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Ill be sure to keep him in check! Thank you so much :D
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General Profile

Full Name: Cather Alder

Nickname: N/A

Race/ Ethnicity: Swedish

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Age: Died at 18 (appears 18); technically over 400.

Physical Appearance: Midnight black hair, which she currently has as a pixie cut. She has silver eyes, and pale, fair skin. Sh eis slender, and often maintains a rather aloof manner. Her general choice of clothing is darker colors, and she likes to constantly be wearing her favorite black cape. Said cape has hundreds of pockets that can hold vials and such if she needs them from her experimenting with stuff for alchemy purposes. She refuses to wear dresses as they remind her too much of her past where she was forced to wear dresses constantly, and generally resides in black athletic leggings and dark shirts.

Personality: Cather is generally known as cold-hearted and shut off from emotions, a prominent part of her natural personality. After dying, she supposedly "lost" her contact with most emotions aside from sarcasm. She doesn't do well with other people in general. Her shutting down of emotions is most likely due to her fear of seeming weak to others, because as a child growing up in Sweden she often found herself being forced to be emotional and girly.

As for the few friends she has, she tries to maintain a better relationship with them emotion-wise. She's managed, but towards newcomers or those she isn't as comfortable with, she can be cold and silent, even rude in many ways. Cather only speaks when needed. A good explanation of Cather is probably the concept of independence, which she herself wishes to maintain at all times. Relying on other people makes her feel insignificant and lesser.

History: Cather Alder was born on October 31st, All Hallow's Eve, an unfortunate birth in most people's eyes. She was regarded as a witch by many throughout the time she grew up.

Her father had fallen in love with a beautiful peasant woman, despite his noble descendency he wished to marry her. It turned out that this woman was Nott in disguise - hiding from a mistake she had made with Odin for some time in Sweden - and she had no intention of dating the man. Eventually she gave in to courting him, even if she knew they would never be married.

Cather's father found the woman mysterious, as she only was around during the day and disappeared in teh night. After courting for 3 months, she had to inform him that she was pregnant and she was also the goddess of night. Nott made sure he swore to protect the child even though she would disappear as soon as the baby was born. As soon as Cather came into the world and her mother had fled, her father took her under his care. Throughout her childhood, they would move through all sorts of towns in the country, moving away from any monsters that threatened her existence.

Her father became a drunkard when Cather was 7, and when she was 10 he was killed by dark elves on his way home from a tavern one late, winter night. She was sent to live with her uncle, who tried to keep her more retained than her father ever had. As a child, she had been allowed to be creative and as imaginative as she could be, but her uncle wished her to be a proper lady. For the next 8 years, Cather was forced to be taught how to be a housewife and how to maintain a household.

Over these years, she developed an insecurity of feeling as though she had caused her father's death. This grew into wanting revenge for his death. At the age of 18, she finally got her wish fulfilled. The dark elves descended upon her uncle's house, and with an axe she took to trying to defeat them. In her eyes it was revenge -- truthfully in her Valkyrie's eyes it was a heroic action because she had protected her uncle and his family. When she went down under the dark elves, she was shocked to see the Valkyrie there.

Cather had never really been allowed to experiment with her powers, and therefore wasn't entirely sure why she was in Valhalla in the first place. Her Valkyrie had to explain the whole situation as to who her mother was and why she was here and how this was even possible. Over her 400 some-odd years, she's had plenty of time to practice her powers and hone the craft of alchemy which she fell in love with after a nice class of alchemy to the death at some point (alchemy to the death was abolished a while ago due to it's malpractice by many of the students). The few people she's made friends with generally tolerate her actions and her personality. (Ironically, to her, it was she who made friends with Puck first, despite his annoying personality.) Cather still burns with the concept of revenge for her father's death, as she believes she didn't get her revenge since they'd killed her in the end.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Nott

Powers: - Is able to cast shadows over certain areas, and from these areas is able to call upon the dead. She can only hold them in the shadows, they may not leave the chosen area.

- Cather has an extensive knowledge of dark magics.

- A powerful alchemist: she has dedicated most of her free time to figuring out how to transform things into other things.

Weapons: N/A

Fatal Flaw: With all the seething and anger that Cather holds, she is often perceptible to messing up plans and confusion is her biggest problem. If she is feeling a little too stressed out, she will become confused which often leads to a full on nervous breakdown before she can regain herself.

Other: She still maintains her native language, although she doesn't get to use it too much since there aren't terribly many other Swedes in the hall.

Cather originated in a different, singular book that I wrote during NaNo in 2015 (I think? yeah) and she wasn't actually human in that book. She's quite fun to play with, honestly, and is the character that I have created that is most alike to me out of all of the ones I've ever created. In the book, she was actually the villain of her own story, and I quite enjoyed writing her. She showed up in forums over at the first MC one I was in (Cyr will remember it) and so ... well.. here she still is.

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I AGREE!! I'll be finishing her tomorrow, most likely. Hopefully.

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Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

Full Name:Calendir



Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual

Age:26 (Appearance-wise), 452 (Chronologically)

Physical Appearance:Calendir has heart-shaped facial features that are soft, a square chin, steel colored gray eyes that hold an reflective look to them, a somewhat flat nose, and thin lips that are normally seen with a bright or playful smile look. Calendir has a pale skinned complexion as any, light blonde hair that appears to look black in certain lighting, that is kept in a small faux-hawk syle, and thin eyebrows. Cal stands in at 5''11, and has a thin frame that seemingly lacks any type of muscles mass, and lean in an athletic sense.

Personality:To describe what Calendir is, the young Elf is the embodiment of the so-called plucky comic relief:Easygoing and good-natured, Calendir is rarely seen without a smile on his lips and being a social butterfly who engages in conversations for stimulation in spite of having a minor circle of friends due to not only being outcasts amongst the Elves in Alfheim, Cal's notoriously sensitive digestive system has cut into his social interactions with others who aren't his friends, which has left him desiring more companions to spend his days with. Cal shows a natural curiosity for things, and thus while he is willing to try anything new it should be noted that he's gullible enough to believe almost anything due to being sheltered as a young child, who has no idea how the Nine Worlds work.

Cal is also a bit cautious towards things at times if they show danger, and he's more than willing to book it outta there since he isn't interested in dying just yet because he wants to live his life to the fullest~ Despite being a But If a coward, Cal is willing to put his life in the line for his friends as demonstrated by him venturing out of Alfheim with determination to find Baelfire and Riven, since he refuses to accept that they were gone for good afterntheir heroics sacrifice. Underneath all the jokes, and playful nature is a young man who wants acceptance and approval from others since he had grown up in a society where he was viewed with contempt, and thus he's reluctant to open up about his origins to those who aren't his close friends he's known for most of his life.

History:Calendir was born to the Elf Farril and the God Ullr as a child of their union, after the latter ended up in Alfheim on a hunt for game outside of Niflheim and in the forrest he ended up meeting Farril who had ben there practicing her archery skill, leading to a competition between the two since Farril wasn't one to back down and lose so easily. Ullr won the competition, but he found himself taken by the spirited nature of Farril and thus the two had spent time together before eventually Calendir was conceived and Ullr had abandoned Farril. Calendir was born in Alfheim to his mother, being the only child she had amongst her sisters and thus she had been protective of Calendir, as she knew what would lie ahead for his life and she apologized to him for it while holding him in her arms.

The youth of Calendir had not been a enjoyable experience, dealing with children of Elven families looking down on him as he was an illegitimate child and thus he was picked on considerably coming home with bruises as his mother fretted to know who had done it, but Calendir refused to tell her who had done what because he didn't want more trouble coming his way. On one particular day when Cal was laying in an open field reading a book, he was pelted with stones by a group of boys who had nothing better to do and they wanted to get him in a more open area where there was no trouble.

Fortunately for Cal, they were warded off by three other boys who began to pelt them with sacks filled with mud and dung from a few creatures in the area. Cal would meet the three boys who would become lifelong friends to him:Baelfire, a Elf who enjoyed to fight others and had a temper to match his boisterous nature, Jonik who bad limited mobility which made it hard for him to move around, and Riven who had been a wild lad who held the opinion of others in low regard. From there on out, the four boys became as thick as thieves and lived their own lives as they had to deal with a society much harsher on them when compared to Midgardian life.

Getting older, Calendir was soon joined by the birth of his younger sister who had also shared the same father but Cal still had no idea who he was, and his mother intended to not tell him despite his curiosity. Cal became a loving older brother to his sister Reniril, but he could tell that from a young age that she would take after their mother while Cal was like their maternal grandfather who like his grandson was a bit of a pacifist who only fought when he needed to, and so to Cal he had been happy.

Cal's life changed on the day where he lost Baelfire and Riven, both who sacrificed themselves to help out children who had been playing near a well and a brunnmigi had taken two of the children with intentions to eat them alive, while the four friends were out in the forest trying to hunt for treasure since they had hear rumors of gold being hidden out there. Seeing the creature had Baelfire and Riven jump into the fray, telling both Jonik and Calendir to go find help with the beast but Jonik and Cal were reluctant but after a bark from Baelfire it was made clear that they needed to go and get help from any men who could help.

