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Cyrene Lysandra

General Profile

Full Name: First, middle (optional), last. Please don't do any outrageous names. Hard to pronounce and unique stuff from other languages or cultures is okay, but only if your character is from that culture. (So don't give your character a really foreign name unless they're from that country or place) Also, no repeats. Check the roster to see if your name is taken, and if you really want that name there are usually multiple ways of spelling it.

Nickname: If they would like to be called something other than their real name

Race/ Ethnicity: The country or countries their family is from. Please make sure this matches up with your name. So, if your character is of a certain ethnicity, be sure that at least their last name matches up with that.

Sexual Orientation:

Age: Both actual age and age when they died (age they appear to be)

Physical Appearance: Please be descriptive! At least a paragraph (See mine for an example)

Personality: Don't just list adjectives, please use full sentences and at least a paragraph.

History: Parents, siblings, where they grew up, what their home life is like, how they died or joined the Valkyries, etc. If you would like to privately RP and Einherjar's death, either choose an existing Valkyrie and (with the permission of whoever created them), you two may RP in a private thread. If you would like to, you can also PM me with your ideas, and I can make a generic Valkyrie to RP with you.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji, Valkyrie, Dwarf, Elf, etc

Godly Parent:

Powers: Every power must have a limit, and must relate to your godly parent


Fatal Flaw: No pride or loyalty

Other: Just fun facts or interesting quirks about your character; stuff to make them more relatable/ realistic

10/11/2017 #1
Cyrene Lysandra

General Profile

Full Name: Aysel 'Solak' Busani

Nickname: Luna

No one knows her real name, even she doesn't consider Aysel to be her real name, having only learned it after her death. Most people know her as Luna, she thinks of herself as Solak.

Race/ Ethnicity: Turkish

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Age: Died at 16, is actually over 1000 (see bio for details)

Physical Appearance: Aysel has deep olive skin and a tall, lithe figure. She stands at about 5' 10", with a lean, toned body. She has long hair that falls past her hips. It is thick, dark, and pin-straight. Usually it's in a braid adorned with small silver stones. Aysel has full, dark red lips, and a celestial-shaped nose. Her most stunning feature by far is her eyes: large and blue-grey with flecks of gold.

She prefers to wear dark colors- usually black though sometimes blue and gray. She usually wears leggings or jeans, and plain t-shirts. She wears her weapons strapped to her legs. Aysel often wears simple silver jewelry, the only feminine things she will ever wear.

Personality: Aysel is smart, strong, clever, and ruthless. She likes to be in control, of herself, her emotions, and her surrounds. She is very gaurded, somewhat of an ignma even to those that know her. She is not very forgiving and isn't quick to trust people. She is very blunt and straight forward and protective of those she cares about. She is a natural leader, she likes to be in charge, and is mindful of others. She is extremely observant, she understands how people work, and she is quick on her feet. She likes to be aware of herself and her surrounds, she thinks if she knows what is going on she can control it too. She is a bit cold, a bit antisocial, but deep down a very kind person, though doesn't often show it. She is no nonsense and always keeps a cool head. She is very empathetic but a little less compassionate. She hates it when people underestimate her. She is a bit bitter, a bit mean, and is generally distasteful of most people and things. She is fairly good with people even if she doesn't necessarily like them, but can often be too assertive, too abrasive, too aggressive, which makes people fear her, though she is fine with that.

Aysel is good with words, she knows how to use them to get what she wants even if she doesn't use them too often. She is very smart, but quietly so, to the point where people assume she is clever purely because she has that air about her, even though she only gives answers when called upon. Aysel is witty, and has a sharp tongue that she uses to protect herself. She's a fighter, and very stubborn, not one to give up easily. She often is scowling or looks bored. Apart from everything, she is exceptionally brave.

History: Aysel was born around 885 AD to Kadira Busani, in what is now Eastern Iran, during the Saffarid Dynasty (a Muslim Persianate dynasty from Sistan). Kadira was the daughter of a tailor in Zaranj, the capital city. She was exceptionally beautiful, and her beauty was often compared to that of the moon. This is what helped her gain the attention of Mani.

Kadira was sentenced to death after Aysel was born, since she was married and therefore Aysel was a bastard child, as her husband had not been the father. She was then sent to live with her uncle, a cruel man named Cemil. Cemil was used to getting what he wanted. And he didn't want Aysel. So he abused her, mentally and physically, for years. When she was seven, he was killed by foreign soldiers.

Aysel managed to escape the carnage. She found an older widow named Lale, a kind woman who took her in. She loved her very much, and she loved her like her own child. Not knowing her real name, Lale called her Solak, an endearing nickname seeing as she was left-handed. This solace only lasted about three years, until Aysel was thirteen and the fighting came to the small village where Lale lived. Once again, Aysel was able to escape, but Lale was not so lucky.

Seeking to avenge her mothers, both birth and adoptive, Aysel soon used her smooth words and good looks to with the favor of Ismail Samani. In 900, Samani conquered and defeated the Saffarid dynasty, in the Battle of Balkh. Aysel was not supposed to fight, but she did so anyway, saving the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, but losing her life in the process. This heroic deed was noticed by a Valkyrie, and earned her a spot in Valhalla.

When she arrived, she was claimed by her father at the feast, and only then learned her real name. She was so used to Solak that she almost decided to go by that, but it only brought back sad memories. She chose the name Luna, one she rather liked, that was a silent memorium to her mother's name for her (Ay, the first part of her name, is Turkish for moon). However, after centuries of being there, Aysel is depressed, despite her struggle to convince herself otherwise. She's accepted it now. She has been for decades, but hasn't told anyone about it yet, and is extremely good at hiding it. She often goes long periods of time without eating or sleeping.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Mani


Night manipulation- the ability to control darkness, light and shadows

Night Vision- she can see clearly at night

Her powers are weaker during the day

Weapons: A gold blade called Zaman (meaning day), and a silver blade called Aksam (meaning night)

Fatal Flaw: Self-acceptance


  • She is left-hand dominant but has trained herself to be ambidextrous
  • Fluent in English, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, French, Latin, Hindi, and Urdu
  • Speaks with a slight, lilting accent
  • Doesn't care much for sweet foods
  • Has several degrees in many subject areas
  • She is extremely wise and intelligent, having 'lived' for such a long time
  • Despite her attempts to understand it, modern technology still confuses her, and she often strays away from using it
  • She is is trained in mixed martial arts
  • Favorite colors are midnight blue and silver
  • She has a beautiful singing voice, though no one but her closest friends have ever heard her sing
10/11/2017 #2
Cyrene Lysandra

General Profile

Full Name: Kalen Loordes

Nickname: If they would like to be called something other than their real name

Race/ Ethnicity: Irish/ Norman

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Age: Around 900, died at 19 (see bio for details)

Physical Appearance: Despite his warm and soft personality, Kalen looks extremely intimidating at first glance. Standing at 6'4", he has a muscular build and a ruggedly handsome look to him. He has brown hair that is grown out, not to the point where it looks disheveled, but rather, attractively touseled. The same goes for his beard, which, once again, contributes to his rugged 'mountain man' look. Kalen has startlingly emerald green eyes, and chiseled features.

Kalen prefers simple clothing, upon discovering modern day jeans and hoodies, he has an affinity for them and will often wear them. Though, for battle he resorts to more traditional medieval armor, chain mail and such. He often looks like a knight on the battlefield, and he rather likes portraying himself as chivalrous that way.

Personality: Kalen is warm and inviting, and very social. He loves people in general, and will often be the one to initiate conversations. He also has a great sense of humor (albeit somewhat cheesy). He always tries to talk to everyone, and make people feel involved. This can get somewhat annoying, however. This is because he hates being alone, and assumes the same of other people. He simply doesn't understand how one could possibly be happy in isolation. Additionally, Kalen is incredibly loyal to all of his friends, and is willing to do anything for them. He puts other people's needs before his own constantly, and often doesn't expect them to return the favor. This can make him a bit gullible, and easy to exploit. He is very trusting, and it doesn't take a lot to be considered one of his friends. In fact, he considers almost everyone as a friend, to the point where the word can lose meaning to them. Kalen is also very honest. Not brutally so, but he will tell the truth if asked (though he does often try to sugar-coat it). He has a big heart, and is incredibly selfless, a hero through and through. Kalen can take almost any insult, often laughing it off. However, while he does often tease others, he will never actually insult them, no matter what they've said or done to him. He is not the type to hold grudges of any sort, and is quick to forgive and forget.

History: Kalen was born in the late 12th century in Gaelic Ireland, in one of the several kingdoms that made up the land at that time. His father was a poor peasent, working at an apothecary. He was extremely talented and known through out his kingdom for his skill. This is how he gained the attention of Eir, and soon Kalen was born. Kalen had a simple childhood. He was rather poor, but he was happy working with his father, and pursuing his passion of healing as his father's apprentice.

In May 1169, Cambro-Norman mercenaries landed in Ireland at the request of Diarmait Mac Murchada (Dermot MacMurragh), the King of Leinster, who had sought their help in regaining his kingdom. This military intervention had the backing of King Henry II of England. Pope Adrian IV had authorized Henry to conquer Ireland as a means of bringing the Irish church into line. Diarmait and the Normans seized Leinster within weeks and launched raids into neighbouring kingdoms.

During these raids, Kalen's kingdom and village were attacked. Thousands of innocents were being barbarically attacked. Kalen's father was killed during the first of these raids. Despite this, Kalen did not dwell in his anguish and grief. He knew it was illogical to try and fight against the Norman raiders, but he had to do something. So, he decided to use his powers and skills, healing those the raiders attacked, and being an almost phantom enemy. He kept this up for a few years.

In the summer of 1170, there were two further Norman landings, led by Richard 'Strongbow' de Clare. By May 1171, Strongbow had assumed control of Leinster and seized the Norse-Irish city kingdoms of Dublin, Waterford, and Wexford. That summer, High King Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair (Rory O'Connor) led an Irish counteroffensive against the Normans, but they managed to hold most of their conquered territory. In October 1171, King Henry landed a large Anglo-Norman army in Ireland to establish control over both the Cambro-Normans and the Irish. The Norman lords handed their conquered territory to Henry. He let Strongbow hold Leinster in fief and declared the cities to be crown land. Many Irish kings also submitted to him, likely in the hope that he would curb Norman expansion. Henry, however, granted the unconquered kingdom of Meath to Hugh de Lacy. After Henry's departure in 1172, Norman expansion and Irish counteroffensives continued.

