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Cas di Angelo

I was in my AmMu theatre class this past semester, and we were talking about Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and his shows. We watched the opening number for Cats, and I had a hard time not singing along! Anyway, after the song got over, someone was like, "What is cats about?" I just about fell out of my chair. My professor (yup, this is a college class) kinda laughed and said there was no plot, that it was just a bunch of people pretending they were cats, and the only thread of plot was *and I quote* ''which cat's gonna go to the Heaviside Layer? *laughs again* It's Grizabella by the way." at this, pretty much everyone started laughing, and I got mad. I stood up and started arguing with my professor:

Me: "There is TOO a plot!"

Jim(professor): "Oh really?"

Me: "Yes, there is!"

Jim:*looks at me expectantly*

Me: *sighs* "first they explain that all cats are Jellicles, and they explain what they gather for. THEN they start suggesting who should be chosen. Munkustrap says Jenny, The Rum Tum Tugger wants attention & to crash the party, Griz tries to join the tribe, Jenny says Bustopher Jones, Mungo and Rumpel play around, Old D finally comes, and they perform a short 'play' for him. Then they start dancing for the ball, and Griz tries to join the tribe again. *end of act one* Old D lectures them on their ways, because he thinks they don't get the meaning of happiness. Jelly comes out to suggest Gus, they do a play he did in his youth, and then they sing about Skimbleshanks. Macavity interrupts them, and Demeter and Bombalurina tell the other queens about Macavity, and Munku comes and fights the ginger tom. The Jellicles win the fight, but they need to find Old D, so Tugger suggests Mistoffelees. Then it's time to choose who goes to the Heaviside layer, and Griz comes on, trying to join the tribe again. She tells them that they don't really know what happiness is and the value of memories, and she is chosen. Old D then tells everyone of addressing a cat in the proper way."

Jim: *looks at me blankly, or maybe like i'm crazy*

Me: "shouldn't you be the one telling *us* about the deep meaning behind shows?"

Whole class + Jim: *laughs raucously, practically rolling on the floor*

1/2/2010 #1

HOW COULD SOMEONE THINK THERE IS NOT A PLOT TO CATS????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wanna be a two-person angry mob against this teacher? JK, i would never do that

1/9/2010 #2

Make that three!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CATS

1/24/2010 #3

Make it four! I'll join your Mob of People Who Know That CATS Has a Plot! :D

5/28/2010 #4


5/28/2010 #5

Someday, a million people will join our mob/group thing... AND WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD! MWAHAHA!! (I think I've been listening to Macavity too much...)

5/28/2010 #6

Make that five!

If you just look at it, Andrew Lloyd Webber is letting us choose how we take it in. Some people just say "It has nice costumes and music, but it has a very weak plot" and that is because they are uninterested. When I first saw an advertisment for the revival of CATS, there was Bombalurina and Skimbleshanks and I thought that it was a romance story between them. I also saw Jennyanydots and Rum Tum Tugger and I thought that Jenny (she looked very young) was his daughter who wanted freedom, but her father, Rum Tum Tugger, who was the leader of the tribe wouln't let her. When I saw Grizabella the Glamour cat's video, I skipped forward and heard her singing and then Cassandra got up and since Munukustrap was near Grizabella, I thought that Munkustrap had wanted to mate Cassandra, but Grizabella was warning him about her. The last song that I saw was Macavity. I thought that a new cat had come, named Macavity, and Demeter was in love with him and thought something was weird about him, but she liked it. If I hadn't made those assumptions, which made me want to know the real plot, I wouldn't be here typing. If you open your eyes and even though all the characters and couples seem very hard to see (like: "I don't see ElectraxMistoffelees, they're never together.") if you look close enough, you can see where people get the cats' personalities from. Ex: Alonzo dances with lots of queens and flirts alot too. He fought Macavity. And whenever he's around queens or doing his solos, he tries to attract all eyes so he's the only one being watched. Translation: Alonzo is very flirty and his a mild Rum Tum Tugger, but he does have a brave side. He loves to have all eyes on him (especially is they belong to queens).

P.S. I do know the real plot now.

10/15/2010 #7
Welsh Gem

Make me sixth :P

8/11/2011 #8


...Cats, Chess, Repo!,....all the ones people I know put down, when they're absolutley AMAZING....Of course I'll join an angry mob to support at least one of them!

10/9/2011 #9

I know this thread is most likely dead, but I wanted to put my own opinion here.

The reason a plot is not obvious is thanks to the T.S. Elliot Company - The Really Useful Group had to go to them to obtain permission for using the poems, as well as Mrs. Elliot.

The Company agreed, laying down two main rules. They could only use the poems, with anything else having to be allowed by the Company. Now this I can understand. But the next rule was awful.

They couldn't write a script.

Now that was just plain stupid. How were they supposed to create a story at all without a script, one may ask? This is why the actors became very confused about what they were supposed to be doing. Although I do agree there is a plot, you have to look pretty hard to find it.

My source for all this is from Wikipedia.

6/28/2014 #10

I'm already googling ways to win an argument... sooo like nine? Ten? Im sure I can get my friends into it too. We CATS fanatics must unite against the evil of the 'CATS has no plot' people!

12/12/2016 . Edited 12/12/2016 #11
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