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Cyrene Lysandra

This is the Main RP thread! Feel free to plan out RPs in the Chat or through PMs, and get information on the setting in The Guide to the Nine Worlds!

10/11/2017 #1
Cyrene Lysandra

Luna was having a better day. An okay day, at least. She had been primarily focused on her studies, having taken up yet another degree, this time in the medical field at Kalen's insistence. It was good- anything to keep her busy, keep her distracted.

She had realized over the past few decades that it helps. Occupy your time with fighting or learning another language, and you didn't think so much about the things that tortured you. For the biggest monsters, Aysel had realized, were the ones dwelling within her own mind.

Visions of Lale and Cemil. Horrific, faded things of them being ripped away from her. Of battlefields, bloody and strewn with faceless dead bodies. Of the daily fights in Valhalla that only reminded her of the darkness of her past.

She shook her head, trying to will it all away. Today was a good day, after all, she told herself as she walked briskly through the hallways, medical textbooks clutched to her chest.

10/15/2017 #2
If it hadn't been for the fact that his sleeping-in had been greatly disturbed by a certain elf, Alfonso probably would have felt more awake at this point in the day then he actually did. Point in case, he was making his way back to his room when he spotted Luna headed in the opposite direction. He offered a lazy wave at her in greeting, slowing down even more as they came up to each other.
10/15/2017 #3
Cyrene Lysandra

Luna offered a curt nod in reply, remembering what Kalen had told her. Smile. Don't act so aloof all the time. And relax. Damn, Luna, what's got you so tense? We're basically in the greatest afterlife ever, and we get to fight and learn and enjoy each other for all eternity!

He had earned a bloody nose and a black eye for that particular exchange, and a threat of decapitation. Really, he was very lucky that they were on the same team during their daily battles. But what had been most infuriating of all was how he had just tipped his head back and laughed, even as blood gushed from his nose and the pain had him doubled over.

He had laughed all the way back to his room, and a few hours later he had been back out again, good as new save for a slight crookedness to his nose that had yet to heal. She wondered if he was leaving it like that on purpose, to give Luna the impression that she had actually done some significant damage.

Or to annoy the hell out of her by flaunting the injury like it didn't bother him. Knowing Kalen, it was probably the latter

He had laughed along with Zavira when she had spotted him, making some asininely funny comment about boxers as her light green eyes had glittered with that insufferable brightness they always seemed to hold. Clearly, Zavira had not been here very long, and Luna did not need a thousand degrees in psychology to know that.

10/15/2017 #4
"Hello." He wasn't sure he wanted to try and pursue a full on conversation with the girl, she looked a little irritated - and at gods knew what - but he would greet her at least.

Alfonso had adjusted to the concept of having to figure out if his hallmates were in good moods or not a long time ago. By now he was pretty certain he had mastered the art considerably well. It took some amount of work to figure each person out, but once one did, he then had a full grasp on everyone's reasons for certain actions.

10/15/2017 #5
Cyrene Lysandra

"Hello," Luna echoed in her softly accented English. She came to a stop in front of him; partly to readjust the textbooks balanced precariously on her arms, and partly because she assumed they would have to have a conversation now. Unfortunately.

She tried to school her expression into something a little less menacing- her usual scowl had the tendency to make most Einjerji quiver in fear. Partly because of her beauty- a rather unfortunate gift from her ethereal mother- and partly because of her eyes- those were her father's, a blue and grey storm of silver and gold.

Kalen had the tendency to compare her to a goddess, which would have been flattering save for two things. Firstly was the fact that Luna was not the type to be swayed by such comments. They were stupid, shallow things. And secondly was that Kalen often went on to elaborate: a goddess of death and destruction. If looks could kill...well, you would be the Goddess of Deadly Glares.

10/15/2017 #6
"Heading off to study somewhere?" Alfonso motioned toward the books. She was one of the few known to carry stacks of books through the halls. Studying in the afterlife had never appealed to him, it seemed too dull to continue what was already presented to one in life. He knew how to read and write, which useful to him even now; but such little math was needed in death that he really was only good at the basics these days.
10/15/2017 #7
Cyrene Lysandra

Luna nodded. "I have decided to study some medical fields, namely psychology, and neuroscience," she said. Really, Kalen had basically piled the textbooks into her arms and pushed her out of the library before she could protest. She had bit her tongue, since she knew Kalen meant well, and, admittedly, she had been looking for a distraction.