Though it was too late, as Cal and Jonik would find their friends slain but the children safe from any harm while long gone from the scene. Cal would mourn his friends for the next hundred years, but one day he decided to go on a quest:Believing that his friends died honorable deaths, it meant that they would be in the hall of Odin and thus it was possible they were reborn as warriors serving the god, though he figured that they would be with Freya in Folkvagner since as far as he knew they had no divine heritage.

Calendir would set our from Alfheim, with determination to find his companions.

Demigod Profile

Species:Demigod (Elven)

Godly Parent:Ullr (Legacy of Hermod)


  • Archery:One if the considerably best skills owned by Cal, in spite of his incompetent nature and it's one of the only things he's proud to be useful of doing.
  • Cyrokinesis:A very recent power Cal has come into, its something he still needs practice in.
  • Enhanced Hunting:Despite claiming to not like nature very much, when thrown into the situation of it shows that Cal has the skills to survive considerably.


  • Bow and Arrows (Tips made of Bone Steel)

Fatal Flaw:Cowardice


  • Calendir's name has been passed down throughout his family to the firstborn son of the family, and his mother Farril carried on the tradition as her father also named Calendir had many daughters and no sons, so Farril named her son after her father.
  • Calendir has a notoriously sensitive digestive system, so he's very careful about what he eats or drinks.
  • Calendir and his sister were born long after Elves lost their magic and became practically Mortal, so he only has powers because of his father.
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Alright, he looks pretty good! Approved. But if you also could just add in a brief explanation of cyrokinesis, as well as a fatal flaw, it would be wonderful; he's basically accepted past that point! Just add in those two small things. I'll stick him on the character masterlist as soon as I get on a computer!
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Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

I forgot the flaw, apologies.

As for Cryo, at best Cal can only produce snow and freeze over small things like drinks

10/24/2017 #37
It's okay, I suspected you had :).

And ok cool, thanks for clarification.

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General Profile

Full Name: Orla McCarthy

Nickname: N/A

Race/ Ethnicity: Caucasian/ Irish

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 17

Physical Appearance: Orla has long, bright red hair that she usually keeps in a single side-braid thrown over her shoulder. With it braided, it reaches past her bust. She has choppy bangs, and typically wears a headband to keep all her hair out of her face. She has light freckles dusted across the bridge of her nose. Like her mother, Orla has single plait, sky-blue eyes. She has a fair skin tone, like her parents. She's a fairly average height for someone her age, and has a lean, muscular build from her work as a Valkyrie. Upon first meeting Orla, she radiates beauty. She has a warmness about her, though it is nothing compared to the golden radiance of her mother. Her smile tends to draw others in. Unlike her mother, Orla is not obsessed with jewels or adorning herself with beautiful clothes. Instead, she prefers "unassuming" clothes, like t-shirts instead of low-cut tanks or capris instead of tiny shorts. She says skirts and dresses make her uncomfortable. Even her Valkyrie armor is modest and she wears stockings with her battle skirt. She feels very comfortable in armor.

Personality: Orla has a bright albeit rebellious spirit. Her natural red hair really suits her. Like fire, she is highly unpredictable and holds destructive potential. Though she often has good intentions, she can end up doing more harm than good. She relies heavily on instinct, someone who listens to her gut. She puts her heart before logic, making her a highly empathetic person. She unknowingly cares too much about what other people think. Orla believes she isn't the prettiest, isn't the strongest, isn't the smartest- not just as "the best there is" but in a general "i'm never going to be enough". To her, she is "pretty", but she won't ever be "pretty enough". Guys will tell her she's attractive, but deep in her heart she knows she isn't worthy of being someone's long-time partner.

Despite the intense flame in her heart and her recklessness, she is actually a very calm spirit. She tends to be compassionate and very caring towards others. However, she is also extremely possessive, especially over the warriors she has selected for Valhalla. She can easily be provoked to violence if someone poses a threat to a person she has created a bond with. She has a hard time with weak-willed people. Not that she looks down on physically weak people, but weak minds. In truth, she is somewhat of a warrior who is looking out for those who can't protect themselves, but she doesn't appreciate people who can't even bother to help themselves. Orla possesses a very adventuresome spirit, and innate curiosity. She welcomes danger a little too much.

As the daughter of a love goddess, Orla is very much a sensory-type person. She loves to interact with the world, especially via touch. She doesn't understand boundaries all that well, and tends to be very physical with other people. Notice the closer she gets to you, the more physical interaction you will receive. She does, however, know what is socially appropriate. She might hold hands, hug, squeeze your shoulder, rub on you, or kiss someone, but she knows what is acceptable and what is not for certain atmospheres. She does tend to fidget when she is nervous, rubbing on things. Usually, personal items, but she may fidget with your hair or fingers absentmindedly.

Expected from a war goddess, Orla is aggressive. True, she possess a down-to-earth exterior, but she is not always laid back. She has a take-charge attitude, and can easily switch a commanding individual. She isn't afraid to stand up to others, but also tends to get carried away and get in over her head. She can become intimidating when she wants to. She tends to be somewhat moody, easily snapping or getting defensive. She tends to watch others very carefully to gauge their reactions, and always seems ready to fight. She's not a very judgmental person, whether it be your appearance or personal opinions. She's even fine with those that greatly conflict with her own morality. However, she gets very upset when you try to impose on others. Opinions and ideas are fine to her, just don't act on them.

History: Orla was born in Dublin, Ireland to her father Aidan and a woman Orla assumed for many years was a bar wench. Aidan had a habit of being too adventurous, too laid-back, and too bright and happy to realize, whoops, real life had real responsibilities. And thus, Orla came along.

Honestly, she didn't have a terrible childhood. Ireland is a beautiful country, and she spent most of her days going on adventures. She asked about her mother a lot when she was younger, but her father kept most things secret. They played the game of twenty questions a lot. "What did she look like?" she'd ask. "Well, she was very beautiful, just like you," he'd say. Yeah, not very helpful, pops. Her grandparents weren't much help either, and didn't seem to know who her mother was. At least, they didn't tell her. She was around the age of six when her grandfather passed away. It was a tough year, and she felt determined to know about her family, about her mom. Her father tends to be easily distracted, and Orla tends to be kind manipulative when you have something she wants. She didn't even realize she was charmspeaking until her father blurted out her mother was actually a goddess. Kinda hard to recover from that one.

Thus, from a young age, Orla was aware she was a demigod. She started spending a lot of time with her grandparents after that, and it took awhile to mend the relationship between her and her father. Eventually, he explained to her that Freya, her mother, was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. They didn't just get married for a day. Freya spent a lot of time with Aiden and a few months with him after Orla was born. However, she started fearing the attention she would bring to her family, and had to leave them. "She did it to protect us," he insisted, but Orla started feeling like her mother abandoned them. She and her father got closer than ever, and she vowed to never leave him like her mother did. She started feeling a lot of resentment towards Freya, and her own self-esteem was injured. Of all the gods, she had to be the child of Freya, the goddess with no sexual chill. It was embarrassing.

Orla was around the age of nine when her father met an American man named Steve. He was in the military, and was spending time in Ireland. Aiden and Steve really hit it off, and Orla supported it. She hadn't seen her dad that happy in a long time. "The happiest days of my life where when you were born and when I met Steve," he'd recount later. Granted, Orla found herself wary at the thought at first. What only child wouldn't? For years it was just her, her dad, and her dad's tavern. For years, it was the dynamic duo, just her and her dad. Now this weird blonde dude entered the picture, and it was strange at first. However, Steve grew on her (the attention and tendency to spoil her may have helped). Her grandmother passed away that year. Steve and Aiden decided to move to America and get married there. It was a tough change for Orla, but she didn't complain (much).

Now, Orla knew about her mom, and of course her father knew. However, Steve was meant to be kept in the dark about it all. They both agreed to it. Neither wanted to "scare him off". Up until high school, Steve and Aiden decided to homeschool Orla. They moved around frequently, so it just worked better for them. Steve finally decided to quit his job in the military and stick with his position working for a commercial airline. Aiden decided to take on a job to cover for the loss of Steve's second job, working from home as a literary translator. They were settled down in Georgia at that point, as it was an easier commute to Atlanta for Steve. Orla started public school in ninth grade, and that's when things got really tough.

She faced a lot of bullying. The school was filled with a lot of traditionalist conservatives, which made her untraditional life stick out like a sore thumb. The first strike was that she openly was not a Christian. She was the daughter of Freya, for Odin's sake. Not like she could tell anyone that. The second strike was her parents. Gay was not okay at her school, and they frequently liked to remind her that her family was "going to hell". Her third and final strike was her openly bisexuality. "Pray for her, but also get her the hell out of here", was the common response from the frequent back-row Baptists. Hardly anyone talked to her, and if they did it was usually something insulting. Teachers looked past the bullying. Apparently trying to "set someone straight" is okay if it means spray painting crude words against her parents on her locker or cutting her down with words. Her self-esteem was utterly obliterated in high school.