As these attacks continued, Kalen continued to fight, in the shadows, healing everyone he could, while also staying alive and well himself. Once the violence seemed to die down, he started to establish his own apothecary, and continue helping others. However, the attacks and raids were not over. During one of the last ones, Kalen gave his own life force to heal the rest of the village, and for this deed he was made an Einherjar. Kalen was claimed at the feast that night, and he was not surprised upon finding out who his mother was. It only made sense, after all.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Eir- goddess of healing

Powers: He can heal himself and others, to an extent. He cannot heal severed limbs, nor can he reverse inevitably fatal injuries.

Weapons: A sword called Croi, (Irish for heart and life)

Fatal Flaw: He is too selfless, in the sense that he will often forget about himself in his rush to help others.


  • He speaks with a thick Irish brogue.
  • He absolutely loves televison. He finds it fascinatingly entertaining.
  • Surprisingly, he is a total neat freak. He likes things to be pristine and spotless.
  • Kalen is fluent in several languages- English, French, Spanish, Latin, German, and Arabic
  • He is known for his awfully cheesy jokes and puns
  • He has several degrees in multiple medical and science fields, as well as botany
  • Kalen has a green thumb; he absolutely loves gardening and his is very good at it
10/11/2017 #3
Cyrene Lysandra

General Profile

Full Name: Selah Riya Kahan

Nickname: She just goes by Selah

Race/ Ethnicity: Israeli

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Age: 15

Physical Appearance: Selah is a thin, waifish girl, looking as though she could blow away in a heavy wind due to her petite, slight build. But that all harbors a muscled physique that is not often seen, thanks to her years upon years of dancing. Selah has light olive skin, and high, prominent cheekbones. She overall has a very sculpted facial structure, with somewhat sharp features. She has hazel eyes, large and wide and often full of compassion and wonder. Selah has mid-length hair, dark and lush and falling to about mid-back. It is almost always in a braid. Selah dresses conservatively, in simple jeans and a t-shirt, though she prefers more elegant things, she knows it is not practical for fighting.

Personality: Selah is timid, but kind. She has a soft friendliness about her that makes you comfortable in her presence, and an openness that clearly shows she is accepting of all. However, she is generally quiet, and often doesn't speak until spoken to, which sometimes makes it hard to tell if she likes you even if she thinks that it is perfectly clear. Her voice is soft and melodic, a bit like her. Despite her seemingly aloof smile, she is very honest. She is a polite and generally kind. She full of curiosity but very cautious and logical. She has a brightness about her that can light up even the dimmest of days, and is a generally happy girl.

Selah craves affection but will not ask for it. She wears her heart on her sleeve even though she is sure that it will get her hurt. Selah has a lot of love to give and only asks for some in return. She is affectionate and open in her feelings. She trusts people despite her knowledge that perhaps not everyone is as good as she wants them to be. She is extremely smart, but her trusting nature makes her gullible. Selah is clever and strong. Though she is normally one to avoid conflict, she will stand firm in her beliefs. She will often sacrifice her own happiness for that of others. She is forever putting herself last. She is shy and likes to make people happy. She's independent, but enjoys the company of others. Funny but never mean, Selah is a true friend, caring and loyal to the end.


History: Selah's father, Tarik Kahan, was a brilliant dancer. Coming from a no-name town in Isreal, born to a single mother whose husband had disappeared upon discovering her pregnancy, Tarik built himself from nothing to wild success- a classical dancer known worldwide. But he was also harboring a secret. A secret that nearly drove him to insanity once his daughter was born.

Bragi was not a fickle god. Tarik was a legend of his time, and he was quickly caught the god's attention. Their romance, Tarik realized, was his biggest secret. What he always wanted. Selah was born in a most odd way- simply willed into existence and left with Tarik, before Bragi disappeared, much to Tarik's chagrin. He kept his sexuality a secret, of course, and never told his daughter the truth, making up some story about a mother who disappeared.

Tarik raised her as best as he could, giving her everything- dance lessons, which she adored, much to his approval, and other music lessons. Selah, strangely enough, fell in love with playing the viola, of all things. When she was eight years old, she was diagnosed with Chromethesia, which partly explained her prodigious musical skill. The other part, of course, was from Bragi, though neither of them knew that. But there came a point, as with nearly every celebrity, where fame came at a price. Tarik got caught up with the wrong people, and the wrong substances. He began drinking, but soon it had spiraled into an addiction to a multitude of drugs. He became obsessed with that and nothing else, and Selah- Selah was afraid. Afraid when he came home yelling and didn't even recognize her. Afraid when he blamed her.

Afraid when one day, he passed out of overdose and was put in the hospital. Selah didn't know what to feel. She was only ten. Tarik was sent to rehab. Selah was sent to a boarding school for the arts. She excelled there, but she missed her father greatly. One day while visiting him, she was attacked. Because her godly father was on Loki's bad side, she was pursued by giants who were loyal to him. The rehabilitation centre was not a kind place- full of addicts and criminals- but Selah knew she had to do what was right.

She slayed the giants, and soon Odin and Bragi themselves came to congratulate her- and tell her the truth. It was difficult to hear, but it felt right. She accepted their offer and took a role as a Valkyrie- by then she was 13. Selah went back to school, and Tarik got better, slowly but surely he was allowed out of rehab and he has started to piece his life back together. Father and daughter have grown closer since then.

Demigod Profile

Species: Valkyrie

Godly Parent: Bragi

Powers: Selah plays the viola. She has perfect pitch. She is prodigious in all forms of dance, and is effortlessly graceful. She has Chromesthesia - a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color

Weapons: An ornate knife, exquisitely delicate, yet sharp and deadly, with a milky white hilt and an obsidian blade, called grasiøs, meaning graceful. It was a gift from Bragi to her

Fatal Flaw: Her putting emotions before the more logical decision.


  • She loves to sing, though she isn't very good.
  • Selah loves parties and is a social butterfly.
  • Her favorite color is azure blue. She often wears a small necklace with an azure pendant.
  • Selah hates the quiet, and she hates being alone.
  • She doesn't like being restricted or held back, and she also doesn't like being told what to do
  • She is Jewish and very religious (This includes following Kosher laws)
  • Selah speaks Hebrew and English and knows some of other languages and can easily pick others up. (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin)
  • She has a slight, lilting accent that adds to her sweetness and charm.
10/11/2017 . Edited 10/15/2017 #4
Cyrene Lysandra

General Profile

Full Name: Zavira Eulalia de la Riva

Nickname: She is called Vera by close friends

Race/ Ethnicity: Basque- a sort of mixture of Spanish and French

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Age: She died in the late 1930s/early 1940s, aged 15 years old

Physical Appearance: Zavira could be described as almost ethereal looking. She has wide, light green eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. They brighten with her smiles and darken with each frown or deep thought. They are the lightest feature about her, contrasting her tanned skin and dark hair. She is a wisp of a girl, athletic and tall. She stands at about 5'9" and is of average build, but stronger than she looks. She has brown hair that is quite curly and falls in small waves just past her shoulders. Her eyebrows are dark and perfectly arched. Her cheekbones are sharp, her features almost pixie-like, what with her small pointed nose and her slanted eyes. Her jawline is well-defined, her chin sharp, her ears small. Light freckles are splattered arcoss her nose and cheeks. She has full pink lips.

Personality: Zavira is a straight shooter, an arrow. Her only direction is forwards, so does not care what path she needs to take to get there. She is forceful, powerful, and ambitious, but also surprisingly free spirted. She possess a sort of restlessness about her, it vibrates her whole being, she cannot rest. She wants more. She wants to do more, learn more, love more, be more, but she doesn't exactly know how to do this and it drives her absolutely insane. She is filled with an almost painful sort of longing that pushes her forwards, but to what she is not sure. Zavira is unapologetic in every facet of her life. She speaks her mind, a trait that sometimes gets her in trouble. Her lack of filter can easily border endearing and annoying.

A talkative girl, Zavira will babble on and on to anyone who is willing to lend an ear. She possess an ungodly amount of energy. Full of brightness and knowledge and fascination, she could make even a paper clip sound wonderful to the least imaginative person in the world. Zavira has a way with words, she can bend them to her will with a curl of her tongue and a quirk of her lip. She finds interpersonal relationships interesting and intriguing, and likes to not only know everyone but also know a lot about them. If you can deal with her oddities, she is a kind and true friend.

History: Zavira's mother, Nuria de la Riva, was a gudari, a Basque nationalist soldier and a member of the Euzko Gudarostea (the Basque army of the Spanish Civil War). As a woman during that time, it was odd to see her fight. But fight she did. Nuria was a warrior through and through, and she also deflected any and all attention from men. Tyr saw her as a challenge. They were well matched, as Nuria was also wild, free-spirited, and strong-willed. Tyr offered her what she could not turn down- a short, passionate romance before he disappeared, never to be seen by her again.

Nine months later, Zavira was born. A few years later, the Northern Front of the war collapsed and Nuria fled for her life, with half a million other refugees. (Roughly 150,000 were Basque). She managed to cross the border to the Labourd. They were confined next to Bayonne, while the French government set about constructing internment camps at the feet of the northern Pyrenees aimed at sheltering the civilians and Republicans fleeing from the Basque front. And so, mother and daughter were placed into Gurs internment camp.

Conditions in the camp were awful. Food was scarce, but Nuria was willing to give everything to her young daughter. Soon, this motherly selflessness resulted in her death. Zavira was eight years old. She didn't know what to do. She was still so young, and she was lost and alone. Due to the proximity of Gurs to their homeland, many Basques managed to find local backing that permitted them to abandon the camp and find work and refuge in France. But Zavira was young and orphaned. She was forgotten, left in the camp to fend for herself. The camp was dismantled in 1946. Zavira fled to France. She was fourteen

Following in her mother's footsteps, Zavira enlisted in the army. There, she was sent to Syria, who was fighting for independence. The war, if you could even call it that, was chaos. There were far too many innocents, ones who didn't want to get involved in the uprising against the French regime. Zavira had seen far too many civilians forced to suffer. She fought bravely, no longer on anyone's side as the battle raged on. There was a child, a small, pitiful thing. The same age as Zavira when her mother had perished, she realized.

Zavira took a bullet for the girl. This small, Syrian girl, because regardless of who she was fighting for- she was just a child. A child who didn't deserve this. A child who reminded Zavira of herself.

For this deed, she earned her place in Valhalla. And well-earned it was.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Tyr

Powers: N/A

Weapons: A pistol, which had been with her when she had died. She had it upgraded at Valhalla to contain bullets that were deadly to demigods

Fatal Flaw: Once she sets her mind to something, she will not stop until she gets her way. Often, while her goals have great intentions, she forgets about the small details, and these are often detrimental.


