie and Rumpletetazer look alike, if you take a closer look at the costumes, Mungo has darker colored stripes that almost touch and Rumple has brighter colored striped that don't almost touch, she sort of has a strip of white running down her chest. Also, there are points in the movie where they snuggle in a very romantic way.

10/10/2010 #8

I agree. They don't look exactly alike. Plus, if you look in the background when Plato and Victoria are doing the mating dance, they are doing some very unsiblingly like things (if you catch my drift). I like them as mates, however they could be siblings too, either way. And there is nothing to prove that Victoria and Mistoffelees are siblings.

11/4/2010 #9

It depends on the production. Like in some versions Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are mates, in others siblings. Or flat out just friends.

Though, I think they are siblings.

3/10/2011 #10
Brave Battalion

Mates. Matesmatesmatesmatesmates! I'm sorry, for some reason I just love the idea. And a lot of the fics are cute.

But about the siblings things: Cat's dont think about that, they DO! (So I could support both XP) Plus whoever said that thing about male calico's being sterile. Yep, no baby's for Mungo (how horribly sad....)

4/22/2011 #11
Welsh Gem

They could be both, in a way. One of them could be adopted and it might be alright to mate with your adopted sibling. Or they could secretly be sharing one parent, making them half-siblings and mates at the same time. Or maybe they're just the same breed of cat and are so close they're mistaken for siblings :P

8/11/2011 #12
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