At sixteen, her biggest concern should've been ache and getting a driver's license. Instead, she had to worry about a fire giant trying to set the school gym aflame during cheer practice. Now, she hated a good 98% of the study body, and her own squad was not exactly on her side when it came to her "controversial" lifestyle. So it would've been easy to just run off. However, she felt responsible. She was a demigod, so she must've been what drew the giant there. Thus, she decided to lead the giant into the girl's showers, and locked it in there, turning all the shower heads on at once. The giant fled, and she'd saved her school at the price of one really scorched uniform. Another Valkyrie had spotted her actions, and she was then approached by Odin. The god offered for her to become a Valkyrie, and she accepted. It took almost the whole year for her to finally come clean to Aiden about her being a Valkyrie. He is totally terrified for her, but knows he can't stop her. So he supported her the best he could by giving her a knife that Freya had given to him. She loves being a Valkyrie, and plans to follow in her stepdad's footsteps. She wants to join the Air Force.

Demigod Profile

Species: Valkyrie

Godly Parent: Freya


  • Amokinesis- Though much weaker than her mother, Orla does have limited control over emotions of love and lust. She radiates beauty regardless of how she looks or what she wears.
    • Emotion Reading- Orla is quite adept at reading others emotions just by looking at their face.
    • Charmspeak- This power gives her enhanced vocal persuasiveness. It doesn't work on everyone, and doesn't last especially long either.
  • Flight- As a Valkyrie, Orla is capable of sprouting wings to fly.


  • Swan Cloak: a piece of equipment used by the Valkyries to hide up to two people.
  • Wristband: a piece of equipment used by the Valkyries that are attached to their arms. It can send a Valkyrie back to Valhalla in case they become badly injured. They are activated with fingerprints of a Valkyrie registered in the database.
  • Knife: Given to her as a birthday present from her stepfather, it isn't special in regards to Norse metals. However, it is very sentimental. She prefers daggers and throwing knives if she is using a weapon. She didn't learn swordsmanship until recently.
  • Dagger: Made of bone steel, this was given to her by her birth father after she became a Valkyrie. This dagger was given to Aiden by Freya, and then he passed it onto their daughter.

Fatal Flaw: Low-Self esteem. As shocking as it might be to have low self-esteem as the child of the goddess of beauty, Orla struggles with the fact she feels useless, being the daughter of a goddess marries dwarves for earrings. She carries some shame for being Freya's child, which she slowly has begun to overcome after being a Valkyrie. For Orla, she could never be enough on her own, which causes her to underestimate herself and allow others to bully her.


  • Her stepdad and her get along very well. In fact, Steve taught Orla how to shoot firearms and self-defense. If someone calls her "daddy's girl", she'll reply "which one?" though she is very fond of them both.
  • Orla's name means gold. Her surname means "loving". Orla's father changed his surname to "Clark" after he married Steve, but Orla kept hers. Not out of any rebellion toward the union, but she chose to keep the original name of her father to carry on, which later she will remark it is the name her father had when he met her mother.
  • Being Irish, she does have an Irish accent.
  • Her father Aidan claims her stomach is a bottomless pit.
  • Her favorite dessert is a "banana split, hold the banana".
  • As cliche as it sounds, Orla was a cheerleader. She is actually very agile and proved very skilled at competition cheer, not just waving her pom-poms around. She was nearly bullied off the squad, but her few friends who accepted her choices made it endurable. She had to quit, as she no longer could balance cheer with her Valkyrie duties.
  • She calls her dads by their first names.
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Approved! I will say that charmspeak is probably more of a Greek power, but I'll let you by on it this time round, considering it plays a part in her history.
10/25/2017 #40

Thank you, Rags :D

For the charmspeak, I considered it as a sub power of the amokinesis, manipulating feelings and such. I thought it was just limited to Aphrodite and her kids, not necessarily limited to just the Greeks. It's got that link to magic, because Medea and Cirice could also use it. And Freya is the goddess sorcery, so I figured it would work just fine. There wasn't a lot to go off of since the only demigod child she has in the series (thus far, I believe) is Blitz.

10/25/2017 #41
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace


Full Name:Riven


Race/ Ethnicity:N/A

Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual

Age:20 (Physically), 462 (Chronologically)

Physical Appearance:



Demigod Profile


Godly Parent:Aegir



Fatal Flaw: No pride or loyalty

Other: Just fun facts or interesting quirks about your character; stuff to make them more relatable/ realistic

10/26/2017 . Edited 10/26/2017 #42

General Profile

Full Name: Serafina Voltolini

Nickname: Faye. She always goes by Faye

Race/ Ethnicity: Italian

Sexual Orientation: Biromantic asexual

Age: Died at 14. In actuality, she's over a millennium old, she lived and died in the Dark Ages

Physical Appearance: Faye is a fairly tall girl with dark brown hair and green eyes. She is about 5' 10" with most of her height residing in her legs which are long and built for running. She has a fairly curvy form with lithely muscled legs, torso and arms, complimenting her long neck. Her hair is about waist length, cut to have layers, and falls in sleek waves. She prefers to have it pulled out of the way into either a braid or low ponytail. Her eyes are a bright greenish yellow, citrine. They are deep set and tend to get lighter when she is sick or has a headache. Faye's cheekbones are high, and her nose has both a narrow bridge and a pointed, slightly upturned tip. Her cheeks and nose are dusted with thin freckles that stand out against her pale skin. Her lips are about average, maybe a little on the thin side, and are a light dusty rose color. Her eyebrows are thick and upturned, giving her a bit of an elfish look. (it doesn't help that her ears are also slightly more pointed than most.) Faye's eyes, are probably the brightest and most eye-catching feature on her face.

Personality:Faye is what you'd call a dreamer if you're nice, and ditzy and spacy if you're not. Head-in-the-clouds, she almost comes off as mean because she is so quiet. She prefers solitude over the company of others, though she is not unkind. She has an aloof disposition and remains an enigma to many. Faye is extremely intelligent, though you would never know. She always seems to be just slightly out-of-it, when really, she has a brilliant intuition and is always a step ahead of her enemies. She is often underestimated, though she doesn't mind. Faye cares very little about what others think of her, in fact, she cares very little for other people in general, finding them exceedingly dull. She is difficult to befriend, mostly because she makes little effort to. Don't get her wrong, she isn't a cruel person. She's just...different. Standoffish. Doesn't really understand people, nor does she have a desire to attempt it. She has few friends, but those she does have, she will protect with her life.

But behind all of this lies a raging fire, deep, deep within Faye. Deep down, she really is a fighter. Faye believes strongly in the idea of change- and that everyone has a place and a role to fulfill in the universe. She's obsessed with star signs (obviously), and also with the ideas of fate and destiny. Faye believes that everything happens for a reason. And, she believes that possessing this knowledge makes her a harbinger of change. She's got big goals and aspirations, tucked away beneath her seemingly timid spaciness. Faye trusts prophecies, and she trusts what most would consider voodoo magic- she is a bit of an oddball, trusting tarot cards and fortune-tellers as well as her own intuition, believing deep-down that they are linked. Faye is a fighter when she deems it the right time to, and will not act without first consulting the stars.

Generally, Faye holds a distaste towards people. She is very awkward in social interactions, and always speaks with a stiff, formal tone. She hardly ever smiles except for when she's alone, and gods help anyone who interrupts her while she is working. Faye, though seeming outwardly regal and poised, is terrible at small talk. During conversations, she has a tendency to speak absently- clearly, her mind is elsewhere. She is ill-liked for this, as these characteristics make her seem selfish. And she is, to an extent. Faye contains that strong belief that she is the beginning of a great change in this world. The stars have decreed it. Thus, she treats others who do not accept those same observations rather poorly. Faye despises anyone who calls her beliefs 'voodoo'. She believes strongly in fate and destiny, and so spontaneity is something she is not fond of. When people act in a sudden manner, she becomes unnerved, even fearful. Though she hides it well, everything tucked beneath her nonchalantly aloof facade.

History: Faye's father, Bastiaan Voltolini, was not a good man. He was a powerful man, though, and the balance of the two was not a good one. Born into a noble family during the time when Italy was a monarchy, Bastiaan enjoyed exercising his power in the worst way possible. He cared little for the people, in a more selfish way than Faye herself. For, Faye is not the type to enjoy cruelty. Bastiaan, on the other hand, basked in it. Perhaps it was the way he was raised. Born to his parents, Portia and Ludovico Voltolini, he was told from a young age that he was superior.

And so, when he was an adult, he happily ascended into his role of power, ruling his estate as his parents had before him- charging incredibly high taxes and enjoying watching people grovel in order to pay them. This was at a time during the Dark Ages, and so Bastiaan outwardly opposed nearly all signs on creativity within civilization. He was known for burning books and suppressing opposition swiftly, usually with execution. And he was known, because of this, as a Lord of the Night (Signore Della Notte)- standing for everything age itself stood for. With a title like that, it was no surprise he snagged the attention of Nott.

Bastiaan, being raised a noble, was attractive and charismatic. He was seemingly the man who had everything- looks, wealth, power- everything, except a heart. But who needed something as fragile as that, anyway? Certainly not Bastiaan Voltolini, and certainly not the lady of night herself. Their affair was not kept a secret. Why should it, when Bastiaan had nothing to worry about? Anyone would dared to oppose him already knew the consequences. And so, drunk on power and love, his romance with Nott lasted longer than the goddess would have preferred. She did not like being so smitten to a mortal, but she could not find the will to leave, either.