  • She speaks English, Catalan, French, and Spanish
  • Her being younger than most Einherji (both the age she died and how long she has been at Valhalla) makes her insecure, but she hides it very, very well.
  • She has a habit of slipping into Catalan without realizing it. It is her first language; her second was French. English was learnt after she died.
  • Zavira's favourite colours are gold and red. Bold and bright, like her.
  • Her biggest regret is not knowing the girl she saved- what became of her, where she came from, or even her name
10/11/2017 #5

General Profile

Full Name: Puck

Nickname: N/A

Race/ Ethnicity: Evidently, he doesn't have one.

Sexual Orientation: HAHAHAHAHA GOOD LORD Gay/Homosexual

Age: Appears 16 or 17 (he's not that old); technically a little over 200.

Physical Appearance: Puck has bright, vibrant blue eyes, that constantly appear to be perky, and short, very light blond hair, almost white, with light brown freckles across the bridge of his nose and the tops of his cheeks. He stands at about 5'8", and has a very thin build, almost gangly. He has the traditional pointy ears of an elf, although he's often mistaken as human by those who don't know him because they don't see the ears at first. Often he can get a light green tinge on his cheeks because of where his blood collects - so like rosy cheeks except on an elf. Generally, Puck wears a light blue or green color, and he can rarely be found wearing black or darker colors.

Personality: Puck is literally the most annoying character I've ever created, let's start with that. He's an extremely mischievous person, quite into participating in anything prank-related, and can be very cunning when coming up with plots. He's very outgoing as well, and always tries to make friends as best he can, even when they really don't want to. Puck is a very impish character, extremely rambunctious. He likes to talk a lot as well, very good at going off on tangents of babble with no end to them in sight. That really doesn't help his reputation, ever, but he doesn't actually care what other people think of him.

It should be mentioned that there is a softer, quieter side to him -- but few people get to experience that, as his constant facade is the outgoing version. That softer quieter side is really only reserved for certain people.

History: After being sent out of Alfheim for having been considered a weakling by his own family, he was dropped off in Iceland on a family's doorstep. They were then forced to adopt him, as none of them wanted to abandon the baby. His name is not supposedly his original elfish name but after they saw him trying to get out of his crib by tricking his older brother, they called him Puck even though it wasn't Icelandic in the slightest since Margaret, the adopted mother, was a fan of Shakespeare, and thus the name stuck. They also made up excuses for his pointy ears on daily basis, sometimes going far enough to saying it was a surgery when he was a baby that had done it, as they themselves weren't sure how human this child was.

Puck grew up in Iceland with the farming family, who owned horses just outside the city limits, and was commonly known for his constant thievery and good use of pranks. No one despised him yet he felt like an outcast due to his constant being told of how his pranks would get him into trouble by his mother and getting told he was going to own the family business by his older brother, whom happened to have the name of Thor. (Common name in Iceland, trust me.)

Around the age of 10 after having started school, he dropped out immediately when he found out what he was by accident after using a small amount of magic for a prank. The magic was truly an accidental usage and he informed his family of it. They suddenly were aware of what had happened as the mother was a demigod herself, a daughter of Heimdall. She realized what he was immediately and told him of his probable true origin.

Puck became ashamed that his family had thrown him out and went to Alfheim to prove to them that he was still alive. They were overjoyed but realized he was a problem to their world as he'd meddled in Midgard and sent him back quite soon after, apologizing but he promised he would come back to visit and they agreed to it.

He received a wand before he left Alfheim from his family, and soon found that it wasn't exactly all that useful. It seemed to only emit fire and water without any good direction to the streams. Despite this, Puck kept it, and soon returned to the mortal realm to be told he was going to be in charge of a newfound demigod in the area of Reykjavik and after about a few years, she died and he was sent to Valhalla with her. At first, this place was very strange for him since he wasn't human and was still alive, and the first friend he ever really made was actually Cather. Cather took him under her wing - not exactly willingly, but mostly because she actually pitied his hopelessness - and started introducing him to people. She played a large part in introducing him to Alfonso not long after (there's no real estimate as to when Puck came to Valhalla, I like to say probably not too long before Alfonso did) and helped set them up in the first place (she's a matchmaker). Since then, he's dated Alfonso for a few good years now and they continue to be going steady. Sometimes he does return to Midgard, but his adoptive family is long gone and has been, and he will go back to Alfheim every once in a while just to catch up with his siblings.

Demigod Profile

Species: Elf

Godly Parent: N/A.

Powers: He can use a few runes here and there, although those abilities are limited. Puck is also known for his use of a sort of "mind-magic" that helps him to prank and trick people, often deliberately confusing them with it. It's most useful to him because of his love to mess with people.

Weapons: The wand that spouts only fire and water, and can turn itself into a sword. As described earlier, these are not under his control, they can only spout the fire or the water without any specific ability to aim the jet.

Fatal Flaw: That lovely outgoing and carefree personality of his, which often lands him into trouble with other people.

Other: Originated in that good old YJ forum that doesn't actually exist anymore as I mentioned before. To people who don't know, he is based off of the Puck from a Midsummer Night's Dream.

Can speak Icelandic, and has been left with a decent amount of an Icelandic accent from having grown up there.

He and Alfonso have been a thing for some time, boy was I glad to finally stick that in in the last forum and I plan on returning to it here of course, so that is worthy of being mentioned. This is a legitimate thing, my friends, this is a legitimate thing.

10/11/2017 #6

General Profile

Full Name: Alfonso Carter

Nickname: Really only to friends he's known as Al.

Race/ Ethnicity: Irish descent.

Sexual Orientation: Bi baby bi bi bi

Age: Died at 17; is technically around 90ish.

Physical Appearance: Thick black hair that is curly and practically goes down to his shoulders, with dark black eyes, and pale skin similar to his mother. The left side of his entier body is like that of a corpse's: bones and skin, an after-effect of death that resembles his mother's body. Alfonso stands at about 5'7" and tends to wear both darker and lighter colors.

Personality: Generally he's more of an introvert. He's quiet, and soft-spoken for the most part, but he likes to talk to people. He does his best to be friendly to people who are new to him, even if they are put off by his appearance. He does his best to not be a judge of everything he sees, unlike his mother. Alfonso can be headstrong and stubborn, although he won't say things out loud aside from making suggestions in scenarios where it is needed. Most of the time, though, he's quiet and reserved, unlike the person I tend to refer to as his counterpart (Puck).

History: Alfonso, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, wasn't aware of his godly parentage until an incident when he was 8. He grew angry at a man for having accused him of stealing and switched into his wolf form, which had never happened before. After nearly killing the person - since he hadn't known what was happening- by dragging the man all over the store, Alfonso went back into his own body and became terrified.

His family consisted of a man named Charles and a woman named Joan, his stepmother. Charles figured what had happened and informed his son in secret, growing quite terrified. Both Charles and Joan had dealt in drugs in the past, and Charles had once met a drug addict whom he had taken quite an interest in. As it turned out, it was the goddess Hel, who had possessed the girl to get Charles' attention. In doing so, Alfonso was the product of a love which Charles forever regretted but had worked to keep Alfonso safe ever since. Joan knew nothing of this story and believed Alfonso was lying when he told his story of possessing a man, but Charles continued keeping Alfonso with him over the next few years. When the boy turned 15 and his powers were beginning to show more as his temper grew more uncontrollable, his father told him he had to get out of the house or things would get worse. Al's little half-sisters couldn't be influenced upon by him. Alfonso left in a rage and went to live on the streets for two years before a giant from Jotunheim appeared in the middle of a market square in downtown Manhattan and Alfonso died saving the numerous people. He was then chosen by a Valkyrie to go to Valhalla despite his parentage.

A compromise has been made between him and his mother, as he wasn't supposed to go to Valhalla in her eyes. He must join her and her forces when or if he dies again, and he has agreed to this cause despite the fact that he despises it. She will use him as some type of general, and he will not be able to disagree with her choices unless he has suggestions of his own. His mind will not be stripped of anything - this was his side of the bargain - and he will remember all of his life, and will still maintain his own opinion, but is being held as a source for his mother rather than choosing it himself.

Despite this compromise, Alfonso has tried to make the most of his time in Valhalla. He began dating Puck a few years after meeting the elf -- at first, he actually found the elf quite intolerable much like everyone else, but eventually he found himself attracted to the guy. This relationship with Puck has angered his mother, and Alfonso finds it satisfying that he's doing something that makes her so annoyed. For the most part, Alfonso is much happier than most to be in Valhalla as he didn't exactly enjoy his life and doesn't anticipate what is to come in the future.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Hel

Powers: He can create these portals that enable him to travel throughout onto the World Tree and to other worlds, another side effect of death apparently and he's the only person he knows that has it. He also seems to have collected a small amount of dark magic into his life, which is a very small source and is not much compared to Cather's supply.

(I'm actually adding in a power that I thought he had to officially lose when he came into the Norse world, but I'm putting it back in because I can.) Alfonso, as mentioned in his history, can change into a wolf. This wolf is known as Garm, and Alfonso actually despises this part of himself because it's something that will aid his mother come Ragnorak. Garm is sort of like another aspect of Alfonso that he rarely lets out, but if he needs to he can let it out whenever he needs to fight.

Weapons: A sword.

Fatal Flaw: His temper, which is what generally gets him into problems and starts him with the wolf side of things.

Other: Umm... he originated in that one series of books I never finished as a son of Hades and I totally blame Uncle Rick for mixing worlds before I could do it, and he's always been a son of some sort of dark god or something. Seems to just be his thing.

He came into forums with that same YJ forum Puck did, just a little bit before I think.

Not too much character wise that I can add aside from mentioning that this isn't my concept of a Nico Di Angelo rip-off which I think is what people generally assume, but I swear I had Alfonso in my head as a character long before I read PJO which was quite a few years ago, so this isn't how it is. Nope. He's unique..

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Cyrene Lysandra

Rags, they look good :) Feel free to add them to the Masterlist!

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Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

Full Name:Tristan Novak

Nickname: N/A

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian (Czech Descent)

Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual

Age:16 (Newly Arrival)

Physical Appearance:Tristan has tanned skin, somewhat spiked dirty blonde hair that is more styled to the left side of his face, round beyes that are colored like a blue steel, sharp facial features while possessing a square jaw; a nose that is pointed, and he has thin lips that conceal his sharp teeth, that can be seen with Tristan normally having a smile or grin on his face. Tristan stands in at 5"11, while he has a lean build, with muscularity, narrow shoulders, a medium torso, and somewhat long legs. Tristan for the most part dresses casually, wearing nothing but a white jacket, black pants accompanied by a woven belt, a dark red T-shirt, black boots, and a pair of wireless headphones that hang from his neck.

