Clockwork Orange
This is for those who luuurve the book and or movie. funness! ya! any topic! 21st chapter stuff...favorite scenes. we you want.
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Although I love the movie and cant wait to read the book, I can help wonder if theres any signifcant differances between the two?

Anyone seen the book and read the movie?

6/18/2011 #1

I read the ebook a few times, but I'm kinda too scared to watch any further about the film than 1 clip on Youtube...I think I might be able to chat about it anyway, though...:)

10/10/2011 #2

There's another topic about this on this forum, I'd be willing to discuss it with you :D

11/3/2011 #3
oh but you have to see the film! It's a classic!
11/7/2011 #4

In the movie, you know how Alex brings those two girls (underage) home for a consensual threesome? Well, in the book, he supposedly brings home two ten-year-olds, feeds and drugs them, and r*** them. Now I haven't read the book, though I want to, but I heard it was even worse than the movie. Alex is worse. And he's fifteen (my age!) in the novel.

11/24/2011 #5

Yeah, scary thought, isn't it, BD? ;) While I will admit that the consenting threesome shows that mmmaybe the film Alex once had a friendly side that is diminishing the longer he harms people, in the book, I see no such thing. It's like he demands to be the center of the universe 24-7, and insists that everything he does is wonderful even when it costs someone else their sanity and/or their lives. Even the last chapter shows only that he demands to be loved without question by a woman, not that he plans to show any love to her in return...someone care to explain to me how a person who views women and girls only as objects/property/human toys should have a bride handed to him on a silver platter, no background checks asked??? Doesn't that just create a permanent victim for the book version of Alex to use/abuse as he sees fit?

11/24/2011 #6
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