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Cyrene Lysandra

The name says it all- here is a place to chat, find a roleplay partner, and meet new people

10/11/2017 #1
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

This place alive?

10/12/2017 #2

Starting to be! We're just starting up, so it probably seems really empty right now - but I promise it is beginning. We had a forum previously but it sort of died out, so Cyr decided to start a new one.

But welcome! Make an OC if you'd like, I'm able to look over them so I'll be able to do that if you make one -- now of course, my OCs have yet to be accepted by Cyr but she'll be around soon, I promise.

10/12/2017 #3
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

Thank you.

10/12/2017 #4
Yup no problem!
10/12/2017 #5
Cyrene Lysandra


I'm Cyr, and I'd like to formally welcome you the forum, Law :)

Yes, we are still alive, but we are fairly new and a rebooted version of an older forum that has died, so things might be a bit slow until we get the ball rolling.

Feel free to get started on your OCs! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

10/12/2017 #6
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace


So how much of an AU are we talking? Like everything from SoS to SotD didn't happen, or it did and we're focusing more on the side characters?

10/12/2017 #7
We completely ignore all canon events or characters, that's how AU this forum in particular is. We don't allow character claims unless it's gods, which isn't set up yet currently, and they're the only thing that really carries over aside from the hotel staff in Valhalla. So yeah, we mean AU around here :) .
10/13/2017 #8
Cyrene Lysandra
Rags pretty much summed it up! Just imagine that the books didn't exist. We're using Rick's universe and maybe some gods later on, but other than that it's all us :)
10/13/2017 #9
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace


I gots another question, though in regards to a weapon.

Since in PJO a decent amount of weapons showed up from mythology (I.E. Thalia's Aegis, or the Nemean Lion skin), can I have a character who has the Angurvadal sword? Magnus found his father's sword, and the Skofnung sword so is it cool if my character has Angurvadal? It isn't like the aforementioned Skofnung, or Sumarbrandr/Jack so it won't kill people in an OP fashion.

10/13/2017 #10
Cyrene Lysandra

That sounds perfectly fine :) Just be sure it does not become OP and it should be alright!

10/13/2017 #11
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

It's designated to kill Jotun primarily, not to say that it can't kill people but that comes down to the skill of my character opposed to the weapon.

It just has runes on it that blaze when war time is happening, and a dim light shines when in the times of peace.

But thank you very much.

10/13/2017 #12
Cyrene Lysandra

Okay, that sounds interesting :)

No problem! Thank you for asking!

10/13/2017 #13





but yeah i'm pretty happy. Time to get back to waltzing around with the dirty blond kid; and get back to shipping a different ship that has an elf involved. (I currently have Taakitz going for me in The adventure zone, not to mention my lovelies here on this forum. I ... I think I might have a minor obsession with elves...)


watch Rick just ruin my life with this one so much that I just stop actually like reading any of his stuff and when they ask I'll have to be like "look he ruined my life I'm not going back to him..."

i have more of a relationship with the authors that write my favorite book series than I've ever had with an actual human being when it comes to sounding dramatically romantic and that's definitely saying something.

10/13/2017 #14
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

I'm sad that Norse Mythology was wasted in Magnus.

10/13/2017 #15
Well I never said it was perfect but I always thought Rick did pretty well creating his own versions of the gods. I mean really he has no other choice but to make them his own versions, it's sorta hard to like, go completely according to myth. I rather like the story myself.

Rather different opinion to have in a MC forum but I mean, each to their own. Whatever one thinks is whatever one thinks.

Once more, not gonna lie, I am admittedly more into it for the sake of elves than anything else. I am a weak person. I like elves. Hearth is my baby. (I mean I also like, enjoy the plotline quite enough for it to keep catching my interest. Sadly the same cannot exactly be said for Trials of Apollo, which I really need to get the second book out and read because I am literally only reading it because of Solangelo.)

10/13/2017 #16
Cyrene Lysandra

I'm actually not a fan of Magnus Chase myself. The universe is brilliant, as are many of the characters (such as Sam, Alex, Blitz, Hearth, and even Jack) what just irks me is that Magnus is related to Annabeth and that they're dragging Percy and crew into the story. That's also why I'm not a fan of Trials of Apollo. The Greek/Roman universe is well past its prime, and personally, I think that despite the fandom being attached to those characters, Rick would do better establishing entirely new ones. Which is one of the reasons I greatly enjoyed the Kane Chronicles.