Personality:Tristan is a brave, reliable, strong, and hard-working young man, who is considerably headstrong about doing things on his own without help from others as he has a sense of pride that keeps him from receiving help if the task seems rather insurmountable to another person, Tristan will take up such a challenge in order to overcome it, and learn a lot from such as experience; in the challenge. Tristan is an empathetic type, such as putting the needs and feelings of others before his own as he enjoys to be of help in anyway that he can.

Tristan is also quite down-to-earth, and also has a fondness for sleeping underneath shaded trees which does leave him oversleeping sometimes from relaxing and having to be woken up by someone else rather hardly as he is a heavy-sleeper. Tristan has a humorous side and enjoys cracking jokes and bantering with others; while being a bit over-confident in his skills, which makes him bit of a show-off at times since he does like to showcase his strength. However, Tristan can be a little reckless similar to his father Thor, due to mostly charging into things head on and fighting almost anything or anyone.

History:Tristan was born to Trisha (Triska) Novak, after Tristan's father Thor had left her; though it's a rather hazy story on how he was conceived But to make a long story short, Thor had met the woman during a thunderstorm where she had been out in doing volunteer work at a shelter. Growing up, Tristan was able to note how he was different from other children, ranging from being stronger than people his age and above, along with a particular incident with an eletrical socket in his Second Grade classroom where he fried the system. Tristan would befriend a young boy three years younger than him, named Dorian Tod (Son of Loki) though this was unknown to both boys, with Tristan noting that there was something "familiar" about Dorian.

At the age of eleven, Tristan recieved Orenmir as a gift from his father given to him by his mother, noting that a bracelet was somewhat more special than an ordinary one, though in the sense of the gift being precious as it was from his father. In the later years of his life, Tristan at the age of fifteen, would encounter a Frost Giant while coming home from school the giant had apparently been trying to track down the "Son of Vignir" and found himself at the apartment complex where Tristan and his mother had been living at.

Tristan's bracelet had turned into Orenmir, as soon as it detected the danger near it's owner. Tristan, and the giant would do battle against one another; with Tristan winning, but obviously distraught at what had happened. Tristan had told his mother what had happened, but was dismissed with being "incredibly imaginative" but Tristan knew better; as he found himself curious in what the creature wanted from him. Thanks to this encounter, Tristan would try and train himself in the ways of combat, should there have another threat similar to the Frost Giant.

Three years later after the incident, Tristan's life would be nothing but "normal" and he found himself graduating from Westview High School. Tristan had returned home, after hanging out with Dorian as the two had gotten some celebratory pizza as Dorian had made his way onto the Honor Roll, only to find his aparment complex with smoke rising. Without a single thought, Tristan rushed into the building and started pounding on doors and alerting fellow tenants that their home was on fire. Alerted members had rushed out in a frenzy, with Tristan finding the source of fire coming from his own apartment that he and his mother lived in. Tristan had rescued his young neighbor:Anthony Vargas, and escorted the boy outside of the building as the Fire Department arrived after being called.

Though Tristan was more than confident that the fire had to come from....something that wasn't caused by the occupants in his family's apartment, Tristan had noticed a man slinking out of the burning building that wasn't an occupant and pointed the man out to the police, but the man began to run off from the scene of the crime. Tristan took after him instantly, as the two of them fled from the scene; eventually coming to an area away from a fair amount of people. The arsonist had revealed himself as a Fire Giant from Muspelheim, that wanted to draw out the "Son of Vignir" as Vignir had apparently killed his brother. Tristan's bracelet had turned into Orenmir and the two began to fight. Though the fight lasted for several minutes, both the giant and Tristan had delivered finals blows to one another with Tristan dying and choosen worthy by the Valkyrie Anna Robinson, who had taken Tristan to Valhalla.

Demigod Profile


Godly Parent:Thor


  • Aerokinesis:Tristan has limited control over air
  • Atmokinesis:The only thing Tristan can currently do is control lightning, and even then he still requires much more training.
  • Enhanced Strength:Tristan's main skill he shows some more control over than his other two abilities, though he has messed up from time to time.


  • Orenmir:Tristan's trusty weapon made of Bone Steel that currently takes the form of a bracelet on his right wrist, that transforms into a hammer, and once he presses a button on the bottom of it the weapon becomes a staff.

Fatal Flaw:Due to the heroic fiber Tristan has to his person, he's someone who is willing to throw a mission and save people from danger even if it botches things.


  • Tristan's birthday is May 25th, making him a Gemini
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General Profile

Full Name: Lydia 'Wolfè' Crest

Nickname: Wolfie (Only by Pietro), Lyd. Lydia views nicknames as a form of informality, unless she uses them to hide who she is. She gets irritated when people she doesn't know uses a nickname of hers. She views her nicknames as only something close friends can use.

Race/Ethnicity: She was born in Afghanistan, but has all American features.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: Lydia was 18 when she died, and since she was killed less than a year ago since when she was brought to Hotel Valhalla, her biological age is still 18.

Physical Appearance: Lydia stands around 5 feet and 5 inches. She has long, thick oaky brunette hair that is as straight as a wooden board. Her eyes are a dull grey-blue color like that after a storm. Though her eye coloring is dull, they are still piercing and betray how dangerous she can be. Her smile is that of a wolf, and cunning as such. Lydia has a tan Caucasian complexion, and mild scarring due to her ruthless past. Her ears are not pierced due to her discomfort of needles. The woman is also built and muscled. Her body is toned, and her muscles are noticeable. She usually wears any clothing she can get her hands on, and as long as it allows for freedom of her wings and arms, will wear it.

Personality: A person's past shapes their persona, so it is likewise that Lydia's wartorn life made her the battle hardened machine she is. The brunette was often left to her mother's senior officer when she was young. Seeing his battle plans made her a natural strategist. Lydia is also very observant and perceptive of people. Her life on the streets demanded that she figured out people's intentions before they could hurt her. It didn't help that she is already untrusting and weary, and doesn't care for people much in the first place. When she was first living on the streets, she didn't know how to survive. She was in the government's care most of her life, and was dependent on them. She soon learned through trial and error how to survive (She once mistook rat poison for candy, and it almost killed her), and now she is fiercely independent. She is also dangerous and violent to a point. She had to fight to survive the experimentation that was forced on her, so she developed a raging temper and the ruthless ability to fight. Her pugnacious and tenacious temperament is the result of her life as a government secret, but it also made her both brave and bold. Lydia is very blunt, as she feels that if she sugarcoats her words, they will have a different meaning. She tries to be as loyal as possible, and once she begins to trust someone, she will fight for them to the end. Underneath her hard exterior is a fragile child who is already too jaded for the world. Because she isn't kind nor all too friendly, she has a hard time making friends. She doesn't mind being alone most days, and though she doesn't admit it, sometimes she does get lonely.

History: Lydia was born into war. Her mother was tanker for the U.S. army, and affairs were common. It was no surprise that she became pregnant a few years after being on the battlefront. What startled most of her coworkers is that there was no father to be seen. As a little toddler, she was often left in the care of her mother's senior officer when her mom was gone fighting. The base camp she lived in was all she ever knew for many years. Young Lydia soon acclimated to the harsh sun, dusty sand, and chaos of war. Afterall, it was all she ever knew.

Then struck tragedy.

It was a clear night when the then eight year old got the word. Her mother was dead. Gone. There wasn't anything to bury, not even her dog tags. The child sobbed and screamed until she could no more. It was the first and last time she felt such raw emotion. They said it was an explosion by the enemy, and she believed such. A kid couldn't live on a base camp unsupervised, so it was no surprise when the government came to take her away. She went with them kicking and screaming, not willing to leave the last memory of her mother--her home-- behind.

She thought it couldn't get any worse than it already was. How wrong she was.

The American government needed a weapon, a supersoldier. No one would miss a homeless little girl with no mother, so they took her. The agonizing pain Lydia felt as their experiment was almost unbearable. She wanted to die, she wished for death. They had finally broken her fiery spirit. They treated her like an animal, so she became one. When she first morphed into a wolf to defend herself, to fight back, they thought it was the result of one of their "enhancing" serums. They, not even Lydia, knew of her half god heritage.

Then the monsters, her demons, did worse.

They needed better of their little girl. She was already trained in most forms of combat and could fight close to perfection, but they needed better. She needed to be the best of her kind. So, the grafted wings to her shoulder blades. They were the color of the dull grey-blue sky that she hadn't seen in years. How ironic. Wings were a symbol of freedom, and yet she was kept caged.

Then came her escape.

It was a fluke really, how she managed to gain her freedom. Luck wasn't on her side for many a year, but on that crisp cool night it was. A guard had left her door unlocked. A first she thought it was a test, but as the hours went by and no punishment had come, she decided to take her freedom my the horns. Her captors were patient, but she felt that something was wrong. It wasn't until she crawled out of the building through the vents when she realized. She heard the alarms and knew. She had made it out, she was free. She couldn't fly, not yet, but the young teenage brunette's feet pounded the concrete as she fled into the forest.

It was pure luck she found a truck to hitchhike on that would take her far far away and into Boston.

Now on her own, she realized she didn't have the tools to survive. It was the kindness and mercy of a thrift store owner by the name of Jose Galapo that saved her life. He let her take clothes and bought her food. Other than him, she was on her own. He checked up on her now and then, but she was her main protector. The now 16 year old only had the clothes on her back and a knife in her torn boots to her name. A dirty sewer was her home, and she had made allies with the right people that made her as safe as a young woman could be while homeless, which she admitted, wasn't very safe at all.

Then came her death.

The night was foggy, and a storm well on its way. Lydia's ratty hair blew around her face as she walked to Jose's store. Then, she smelt the blood. Her wolfish sense of smell made her keen to smells. Especially blood. She could never escape the metallic imprint it made in her mind.

Then she heard the scream.

Lydia walked into the pitch dark store, and wearily pulled out her knife. Jose lay there, dead and right in front of her. Pure fury filled her mind as she looked down at her only friend, who was now a bloodied heap. As her eyes adjusted, she saw the little girl that would be her demise. Men, strong powerful men, were trying subdue and kidnap her. Her mind clicked in realization. Those men worked for the government. Of course they wouldn't stop with Lydia. They took other young and homeless boys and girls forgotten by the world with the promise of a warm home and food.