Still, that had not stopped her from taking one of the more boring-looking textbooks- Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind- and deftly tossing it at his head over her shoulder as she had walked away. The satisfying thud as it hit its mark and the creative Celtic cursing had been the last sounds she had heard before she had quickened her pace, leaving the vast library behind.

And now she was here, on the way back to her room to study. Oh, that cave? Kalen often called it. To which Luna often retorted, at least it has some sort of order. And she meant it, too. Kalen's own room made no sense- it was a hodgepodge of a number of the idiotic things he enjoyed- modern mortal technology, a small clinic despite there being multiple infirmaries throughout Valhalla, and a greenhouse, for gods' sake.

"And you?" she asked in reply, though she was not at all curious. It was a formality, after all, despite the fact that she really had no interest in knowing the answer.

10/15/2017 #8
Alfonso wasn't going to mention that he found the study of medical things extremely uninteresting, not to her face at least, even if it hadn't been her choice to study all of them in the first place.

He shrugged a little, "Not much. Off to try and lie on my bed pointlessly for at least a decent period of time today."

10/15/2017 #9
Cyrene Lysandra

"Oh," was Luna's unimpressed reply. She arched a perfect brow, but said nothing of it. She may not have been the most interesting person- a stale piece of bread- as Kalen sometimes liked to put it, which was actually a phrase of Zavira's creation. Honestly, between the two of them, every day was a test to see just how long she could keep her temper in check.

Thankfully, Zavira had left her alone today- she had gone to Midgard with Selah. Her crush on the girl was no secret, but, as Zavira had often lamented to Luna during one of their excruciatingly long and one-sided conversations, Selah was a Valkyrie and always too engrossed in her music to notice her. She's so quiet all the time. Always singing. She has a beautiful voice, don't you think?

To which Luna had rolled her eyes. She did not understand the guile of such relationships. If Zavira liked Selah, she often countered, why not just tell her and get it over with? At that sort of advice, Zavira would often press a hand to her chest in utter shock.

I can't just tell her, Luna! Are you insane?

Needless to say, Luna had become more and more glad that, when having a conversation with Zavira, one did not need to talk, seeing as the daughter of Tyr talked enough for the both of them.

10/15/2017 #10
"I guess a better explanation would be that I'm taking major advantage of getting to have a quiet day for once because Puck is doing - well I don't actually know what he's doing - something in Midgard the entire day." It was obvious the girl was unimpressed, but surely she would understand the need to relax without surrounding noise at least once in a while. Alfonso may be the only person to tolerate the elf, Luna he was well aware certainly didn't, but breaks were needed here and there.

"Although that's the best explanation I can give." He added on quickly.

10/15/2017 #11

Lydia's annoyance could be smelled for miles, if annoyance held a smell. Her face was contorted into a scowl, which only made her rigid cheekbones more prominent. Of course, the target of such annoyance usually was held by only one person--Pietro. The blasted Russia and his superficial words, not to mention how he could never handle a serious topic unless sex was involved.

It was completely maddening! She stormed down the hallways, her boots making sounds much similar to thunder. She knew she shouldn't have gotten into a relationship with him. Everything that a relationship contained only veered her away from general contact. A low, guttural growl reverberated from her throat as she bristly walked past Alfonso and some other woman to train.

If studying didn't quell her anger, beating the living shit out of someone did.

Her wings were terse and held against her back, only furthering her agitation due to the cramping. The American's eyebrows furrowed and jaw clenched as she thought about the differing, and very profane, words she could say to him.

10/15/2017 #12
Well, she looked ... amused. Lydia, while reasonably new, generally had several people she despised as far as Alfonso could tell and one of those people was Pietro. It seemed she was pissed off again, although he could only guess as to why.

"What happened this time?" He called out, not sure if she would answer or just keep walking.

10/15/2017 #13

"Why don't you ask him?" The woman snarled, whirling back to point a finger at the non-abashed, slightly amused, man now leaning against a wall with a smirk plastered across his chiseled face. Lydia whirled around again, continuing her raging path to get away from people.

