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Okay, so maybe learning Spanish was going to become a priority from now on. He hadn't been able to understand her follow-up sentence at all. Not that it mattered, Alfonso wasn't sure if she was open to the concept of talking about anything that seemed even distantly true when talking about herself.

The elevator made it's familiar noise, the Sinatra song that had been playing very softly in the background coming to a stop as the doors slid open. He walked out, but slowly, not sure if she was in the mood to follow or would simply go to her own room.

11/11/2017 #301

She followed him out, simply because they lived on the same floor. Rey kept her arms wrapped around her, as though that would make her feel better. Maybe it did. She looked at him, eyes flickering towards his door. She knew Puck would be there, that he would be waiting for Alfonso.

11/11/2017 #302
"I don't know if you have any other plans, but you've said you wanted to take care of this Zane problem as soon as possible? So now? Or later?" He turned to face her as soon as he reached his own door.
11/11/2017 #303

She shook her head no. That she didn't want to deal with. Reyes moved past him and started going to her door. She opened her door, slipping in through the small opening she created and shut the door. Of course, the moment she was alone, Reyes curled up on the floor. She gave a heavy sigh, internally frustrated with herself.

(We can wait to tell Zane. Honestly, not sure if I want people to warn him or for him to find out the hard way)

11/11/2017 . Edited 11/11/2017 #304
(Ok cool.)

He opened the door and barely made it in before he was tackled, slamming the door shut with his back.

"You take too long with everything, babe." Puck muttered as he began kissing Alfonso's neck.

"Sorry...ended up in a conversation...nothing to think about though..." Alfonso replied not a moment too soon.

Cather opened her bedroom door, stormily looking around. She had planned on soundproofing that wall ages ago, but clearly she had forgotten. Maybe there was someone out here who could distract her even more. Secretly she was hoping she could find a way to leave her room for something through someone else, but she walked out regardless and walked toward the elevator to go find a quieter place, maybe.

11/11/2017 #305

(Anyone here and available to role-play?)

11/22/2017 #306
(I'm about to sleep very soon but I'm around and could RP. Willing to, at least. Although not sure what would go on, I can probably start tonight before I sleep... or it'll be morning when I get back on :) )
11/22/2017 #307

(It's up to you! If you need/want sleep, you should get some, lol! I'll start anyway, but I don't mind waiting until morning, trust me.)

Pieto was on the treadmill in the training room, his hair bouncing in rhythm with his footsteps. The Russian's breath was heavy, and his head was slick with sweat. It didn't help that the entire room smelled like B.O, and that there was no music to listen to. Still, he only had a few miles left.

11/22/2017 #308
Cather entered the training room discretely, looking around with careful eyes. She noticed Pietro, and quickly looked away from him, remaining in a corner. The skulking appearance she took on in such places helped her become invisible to most everyone -- except those who were closer to her. Pietro would see her if she wasn't careful. Her usual workout regime that she kept was not to be seen by anyone she knew closely.
11/23/2017 #309

After standing in the hallway for a few minutes, Alfonso remembered why he was out here. Puck had run off somewhere earlier, and was sure to be back soon enough, but he'd been heading out to get ... something. There had been a purpose. He must've just gotten distracted in a moment's notice, without any warning something had certainly popped up into his brain. Whatever it was, it was sure to resurface in another few minutes.

The sound of a bird was what snapped him out of his thought process, and suddenly he stared up at the approaching... was that a thrush? It wasn't a raven, that was for certain, but thrushes were seen as just as important to some. On it's foot was a wrapped parcel, in it's beak was a strange coin. It landed on his shoulder.

1/13/2018 . Edited 1/13/2018 #310

Lydia was strolling around, as was her per usual. There was a scowl on her face, which was also the norm for her type. This specific hallway had become very familiar to her gaze and touch. Not comfortable, but familiar. There was a difference, no matter how subtle. The familiarity had come from the avoidance of a certain Russian by the name of Pietro.

Avoiding him was a feat within itself, though quite recently he had become pretty scarce. Was it hard to rid of him? Yes. Impossible? No.

The very mention of him caused the hairs on her arms to raise much like the hackles on the neck of a wolf would. They had gone through a few things, mostly arguments that left a rancid taste in both of their mouths.

Upon seeing Alfonso, her head tilting slightly, trying to see what he was doing all alone. He was rarely seen without Puck, which raised some suspicion in her.