Their injustice and cruelty enraged her. For the first time in many years she felt the surge of self righteous fury. She lunged at the men, and began slashing wildly. Her moves were not coordinated as rage blotted any clear thought. She didn't know which hunk of flesh she was stabbing, nor did she care.

They outmatched her in moments, and soon she was faced with a decision. Lydia swore she would fight to the end, and she would die for her freedom. She knew she wouldn't walk out alive. She lunged towards the healthiest looking man to finish him off, but didn't get far. A shot from a gun reverberated in her ears as she collapsed in a bleeding heap on the floor. Her knife was still clutched in her hand.

Her only regret is that she didn't save the little girl.

A Valkyrie by the name of Katie was there to whisk her away. At first she was confused, and naturally when she was faced with confusion, she fought back. She almost tore Hotel Valhalla down a few weeks ago when she was first introduced. Since then, she has acclimated to being an Einherjar, and is learning to like her new way of life.

Demigod Profile

Species: Enhärjar

Godly Parent: Sköll (He is the son of Fenrir, brother of Hatí, and grandson of Loki.)

Powers: She can morph into a wolf due to her heritage. That is a great fighting mechanism, but it also hinders her as Fenrir, Loki, Sköll, and Hatí can control her and bend her will. Lydia also has wings, but when she is tired she cannot fly as they are bulky.

Weapons: Lydia can use almost any weapon she gets her hands on semi-proficiently. Her wing armor and claws class are her favored choice.

Fatal Flaw: Her pride and wolfish nature at her two biggest flaws as they both control her in an often negative way. She doesn't make friends easily, and is much better at making foes because of her pugnacious temperament.


-She can speak English and Spanish

-She is learning Russian

-She loves riding horses and takes appreciation in most animals

-Her wings often cause her pain

-She has severe nightmares

-Her mother got impregnated by Sköll's human form

-She has a good connection with dogs

-She will eat almost anything

-She is a huge history buff

-She feels a special connection to the moon

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Full Name: Pietro 'Alexei' Volkov

Nickname: Alex, cocky son of a bitch (Only by Lydia.) Pietro views nicknames as a sign of friendship, and though he doesn't show it, he likes it when people like him enough to call him by a nickname, or better yet, make one up for him.

Race/Ethnicity: Russian

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 18 1/2. He died about two years ago, so biologically he is around 20.

Physical Appearance: (His facecaim is Adam Gallagher.) Pietro is a tall, semi lean figure, an unusual bodytype for a son of Thor. He still has a lot of muscle, though it is not comparable to his godly parent in the least. He stands around 6 feet. The cocky man has lightning blue eyes, with a bit of facial hair. The Russian has thick, and as described by Lydia, floppy brunet and blond hair. He has Caucasian skin. Pietro usually has a flirtatious smirk plastered on his face, only enhancing his cocky and flirty reputation among the Einheri. The Russian will usually wear a tight workout t-shirt or tanktop with soccer pants.

Personality: Pietro grew up having to defend for himself, so he is very independent. His mother was a prostitute, and used her words to get what she wanted. He learned to have a silver tongue from her, differing him farther from his father. He isn't dull like his father is, and in fact, he is quite cunning when the need arises. Pietro uses his flirtatious nature and silver tongue to get what he wants at times as well. He is very cocky and brash, which often gets him in trouble. He has a mischievous side to him too, and though he doesn't pull childish pranks, he can be a jokester. He likes to show off his muscled, attractive body, which often gets a negative reaction from his (sometimes jealous) male peers. Pietro himself is a jealous man. If he wants something, he is going to get it one way or another. He is a go getter, and often sets high goals. He strives to reach all these goals, and often does through dedication and hard work. Pietro can be self centered at times, but tried to help out others if needed.

History: The Russian was born in the outskirts of Moscow to a mother who was a prostitute. She didn't care for him all too much, so for much of his childhood he was left to defend for himself. He was often lonely, but didn't let it bother him much. His childhood was mundane at best, except when his mother had men around. He was often picked on, which made him critical of his appearance. It wasn't until he found out about his half god heritage that his past got interesting.

He found out about his father through a friend who he later found out was an elf. The 16 year old then left home without any regrets in search of his father. The floppy haired man thought Thor would be the man in his life that he never had. The parent that would love him back.

He was wrong on so many levels.

He finally found Thor by chance in Siberia, and the moment Thor started speaking he was disgusted and disappointed. Thor was a dull, dumb creature who cared only about himself. His hope in a father diminished like the winter air, and he was left bitter. To this day, Pietro still has a strong dislike of Thor.

As the now 18 year old was trekking back to the only house he ever knew--his mother, tragedy struck. There was a group of men, around his age, harassing a girl a few years younger than him. He knew the girl was going to be hurt, possibly killed, so he leapt into action.

He grabbed the axe he left home with, and with a battle cry, charging into the group. He hacked and sawed at them in anger, but he was no match for winter hardened men.

He was bludgeoned to death by the hands of the enemy, and in his last moments, watched as they killed and sexually assaulted the young girl.

Kate, the Valkyrie that would one day reap Lydia, took him to Hotel Valhalla. He has lived there for little over two years now, and enjoys the company of his fellow Einheri.

Demigod Profile

Species: Enhärjar

Godly Parent: Thor

Powers: Pietro has berserker strength, though it is only for a short period of time. He can also summon small spurts of lightning.

Weapons: He has a sword forged by lightning itself. He calls it Słásùrrleiptr (means forged by lightning in Old Norse.)

Fatal Flaw: Pietro is very cocky, and it often gets him in trouble.


-He loves running

-He is honored that the MCU character, Pietro Maximoff, has the same name as him

-He is fluent in Russian and English

-He has a thick Russian accent

-He is exceptional at singing, though he has never showed anyone

-He has a raging sweet tooth

-He can and will spend hours on his hair to make it look right.

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General Profile

Full Name: Melody 'Sara-May' Cuvillier

Nickname: Sara, May, Mel, Little Frenchie, Frenchfry (By Pietro, mostly mockingly). Melody loves any and all nicknames given to her, even if they have a suggestive and frankly inappropriate meaning behind them, as she rarely catches the innuendo that comes with such nicknames.

Race/Ethnicity: French


Age: 16. She died during the French Revolution in 1785, so biologically she is around 232

Physical Appearance: Melody is a naturally innocent looking girl who always has a big smile on her lips. Her cheeks are naturally rosy, and her lips are like that of a light pink sunset. She has pale and slightly wavy blonde hair that lightly strokes the top of her shoulders like an escaping dream, and her skin is as pale as the moon. Her pale hazel eyes are remnants of the greenish brown hills she once walked on before her death. Melody's body is naturally thin, not built for fighting in any way, but rather for healing. She usually is seen wearing a flowy white dress, usually of knee or ankle length with a flower in her hair. Her innocence makes her intoxicatingly attractive, making her a target for brutal catcalling, which along with her past, veered her against males altogether. She often flits about like a hummingbird while she walks, and her gait is naturally graceful. When she stands, all of her weight is on the pads of her feet, making it seem like she is standing on her tiptoes.

Personality: Melody is very innocent, perhaps too much for Hotel Valhalla standards. Even though she lived in a time of war, and has seen much violence, she is very pure and loving, hating all violence and bloodshed. She rather make peace than war, or talk things out. Melody is a therapeutic sort of girl, helping out all sorts of creatures, even those who've wronged her before. Because of that, Melody is very gullible, believing anything and everything. She is also very trusting, almost to a fault. No matter how many people who have hurt her due to her trust in them, she remains a beautiful soul and has a big heart. One thing a person first realizes about Melody is that she is very shy, hardly talking at all. She often mumbles because of this shyness, though she is very nice once someone gets to know her. People often joke and take advantage of Melody, believing she is too soft and pure for Hotel Valhalla and wondering why Odin chose her instead of a strapping warrior. Melody always has a kind word to say about everyone, even those who talk behind her back. The girl is softhearted, once crying when she accidentally killed a ladybug while gardening. She tries to be tough at times, but can't stand to be mean to anyone. Melody gets nervous easily, especially around violent and loud people. She is also is very caring of all creatures, and especially those she loves. The blonde is also loving and graceful, moving and acting like she is walking through water.

History: Melody was born a bastard child, the result of a summer fling with her father and her goddess mother. Her adoptive mother never held this against her though, treating her like her own. Melody never knew much of her father, as he was drafted into war shortly after her second birthday. The girl was raised by her mother for most of her life, and rarely left the house. For most of her life, she was a maid, cooking and cleaning for the rich to help her mum make ends meet. There was never enough money though, never. Often times, she went without meals for days, alongside her mother.

Unfortunately, Melody was always sought out for her seemingly unnatural beauty, and back in her time, was bound to be married off soon. Also strange for her day, Melody was never really attracted to men, though she kept it under wraps. It wasn't until she was brutally raped while taking a stroll in a forest during the wee hours of night did she lose all trust and liking in men.

Because to the brutal sexual harassment, she lost all the attention and potential money that her family could gain, due to her no longer being a virgin. Of this she was both greatly happy and saddened with. One one hand, the angelic girl wanted to help the mother who cared for her so much, but on the other, she had grown to have an uncomfortable feeling around males.

Then came her death.

With war, especially civil war, there came great crimes, and since Paris was taken over by the rebels and her father was in the king's army, her mother and her were bound to be killed. It was only a matter of when.

That when came on a moonless night. Her mother was humming a tune while washing clothes, when there was a deafening crash and a break of their wooden door. Women were sought after to ease the army's sexual tension, and because of her and her mother's beauty, they were to be taken.

No, not again. She wouldn't let this happen to her or her mother.

For the first time in her life, the soft spoken and peaceful girl picked up her ancestors' rusted sword and went charging with a scream. Her mother was trashing and yelling at her, demanding she run into the night.

No, not again.

She had absolutely no experience in any form of combat like almost all women in her day, so her valiant act would die with her last breath.

There was a laugh, a gunshot, a scream. Melody fell in a bloody heap as her beloved and merciful mum was drug off, sexually harassed, and then killed. Melody was reaped by a loving Valkyrie who refused to give her name, and 222 years ago, Hotel Valhalla became her home. The girl never found out about her father, nor the fate of her country. Still, though her past was brutal, she reflects none of it in her persona.

Demigod Profile

Species: Enhärjar

Godly Parent: Ēostre (Goddess of Spring)

Powers: Melody can heal injuries, from bruises to severed limbs to the near dead, by her beautiful soprano and melodic voice. It only works if she has direct contact with the person. Melody also has some control over fauna, due to her godly heritage and can bend plants to her will, though it is very exhausting. Like her namesake, Melody's voice is hypnotic when she needs it to be, and can use it to control others to a small extent. The harder the request, the less control she has over them.