10/15/2017 #14
"Word of advice, amigo, and a rule of thumb for dating: don't piss your significant other off so much with your jokes, and then they actually appreciate you." Alfonso sighed as he looked back at Pietro. The guy was only slightly insufferable, a decent boaster and pretty full of himself, but he could be nice -- if he felt like it. That was apparently rare, as Alfonso had discovered.
10/15/2017 #15
Cyrene Lysandra
Selah did not like lying. Not one bit. But a note had appeared in her backpack today, in an urgent but graceful script. It asked her to meet at the Boston Public Garden after school, and it was signed simply Z. She had worried about it all day, and even her music period hadn't been as enjoyable as usual. Something was wrong, she was sure of it.

And so she had texted her father a lie, something about extended dance team practice after school, even though practice was cancelled today. Her cheeks had heated as she had written it, and her heart had thudded long after it had been sent. After school, she had waved goodbye to the few friends she had before swiftly making her way towards the garden.

There was a girl sitting on a bench with her back to her, and Selah couldn't help but notice how familiar she looked. Her hair softly curled past her shoulders, and the distinct shape of her ears was itchingly familiar. But Selah was pretty sure this was who she was meant to meet, as she noticed the pistol strapped to the girl's hip glinted with a sort of shine that only came from magical objects. "um, hello?" Selah said to the girl.

The voice that replied was an unmistakable sky blue. "Selah!" Zavira chirped, springing up from the bench and making her way over, jade eyes sparkling. Selah raised a brow. "Zavira," she said, sounding more surprised than anything. This was the urgent, covert mission? A meeting in the park?

10/15/2017 #16
Puck had several, but few, rules in life. One of those was the one that applied to his current situation, and that was that one was never to get bored in Midgard. It was simply not allowed, because there was too much to do every time he was there. And certainly, he wasn't actually bored right now, he had just found himself taking an unexpected walk in the park.

The elf had spent the past few hours mingling with the majority of Boston's tourist population, popping in and out of different stores and checking out different foods. Allegedly, he had been called to Midgard for a reason, but that had been taken care of and so he'd gotten to have the rest of the day to himself. And now... now he was strolling in the park.

10/15/2017 #17
Cyrene Lysandra

Zavira had a smile plastered on her face as she started talking to Selah. "How was school?" Her heart was racing as fast as her words usually did, before it nearly stopped completely as she saw the expression in the Valkyrie's eyes. Confusion. With more than a little annoyance, but she hid it well.

"Zavira!" she said again, dragging her hands through her dark hair. "Gods, I thought something was wrong. I thought someone had- I lied to my father!"

Zavira pursed her lips. Okay, so maybe she wasn't the best at this whole charade. But it was better than taking Luna's advice, and Kalen's had been no better. Just kiss her. Simple as that, he had said.

Idiot, Zavira had replied, to which Kalen had countered, I'm not the one chasing after a girl who couldn't care less.

10/16/2017 #18
As he made his way along the paved walkway, he spotted two familiar people seated on a bench a few hundred feet in front of. What was Zavira doing -- oh right. Puck had to smile to himself as he saw them, he knew the girl had an attraction to Selah. It was a little obvious, after all. He continued to approach the bench, not sure how he wanted to walk in on their hangout time, except that he did want to try and help Zavira at least a little bit.
10/16/2017 #19

"Da, but my comrade, all I simply asked was for was a kiss." The corners of the Russian's mouth lifted up more so, but what he did not explain was the serious subject that she was trying to converse with him over. "Women....zey cannot resist my charm, da?" His smirk turned into a only slightly conceited smile as he winked in the direction that Lydia had headed.

10/16/2017 #20

"I was going to say that then perhaps it wasn't your fault, but then you added that last bit on and I immediately swallowed my words." Alfonso looked him in the eyes, only adding a small chuckle to the end of his own statement. "If that is the case, you'd better work on your so-called charm a little bit more..."

10/16/2017 #21
Cyrene Lysandra

Zavira grinned when she saw Puck, instantly forgetting herself. She considered the mischevious elf a partner-in-crime, almost a friend. While most couldn't bear his presence (if she had a Eusko for every time Luna had punched him, she would be rich), she found him amusing in the same cheeky sort of manner that Zavira herself possessed.

Waving him over, she offered Selah, who was looking more and more bewildered by the minute- honestly, Zavira almost felt a little bad for the Valkyrie- an apologetic shrug.