Serafina was their daughter, and one night, Nott tucked the young girl into bed and then disappeared. Bastiaan never saw her again. He tore his world apart looking, and Serafina was raised in solitude. He was afraid and paranoid that someone had taken his lover from him. He would not lose his daughter, too. It was certainly plausible, Bastiaan wasn't an idiot. He had made many enemies in his lifetime. And anyone could have taken his beloved away from him. Bastiaan was also a selfish man, too selfish to even consider the fact that Nott might have left of her own free will. When you were with Bastiaan Voltolini, why would you even think of that?

Serafina absolutely despised him. She was a little girl with large, citrine eyes, as big and bright as her dreams and aspirations. She was a girl trapped in a cage, a cage she fought desperately to escape. Serafina's blazing flame is what surfaced first. At the beginning, that was all she was- tugging on her father's sleeve and asking him to please, please let her go outside. Just once. Bastiaan never did. Both to protect her and to protect himself- for he knew that if Serafina ever saw the horrific world that existed beyond his estate, she might leave him, too.

That did not stop Serafina from trying to leave at any instant she could. She hated the estate, and somewhere, deep, deep down, she hated her father, too. Serafina possessed a brilliant intuition. She was an intelligent girl, scrutinizing and critical of everything and everyone around her. And so, even from a young age, she knew of Bastiaan's true nature. And she was afraid, so, so afraid. A caged bird and her father liked it just fine that way. She was five years old when the shadows came for her. Nott, her mother, the goddess within her, surfaced. They came at night, lit by the candles in her room. And they danced.

She could see at night, too, like it was day. That started when she was seven. Hidden in her chambers as the clock chimed midnight- that was when Serafina was free. She would sit by the window and play with the shadows. It was when she was nine that she looked past them, looked up at the sky, at the stars- and found her calling. The shadows might have danced, but the stars spoke. And Serafina understood their language, loud and clear. She started to draw it, the charts. Mapping out the patterns and the things she saw, astronomical observations that were centuries ahead of her time.

But they were all hidden away, for if her father found out... It was an art. An abomination, in Bastiaan's eyes. And so Serafina was careful, quiet. He never knew, and he never would. When Serafina was twelve, the stars lit her path- out of her estate, out into the world. The stars allowed the caged bird to fly. They set Serafina free. When she was twelve, she combined the two- shadows and stars, as her mother had. She used them to hide her passage out the door, when her father's back was turned. And it was only then that she realized why he had tried so hard to stop her from seeing it.

You need protection, Bastiaan had said so often. But when Serafina was freed, she learned the truth- it was the monster himself who was protecting her. The world was a bleak place, and her father was in the center of it all. Her hatred grew and festered, the flame going dark. That was when the smoke came, solidifying into her mistly, aloof facade. And that was when Faye appeared. Faye, a common name Serafina took on her escapades. Faye was not Bastiaan's daughter. Faye was a town girl, an aspiring astronomer who claimed she knew the secrets of the stars. Faye was their hope. And so they listened. Serafina was fourteen when the stars and shadows failed her. She was returning back to the estate one night when it was Bastiaan that stepped out of the darkness to greet her. And that was when Serafina snapped.

"I am done being careful. I am done being quiet. You do not control me."

From her time spent educating the others at midnight, she had learned the true cruelty of his rule. And it broke Serafina's heart to go back to him each day. But now, now Bastiaan had switched the game they had been playing. He had swiftly taken the lead in the dangerous dance Serafina's life had become. He had found her charts. And so, Serafina felt little remorse, as she snagged a knife from one of her guards- she had always been swift, nearly a shadow herself- and drove it through her father's chest, killing Bastiaan and Serafina along with him. For she was not quick enough. Just as her blow struck, the guards, the ones who he said had been made to protect her, shot an arrow through her heart.

They had never been hers, was her last thought as her body crumpled beside his. They had always been his. But, but... she had been her own. Serafina had not been his, and she was satisfied with just that. Even when her Valkyrie found her and whisked her away to Valhalla, Serafina did not come back. That girl was lost forever. Once at Valhalla, however, Faye surfaced again. She was not the bird flying free. She was not the blazing spark.

She was a slow, dark flame, riddled with shadow. She was all the shadows and the stars above. This was when her mask solidified, ink-black and dark as midnight. Faye's spark had been dulled, only the tiniest ember remained. It took a long, long while for Faye to acclimate to the atmosphere. A long, long, time for the bird to resurface. Her wings had been stripped when she'd died, and it took her a while to realize- she was free, now. Her father did not control her- he never had. She did not have to live on the edge of a knife. And, centuries, millennia later, Faye is still learning that. It is said that her heart died with Serafina, and she has started to believe it. For, in her time here, the flame as all but flickered out. Faye has forgotten what it is like to live, to feel. Valhalla has given her a second chance, and she is struggling not to waste it.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Nott

Powers: Faye possesses near perfect navigation skills- she can use the stars to pinpoint her location from anywhere. She also has impressive night vision, and limited shadow manipulation, which allows her to shield herself and actually bend shadows to her will.

Weapons: Knives. She still carries with her the knife she had when she died, named Cielo, meaning sky. She swears her father's blood still remains there.

Fatal Flaw: Her inability to sympathize with other people.

Other:She likes peace and quiet, nighttime, clear weather, and midnight blue. She dislikes bright sunlight, and excessively hot weather (she hates summer). Her favorite season is fall, though she is fond of the winter, she does not care much for snow. Fluent in Italian, English, French, Latin, and Spanish, among other languages. Likes to study astronomy in her free time. Obsessed with mortal astronauts and modern ideas of space travel. An amazing singer, though she doesn't like to flaunt it. She's skilled at palm and tea-leaf reading.

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Full Name: Reyes Martinez

Nickname: Rey

Race/Ethnicity: Salvadoran

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Age: Died at 16, currently 49

Appearance: Standing at 5'4", Rey has a skinny physique from the poverish environment she lived in. Thanks to being in Valhalla, she isn't starving to death skinny but she's got thin limbs. Because of this, it's easy to underestimate Rey as having little to not muscle. She has dark brown hair that goes just between her shoulder blades, usually straight but often pulled back in battle as a braid. She has a round face and her skin is a very tanned light brown complexion. There are a few freckles along the bridge of her nose and her eyes are also dark brown, as if it they were like chocolate. Currently, she likes to dress in denim overalls with a t-shirt underneath and go barefoot or only with socks. She doesn't wear shoes except for death battles.

Personality: Rey is a mule. No one in Valhalla can make her do anything she doesn't want to. If she doesn't want to fight to the death, she'll stand there. Her stubbornness has often gotten her killed on the battle field, fairly quickly, but she doesn't exactly care. She believes that anything that overlooks the free will and right to choose from others is wrong. Still, when she does fight, she's brutal. She's quick to slay but she's brutal about it. Especially when she's angry.

Outside of the battlefield, she isn't much different. She's not afraid to give you the cold hard truth. However, just because she's harsh about the fact that a new sweater makes you look like a balloon doesn't mean she is heartless. She's honest because she wants people to feel good about themselves and not be torn down later. Lies don't lead to anywhere good. She thinks people ought to appreciate it.

Rey likes to cite that her temper is the reason she doesn't make a lot of friends in Valhalla, and while she can have a quick temper, she is more afraid of being emotionally intimate of people. She is afraid to care about them because she doesn't want to have her heart yanked in two when Ragnarok does come or if they die on a quest. But mostly, she doesn't want to put someone through the same emotional pain as Raul. She loved him and she hates that she hurt him like that. That doesn't really stop people from worming their way into her heart.

History: Reyes was born in El Salvador in 1969 to her father Eduardo Martinez and mother Maria Martinez. At the time of Maria's pregnancy, they didn't know if Reyes was a boy or girl. Her grandpa was confident that she would be another boy, like her older brother Esteban and insisted so much that she be named Reyes. He even went so far as to win the right in a bet between him and her father. Of course, Rey is born, turns out to be a girl. Her grandpa was still stubborn and named, what would have been an uncommon name for a boy, Reyes. She was the second oldest in her family of five children. There was Esteban (year old), Rey, Evita (two years younger), Pilar (four years younger), and Diego (five years younger).

Her family were peasant farmers, the crops they grew were seized by the wealthy elite and the government. They had little money. But Rey learned through her father how to be resourceful and survive. She was never idle. She would go to school with her brother, only later would she be joined by Evita, Pilar, and Diego. Then they would come home and work with their mother and father and siblings to toil the earth. Eduardo saw a bright future for his children. He wanted them to succeed in life.

That didn't happen. Poverty had been building up the tension in the country for as long as Rey knew. She was vaguely aware of the consequences of the stock market crash. She never fully realized what had happened and why. It all just escalated. And then the next thing she knew, Rey was ten years old and a civil war had basically started. She didn't understand a lot of it except that her family was scared and that her father was feeling resentful of their government. Then one day she was in school, and soldiers came bursting through their classroom. Rey heard screaming and crying. Everyone was forced against the walls. Through the doorway, she saw Esteban. She started to scream and cry, wanting to know where they were taking him. Calling to him. Her teacher saved her life by grabbing her and keeping her in place. When the soldiers had come, taken the male students they wanted, Reyes ran home. She forgot Evita and Pilar and Diego. She ran home and cried with her parents. The soldiers had taken her brother as a child soldier.