Weapons: None

Fatal Flaw: Melody's innocence is her biggest flaw, as it often leads her to not stay away from clearly dangerous people. Melody is also very gullible and often way too trustworthy when the situation screams otherwise. The girl is very shy too, not doing well in social interactions and leaving her with few close friends.


-Melody has a beautiful singing voice, and sings often

-She is fluent in French and English

-She has a French accent

-Cooking, knitting, gardening and dancing are her favorite activities

-She hates any and all war, violence and bloodshed

-Loves all animals

-Is vegetarian

-Refuses to fight or kill anyone unless her life or her friends' lives are in grave danger, because of this she is often one of the first to die in the bloodbath/training all Einhari must do

-Can clean anything and everything with ease

-Is very organized and has a particular place for everything

-Is deathly afraid of wolves due to their savagery

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General Profile

Full Name: Kate 'Rae' Williams

Nickname: Katie, Keekee, K. Most of the other Valkyrie and Einhari call her Katie, and aren't close enough to her to call her anything else. Her father calls her Keekee, and the rest of her family just calls her K.

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian American

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 17 1/2

Physical Appearance: (Looks like Marvel's Kate Bishop.) Kate has a very lean figure, but it is often misleading. The woman is very strong, due to her extensive training in hand to hand combat and in archery. Her hair is long, sleek, and as black as midnight. It hangs around her lower back, though she often has is up in a high ponytail. Her eyes are a muddy brown with flecks of autumn red in them, and her mouth is often in a tight scowl. Her skin is tan, due to being out in the sunlight most days. The woman stands around 5ft6, though often looks taller due to her piercing gaze and the dominant way she carries herself. The way she walks varies, either silent and lithe or like a tank if she needs to get through a crowd. She can usually be seen wearing skinny jeans and a varying shade of a purple or black tanktop. Kate also has a love of loose jewelry, and is usually wearing big silver earrings and some large armbands. Her Valkyrie attire is silver plated armor, which isn't very heavy so it gives lots of movement, but it can't withstand heavy blasts.

Personality: One thing people first notice about Kate is how stern and rigid she is in all aspects. She firmly believes everything has a proper way to go, and rules are to be followed exactly like they are stated. No exceptions or excuses. Her opinions and even how she walks is forthright, and one glare from her will shut up even the most rowdy of Einhari. Kate is also very outspoken and opinionated, voicing her views often. The woman is also a worrysome one, worrying for her life outside of Hotel Valhalla, her family, and even down to her grades. She is also very smart and cunning, using her wit to get out of potentially problematic situations if she can. As well as this, she is also very strategic, planning her fights and battles carefully. Kate keeps her emotions under wraps, not sharing anything about herself to anyone unless they are close friends or family. Her loyalty to her allies and causes has no bounds, and she will fight for those she cares about to the death if needed. The woman also has a dry sense of humor, and is very blunt. Her sarcasm is almost unmatched in Hotel Valhalla, but the denser of the Einhari often mistake it as serious talk.

History: Kate was born to her father and the goddess Elli before her father remarried. Now, she is apart of a very large and extensive family. Her half-siblings all share the mostly same looks as her, and some mistake them as twins. High school is a breeze for her, and all of her grades are above average. The only hard part of her life is keeping her other life secret from her family and friends.

She often has to come up with excuses to stay out late, or even be a week away from home if need be. At one point, she came up with a fake boyfriend to give the excuses some credibility, but it all fell through when her mom wanted to meet him. Now, she says it's a sleepover at a friend's house, a concert, or tutoring.

She never knew why Odin chose her as a Valkyrie until her sister touched upon the heroic deed.

It was a winter night, but her family was still very much alive and awake. Everyone was celebrating her brother's birthday, and none noticed the toddling baby go out the front door and into the snow.

All except for Kate.

The toddler, not hindered by the snow, soon went out onto the slick and icy road. Young Kate tried to get her grandmother's attention, all to no avail. It was up to her to grab her young sibling before anything happened.

That anything was a speeding car.

Kate rushed outside and onto the road, scooping up the laughing baby and practically throwing her safely into a pile of snow a few feet away. In a millisecond, Kate lunged out of the way, but her leg was still hit, resulting in a few broken bones and a visit from Odin. Her leg later healed, though it will always feel a bit different than her other one. She was a hero that night, she remembered her sister saying, but it wasn't the praise from her family that riled her. It was that there was a higher power out there, and she was going to be delving into that world.

Demigod Profile

Species: Valkyrie

Godly Parent: Elli (Goddess of old age/eternity)

Powers: Has some extent over time and a person's aging process, but doesn't use it often of worry it would mess up reality or make a loophole. (Think Doctor Strange.) Because of her Valkyrie status, she is enhanced in speed, strength, agility, and stamina.

Weapons: Kate makes up for her lack of powers by being the epitome of a tank. Her normal weapons include: A pistol, her family's longblade sword, a few stray knives, and a bow with a quiver of arrows. On a rare occasion that needs real firepower, she'll use a machine gun. Since her father is an arms dealer, she has regular access to weapons.

Fatal Flaw: Is too blunt and forthright, often putting others off and giving her a very stern and ridged reputation, which isn't untrue. Her sense of blunt sarcasm also often veers others away from her.


-Loves dogs

-Mastered Karate

-Is learning Japanese

-Has an affinity for warm nights

-She has five half-siblings, all younger than her

-She knows she looks like Marvel's Kate Bishop, and yes, she does love it when people confuse her as the character

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(Note:I am aware that the Greeks, and Norse aren't involved with the forum but the two aforementioned characters are important to Damien's history/character)

Full Name:Damien Drake Junior


Race/ Ethnicity:Caucasian

Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual


Physical Appearance:Damien has wide green colored eyes that shine with life, fine, straight, brown hair is short and shaggy style over his eyes, a small button nose, oval lips, slight youthful features to his face, sharp cheekboones, a soft-squrared jaw, and an olive skin tone. Damien stands in at 5"10, a average build that's lean, along with Damien having an medium torso, medium arms, and long legs. Damien wears a short-sleeved open flannel shirt, over an ordinary white T-Shirt, with a a pair of loose-fitting blue jeans with a black belt with a golden buckle around his waist, and a pair of black boots that are somewhat scuffed. Damien also wears a necklace, with a image of a green leaf hanging around his neck.

Personality:Damien is a stubborn, proud, and gung-ho young man somewhat willing to engage in a fight against anyone, though some individuals may in turn him down in his offer to fight, doubly so since Damien is someone that tries to start something. Damien is also very sarcastic with a dry sense of humor which does lead to him snarking things up most of the time, particulary against authority figures, his peers, and even in combat. Damien is somewhat arrogant and cocky, along with being aggressive and pragmatic while showcasing some hot-blooded qualities, often striking his enemies when their guard is down and when they at least expect it.

Damien proves to be a sharp individual, possessing common sense but due to his arrogance and tendency to underestimate the people at times, he normally seems like a fool with no common knowledge, and his most emphasized trait is his independent streak as he doesn't take sides with anyone as he lives for himself, his friends, and family. However, his word is his honor bond, as he prefers to fight fairly, rather than using cheap tricks to win fights against his opponents. Damien also has a strong chivalrous streak, along with some heroic qualities he earned, during his lifetime sometimes helping bystanders to the best of his ability. Damien is also very friendly to people and is something of a conversationalist, and has a good heart but his mind is in the wrong place.

History:Damien Drake Senior had met Gerd on a Nature Retreat, in Colorado, as Senior had been visiting a family member at the time. The Jotun goddess had wanted to leave Vanaheim, to get away from Frey and out of the Nine Worlds. Over the course of the retreat, the two hit it off quite well due to being huge nature lovers, with Gerd loving the plant life, and Damien Senior being someone who loved the wildlife, along with having survival skills. After the retreat was over, the two of them had spent a considerable amount of time together, with Damien falling in love with the goddess and wanting to marry her.

Eventually, the two had spent the night together, and Gerd had left Drake Senior heartbroken. Nine months later, Damien Drake Junior had been born, and sent to Senior by Gerd. As a child, Damien had grown up with a father that had been somewhat distant, due to the boy taking a bit more after his mother, so Damien had craved for his father's acknowledgement and the man raised his son with help from his sister Alexandra. Damien did have several friends in his youth, but was particularly close to his cousins:Layla Drake, and Nathan Drake, as the three of them had been inseparable from one another.

Though sadly, both Layla and Nathan would begin to become slightly distant from Damien, as both were demigods from the Greek and Roman pantheons (Unaware of Damien's demigod status.), and both didn't want Damien to become targeted by any monsters that were after the two of them since he would have little means of defending himself from danger. Damien would become agitated, and simply returned the distant nature since he hated how the three of them weren't as close as they used to be all while still being kept in the dark.

Demigod Profile

Species:Demigod (Living)

Godly Parent:Gerd


  • Geokinesis:Damien can control the ground itself and a few of its applications, but duemto mentally blocking himself unintentionally he has no access to this ability.
  • Chlorokinesis:Damien has a natural affinity for plants like his mother and can make them grow, but he is currently unable to use this power.
  • Light Generation:Damien has the ability to generate light from his person, but as stated above he cannot use it
  • Beauty:The only ability of Damien's that works, Damien is a handsome young man who radiates beauty.


Fatal Flaw:Hot-Blooded Nature

Other: Just fun facts or interesting quirks about your character; stuff to make them more relatable/ realistic

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Full Name:Joshua Jonas McMillan

Nickname:Josh, Jojo, JJ,

Race/Ethnicity:Caucasian (Scottish Descent)

Sexual Orientation:Demiromantic Heterosexual

Age:18 (Biologically),

Physical Appearance:Similar to his father, Joshua is a tall young standing in at 185cm otherwise known as 6"1 But Josh has an lean muscular build for someone his age opposed to having an impressive build, while having medium arms and having long legs. Joshua has auburn hair that's styled in a somewhat curly fauxhawk, somewhat square facial features but having a boyish look to them, round blue eyes that are normally seen with a shine of curiosity and excitement to them though once enraged they become much more colder;Josh has a light complexion, average ears with both being pierced and seen with golden studs.

Josh wears a plain white T-Shirt with the image of a golden peace sign on the front, accompanied by a black bomber jacket decorated with many pataches on it's shoulders, a pair of dark blue jeans that are torn on the mid-calfs, and black boots that are caked in dirt that dried up a long time ago.

