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Cyrene Lysandra

Here's where you guys can introduce yourselves to everyone.

Name(What we call you):

Favorite Magnus Chase character:

Favorite book series (Besides any of Rick's stuff):




Name(What we call you): Cyrene, Cyr, Lysandra, Lys, etc.

Favorite Magnus Chase character: The Expando Duck

Favorite book series (Besides any of Rick's stuff): HP, TLC, ToG, RQ, 6oC, CoK (Quark!)

Hobbies: reading, writing, tennis, viola (not the violin, there's a difference!)

Other: I'm Asian. I like chocolate. I'm a Ravenclaw and a Quarkbeast in disguise. Also, I just got into D&D, so I am officially a nerd. :P

10/11/2017 #1

Name: Ragga, Raggs, Rags, Raggazzed, honestly call me whatever is easiest to remember at this point ..

Favorite Magnus Chase character: Hearth (I'm a sucker for elves.)

Favorite Book series: The Lord of the Rings, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all four of the trilogy!), HP

Hobbies: Dancing, and lots of it, writing, listening to podcasts/spending time in a lot of fandom stuff.

Other: I recently introduced myself to this AMAZING podcast called The Adventure Zone, I've suddenly got this very bad obsession with it and the episodes are so long (because it's three guys playing DnD - D&D? eh whatever - so it's long but it's good) and I love it and Taako Taaco is my flamboyant little elf baby and I'm so ready to meet Kravitz I've been pulling through episodes just to get to him and I'm like so close aaaaaa. (I have never played the game, so this is my first real encounter with it aside from hearing about it in passing and now I think I need to actually play it because I also love RPing.)

I'm also currently in a production of the Nutcracker with the Kennedy Center for this November's shows and it's with the Kansas City Ballet, and basically my weekends consist of me running back and forth across the Bay Bridge to rehearsals every day, but hey, I do a lot at once I can handle all of this at once.

10/11/2017 #2
Yonko Captain Portgas D Ace

Name(What we call you):Law

Favorite Magnus Chase character:Hearthstone

Favorite book series (Besides any of Rick's stuff):The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Hobbies:Reading, Writing, Gaming,

Timezone:Central Standard Time


10/12/2017 #3

Name(What we call you): Sienna :)

Favorite Magnus Chase character: Everyone except Hearthstone's dad, really.

Favorite book series (Besides any of Rick's stuff): Let's see. I like Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, all of Sarah J Maas's stuff, and all of Leigh Bardugo's stuff.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, swimming (well, duh). Tae Kwan Do (I'm a black belt :)) theater (I don't act, but I'm part of stage crew and I play cello in the pit orchestra)

Timezone: EST


I'm mixed-race, and female and, obviously, I absolutely love to swim! I'm on the school team and a club team, and I've been to Junior Olympics, Zones, and Nationals multiple times. :) (I'm ranked nationally, in the top 100!) I hope to swim professionally, but (since I know that probably isn't realistic), I'd also like to be a journalist :). I speak Hindi and French (my father is Creole :D), and my favorite color is turquoise (surprise, surprise :P). I'm a huge chocoholic and have an affinity for cop shows. Oh, and I love Star Wars.

10/27/2017 #4

Name: mvb

Favorite Magnus Chase character: In all honesty, Fenris Wolf. The whole story around him always interested me.

Favorite Book Series: Ender's Game by Orsen Scott Card. That series through me into a complete loop.

Hobbies: horse-back riding, air rifle, soccer, anything band

Timezone: EDT

Other: 5ft 2 caucasian female with a 6ft 2 attitude.

10/27/2017 #5

Name(What we call you): Gryffne, Gryff, Gryffie- anything along those lines. My username was Gryphon97 awhile ago, so if you prefer to spell it Gryph or something im cool with that :)

Favorite Magnus Chase character: Jack, because who doesn't love a sword with sass?

Favorite book series (Besides any of Rick's stuff): Im a huge Potterhead. I love Harry Potter!

Hobbies: Besides here? I started off as a biology major, but i've switched over to aviation. So ive gone to "working in lab" to "flying planes" xD im also working with a professor, doing research to hopefully get a paper published in my university's scholarly journal n.n

Timezone: Eastern Standard

Other: Im a Gryffindor, but that's not how I got my username xD it's just a spelling variation of my legitimate name.

Also, im working at studying abroad in South Korea this summer, so I hope it works out! :D

10/27/2017 #6
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