But, as stated, I do love the universes Rick has created. The possibilities are endless for OCs, which is why I created this forum- because I love the world, even though the plot and some of the characters aren't my favorite.

As for Solangelo- unpopular opinion time- I'm not a fan. I like the idea. I just don't like how it was executed. I feel like it was rushed and sloppy, almost like a way for Rick to say 'there! Now I have a gay couple!" I feel as though there was a certain subtlety needed that wasn't there. I've read books with LGBT characters that were brilliantly written- namely Wylan and Jesper in Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, and Nim in Wonder Woman: Warbringer by the same author. These characters provided the representation (the latter even being in modern-day society), but it was, in my opinion, much more gracefully done than Rick's rather 'in-your-face' manner.

Or even in some of Sarah J. Maas's works- Her Throne of Glass series contains a bisexual male character in a relationship with a female one, as well as a princess with a female lover. And, in her series A Court of Thorns and Roses, she's got a lesbian character.

Anyway, that just got me off on a whole tangent about LGBT inclusion in books- but back to my main point- Rick's worldbuilding is marvolous. His plots are decent, and his characters and relationships have a lot of potential. I just feel that he has a tendency to bow to the whims of what the fandom wants (i.e. Solangelo now, and more Percy & co.), and that isn't always what is best for his books.

10/13/2017 . Edited 10/13/2017 #17
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

The problem is that he's milked the Greco-Roman side of things for so long, people just don't seem interested in other pantheons and their stories because fans would want to cling onto Percy desperately...The worldbuilding he does is interesting (Kudos for not making another camp!), but in three books we can't have more time devoted to them and in the end for a story with Nine Worlds it feels very underwhelming such as Folkvagnr.

And I agree Cyrene, he's very forced over the LGBT stuff because in all honesty I found Alex to be a terrible character from a writing standpoint since I can't speak much from an LGBT point of view.

10/13/2017 #18
Cyrene Lysandra

Exactly. But once again, I feel like if Rick did go ahead and write Magnus with no relation to Annabeth, it would be better. Perhaps the fandom wouldn't be all too happy at first, but I feel like they'd warm up to it if the plots and new characters are good enough.

I didn't not like Alex. Once again, I feel as though there is a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it usually ends up going sideways because, in my opinion, I think he is trying too hard. Even with Samirah, to an extent, and even Piper in HoO. At this point, I feel like saying I get it, Rick. You have representation. Good for you. Because, as stated, there are better, more subtle ways to represent minorities, and I feel like Rick is doing it just so he can say that he is inclusive.

Prime example of brilliantly including minorities- The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It's a series of futuristic dystopian retellings of fairytales. Cinder (Cinderella), is a half-Asian cyborg mechanic, and her prince is Asian. Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood) is a kickass (and curvy!) woman who knows how to fire a gun, and Wolf is Middle-Eastern. Cress (Rapunzel), is a computer hacker and genius, and Winter (Snow White) is black and still deemed the prettiest in all the land.

And Meyer includes all of these things, all of these powerful women and people of color, but it feels organic and genuine, unlike a lot of Rick's minority characters, who feel as though they were created solely for representation and the plot was built around them, rather than the other way around, which I personally find problematic.

10/13/2017 . Edited 10/13/2017 #19
Ah I see. I agree with the bits about him clinging to Percy, that does irritate me a decent amount. Especially since I once wrote a series where the two mythologies were mixed - Norse and Greek - and then he had to go take the concept away from me. I have yet to forgive Rick for that. (Happens to be the series two of my OCs come from.)

As for the LGBT representation, I have to admit that while it did seem a bit forced...i mean I won't deny getting really excited about Solangelo. I was hype. I had been shipping that thing since HoO and I was so happy to see it come to life. But perhaps it is forced... I don't know, I dont care enough about the stories themselves to care whether or not something seems forced. And yeah it's probably fanservice but.. I don't know... I enjoyed it like I said. That is just me, though. And Alex was a bit more forced, I will admit.