Personality:Joshua is without a doubt an very caring individual who has his heart on his sleeve, always volunteering to be of service to those who need it the most and will never turn a person who needs his help no matter what, but if it's anything if the illegal variety along with ill intentions then he will no give his services out to others, leaving one out of luck considerably. Joshua has to be the most relaxed, casual, and carefree person as he doesn't sweat the small stuff:Joshua won't care if you dump drinks on his head, spit at him, or waste steaming hot coffee on his lap intentionally as he'll just laugh it off but it's recommended to stay clear of his jacket, as it is very important to him. Joshua was born with a natural streak of curiosity, and a thirst for adventure ever since he left the mortal coil and he intends to visit every world.

Though he's a selfless person who doesn't mind helping, Joshua is known to be a gambler who wants to win big if he's near a slot or playing a game of Omaha as he picked up the habit from his grandfather, and to him going on winning streak is the best thing to happen and he simply bets everything of his his winnings until fate decides to step in and knock him down a peg or two, but Josh doesn't mind too much as long as his dignity is still around during the moment. The temper of Joshua is also rather bad, if one were to insult his choice of fashion/harm his friends and family/due anything to his leather jacket, then you best be ready for Josh to break your face and repair it in a distorted fashion, but in his state of anger he throws out anything resembling reason and just goes in for the attack to get revenge on the offending party.


Demigod Profile


Godly Parent:Gullvieg

Powers: Every power must have a limit, and must relate to your godly parent


Fatal Flaw: No pride or loyalty


  • After seeing Red Dawn back in 1984, Josh is still considerably paranoid about those of Eastern European heritage since he believes them to be potential threats.
  • Josh's astrological sign is a Gemini.
  • Josh's favorite artists include Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, AC/DC, and many more including a few modern bands.
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General Profile

Full Name: Alexander Queen

Nickname: Xander (most commonly preferred), Xan, Z, Zany (his mother's pet name for him)

Race/ Ethnicity: Caucasian (American)

Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious

Age: Xander is among the recent dearly departed. He died at 16, he appears to be that age, and it hadn't been long since he died (so his chronological age would also be 16).

Physical Appearance: Xander is a teenage boy with dark brown, shabby hair that gives him the look of a rebel. He has dark blue eyes that seem hungry, like he's always thinking. He was a notably lanky kid who hadn't quite filled out his body when he was alive, but after his death and becoming an einherji he became considerably more muscular. His arms are now better defined, and all traces of scars have vanished from his light skin. He stands at a relatively average height for someone his age. He groans when he sees someone taller, insisting he was still growing when he was alive. For the most part, Xan is pretty comfortable with his appearance, though he isn't boastful about his naturally handsome looks. However, he does possess insecurities, especially the more people notice and compliment him. He'd much rather be overlooked.

Personality: Upon first meeting, you'd get the impression Xander is some sort of troublemaker. He seems to have a penchant for breaking rules when he sees the situation justified, and loves to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Indeed, he has a way of finding himself in trouble, even when he doesn't ask for it. He is someone who struggles to do the right thing, a man who is not without his faults, and acts as impulsively as one would expect a sixteen year old to. He is ultimately a very courageous and extremely loyal individual, always trying to do what he believes is the right thing even if it isn't the easy thing. His bravery tends to get him into situations he can not handle, such as taking on a powerful giant on his own. It can be said that he has a "weakness for heroics", ironic considering how he claims to not want to be in any sort of limelight. Even with all his leadership qualities, Xander hates being in the spotlight. Despite his skills and others expecting greatness from him, he'd much rather live a "normal" life. Being a hero never sounded glamorous to him. Overall, Xander does not care for power, and would give up any strength he has if the safety of his loved ones could be guaranteed.

Xander is resourceful, determined, and possess a certain disregard for the rules. His cleverness assist him in making quick choices in battle. He is able to think on his feet, and turn tides in his favor. He also has a bad habit of never backing down. Though it's great to have this strong willpower, it shows an arrogant side of him. He gets himself into trouble this way. Though he does not seek to break rules, Xander has no hesitation doing so if he believes it is what's right. He would even do something horrible if it meant saving a friend. Justice runs through his veins, and he has an incredible sense of right and wrong. When he listens to his gut, he is willing to make hard choices that ultimately will lead up to what is the best outcome.

Unfortunately, he can be quite hotheaded and has been accused of arrogance before. He is impulsive, and tends to be rude to certain authority figures he finds obnoxious. These are typically those who are overly confident or otherwise untrustworthy. He's not rude to everyone, and can be quite modest and likable when he truly respects someone. Xander does offer respect to his elders, but it's not hard for him to lose it should he become biased toward them.

Xander has very good and nearly always right instincts. He possess acute awareness to the incalculable power of the gods and of others, allowing him to see when fights are not his own or when someone is better suited for a task. Though he is capable of being humble like this, he can be quite cheeky and sarcastic towards even his close friends, but especially toward authority figures he dislikes. He is a dry wit, and prefers to draw his sharp tongue before a sword.

Above all, love is his greatest strength. To be optimistic even when miserable, to never lose sight of hope even in the darkest times, and to remain loyal and protective to his loved ones is what makes him someone who can triumph over evil. He is quite capable of resisting dark temptation, even from the powerful gods. This strength of will can be admirable, even in regards to his enemies. He is unfailingly kind and compassionate, showing no discrimination towards individuals who have suffered from unfair treatment. He does not enjoy harming others, and rarely initiates fights. Instead, he prefers to act in self-defense. He is quite the old soul.

History: "You're probably wondering how I got myself into this mess. Now, don't get me wrong, twiddling your thumbs in the local last-chance dinner at the border of a backwood town is a hoot and a holler for some people. I, however, am not one of those people. Maybe it's the ripped holes in my shirt from monstrous claws or the smell of burning rubber from my worn converses, but I have somehow drawn attention to myself. The rude glances followed by hushed mummers are something i'm used to; it's the guy trying to burn two holes in the back of my head who is freaking me out right now. A few hours ago, my biggest concern was algebra homework that I hadn't finished. Right now, i'm just trying to survive."

Xander was actually born in Boston, though he didn't stay there very long. His father was an absolute mystery to him, and he stopped asking much about him due to how sad his mother got when he did. They lived in Boston for not even three full years when Xander's mom Elaine Queen took them to New York, where he spent a lot of his young life. Xander could never stick with a school much longer than a year. He always managed to get himself expelled, no fault to his own, of course. No really. For years he grew up hearing stories his mom would tell him about magic, and he started to believe it. He was a pretty weird kid, and it was easy to blame him for the mysterious accidents that occurred around him.

Though Xander didn't grow up playing a good game of catch with baseball gloves, he did make many blanket and pillow forts with his mom. With no one else who believed in him, Xander's best friend was his mom. She loved to tell him stories about the Greek gods, especially tales of valiant heroes. "Do you know what your name means, Zany?" she would ask, using her pet name for him. "It means defender of man. You're my little hero, Alexander."

Xander was eleven when his mother died. He was told it was a car accident, and that she hand't been wearing her seatbelt in the car. Elaine Queen always wore her seatbelt. She wore it even when the car was parked in the lot outside the Target. Xander never really believed that tale, but he couldn't prove anything different.

After Elaine's passing, he moved in with his mom's stepsister. Apparently, Xander had a biological uncle, but the uncle handed him over to his aunt before the two met. There's nothing wrong with Beatrice Pratt. In fact, she's completely and one hundred percent normal. Beatrice was a fine, upstanding woman with a hook nose always tilted upward and a long, thin oval face with no signs of wrinkles, for she near smiled enough to make them. Her wiry, or rather petite frame, stood upright, and her fluffy brown curls just made her resemble a broomstick. You can imagine her distress when her hardworking husband and lovely children were forced to endure the alarming presence of a young scalawag like Alexander Queen in her home. She strained up that delinquent boy real quick, don't you worry. What better way to fix an uncooperative than chores? Sweep the floors, vacuum the carpet, clean the dishes, do the laundry, set the table, polish the silver, clean the toilets- labor turns bad boys into good boys.

He only wished his life as Cinderella ended with the wicked step-aunt. Unfortunately, she had a perfectly normal husband. Vincent Pratt must've stolen the meat off Beatrice's plate at supper time, because he could hardly squeeze himself through the front door after work. He'd mold himself in and out of his car, roll up to the door, grab a slice of pie from the kitchen, then plop down in front of the television. Crumbs always got hidden in his unkept mustache. All the hair from his head must've migrated down to his upper lip and back. He was constantly blotting his sweaty forehead with a handkerchief. Aside from the stench of his socks and incoherent, malcontent grumbles when he glanced Xander's way, Vincent was the least of the boy's worries. He resented him, make no mistake. Vincent always looked at Xander like he'd taken a dump on his mom's head or something. "Military school, Bea. I'm telling you, it's the only way to straighten that hooligan out," he'd claim as Xander brought everyone's dinner to the table.

If they'd only had one hellion to deal with, maybe things would've been calmer. However, they had a demon child and two adorable angels to take care of. Three mouths to feed. Angelica Pratt was not an angel, despite what you'd gather from her name and sweet appearance. Don't let the blonde curls and doe-eyes fool you. That child is a demon-spawn. Luckily, Xander didn't have to worry about her that much. Angelica was too wrapped up in her glitter-filled world to spare time torturing her peasants. As long as he steered clear of her, the only thing he had to be concerned with was what outfits to hand wash and which ones needed to be dry-cleaned. Though, if he had the misfortunate of being stuck in the same proximity of her, rest assured a vase would be broken when her elbow ever so lightly tapped it, and Xander would get stuck picking up the pieces with his aunt leering over him "I honestly don't know why I bother taking care of a mess like you!" It's actually Barth that he really had to watch over. Now Barth could easily be mistaken for the world's largest blob of pudding, if it weren't for the fact his mouth was always moving. Barth loved Barth more than anyone else. His folks doted on him and his sister, causing a bitter rivalry between the two. The one time Xander suggested Angelica should choose which slice from the cake she wanted (because it was her birthday after all) was the day Barth wrote Xander off, and thus began years of torment. Whatever chore he was competing was made to be ten times harder. One red sock in the wash full of his mother's best white clothes, letting a stray muddy dog loose in the house after the floors had been cleaned, breaking Beatrice's china while she was away- you name it. His moments of relief came in the attic, because the guest room had to be left available for guests, of course. It was a small space with bars on the windows and a lock on the outside of the door, but at least it wasn't sharing a room with Barth. They'd tried that once, and both boys insisted they needed to be kept apart. it was the only thing they ever agreed on.

