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I guess this sort of relates to the question of who is mates with whom, but I've read a few fics recently that depict the birth of new kittens belonging to various couples, and I was wondering: Which couple do you think is most likely to have kittens first? I'm not sure myself. Couples of the proper age I would guess are Cassandra/Alonzo, Munkustrap/Demeter and Bombalurina/Tugger. But Bomb and Tugger don't seem deeply committed, and Demeter and Munk seem a bit too shy or something to hook up immediately... so maybe Cassandra and Alonzo? Huh, I don't know...
11/28/2007 #1
Hmm well in my fic Dem and Munkustrap have kittens first...but they've been mates for awhile, so it wasn't 'immediate'. :) Bomba/ whoever would probably be next... maybe...
11/28/2007 #2
It does seem that Dem and Munk are the most parent-like, I guess. Though I'm curious also as to [i]when[/i] the first batch of kittens will pop up. Maybe if none of the adult couples make a decision quickly enough, a younger couple will beat them to it.
11/28/2007 #3
hmm perhaps...
11/28/2007 #4

Both good points. Munkus and Dem are parent like, but they are shy around each other. Bomba and Tugger, in my eyes, will never have kittens together, if they did, it would be a complete accident...who would have kittens first?....who...oh! Macavity and Griddlebone. There we go.

8/10/2010 #5
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