Rey always considers it a kidnapping. And since that day, they weren't sent to school anymore. It was out of fear that they'd return and take Diego or one of the girls. Or the soldiers would decide to massacre them. They stayed home and worked the farm. Her family was tense from the fear and chaos of their country. Rey grew hateful. She wanted the war to end. For her brother back. Rey missed him, she didn't know how to be the oldest sibling anymore. Somehow they managed to survive.

There came a point when Rey was twelve that her father started to use their storage shed to hide people. Little twelve year old boys hiding from the soldiers. People who spoke out politically but weren't part of the leftist rebels. Rey knew this was dangerous. Her father knew it too. But he refused to turn down these people and let them die. He believed they deserved to live. So Rey would help bring them dinner and water. Sometimes with the little boys, their families would come back for them, with plans to get them out of El Salvador. Or they would run off to try and join the rebels. Not always though.

Rey fell in love with one of the boys hiding from recruitment. He had stayed there, too afraid to test his luck and not seeking violence. He told Rey he wished to be a doctor. Rey found that both ambitious and interesting. They would start to spend time together, talking. He would tell her what he remembered in school, they would talk. He'd tell her about his family, she'd tell him about her brother. His name was Raul. She was only 14 at the time she started to find him adorable and cute, fifteen when they started to really get close and kiss. And she loved him. She wanted him to be a doctor, because he would be an excellent doctor and save people. She was confident in that.

Evita and Pilar tried to talk her out of it, explain that it is too dangerous a world to be falling in love with people hiding from the army. Rey told them to mind their own business, that Raul made her happy and she hadn't been happy since Esteban was taken away. That made them shut up. For a tiny bit of time, the trouble and chaos seemed more bearable with Raul.

Fast forward a bit to a week after her sixteenth birthday. The death squad rolls up late in the night. Rey has never learned how they found out her father was hiding people or who told them. All she recalled seeing out her window was the people and hearing her father try to hurry them out of the house and away from the certain death. Rey refused to let her father risk his life for the people in the shed. She refused to let her father and Raul be at risk of death. She took a knife from the kitchen and snuck her way out through a window. As some went into the house, she followed the two heading for their shed. She'll never understand how she managed to do this without getting caught any sooner. She screamed a load of curse words at them as she jumped onto one of the men and began to stab them. She killed him right before she was shot three times. And died.

She saw a beautiful lady in front of her, holding her hands. Rey mistook her for an angel. It wasn't. The valkerie lifted her in her arms, cradling her almost like a baby. She whispered, "Come along now". Rey was too tired to fight back. She didn't want to look back and see what had happened in the shed. She thought she was going to Heaven. She was going to Valhalla. The norns declared her mortal. She was appraised for her bravery. She was furious. She was recruited into an army she had no business being a part of. She didn't want to be there. But at any attempt to run out into the mortal world, her valkerie stopped her.

Over the years, though still incredibly bitter about the irony of her situation, she's manage to take advantage of some of the perks. Like learning English.

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: N/A

Powers: N/A

Weapons: Around four knives, two sheathed on each side. Two have about six inch blades, made of a silvery looking steel. The other two are shorter, about half that long made of a bronzish looking material. The silvery long knives have blue leather hilts and the small ones are red hilted.

Fatal Flaw: Fear of getting close to people. By not getting close to people how can you effectively trust them with your life?

Others: Knows Spanish and English, took a few classes in Valhalla and has learned about the history of the colonial America and Europe. Wants to get a degree just not sure on what.

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Ooo a mortal Einherjar, now that's a new one. I would question the liability of such a case, but I'm going to assume you knew what you were doing as it's been a while since I reviewed my knowledge of how Valhalla works so... yeah. Cool. Alright. She is approved!
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Full Name: Zane Foster

Nickname: N/A

Race/ Ethnicity: American (Bits of Polish, German, French)

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Age: 17, died seven months ago

Physical Appearance: Standing at 5' 8" tall, Zane has a well defined lean physique with some definition, mostly along his chest. His eyes are a bright green, as though the irises were made from lively rain forest leaves. His hair is a very reddish brown, nothing at all like the bright orange red we find from Loki or the Weasley family from Harry Potter, but he is still classified as a red head. It's always a ruffled mess. His skin is Caucasian, he has a tattoo on the inside of his right forearm of three large claw marks that look like they tore into his skin and reveal what looks like the galaxy. Or at least galaxy artwork. He'll typically wear jeans and graphic t-shirts. Rarely will it be just plain colored.

Personality: Zane's motto in life is "screw the authority". He hates being told what to do, something he has in common with sisters/brother Samirah al-Abbas and Alex Fierro to some extent. That might be just about it though. Zane prefers to live in the moment, to not think too ahead of the future. He's a bit of a smart ass and loves pushing peoples buttons. For him, its amusing. Of course, Zane is nothing if not without a conscious. He knows what territories you don't go into with people. Sometimes he'll even try his hand to sway people on his side or negotiate with people. He knows where to draw the line and when people cross those lines, he makes it a wonderful mission of his to give them hell.

When Zane finds someone he likes, he doesn't let them go. And when he finds someone he hates, he doesn't forget. That being said, people who find their way on his good side can count on him as an ally as long as they don't do anything to screw that up. He is full of confidence, unashamed of himself even if people think he's a horrible person.

History: Zane never met his biological mother. She met him at a bar, no doubt trying to nurse the pain of snake venom. Of course, she didn't know who Loki was. Not his real identity. At the time Vivian Foster was an aspiring lawyer, beautiful yet horribly gullible and foolish. She was not immune to Loki and his silver tongue. She fell in love with him, quickly, something about him was compelling. It's hard to say if Loki felt the same way. She was gullible and easy. Vivian put her studies on hold the moment she found out she was pregnant. This was, of course, exciting for her. And she thought Loki would be excited too. But, too weak at the time to continue his mental projections, Loki disappeared. Vivian was heartbroken. When he returned seven months later, baby Zane only two months away, Vivian let out all her anger. And Loki merely chuckled, telling her that she couldn't expect him to care for Zane. He was a god. Vivian called bullshit on it. Vivian was proved wrong of course, and Loki permanently damaged her mind. Unable to stop seeing through the veil that hid the Norse worlds, she felt on the brink of insanity. She was hospitalized as a danger to herself and Zane.

He was taken in by his Uncle Garret, who lived in Detroit and was three states away. Uncle Garret didn't really give a damn about what Zane did. Zane would talk back to his teachers, he would pretend to scold the kid and then roll his eyes. Zane got in trouble for punching a kid, Uncle Garret took him for ice cream. Zane had it easy at Uncle Garret's apartment. He could do whatever he wanted.

Things started to get interesting when Zane turned nine. Somehow, in the middle of the night, he turned into a chimpanzee. Excited by this new discovery, he went to his uncle to show him. Nothing. He didn't see it. Zane didn't understand. It was strange. Then he started to get weird dreams from some strange guy, with bright orange hair and a really messed up face. Called him daddy's little boy. Zane found it creepy. But he didn't bring it up to Uncle Garret. He kept it to himself. He practiced his shape shifting, used it to cause trouble since no one ever noticed.

It was because of his uncle that Zane found himself in a gang. Uncle Garret was never an authority figure. He was a "feeds me and gives me a roof over my head" figure. He never disciplined Zane. So Zane found himself running around with guys who had the same mindset. Running off in the middle of the night to smoke and break into cars. He was fourteen when he started. He had the right sense to not do drugs, not wanting to ruin his body, but he enjoyed the idea of breaking the law. Of sticking it to the people who thought he should be doing what they said. He liked to think he was a master of chaos. And with his powers, things were so much more fun. Easier. He could pretend to be a stray cat if the cops were coming, run off down an alley and hide there before turning into a crow.

How'd he become an einherji? Zane died in the middle of a gang fight. It was late in the evening, he wasn't even sure why they were fighting. Apparently someone broke into the house of another gang member's grandma. It was stuff like that. He'd been taking cover behind a car, trying to hit someone. There were two middle schoolers who had been heading home from a basketball practice. They were wearing green, the color of Zane's gang. Zane hadn't been thinking, he ran out from his cover and tackled the guy who was about to shoot them. Shouting at them to get out of here. He turned to shoot at someone else before they could turn around. The two kids managed to get away. Zane found a bullet to his throat. Next thing he knows, he's in Valhalla being booed and praised. And finding out he's the son of Loki.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Loki

Powers: Shape-shifting, like Samirah and Alex, Zane is a master when it comes to changing his appearance. Mostly as animals

Silver tongue, Zane has a natural talent with his words

Weapons: A sword and shield, from Hotel Valhalla

Fatal Flaw: Act first, thinks later. Though it saved the lives of those two kids it's gotten him into a lot of trouble. And continues to.

Other: He loves the free access to Netflix in Valhalla.

