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Note: I'm working purly from the DVD hear So what actually is it with Demeter? When Grizzabllea appears, how she reacts to Tugger, and who could forget her Macavity paranoia? Its been used by so many writers, but what are your thoughts on Demeter, her past, present, relationships and future?
9/11/2006 #1
Ickle Putty Tat
I really believe that Grizzabella is Demeter's mother. Also that Macavity r*** Demeter after she was wildly flirting with him. AND Tugger's behavior reminds Demeter of it. What d'ya think?
9/12/2006 #2
interesting idea, i just thought she didn't like Tugger 'cos Bomba liked him or something.
10/1/2006 #3
Call me crazy, but... Demeter was in love originally with Macavity, and Macavity and Munkustrap had a huge brotherly relationship. Munkustrap had a huge love for a certain queen named Grizabella, but being the glamour queen she was, she and him were both constantly in an on and off relationship. Eventually, Grizabella got completely disgusted with the tribe, proclaiming they were all holding her back from her life in the theatre, so she left. Demeter and Grizabella had been both extremely good friends throughout the time so she felt horrible when she left. Munkustrap also took her comments personally, and she rejected him when he begged her to stay. Macavity, in rage, r*** Grizabella, was discovered and banished from the tribe. Demeter was always wary of him and afraid he would do the same to her for not coming with him. Macavity then was furious at Munkustrap for not defending him and swore vengence on both of them, driving them together as a couple. Confused yet? You may say, but Grizabella is old! But she could just be dilapidated. Although, I also can go along with what Demecat said, and that was an interesting thought about Demeter not liking Tugger because he reminded her to much of Macavity. That's just my opinion though!^^
12/4/2006 #4
Oh right, why Macavity r*** Grizabella was because he was angry at the pain she caused Demeter and Munkustrap.
12/4/2006 #5
Ickle Putty Tat
I still say Grizabella was Demeter's mother!
12/5/2006 #6
Once more, that works also!^^ Have you ever noticed though, just above where her black begins, she has stripes a lot like Munkustrap's? Perhaps she's his mother? Though she is black like Demeter...Ah well, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to this stuff...except people writing Macavity too nice and not-tantomile/Alonzo pairings.
12/6/2006 #7
Yoshiko Turada
I hate how in most fanfictions, everybody makes Demeter into this scared, shy person. Sure, she's scared of Macavity. But aren't most of the cats? In the movie, she dances to Macavity's song. She's not crying or wide-eyed when she does it. I'm not saying that they never had a relationship in the past, but what is it with everyone making fanfics about him raping her? Seriously, I don't get it. Maybe I'm oblivious, but her dance to his name isn't what a r*** victim would do to her r***. [Not bashing anybody's opinions. I just really want to know how everyone gets 'r***.']
7/3/2007 #8
One of the extras to the DVD showed the choreographer and Aeva May (or whoever played Demeter) discussing the Macavity dance. The choreographer said that her moves should imply, "He was wonderful when he made love to me, but I hated him." I found that quite interesting. So here's a story idea, then: He was charming despite his disheveled appearance, smooth even, intelligent, and his reputation as a feared villain made his possessive touch all the more thrilling. Demeter wasn't a kitten. She convinced herself that she knew what she was doing, that she could handle the mystery cat. She hadn't seen the side of him that earned his many titles yet, and began to wade in over her head. Macavity treated Demeter like gold in the beginning. She figured the rumors were exaggerated. But then she saw how cruel and cold he could be to his agents, how he used and taunted them. She learned that he would never accept "No," and what he was willing to do to those in his way. Frightened of him now, she tried to break the relationship off. He wouldn't allow it. She still had feelings for him, or the cat she once thought he was, and he used them to trap her emotionally, lure her back to him. Maybe some physical abuse was involved. She was afraid of him, but still melted at his touch, still seemed to love him. Eventually Bombalurina visited her (or met her for the first time, whichever) and perceived that all was not well. Bombalurina persuaded Demeter to leave, and together the two returned to the junkyard- maybe with Mungojerrie's help in diverting Macavity and other agents. The ever-obssessive Macavity discovered her location, and came for Demeter on the night of the Jellicle Ball. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. Not exactly r***, but potential physical and psychological abuse. I don't know what's up with how she reacts to Tugger, though. Maybe she's offended by his expecting her to be head over heels for him like everyone else, and is simply asserting that she is not as naive as she once was by rejecting him.
11/28/2007 . Edited 11/28/2007 #9