Now my opinion about Blitzstone (since I refuse to cease shipping it) is slightly different. First off, it's been queerbaiting in the past two books and if nothing comes of it in this next one I might have to find Rick's home in Boston and actually barge in and demand to know why he allowed that to happen. I find them to be more realistic of a couple then even Solangelo in a way because as characters they just seem to attract in that natural way -- aaaand this may be my fangirl explanation but I swear I avoid seeing gay couples as a fetish I do not want to come off as that, I fully recognize them as actual reality and like I have complete respect for all gay couples, I do not have the issue of being a bigot or just seeing what are concievably real people as an object only for me, I swear that is not how I aim to go and it is not how I write any gay couple in any writings of my own as you may learn in role-playing later on here. But when it comes to queerbaiting I get so angry because just...nope. (slowly turns to glare at Steven Moffat and maybe all of BBC at this point. )

10/13/2017 #20
Cyrene Lysandra

I actually would be interested in seeing Blitzstone play out- namely because it feels natural. The characters have known each other for a while and readers have had two books to see them interact in a mostly platonic way. I also like how neither of them was ever pegged blatantly as homosexual/bisexual/queer/etc. (unlike Nico, for example, or how Alex had to state plainly that she was gender fluid). While I understand that there is a need to say it in some cases so that people understand, to make it this big, glaring thing as Rick has in the past (once again, with Nico and Alex), isn't the way to go about it.

For example, back to Leigh Bardugo- in Wonder Woman: Warbringer, Nim's sexuality was mentioned in passing. Literally, it was another character saying "Nim's gay. Maybe bi, she's still figuring it out." And after that the main plot of the story continues, and the transition and dialogue is smooth and coherent, which I feel is lacking in Rick's situation.

10/13/2017 #21
EXACTLY. THEY'RE LITERALLY THE MOST PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A GOOD COUPLE AND HE REFUSES TO STICK THEM TOGETHER. They're the most natural of all the representation he's done so far, and I agree that the cohesion is not smooth. I found in ToA that he really made it too obvious about Apollo's sexuality, and constantly pointing out how Apollo was okay with his son's dating type didn't help either. Really such things need to be addressed once and left to flow with the rest of the story, as you've said. My hope every year since MC started coming out is that he'll casually mention Blitzstone being a thing with like a couple mention and moving on. I sort of have the exact opposite problem with Rick that I have with J.K. Rowling, who seems to have a problem with casually mentioning things at all until the series is done. (DEAMUS COULD HAVE BEEN REAL SHE EVEN SAID SO UGH) Like they legit have the opposite problem of each other in a weird way. But it's true.
10/13/2017 #22
Cyrene Lysandra

Exactly. Like I said, Rick's main problem is wasted potential. He creates these insanely good worlds and universes and these fascinating plots and quests, and then blows the entire thing up with his characters, because suddenly, it's not Apollo saving the world, it's Apollo (did I mention he's bisexual) saves the (oh, and he supports his gay son) world (and also had a kid from a relationship with a guy oh wow!).

Or Samirah trying to help Magnus turns into Samirah the Muslim girl who was bullied and look she has a magical hijab oh my gosh! helping Magnus.

He tries too hard to push for these things and in the end, it doesn't help the main story at all. Like I said, I'm all for representation. I like seeing diverse characters- people of color and LGBT people, but I don't like putting them on a pedestal and deterring from the main storyline because of them.

As for Rowling, I do think she did well representing people of color (especially what with Hermione in Cursed Child- having never stated whether or not Hermione was black and letting it be either way. I was not a fan of Cursed Child at all but I don't want to go down that road right now. But props to including people of color there). Additionally, there were characters like Cho Chang, Dean, the Patils, etc. who were clearly minorities but never blatantly so. Though I definitely agree that she could have done more with LGBT inclusion, I am not going to condemn her all that much on it because Harry Potter is a literary masterpiece, and outside of the main characters, it leaves a lot of room for speculation and for people to draw their own conclusions in regards to many of the minor character's relationships, lives, and even sexualities and relationships.

That definitely wasn't the case with Rick- all of the minority characters were pushed into our faces and many tertiary and secondary were pointed out because of this in a way that was far too outright for my liking.

10/13/2017 . Edited 10/13/2017 #23

Yeah he does get caught on that wasted potential a lot.

Also the thing that annoys me most about his writing style is his constant, constant, constant RECAPS. I am so freaking annoyed every time I open one of the books that is in the continued series of one of his things and it's like "oh yeah I'm also a demigod and this happened and that happened and here I am now" as if someone is going to pick up the last book of a series and be like "yeah I'll read this so it makes no sense to me" NO ONE DOES THAT, RICK. YOU DON'T NEED TO RECAP EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN YOUR PREVIOUS BOOK IN THE SERIES, I READ IT, I KNOW, AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE WHO'S READING IT. ugh sorry for complaining about writing style seeing as I'm literally a 16 year old who probably is not yet at his level (well I mean I could write better than ToA is written I can tell you that I picked that up and thought I was reading something designed for 8 year's so bad) but like seriously his constant recaps within a series annoy the crap out of me.