If one good thing came out of moving from New York to the backwater small town of Beaconville, Alabama, it was Dale Sherwood. Though Dale was treated as an outcast, so was Xander, so the two just naturally became best friends. The two met in sixth grade. Dale had crutches, because he was born with some sort of bone deficiency. Despite being only eleven (though Xander wondered if he had been held back a few years), Dale already had stubble on his chin, and the most unruly curly hair. He also had a bad habit of muttering to himself, mostly things that didn't make sense like "its from the mist". But Dale was Xander's kind of weird, so the two were stuck together like sand between your buttcheeks at the beach. Xander had managed to not get expelled, and started to consider Dale his miracle friend, a good luck charm. Dale liked that, he would stare at his feet and chuckle sheepishly. Seriously, his laugh did not sound human. Sheep or goat was honestly the closest thing to it. But still, Xander liked Dale.

Good luck runs out quickly. Fortune is the rarest form of currency, after all. Xander had become rather accustomed to being used as a maid by the time he was fifteen. The best part was Barth had been sent to some fancy private school for the school year, which was where he'd be doing his own stinky laundry for the year. Things seemed normal. Teachers hated him, reading was difficult, and bullies were on the prowl, as always. There was a new teacher. He was short, almost the height of Xander's cousin Angelica. He had a habit of cursing in German sometimes, which made Xander laugh. He was the only one who really appreciated the guy's love for history. He was a major nerd, but it was the passion and the fact he loved the kids (and actually didn't hate Xander's guts) that made Mr. Woods a hero to him. Things only started getting odd when a substitute teacher showed up. He had eyes of a beast and a deep growl in his voice. The teacher wasn't friendly, especially to Xander. Later that day, he overheard Dale talking to someone on the phone, saying he was worried about someone's safety. The weird part was that Dale doesn't have a phone, and the room had condensation in it after the strange dialogue had taken place. No one else had been in the room with Dale. Things only got weirder from there. A guy started hanging around the school after classes ended, and Dale insisted on walking with Xander to his house. Though he'd occasionally check behind him and not see anything, Xander could swear that guy from the school was following him home. He caught a glimpse of him, and for a second thought he only had one guy. The final straw was the class bully.

Richard was the perfect name for Dick Rhodes. Names aside, he was a real monster. The guy was over six feet tall and could easily snap the bones of your arms to use as toothpicks. In fact, that's what he tried to do to Xander. Getting the crap beat out of him wasn't that new. The serious manicure and overbearing teeth? That was a new look for Dick, and he wasn't a fan of being told the menu when the chef's selection was his own flesh. He was seriously only at the school a few minutes after everyone left. He was just trying to shake the stalker, but wound up getting his face smashed in the tile of the boy's bathroom. Dale showed up in the nick of time, it was like right out of a movie. He didn't know he could fight, but man did Dale know how to use those crutches. For some reason, Mr. Woods was already waiting for the pair outside the school with his car.

"Why are you here?" Dale had asked. "That's a funny way of saying thanks, kid. I just saved your lives." Woods had replied. Dale hadn't been satisfied with that reply. Xander didn't remember seeing him so serious before, but his cheeks actually got red. They had a weird argument that Xander wasn't sure about, but he started to get the strange feeling they were talking about him. When he finally asked what was going on, Mr. Woods told him they were headed toward Xander's uncle.

Lucien Queen lived up in Tennessee. After about six long hours of driving, listening to Dale complain about skipping dinner and Mr. Woods singing old music at the top of his lungs, Xander finally found himself at the doorstep of his mysterious uncle. Lucien had been a scholar of Norse mythology, and he hadn't been expecting so many guests. For whatever reason, quiet Dale sure liked to argue that day. He started talking about a camp and how Xander needed a "protector" or something.

"I can handle myself just fine. What's going on? My history professor, my best friend, and an uncle who I'm meeting today all seem to know each other, so... what am I missing here?" Xander had asked. It was like there was some grand secret, and he was the only one not in on it. Mr. Woods had scoffed at Dale's proposal, telling him Dale got mixed up in his history lessons. Then they started talking about Xander's father, which really got him mad. "Tell me what's happening!" he demanded. Lucien handed him a hand-held laser pointer, one that would fit on a key chain. "Keep this close to you at all times, and only use it in emergencies. This weapon is your life now. I know it's not much-" "No, it's less than not much. This is actually nothing. This is a laser pointer! How is this a weapon? Why do I even need a weapon?"

As if to answer his question, the same guy who'd been following him walked all the way up to Tennessee, apparently. Mr. Woods was conflicted, saying it didn't make sense, but he told the three to make a run for it while he "held him off". Whatever that meant, Xander was ushered into the car by Dale and Lucien took off against Xander's protests to not leave the teacher behind. They started driving north, and Dale insisted they head to Rhode Island. Lucien, on the other hand, claimed Boston would be a better choice. In the midst of their bickering, they didn't see the smoldering wad of molten road being chunked at the car.

It all happened so fast, but Xander remembers Dale pulling him out of the car. Pulling? but he had crutches. When he looked down, he realized he must've injured his head, because it looked like Dale had goat legs. He pushed Xander onto Lucien, telling the two to make a break for it. He started muttering something about giants and how this wasn't making sense.

The two didn't get far until Lucien grabbed Xander by the shoulders. "What's happening?" Xander asked. "You're about to turn sixteen. That means they're after you now. We're running out of time. I can't explain it all to you, but you need to trust me. Boston isn't safe for you anymore. Your friend is right. The camp should work. You need to go to the camp, it's your only chance." His blabbering didn't make any sense to Xander. All he knew was that this wasn't normal. Something was terribly wrong. "Xander, this is about your father. You remember those stories when you were younger? Do you remember the gods of Asgard? They weren't just stories, Xander. Now you have to go!" After a lot of protesting, Xander realized no one knew who his father was, but he was getting the gist of it. Mythology became reality, and his dad had been tied in the center of it somehow. Now, these creatures were after him. He had to make it to Long Island, New York.

Xander then found himself running. He walked himself for several miles, until he reached some local dinner. After piddling around for awhile, he finally asked the patrons if there was a bus stop nearby. It's not everyday a kid walks into a dinner with a musty backpack and ripped clothes. He looked like he'd been in an accident of some sorts. People were wary of him, probably assuming he was some sort of criminal. He finally claimed to be a runaway, and that he needed to get to New York. There was a bus stop not far from there, but no one was sure it could take him where he needed to go. A man approached him soon after this, insisting he could drive him there in his truck, because he was already headed that way. When you see a little sixteen year old girl get hit up by a burly man in a plaid button-up, it's a lot easier to speak up. Xander was a teenage guy with worn out shoes and a black eye. He was just fortunate there were some decent folks hanging around. When the man returned to his car, an elderly couple sitting in the booth beside him warned him not to go. The fear of winding up on a milk carton got to him, and Xander promptly refused the man's offer when he came back.

The man was not happy about that, and he refused to leave. He pulled Xander by the wrist, demanding him to obey. "Quarter-Jotunn, son of the one who slayed Ymir, you shall fall here. Hand me the heavenly spear, and your death will be painless." This guy was a lunatic. After pushing him off, the man revealed himself to be a frost giant. He began attacking the diner, and the innocent people there. To distract him, Xander uses the laser pointer only to discover its true form. The giant goes after him, giving everyone else an opportunity to run. Xander remembers being thrown through the window, and seeing something like an angel in the clouds before the giant came at him again. Xander never held a spear in his life, but it somehow felt natural.

In the end, he wasn't a match for the frost giant, and wound up losing his life in the process of fighting. He heard something like a whooshing sound, seeing a hand reach out for him. Then it all went black. He remembered vaguely someone telling him to "mind the gap". It's all a blur from there. He's found himself outside the hotel, about to become a new guest of the afterlife.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Odin (legacy of Zeus)


  • Mystiokinesis- Xander has a great capacity for runes and understanding magic.
  • Clairvoyance (limited)- Xander has developed two unique characteristics form this. He has many odd dreams, in which he can interpret future tragic events. He also has limited foresight, which is referred to as "pre-flex". This gives him the involuntary and random ability to see a split second into the future. What he thought was seeing battle patterns was actually a minor form of his father's precognition ability.
  • Enhanced Charisma- Xander has an especially gifted way with words. Though perhaps not quite as elegant as William Shakespeare, he does seem to possess many good qualities of speech. He can inspire others and has been noted to have a silver tongue.
  • Enhanced Wisdom- Xander possesses a deep understanding of concepts and people. He appropriately can apply perceptions, judgements, and actions while keeping those understandings.
  • Emotional Manipulation (limited)- As Odin has control over elements of war, including rage and anger, Xander can incite these feelings in others. From the war god, Xander can generate an intimidating aura.
  • Areokinesis (limited)- As a legacy of Zeus, and the inherited nature of mystiokinesis, Xander holds power over the dominion of the sky.
    • Wind Generation- Xander is capable of generating powerful blasts of air, which he frequently uses in battle to boost his speed. He also can propel himself into the air, and direct blasts to pilot himself, giving him agility during fights.


  • Asger- a legendary spear that takes the form of a laser pointer. Upon the push of a button, it becomes a spear capable of generating electric pulses and shocks. It is more durable than human weapons, and it can not harm mortals. The spear was designed by Odin to resemble his own weapon Gungnir, though it does not possess the same powerful attributes.

Fatal Flaw: Determination. The most detrimental flaws are the ones best used in moderation. Though it is great to push through challenging obstacles, determination can become blind stubbornness. The belief that one can accomplish anything, the false sense of invulnerability, can be damaging to not just the holder of this flaw alone but others around them. Being unable to run away from a battle he could not win is what got him killed in the first place.


  • Dyslexic- Xander is the grandson of a Greek god. His brain has been hard-wired to read languages aside from modern day English. He can read the Nordic runes and ancient greek much easier than English. Things in the Norse language just make sense to him.
  • He once had a pet hamster named Widget, but Barth tossed it down the stairs to "see if it could fly". The hamster did not fly.
  • Xander has a fondness for birds, especially ravens.
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Cyrene Lysandra

For Xander- I absolutely love the detail you have put in! I just worry about him being a legacy of Zeus since that can easily become OP.

10/16/2017 #27
I added what that means for him, so it doesnt become a random surprise in the RP. It just grants him some minor wind manipulation, which I suppose he could technically have anyway due to the mytsokinesis.
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Cyrene Lysandra
Okay :) thank you!

He's accepted, as long as this doesn't become OP, but I think you'll be alright :)

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Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

Cyrene, can you please remove my sheets?

I've copied what I needed.

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