10/16/2017 #22
He continued his walk over to the girls, smiling at them both. "Hello Selah! Hi Zavira!" Puck greeted them, coming to a standstill next to their bench. "Lovely day in the park, isn't it?"
10/16/2017 #23

"GUGH!" with a loud gasp, a young man with rustled brown hair sat straight up. Every fiber in his muscles was firing the alarms, sending up red flags like he should expect to be missing something. As he attempted to catch his breath, he began feeling around himself. Two arms? check. Two legs? check. A head? check. Everything seemed to be intact. He grabbed his stomach, expecting a gaping hole. However, there was nothing, no burning of the ice that had penetrated his gut. In fact, he felt absolutely no pain it all.

It was as if he'd just been to the cleaners or something. His body had been wiped clean of the grime and sweat he'd collected over the past few hours. There was no trace of blood on his clothes, no nicks or cuts on his skin. His clothes were hole-free, and even looked like they'd gone under the iron.

Xander reached in his hoodie pocket, feeling a strange immense sense of relief when he found the laser pointer tucked away. Once he finally got a hold of himself, he started to wonder how he was actually alive. The last thing he remembered was becoming a human popsicle, after that thing gave him a brand new bellybutton. Had it all been some horrible, realistic dream? Gradually, his senses expanded beyond himself, and he realized the unfamiliar territory where he'd been dumped.

As he rose to his feet, he began to inspect his surroundings. It was a courtyard of some opulent townhouse, by the looks of it. The entryway was beautiful limestone and gray marble. Before him were a set of double doors with two life-sized wolf head knockers. However he managed to find himself outside someone's obviously decked out house, he wasn't sure. But he knew he had to get out of there. Xander turned on his heels, expecting to face a street. Instead, he found himself facing an impossibly high white marble wall. Jeez, where was he?

His eyes transfixed on a large tree, pure white, at the center of the courtyard. If he climbed it, then maybe he could get his bearings. As he approached it, he realized the shine of the leaves were not from fresh dew. It was like someone had gilt each leaf with twenty-four karat gold. Beside the tree, a bronze plaque had been mounted to the wall. This must've been some sort of historic marker. That sucked. Reading was not his strong-suit, but if he could get his dyslexia to cooperate, then he could at least figure out where he was.

The letters were not English. He wasn't positive, but they seemed Nordic. Suddenly, the wobbling letters danced around until they found their order. For the first time, he could easily read what was in front of him.




So he was obviously still dreaming. Jeez, this was one long dream. First he meets his crazy uncle, then his best friend turns out to be half-donkey or something, now he was standing in the center of someone's whacked out versions of a secret garden? No thanks. Forget the Pratts. He was grabbing the first bus ticket out of this town, and headed to anywhere but here.

Just then, the large doors opened, a groan bellowing from them as light poured into the enclosed courtyard. Xander turned his body, covering his eyes with his forearm as the light blinded him. Someone stepped out onto the stoop, waiting patiently. Slowly, Xander dropped his arm, his eyes adjusting to process what appeared to be a doorman standing before him. The letters HV were embodied on his lapel, and he wore a name tag that read: Hunding, Saxony, valued team member since 749 C.E. Xander was dead silent. There was no way this man could really work for some fancy hotel. He looked like he'd taken a trip down someone's dusty chimney with his face, and his beard probably hadn't been trimmed since 749 C.E- whatever the "C.E." stands for. It wasn't his bloodshot murderous gaze that sent alarms though his brain first, but the axe hanging there by his side.

Xander started reaching for the laser pointer when the doorman huffed at him, causing Xander to freeze up. "Welcome to the afterlife," he said, not really sounding all that welcoming. "Follow me to registration."

After a long discussion about how no one had put anything on his funeral pyre, Xander had made it to the front desk. The inside of the building had been much bigger than the outside, just like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it all. The only things he understood were that he'd been upgraded to a suite (everyone apparently gets upgraded to a suite), and that he totally wanted the minibar key.

As he walked through the halls, he found the entire place impossible. He was dead, something called an "in-hair-yar"? That must be Nordic for "zombie". Funny, he didn't really have a craving for brains or anything. No more than usual. He'd been rushed through the halls, and shown to his suite. Suite was putting it lightly. It was unbelievable. Did he mention how impossible this place was?

The room was beyond spacious, and completely unreal. Everything he needed to be comfortable, as if it had been designed just for him. He could even hear the faintness of city noise he missed so dearly. The ceiling was missing, replaced with a beautiful dusk stretching through infinity. It was impossible, since there were apparently 540 floors in this hotel. Magic.