And yeah his representation is a little forced on all sides.

Rowling certainly does well with most representation, like you pointed out with the people of color bit. I mean no, I don't target her specifically. I don't hold it too heavily against her because I do rather like HP, like I probably have said countless times in my life - even if all of the characters actually are just the Lord of the Rings boys in a different form, seriously I saw this great sketch on it in a video and they pointed out just how similar the characters are and it's freaky and you can't say Tolkien stole them from her, she definitely sort of did it backwards but not really steal because it is also the archetypical characters you find in adventure stories - but I just get a little annoyed at things that she's said. Like if you were going to make it canon and didn't just because you didn't want it to steal the show, which it wouldn't have, you really could have just added in a little bit, why bother mentioning it at all? (That's also my Deamus fangirl side talking, because I desperately want it to be canon and it is considered canon but you know...)

But yeah. Opposite problems for the both of them. Sorta a mess (at least for Rick). But oh well. What can you do, the man's making at least a little bit of money off of books, more money then I'll make for a few more years at least off of writing - publishing is hard we all know this - so you can't jump on his case too much. just as long as he doesn't become like Stephen King and starts publishing one book every month - that might've been James Patterson I don't remember..? Oh well.

10/13/2017 #24




unless he just does it outright I mean I would like it to be addressed and then gone unlike all other representations although not completely gone just let me know it's canon

It is titled " Surprises all around, some of them even good" and while if I were Magnus I would certainly not qualify Blitzstone being canon as a surprise at all - because uh... duh? it obviously is? they're practically married? - knowing Magnus, if he has to be styled after Percy, he's probably dense as all heck anyways, (I don't study these characters and test to see who's dense-ist) he would probably list it as a surprise. God I hope so. I am literally like so hopeful. probably too hopeful if I know Rick...

10/13/2017 #25
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

I never really got into Harry Potter, if I'm being honest.

10/13/2017 #26
Cyrene Lysandra

1000% agree, Rags. The recaps drive me half insane. I understand that the books have complex plots. I understand if it might have been awhile since we read the last one. But please, give my memory some credit. And subtle nods to previous books are fine, little snippets that, once again, feel natural as the characters think or talk about the past and recent events. Additionally, I do personally think that a lot of writers on this site and others, a lot of seemingly 'amateur' authors, have skill that is light-years beyond Trials of Apollo quality. Or maybe, just maybe, I am outgrowing Rick. Which actually isn't all that implausible, given the maturity level of a lot of the things I am being now (yet another nod to Bardugo and Maas, because damn, some of their books get dark)

Well, Rowling and Tolkien both use a lot of archetypes within their characters, and arguably, even the Percy, Annabeth, Grover dynamic can be compared to those archetypes as well. (They're often compared to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and it's easy to see why.) But, while the similarities are impossible to ignore, I agree with you on the fact that it's not blatantly copying. These archetypes exist for a reason, and arguably, almost every story follows at least some of them to an extent.

And yeah, I definitely see Rick going down a dark road in that sense. Even Rowling, though not nearly as much.

10/13/2017 #27
Cyrene Lysandra

Oh my gosh, Law, how haven't you?

That series is my entire childhood and it is everything. If you ever get a chance, you have to read it! I swear you are never too old to!

10/13/2017 #28
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

I tried, but it just didn't pull me in...I gave it three attempts, but not much clicked with me and I suppose that hype is what set my expectations too high so for me it just wasn't a big deal.

However I will say this, the Ilvermorny school has peaked my interest considerably.

10/13/2017 #29

Yeah the recaps are dumb. I hate them. My hatred for them is inching up there with my hatred for overused cliches.

And yeah the writing ability shown in ToA was.. I ... I just ... I can't. I can't with it. I agree, maybe we are getting too old for his writing, which is fine, but still, PJo was written better than ToA and that was long before so it doesn't make much sense to me why it should decrease like that.

And yeah to everything you said lol.

But I am seriously holding out a hope for this last chapter urgh.

Also Cyr, did I see that you just got yourself into D&D? Nerdom is the only way to live. I just got into this podcast that is four guys playing D&D, and while I would love to like actually play the game myself, I can't seem to find any major nerds who will. I'm waiting till college I guess.

And HP was a good chunk of my childhood, I won't lie, I can't believe people who missed out on it but I won't criticize you for it badly.

10/13/2017 #30
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