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Cyrene Lysandra

We want you to enjoy the forum, but for everything to run smoothly, these guidelines have to be implemented

1. Don't control an OC that isn't yours

2. Try to be respectful to the other RPers.

3. Don't permanently kill someone's OC without their permission, during daily battles at Valhalla, it's fine

4. Keep the content T- Basically PG-13. I will specify in later rules

5. Read the roleplay or ask in the chat what's going on if you haven't been on in awhile

6. If you have any problems, please PM me

7. Please don't start RPing until either the admin or the mods have accepted your OC

8. If you're going to be inactive for more than a few days, please let us know in the chat so we can move along in the RP without having to wait for you.

9. Please be historically accurate in your bios. If you'd like your OC to be from a certain time period in history, take into consideration where they lived, and what life was like in that place at that time (just google your time period and location). I will not allow you to make up wars or earth-shattering historical events just for your OC. It is fairly easy to tie your OC into existing battles and events, if you are willing to do the research

10. The admin/mod's word is final. Please do not argue with us, as we know what we're doing

11. Cursing is okay, but not excessively. You don't need to curse every other word or sentence for no reason

12. If you want to have a sex scene, please move it to PM, or just do a time skip

13. Don't make your OC all-powerful. If there are fights or battles going on, please keep in mind that your OC is not invincible.

14. This is completely AU. There are no Canon characters (except gods). I am okay with subtle references to canons but that is it.

15. Please, no text talk in your posts. And I know we're not geniuses, but please try to use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible

16. Keep your posts in the past tense and in the third person

17. Pay attention to what's happening in the RP. I know things can get confusing, and if you're gone for prolonged periods of time you may ask in the Chat what happened, but do not ask for a recap if you've only been gone for a little while. It gets very annoying.

18. There is no limit on OCs. But only make as many as you can handle.

19. I understand that you may not be able to finish your OC all at once, and that you may have to leave a half-finished OC form. I completely understand. But if you're going to, please put (WIP) or (Work in Progress) at the top of the form. That being said, if you are going to be continually active, do not just leave your unfinished OC there. Additionally, if you do post an OC and the mods respond with critiques, please try and fix them in a timely manner. Again, if you're inactive for a bit, I understand, but if you are posting in other topics, you should be able to go back and fix your OC. If you continue to do this we will give you some reminders. If you still do not finish, we will delete your OC.

20. You may not claim a god unless you have at least one OC accepted.

21. The main focus of this RP is the OCs, not the gods. The gods are there to be claimed because they have to be. They will occasionally be used to drive the plot along, but that is it.

22. To keep things balanced, you must make a non-Einherjar OC for every two Einherji you make

23. I will not set limits on gender, since I know it can be difficult to RP as another gender for some people, but please try to keep things balanced. If there is an abundance of female OCs, for example, you can try to make a male OC, or just wait to make another female

24. At this point, to make sure you've read this, please PM me the number of floors in Valhalla

25. Do not take control of the plot. The mods decide the quests, and who will go on them. You will have a chance to go one a quest, we promise, but do not initiate them on your own.

26. No one has to strictly claim the norns or the thanes, but the mods have control over them. You are not allowed to RP as the norns or thanes.

27. Battles can be tricky to write, without controlling someone else's OC. I get that. So here are some tips:

While writing, never explicitely say that you did something to another OC. Here's an example of what not to do: "Aysel stabbed the warrior, watching as the blade sliced cleanly through his chest." Unless the warrior is also your OC, this is violating the rules.

Here is what you should do: "Aysel aimed her next strike towards the warrior's chest, hoping for a clean strike." This gives the other person a chance to dodge.

28. That being said, this is not an invitation to make your OCs invincable. I don't care if they've been training for thousands of years. I don't care if they gave enhanced combat skills for one reason or another. Everyone messes up.

Consequences for breaking the rules can range anywhere from a warning to a ban. The punishment depends on the infraction.

To show you have read and understand these rules, say I accept

10/11/2017 . Edited 10/27/2017 #1

I accept!

10/11/2017 #2
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

I accept

10/12/2017 . Edited 10/12/2017 #3

I accept.

10/15/2017 #4

I accept!

10/16/2017 #5

I accept these rules :)

10/27/2017 #6

I accept

10/28/2017 #7
Until You Hate Me

I accept

12/7/2017 #8

I accept

8/14/2018 #9

I Accept

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