He'd been told something, but hadn't really caught it all. He was too busy standing in awe of this room. Something about "brave exploits" and a "Valkyrie". Though he tried to explain he didn't have a Valkyrie, he quit when he noticed the only reason the doorman was hanging around still was because he'd been waiting. Once again, he patiently stood there, this time holding out his hand expectantly. A tip? Xander didn't have anything on him. Honestly, he hand't really expected to end up in the afterlife this evening. As he dug around in his pockets, he found an unchewed stick of gum in his pocket. He was surprised it hand't gotten soaked in blood. Aside from the laser pointer, it was the only thing he had to tip the doorman with. However, he didn't seem to be disappointed by it.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been laying on the floor, looking up at the night sky. However, it felt like years. He was really dead? He wasn't about to just sit here and accept that. Someone had to have some answers!

Xander threw open his door, hardly bringing himself to a halt before a bird whooshed past his door. It was a raven with a notepad and pen in its talons. What sort of place was this? He slowly shut the door behind him as he stepped back into the hall, watching the raven disappear from his felid of vision.

Hotel Valhalla- what sort of place was this? and more importantly, how was he going to get back home?

10/16/2017 #24

It was his turn to look Alfonso in the eyes, and he gave a raised eyebrow as he mulled over the man's wording. "Vhat? I can charm any and all vomen, da! No one can outcharm a Russian. Not even zou, my friend." He gave a heartfelt laugh, running a hand through his hair. "Did zou see vich vay Lydia vent? I am bored, and bugging her some more vould be much amusing." Pietro knew conversing with the fiery brunette was a bad idea, but he had a thirst for adrenaline, and the American woman, if anything, gave him that.

Meanwhile, such fiery brunette was stalking though the main room and entrance of the Hotel. The smell of fresh blood and the new scent of another unwittingly drew her there. Her eyes landed on the man in front of her a few feet away, and she could smell the confusion wafting off of him. 'New? Definitely. Another Pietro? I hope to hell not.' Her thoughts always veered towards the pessimistic, and her suspicions and wariness of the newcomer were definitely increased when she got a clear look of what he looked like. All of the so called semi-attractive ones were more arrogant than even Thor. Still, he would be fun to watch, and possibly decapitate, when the mandatory battles came along.

10/16/2017 #25

"I wouldn't want to try and seduce a Russian even if I could try, my friend." Alfonso rolled his eyes a little. "And no, I have no idea where she went. If I did, well do you honestly think I would bother to tell you?" At this point, he was pretty sure he wasn't going to know where anyone was for the rest of the day, maybe the next few weeks if he got really good at this act of being clueless. It seemed that with the current boredom of all, no one was staying put in one place for too long of a time.

10/16/2017 #26

He clapped Alfonso on the shoulder, perhaps to roughly than really necessary. "Russian women are zey vorst, so I vould not try." With those unneeeded words being said, the Russian man walked off down the hallway, looking for something interesting to do.

10/16/2017 #27

"Nice to know." He bit his tongue on replying that Russian men didn't appear to be much better. Alfonso watched Pietro walk away for some time, and then finally continued his walk towards his own room where he had been heading ... oh, 15 minutes ago? He wasn't sure. Either way, he was going to get that time of lying on his bed in silence for as long as he could. Such an opportunity was not to be left alone.

10/16/2017 #28

A girl walked into his line of sight, though walk didn't seem like the appropriate word. More like storm. The hurricane approaching him meet his eyes, and Xander felt an odd chill run down his spine. Did everyone who lived here have some sort of murderous gaze? He felt himself swallow hard, like words had gotten all tangled up in his windpipe. Still, he hadn't come out of his room just to get scared off. If he stopped to think, he'd have some sort of mental breakdown. He needed to find a way out of here, and fast.

"W-" he paused, his eyes glancing to where the raven had flown off before looking back at Lydia and pointing towards where the bird went. "What the hell was that?"

10/16/2017 #29

A scowl formed on her lips as he spoke, and her eyebrows furrowed slightly as her gaze followed the blackened bird, and such gaze shot right back to him. "What do you think it was? Do they not have ravens on Midgard anymore?" Of course, she wasn't stupid, just being sarcastic. She herself had only been here for a little while, and yet she couldn't give an exact date for how long specifically. Her storm blue eyes narrowed, inspecting him and how he spoke closely. "You're like the others: scared, a nervous wreck." The long, wild haired brunette took a step towards him, her wings snapping open. "But you get used to it here, the afterlife, we all do eventually."

10/16/2017 #30
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