Belive Macavity and Demeter had a relationship( Demeter loved Macavity), and of course he was not faithful, Cheating on her with many queens, one includes Bumbalarina (also Bustos sister, but thats a diff story), she dident know about the cheating until Bumba brough it up years later during the movie when she says ..."i know he cheats at cards"(thats when Demeter turned to her in shock, with the look of jelousy on her face). Demeter felt ignored and was tired/scared of his evil schemes, and games, so after some time she left for the jellical junkyard (without letting Macavity know) where she met and mated with Macavity's younger brother Munkustrap, resulting in Jemima. She still has feelings for Macavity but is mostly bitter towards him for the failed relationship. She acts scared of him in the movie because she knows what he is capabul of and that he is probably mad at her sudden disaperence, As Bumba is singing about his 'Head swaying' Demeter looks as if she is remeber her past with him and surficeing old feelings. also when Bumba says "He's a fiend in feline shape" Demeter looks away as if Bumba was Joudgeing her bad relationship choices. Demeter come in soon after with "hes outwardly respectabul" as if to stand up for Macavity and redeem herself/comferm that her feeling towards him are alright. Bumba shoots her argument down with the information of him cheating. For the next part of the song Bumba looks as if she is getting Demeter motovated into speeking badly of Macavity. (ex. after Bumbas line "And when the larder's looted." she looks at Demeter as if to say "your turn to say somthing negative" and Bumba is still looking at Demeter the begining of Demeters line "or the jewel case is rifled" to comferm that she succsesfully convinced Demeter that Macavity is a bad Tom.

Macavity felt he had a strong hold on her and was confident she would not leave (he had the feeling of power over their relationship and abused it) resulting in his cheating and nagative attitude towards her. She left without consulting him, striping away all feeling of control and power, and of course Macavity is angerd by this, and is even more angerd when he found out (probably from Mungo and Rumple) that she ran to his younger brother (who he already felt jelousy towards because of Munku being next in line for jellical leader after he was no longer allowed in the jellical tribe because he had turned evil- once agein differnt story) and so he attempts to steal her back, as we saw in the Play and get his reveng on the jellical tribe, by kidnaping old D as he did in the Play. ---

I dont like the over used story line of Macavity rapeing Demeter, Because i feel that he would be able to get woman without haveing to force them seeing as he is a powerful Tom. (not to mention good looking, or is that just me?).

I know what your thinking what Queen would go with an evil guy like him? I dont belive relationships are common with him or even easy to come across but one night stands are completly understandabul! some queens like human woman would want some cheep thrill once in a while, dont joudge me, I came across this trait by simple observations, Girls being intrested in bad boys is not uncommon.

Another thing is how would being r*** make you more aware of that persons presence, it would be more likely to make you more paranoid but why dident she jump any other cats in fear of them being Maca? Macavity was dressed in a perfect discise, he tricked all the jellicals into beliveing he was old D, even Munku! it would take somone with long term experience and somone who knew Macavity better then anyone else knew him to see past the discise.

To me she dose not look terrified of him any more then any other cat was, infact at the ending she looked more angrey then scared, Like the way i imagin anyone would look if their ex showed up picking fights with your new boyfriend.

I also found her dance moves 'sexy' I dont think a r*** victem would be danceing in such a way while singing about their offender.

Also If Demeter was r*** I find it ironic that Bumba would be comferting her throw out the play but then feels the need to 'tease' Demeter about it during his song, you cannot argue that Bumba had that teen Gossip girl look in her eyes aspecially during the "cheats at cards" line

Asumeing it was Bumba the one Gillian Lynne was talking to when she said "he was wonderful when he made love to me but i hated him"-in the makeing of cats I belive Bumba was sleeping with him not to hurt her Best friend or sister Demeter but to comferm that he was bad news and use the information to make Demeter leave him.

Now Asumeing it was Demeter that Gillian Lynn was talking to when she said "he was wonderful when he made love to me but i hated him"-In the makeing of cats, days befor she left they had made love, and at this time she had already decided she was leaveing and that she hated him. but he was still good.

to disprove the argument that Jemima is Demeters daughter that occured after the r***, Macavity is Munkus brother so it isant unbeliveabul that Jemima could have taken some of her colours from her uncle, or aunt if Bumba is Demeters sister. I dont really see how Jemima looks anything like Macavity, but apparently in the eyes of alot of fans she dose, so thats my explimation for that.

Also the reasson Demeter is not intrested in the Rum Tum Tugger is because she is attracted to more mature guys, like the soon to be leader of the junkyard, or The most evil of cats. I think Demeter is very mature, and probably sees his actions as a child wanting attechon.

I could probably find more, but i think my opinion is clearly stated and properly supported here. Have any questions or wanna argue our opinions, feel free to message me I keep an open mind.

6/11/2010 . Edited 6/11/2010 #10

Actually...I feel the need to point out to the person before that on that DVD extra, it's not Aeva May that Gillian Lynne is talking to; it's Rosemrie Ford, who played Bombalurina. It also makes more sense because Gillian says, "[Bombalurina]'s kind of a harpie" i.e someone who sleeps around. That definitely seems more her character than Demeter's. SO it's even possible to conclude that Demeter and Macavity have never "been" together at all. Maybe she's just constantly paranoid that he'll try it with her after what he did to Bomba. It is, after all, implied that she's the younger sister of the two. Maybe she's seen almost had something with Macavity, but got away before he could try anything nasty...that's just my rambling anyway.

8/19/2010 #11

That was not Rosemarie Ford because Bombalurina never does those movements in the song. It was probably the original Lodon cast Demeter because at that point in the video they are still talking about the opening of CATS. I also must point out that Demeter does the movements "he was wonderful when he made love to me, but I hated him" in the song Macavity. Go check and see if you don't believe me.

10/15/2010 #12
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