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Seems pretty good to me :) Approved!
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General Profile

Full Name: Avery Woods

Nickname: N/A

Race/ Ethnicity: Caucasian/ American

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Avery has pale blonde hair that is parted at the far left side of his face. His bangs are long enough to be swept back, keeping off his forehead. The length of his hair reaches the back of his neck, and it's long enough to be tied and pulled back into a "man bun". (I got inspired by elvish hairstyles. This is picture is what I envision :p h ttps:// He does not have the blue eyes of his father, but the deep, leafy green color of his mother. Aside from his eyes, he looks very much like his father Frey. Avery is tall for his age, but not especially filled-out. He's very lean with not much muscle tone. He has a thin scar on the side of his lower right leg from a rock climbing accident. Avery's mom loved the color green, and Avery always seems to be wearing something of that color. He dresses like a troublemaker, wearing things such as ripped jeans (that didn't have holes when he bought them) and hoodies.

Personality: Avery is a fairly straight-forward person. He does not like to be in the dark nor does he like to be left out of things going on. His moral barometer is questionable. Lying is okay, if you're protecting someone or something important, such as your life. Stealing is all right, if you're taking from the privileged jerk-class who won't even miss one gold bar. He can justify just about anything, and tends to break or bend the rules at his own discernment. He's also incredibly stubborn. Once he makes up his mind about something, it's impossible for anyone to talk him out of it.

Due to the absence of his father and his mother being absorbed in work, Avery began to feel pressure to prove himself. He first responded to this by overachieving. This meant getting good grades, bringing his mom lunch, and overall fed into his daily life. Avery is still someone who wants to prove himself to others. Praise can get to him pretty quick. He just wants acceptance. After his mom became more engrossed in work, he began acting more rebellious to get her attention.

When it comes to his life, Avery can be more disregarding than others. He puts himself in dangerous situations very often, almost like an addiction. Whether he justifies it by claiming to help someone or that it "had to be done", he seems to be unable to just sit still on sidelines. Daily routines and "wait, be patient, there's a plan" don't sit well with him. He needs action, and he needs to keep moving.

Over the years, he has continued to grow more pessimistic, more cynical, and definitely more sarcastic. He lacks confidence in himself. There is a disconnect there, and Avery doesn't like to view himself as "good" or "heroic" or anything that would require pressure. He wants to prove himself, but he's scared of the challenge. There is a great inner conflict within him, and it's tough to get a handle on it.

He does have a stronger sense of justice than he gives himself credit for. For instance, he knew he had to travel to Boston for his mother to find the truth, even at risking his own life. He also finds it appalling someone would use their power for evil-intentions. He insn't especially honorable. Avery has no problems fighting dirty to win a battle. A fight is a fight, and there are no rules. Just survive. He is not especially trustful of people, and doesn't attempt to win over trust of others initially. He is a high-strong individual who is expecting someone to have "an angle" in everything they do.

Avery carries burdens on his own. Should someone get hurt because of something he did or did not do, he would push them away. Even incidents not his fault or out of his control, he would blame himself should he feel there was something he could've done. This adds to his anxiety quite a bit, making him hesitant on a daily basis. These are things that would easily get him killed until he learns how to control his fatal flaw.

Even though Avery can be harsh, he shows a great deal of self-restraint. He even can show concern for his enemies. This softness shows there is kindness and warmth in his heart. He would even be willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of others. Despite his lack of trusting others and cynicism, Avery is somehow a forgiving person. This is because he is a loving person, who deep down cares for people. He is capable of making choices that seem very unlikely. This kind streak of heroism makes him unpredictable as a friend or foe. He is capable of letting go of anger and hate. Though fully capable of rage, Avery is surpassingly good at controlling his emotions. This makes him a level-headed thinker. As reckless as he can be with his plans, he isn't so impulsive that he'd jump into the fray without some sort of idea of what he's getting into.

History: "The best and worst day of my life was when I almost drowned at Walt Disney World. Okay, I know what you're thinking. Who almost drowns at the happiest place on Earth? Enter a four year old me, starry-eyed, bushy-tailed, and had not experienced the horrors of puberty or high school. We had just gotten off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and I had decided that was my true calling. That's right folks, since my young dreams of being a mermaid are crushed prematurely, I had decided it was a pirate's life for me. My mom's favorite ride was It's a Small World, so we migrated over to Fantasyland for another adventure. Mom is an archeologist with a special appreciation for vikings, so I grew up hearing stories about Helheim before bed. The heroes I grew up with were dwarves who made magical hammers for the Marvel Avenger Thor, giant slayers, mythical creatures who fought alongside the gods. Funny how a lot of those guys died violet deaths. Who wants to be a hero when you can steal all the chocolate you want? At least, that was my thought process. Hey, I was, like, four, okay? Gold was only interesting if you could peel back the wrapper and find a coin of milk chocolate-y goodness underneath. Anyway, the ride was fine at first. Everyone was singing the same song in different languages, dancing to the music, and had painted happy smiles. Everyone was happy. A little too happy. Somewhere around the Nordic area I thought back to those stories mom told me before bed, and got a weird chill. I could swear those dolls were looking straight at me, and suddenly I was convinced this ride led straight to the underworld. Frantically looking around, I noticed one of those extra tunnels they have for the boats, probably for in case the ride breaks. This door was my ticket to freedom, and I just KNEW that if I made it there I could get me and my family to safety. Only problem was when I leapt out of the boat, I landed head-first in about half a foot of water. Like a genius, I froze. My mom started screaming for someone to stop the ride as the lady in the row behind us pulled her kid close to her chest in case they decided to take a swim. After the paramedics came, we got fast passes, and I rode Pirates of the Caribbean six times that day. Back at the hotel room that night, my mom asked me why I jumped out of the ride. I didn't know how to answer, so I just got quiet. She asked if I had gotten scared, and I just nodded. Of course, she convinced me it was just a ride and none of it was real, but I couldn't ever shake the feeling something had been watching me. And in a way, I've been dying ever since."

Avery never knew his father, and he never cared to know. The stuff he did know was that it made his mom sad to talk about him, and he'd left them, so that was enough to him to decide "well, screw him too" or whatever that translates to in five-year-old speak. Summer Woods is an outdoor person. She always has been, and she moved around quite a bit. It was actually great when Avery was young. He lived in all sorts of climates and visited other countries. At one point, he lived in Greenland, but that name is quite the misnomer. He enjoyed Brazil a lot more. Not that the cold bothers him, but he just always liked the warmer seasons.

Summer didn't let fear stop her from doing what she loved. She had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and pursued the truth until the very end. She was also incredibly warm and compassionate. Her smile could melt the ice of Niflheim. She especially loved mythology, and would tell Avery stories about furies and giants, dragons and pixies. He had an incredibly vivid imagination thanks to her. Part of her work brought her out into the field, which wasn't too bad. She loved being on-the-go. Typical outings for the Woods family included spelunking or camping in the mountains. Things were fine until a few years ago.

When Avery was fourteen, his mom got in a really bad accident. The ruins she was investigating crumbled unexpectedly, and she couldn't make it out in time. Though she lived, she received spinal damage, and became paralyzed from the waist down. That was the end of her scuba diving and rock climbing career.

To help her recover from her surgery, the Woods moved in with Summer's sister. They were so used to moving, it wasn't that part that bothered Avery. Now, Seattle isn't a bad place, it's just very gray, very rainy, and the only jungle present is the urban jungle. His mother spent a lot of time in the hospital after the surgery. When she finally came to terms with the fact she'd never walk again, she decided to work at the Nordic Museum of Heritage in Seattle, since the position wouldn't require her to use her legs. She spends most of her time at a computer now, and Avery can tell she isn't as happy as she once was.

Life with his aunt isn't so bad. Janette Summers is a no-nonsense, independent woman. And she's sharp as a tack, which is expected for a homicide detective. Jan wanted to give Avery the most normal life he could have, if he'd just sit still. He hated being cooped up indoors, so he'd often roam the streets on his own. He picked up skateboarding, and spent most of his times at skate parks or urban areas with rails and sidewalks he could use.

It wasn't a terrible life. He'd often visit his mom at her late shifts. After the injury, she had to pour herself into something. She became a serious workaholic, and devoted her time to research. She talked about Boston a lot. Recently, she became obsessed with a sword or something, but Avery paid less attention the more obsessed she got. He just wanted to take care of her, and get her to start helping herself. The security guard was a nice guy. Avery trusted him to keep an eye on her during her late nights. He gave him a hard time at first, because he thought he was interested in his mom. However, they eventually forged an alliance. Sometimes Avery would bring him things from the supermarket on the way to the museum. Life wasn't terrible until everything went to Helheim after he turned sixteen.

His mother never left work, even at home. Her room had become locked away as a work zone. Avery peaked in once, seeing what he thought looked a lot like a detective board. She shooed him away, but he saw enough. There was the words "Asgard", "vikings", "Frey", "Boston"- it was like she was going insane. When he came home early one day on her day off, he was hoping to surprise her. Instead, she started rushing him outside. She told him "Boston [was] the key", and he had to go. They got into a loud argument about her work, and he stormed out. Upon returning, he found the apartment complex burned down. The cops approached him, telling him he was needed for questioning. He asked where his mom was, and what was happening. However, no one was giving him a straight answer. They wouldnt let him near the scene. Suddenly, someone pointed at him, telling "that's him!" several times. Avery jerked his hand back as the officer reached for his cuffs. That's when his aunt approached, telling him "it's just a misunderstanding, but we need to take you to the station". His world was spinning. He was the leading suspect in his mother's murder?

Of course, Avery went with them. "I haven't done anything!" he insisted, all the while thinking she couldnt be dead. He wished that was the weirdest thing that happened. A lawyer came by to talk to him, telling him about his case. The guy made Avery uncomfortable, and started asking a lot of questions about his mom, specially Summer's research. "Did she tell you where to go?" he asked. "Ex... excuse me? I dont-" "Did she tell you where it is?" "Where what is? You're not making sense. What are you talking about?" but he didn't get any answers from the lawyer.

They put him in a holding cell while they searched for evidence. He finally shut his eyes, hoping to wake and find this was all one big nightmare. The lights went out in the department a few hours later, and when Avery woke up from the commotion, he discovered his cell was unlocked. He stepped out as the lights came back on, finding that the cop in the room with him was now dead. Several officers went down to the holding cell, finding Avery over the officer. He bolted, running out of the station for his life. Funny thing is, no one would realize the situation, that the lawyer and the cop had been the same person in disguise. Avery wasn't sure how he managed to escape the station, but everyone was looking for him now. That's when he ran across someone who insisted they could help him. Avery refused the stranger. He suddenly recognized him. "You're.. you're my lawyer. You're that cop. But how?" Apparently, it tested the limit of the guy's patience. He lit himself aflame, yelling at Avery to "give it over to [him]". Luckily, that's when someone busted out the fire extinguisher before he got barbecued.

Brooker had showed up in the nick of time, telling Avery to get in the car. Though he hesitated, it sounded a heck of a lot better than the alternative. Brooker explained things as fast as he could. Norse gods? They're real. That guy? Fire giant. His mom? Bait. The real target? Avery. "They're looking for something. Something in Boston," Avery said. "I don't know what it is."

"Guess we're staying away from Boston then."

"Brooker, I have to go. Whatever is there, that's the reason my mom died."

"Precisely the reason you shouldn't go to Boston," Brooker countered. "I promised someone i'd keep you alive, and it's a lot easier without giants on your tail."

"I have no know what's going on. There's something important she wanted me to find, and whatever it is, those guys are after it too. They hurt innocent people. Whatever they're looking for, it can't be good," Avery protested.

"You're far too heroic kid. Heroes don't live long."

"Brooker. I'm going. Either you're taking me there, or i'm just going to go on my own."

With those words, Avery Woods began the epic road trip of a lifetime with a not-elf dwarf and the promise of Boston weighing on his mind.

Demigod Profile

Species: Demigod

Godly Parent: Frey


  • Elf Magic (alf seidr)- Magic wielded by some elves, Frey, and his children. Its main uses are for healing, growing, and preventing or stopping violence. Unlike rune magic, it can only be inherited, not learned. One either has it or does not. This magic is said to be lesser than rune magic.
    • Disarmament- By expelling energy, the user can create a shockwave bomb that disarms anyone with weapons in the user's surrounding area.
    • Healing- User can heal both themselves and others at increased rates.
  • Season Alteration (limited)- As the son of the god of summer, light, and warmth, he can change the area around him into summer.
    • Photokinesis (limited)- He can generate sunlight.
    • Thermokiensis (limited)- Being the son of the god of warmth, he can increase the temperature around him in a certain radius.
  • Temperature Endurance (limited)- Though not impervious, he does have harsh temperature insensitivity. He possess resistance to extreme temperatures, not to be confused with immunity to heat. Fire can still kill him.
  • Portal Manipulation- Being the son of Frey, god of growth and fertility, he can manipulate the world tree's branches by opening and dispelling portals.
  • Geokinesis (limited)- Literally, he can only reveal possible light sources when underground.
  • Enhanced fishing (limited)- Being the grandson of Njord, he has enhanced fishing capabilities.


  • Sumarbrander- originally owned by Frey. He technically could inherit the sword if he finds and claims it, but he's never seen or heard of the Sword of Summer.

Fatal Flaw: Anxiety. Avery has a deep-rooted need to prove himself. This leads him to making poor choices, such as making promises he may not be able to keep, accepting quests that are too difficult for him, and feeling incredibly overwhelmed to the point where he can not focus on the task at hand.


  • The name Avery means "king of the elves".
  • Avery in not fluent in many languages. He's lived in different places, but he typically stuck to areas where people spoke English. He'd never be there long enough to have to be fluent. However, he knows enough to hold conversations. Basically, if you dumped him in a country where they speak Portuguese, German, or Russian he could at least survive.
  • Because of his mother, Avery is aware of some Norse mythology. Though not an expert by far, he isn't as clueless as some of the new arrivals can be.
10/28/2017 #51

General Profile

Full Name: Brooker

Nickname: Brooker S. Flintlock (alias), BS (either as an insult or teasingly)

Race/ Ethnicity: Dwarvish/ Svatalf ("dark elf")

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Age: 22

Physical Appearance: Brooker has tight, short, curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He has a dark complexion, just like his dad. Because of his godly bloodline, Brooker is taller than most dwarves. He has a lean frame, and isn't as muscular as his father. He is self proclaimed "more handsome than other dwarves" due to his Vanir blood. Brooker has black stubble on his chin, but not a full on beard. Brooker prefers to wear very casual clothes like jeans and hoodies. He is quite fond of Midgard brand names, especially when it comes to jackets and shoes.

Personality: Brooker is not what you'd expect to emerge from the forge. He's a fast-talking goofball with a knack for getting himself into really terrible situations. He's quite jumpy, and tends to dislike combat and confrontational situations. However, when he is approached or challenged, he tends to let his motor mouth run, which lands him into trouble. Props if he just gets smacked in the face. He usually winds up saying something stupid like "any time, any day" and that might end up being the death of him.

Initially, he radiates confidence and acts very smooth. He's possibly too confident, though it can make for some comical situations. For instance, he tends to think of himself as a real charmer, so it isn't uncommon for him to call himself "attractive" or to flirt with other guys regardless of what they are. Whether its an elf, demigod, or fine looking saytr- his come-ons gets him into trouble on a regular basis. He is extremely outgoing and very friendly. He has a good sense of humor, capable of making witty remarks and the occasional terrible pun.

Aside from his obvious flaws, he is quite lovable. He cares very deeply for friends of his and shows the upmost loyalty. As much as he would dread facing a giant, he'd charge into the fray for you if you're an ally. His heroics do extend to strangers, though he'd be far more hesitant to risk his life for someone he didn't know. He understands the importance of prolonging Ragnarok as long as possible, and is willing to sacrifice his life to try to prevent what is inevitable. As an inventor, Brooker is very intelligent. He's got a wild imagination, which can get out of hand. However, when he sets his mind to it and concentrates, he is very resourceful. He can think on his feet, and find abnormal uses in the most unconventional of items.

History: Brooker is the child of goddess Freya and dwarf Brokkr. Brokkr, brother of Eitri, bet his head that his brother could make things with better craftsmanship than Gungnir. With great concentration, despite the efforts of Loki, the golden ring Draupnir, the golden boar Gullinbursti, and the hammer Mjollnir were created. Fortunately, Brokkr kept his head. However, Loki damaged his neck, and in lieu of this, Brooker's father sewed Loki's lips so that he could not brag until the thread came out.

Gold is quite important to Brooker, given his father's past creations and being the child of a goddess who cries golden tears. For the young dwarf, he often felt empty growing up. Weapons never interested him, and his mother constantly was pushing him to be a jewelry maker. His inventions were more on the imaginative side, such as making a machine that brushes your teeth for you in the morning and simultaneously cooks breakfast. The biggest downside to that was the toothpaste kept tasting like eggs. Indeed, his inventions were always quirky and never quite came out right.

He was born and raised in Nidavellir. As a child, he was always inventing something wacky, which usually got him laughed at. He was prone to face bullies as a kid. He got his degree in engineering. During his schooling, he lost his arm. Brooker does not like to talk about this experience very much, but he had accepted a challenge. His invention backfired on him, and it almost hurt a by-standard. Though the person did not suffer any injuries, Brooker did lose his leg in the process. He built himself a new prosthetic, and decided to leave his home after that. In fact, he hasn't returned home since the incident.

For awhile, he wandered Midgard alone. It wasn't until he stumbled upon some young guy with a heartwarming smile that he felt at home again. He didn't tell his companion he was a dwarf, but the two still shared secrets. They became closer than brothers, and Brooker felt feelings for him. One day, he disappeared without a trace. And so, he had to keep moving.

So what does one do with the natural craftsmanship of a dwarf? Obviously, you become a security guard. Midgard may not have been anyone's first choice of travel, but it was away from home. It was away from everything. He just had to figure out the whole "nocturnal" thing. Sure, there were plenty of things he could have done. So why a night guard at a museum? Best job offer. No, really. Frigg approached Brooker, telling him to work at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle. At first he was wary of this, but he could not turn the goddess down. After all, she promised if he completed his task, she'd tell him what happened his companion. Brooker accepted. He was put in charge of watching some brat from afar, a demigod. "Keep him alive" was his only task.

Seemed easy enough, but this kid was as reckless as they come. His mom liked to work late in her office, and it wasn't unusual for her son to drop by. Man, he was a troublemaker. Riding his skateboard inside, touching the priceless art, attempting to try on the old clothing artifacts. His mom called him curious. Brooker had another word in mind. Regardless, the two actually got along fairly well after a lot of time. The kid would even bring him snacks from time to time. So maybe the brat grew on him a bit. He had a job to do, and it was just to keep him alive. He remembered the number sixteen was important for some reason, but that didn't bite him in the butt until later.

It all started when Summer Wood's house caught fire. Her sister Jan wasn't home, and Brooker was stuck waiting for daylight to end. Summer was the mother of the demi-brat. Suddenly, Avery Woods was the number one suspect in an arson case and his mother's alleged murder. It was totally spur of the moment, but Brooker suited up and found the kid running for his life on the streets. It took a bit of convincing, but Avery got in the car, and they started driving. Now he's just got to keep him alive while humans are searching to put him behind bars and giants are trying to put him in their bellies. Overall, he feels like he got one Hel of a deal.

Demigod Profile

Species: Dwarf (also called Svartalf or the misnomer "dark elf")

Godly Parent: Freya


  • Crafting Skills- Like most dwarves, Brooker is a skilled craftsman. He tends to overestimate his skills at the start of a project, then will give up before its completion. His imagination tends to be too big, and he will doubt his skills while he works. But it he maintains concentration, Brooker can create very unique inventions. He does not like making weapons.
  • Underground Intuition- Brooker can sense how old rock formations are, and locate entrances and exits to underground caves.
  • Rock Shaping- As a dwarf, Brooker can shape rocks with his hands.


  • Bacon Bruiser- Brooker's right leg is a prosthetic of his own design. The lower part of his leg is made of bone steel with a spring mechanism for his foot. He stuffs his shoes so he can stick the end of his prosthetic inside. The leg can slay monsters if needed. The tip has a function that heats it up, branding or otherwise injuring opponents. It also makes and stores bacon in the calf, so long as the meat is supplied.

Fatal Flaw: Short-Temper. Brooker lets his anger get the better of him most all the time. He snaps easily, causing him to accept challenges he has no way of completing. He also will sometimes blurt out things in anger, like secrets.


  • Brooker endures various aches and the dreadful phantom itches that amputees may have.
  • His alias has the initials BSF. This is a nod to how he is called in his homeland, Brooker Son of Freya.
10/28/2017 #52
Alright so the one major concern I have is the fact that the sword of summer is mentioned as a weapon (not even going to try to spell it good lord I'm too lazy for that) and that he may gain it. I know he doesn't have it yet, but that would imply he's going to get it. Now Jack is a canon character. We are not allowed to have any canon characters involved, and I believe that also involves canon weapons who talk. As fun as it would be, I don't think having the kid find the sword and own it would be a good idea just so we can like, not have canonverse interrupt the flow of things. I think that should be eliminated from his weapons collection. (Let me know once you've fixed that.)

As far as Brooker goes, he's good; approved :).

10/29/2017 #53
Since it is a bit vague, can I ask the admin for clarification before editing? Just in case Cyr says it would be okay, since some canons (like the gods) are allowed, it may exend to other mythologically canon things like the weapons (including sentient ones).
10/29/2017 #54
You may, but I imagine she'll come up with a similar answer -- although if not, no harm done. It is the fact that this character is basically Magnus Chase if such a thing were a part of his life that really is a problem. Having no canon characters means we can't entirely base characters off of canon characters. The gods are a minor exception; plus, I believe we play them differently than Rick writes them, although I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet his version of Hel but I doubt it's anything like my version, and other gods go the same for other people's versions of them that I've seen in the past. We try to play most gods slightly differently than is canon, I guess is what I'm saying. But you can ask and see what she comes up with.
10/29/2017 #55

General Profile

Full Name: Nazim Alahya al Vasihirli

Nickname: If they would like to be called something other than their real name

Race/ Ethnicity: Arabian/Persian/Turkish

Sexual Orientation: Biromantic asexual

Age: 16,

Physical Appearance: Nazim is a beauty. Tall, lithe, and olive-skinned, she stands at about 5'9", with a slender figure and curves in all the right places. She's got an hourglass shape and a toned abdomen, as well as arms and legs defined by solid muscle. Her eyes are a glimmering hazel, flecked with gold, large and proportionately set on her oval-shaped face. Her nose is strong, but still pretty, and her mouth is full and red, lips soft. Nazim has cheekbones that look to be carved from marble, and a forehead high enough where she could be mistaken for royalty. Her hair is thick and long, a warm color reminiscent of caramel that falls in soft waves down her back. She would be perfect, if not for the scars. Riddled across her back and arms, they're long, jagged things, cutting into her flesh and marring it permanently. Nazim prefers to wear full-sleeved garments because of this. Even in the middle of summer, she tries her best to keep her scars covered.

Personality: Nazim's personality can be compared to a coin. There is the front she puts up to most, and then there's the real Nazim, behind it all. Nazim is an extremely guarded individual. To strangers, she appears tough and ruthless, stone-cold and unfeeling. She hardly ever smiles, and she's got an attitude- always ready with a snide remark or a retort to anyone who so much as looks at her the wrong way. She's extremely fierce, a fighter through and through. She has mastered the art of a poker-face; it's nearly impossible to discern her real emotions. If she wasn't so young, one might think she was a soldier- she's got that 'hardened by battle' disposition to her. Unwavering, Nazim is as stubborn as a mule. She will not take no for an answer, and she will not let anyone change her opinions.

But. That is all a front, a mask she has donned to protect herself. For the real Nazim is much different. Quiet, timid, insecure, and afraid of opening up, Nazim trusts nearly no one. She acts tough to hide her true self beneath, as she has learned no other way. The other side of Nazim's coin is quite different. She's got a sense of humor, and she does have a heart. Charismatic and sweet, Nazim can be quite the charmer when she wants to be. Once she does end up trusting someone, she is a loyal ally until the end. Once you have Nazim's trust, you have it forever- unless you break it. Nazim will hold a grudge for life. Betray her, and the mask appears once more, and it will never come off again. But befriend her, and she will die for you. With her friends, she loves to laugh and crack jokes. She'll let her guard down and surprisingly, she warms up to people very quickly. Overall, she's a bit of work to figure out, but worth it once you do.

History: Parents, siblings, where they grew up, what their home life is like, how they died or joined the Valkyries, etc. If you would like to privately RP and Einherjar's death, either choose an existing Valkyrie and (with the permission of whoever created them), you two may RP in a private thread. If you would like to, you can also PM me with your ideas, and I can make a generic Valkyrie to RP with you.

Demigod Profile

Species: Einherji,

Godly Parent: Freya

Powers: Every power must have a limit, and must relate to your godly parent

Weapons:Her sword is a mixture of steel and Imperial gold, called ┼čark─▒

Fatal Flaw: No pride or loyalty

Other: Just fun facts or interesting quirks about your character; stuff to make them more relatable/ realistic

11/2/2017 #56

General Profile

Full name: Olympia Olamide

Nickname: Doesnt really have one, some people call her O.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Race/Ethnicity: Nigerian

Age: Died at 16, is now around 60 years old.

Physical Description: Olympia is tall with long straight black hair that reaches around her torso with a streak of color that she changes frequently. She has deep dark chocolate brown skin, sharp chiseled features. When she discovered jeans, she was hooked, now it's all she wears, her normal outfit would be jeans obviously, and a t-shirt, with sneakers. She has toned muscles, from training constantly.

Her most striking features, are her deep and calculating amber eyes. When in battle, her long hair is up in braids with ornate gold bands on them that match.

Personality: Olympia is fiercely loyal to her teammates, and she is extremely competitive. She is known for saying, "Fight hard, but love harder". If someone messes with her, she brushes it off, but when they mess with someone close to her, then all heck breaks loose. She died due to trusting the wrong person, so she has major trust issues now.

She is a master battle strategist, and never charges into battle without a plan. When Olympia fights, she fights to win. She doesn't do well with losing and will fight like a berserker, until she is literally chopped to pieces. Whether it be her mind or her body, she is constantly training.

History: Olympia grew up very poor, she was the oldest of 7 kids, and her mother died of disease when she was young, so with her father at work, she was left to take care of her siblings. They all stayed at boarding schools, so she barely saw them, and when she did, it was for a short period of time. Her father struggled to provide for so many children, so he was always working. Olympia missed out on alot of her childhood because of that.

She died when one of her friends at school convinced her to go to a party with her. There, a bunch of Muslim terrorists (No offense to Muslims) came in and took everyone captuve. She was able to take out some of the guards and get all the children out, but on the way out, one of the guards picked up a shotgun and killed her.

Demigod profile

Species: Einherji

Godly Parent: Loki

Powers: She can shape shift, and can be extremely cunning if she really wants to

Weapons: Olympia is trained in an assortment of fighting skills, she personally prefers the bow and arrow, a sword, or a mace if she is in a bad mood.

Fatal Flaw: Competition and Distrust

Other: She loves junk food, because she grew up eating only beans, or fufu (a yam mix that you dip in sauce). Even rice was a delicacy for her. She also is addicted to television, when she first turned it on, she died from a heart attack.

8/14/2018 #57
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