1/13/2018 . Edited 1/13/2018 #311

He picked at the scroll, only realizing next that the bird held the coin for a reason. He took the coin, and then was allowed to touch the message. Alfonso took it in his hand, tearing at the string that held it.

For a moment he stopped. There was no reason to be scared, surely nothing was wrong? What this thrush had been doing here in the first place was beyond him, but surely it was just a notification of something? Cursing under his breath, he glanced around quickly to see if anyone else was in sight to see this strange situation he had been suddenly thrust into. Lydia stood at one end of the hall, watching ... him.

"Lydia? Hey, uh, Lydia? Would you perhaps know how this ... bird, got in here? It's given me a note." He tried to say it so that he didn't sound insane, in case the bird was like, invisible to others. Which would be really, really random, but not unheard of in situations where the gods were involved.

1/13/2018 #312

She said nothing at first, merely raising an eyebrow. "I would assume the open window only a few feet from you, but other than that, I'm stumped." A small smirk tugged at her full lips, hidden amusement shining in her stormy grey eyes. The more feral form of her was more intrigued by the bird, and her mouth started to water as she thought of her fangs and claws sinking into its soft flesh.

No. She mustn't think of it. Once she started to think like a wolf, she became one. That would be very unfortunate for both a thrush and possibly Alfonso if things got out hand--or paw.

"Read it." She gave a curt nod, walking up to him. "Usually gods send this type of thing, if I'm remembering correctly."

1/13/2018 . Edited 1/13/2018 #313

All he could do to the first comment was chuckle, and then nodded slightly.

"Right. Yeah, this is not ... this is a god's thing." Alfonso opened the letter and skimmed over it briefly. "Good news, it's in Old Norse."

He read it aloud, 'To whomever may find this: There is trouble brewing in a city in Germany. I have not been able to get any of the other gods or anyone to be convinced we should be looking at this, and I have decided to entrust it on the Einherjar of Valhalla who dare to take it up. The small girl must be stopped. Small as this creature may be, I'm sure it is dangerous. Please read this and please find her."

That was absolutely the worst written note for any sort of task Alfonso had ever read. Below was scrawled the name "Idun" -- which actually explained the reason it was so poorly written. Clearly, the goddess had fallen on tough times if no other god was paying attention to her, but most people didn't actually pay attention to her in the first place.

"It's from the goddess Idun."

1/13/2018 #314

"Idun? Who in Fenris's name is that?" Her eyebrows wrinkled, causing creases in her forehead to form. "I have not heard of that name before." Sunlight filtered in from the window, causing her to squint as well. "And what danger? A small child does not mean danger." She read over the note again, almost as if she was trying to find a deeper meaning to the text.

The American gave a sigh. "We have to go. The bird sought us--you--out, right? Can't be too hard, we are potentially dealing with just a child after all."

1/13/2018 . Edited 1/13/2018 #315

"The goddess of youth I believe. She guards the apples that keep the gods alive." Alfonso scratched the back of his neck. "I don't know about a small child not being dangerous...she did call it a creature in here, I wouldn't say it isn't dangerous. And I suppose you're right. We did get it. I don't know if it was looking for me in particular, I don't know if it was looking for anyone in particular."

He looked back down at the scroll, and then at the thrush that still sat on his shoulder. It appeared to not be going anywhere. "And I think she's also sent this bird to watch us. So no, we aren't allowed to eat it." Alfonso knew the temptation that came with the beast side, wanting to eat the bird was just instinct; although he was in control enough to prevent those sorts of thoughts from going across his mind.

1/14/2018 . Edited 1/14/2018 #316

She gave a smile, though it couldn't be called as such as it held the same similarities of a malicious snarl. "I will refrain." Was all she spoke of the topic.

"Should we alert the others of what we are doing? I know for a fact Puck would want to know. What weapons and supplies would be important?" She chanced the subject, talking of more important things than birds. Her voice was gruff, but not raspy. Lydia shifted her weight onto a different leg, allowing her wings to spread out behind her.

1/14/2018 #317

He smiled back at her comment, then nodded. "Yes, we should let some others know. You're right, I should let Puck know although I'm not sure where he's got off to... would you like to follow me around to find some people? Do you know anyone who's closest? Or do we hunt the elf first?"

Alfonso was pretty sure she didn't want Pietro getting involved. But she may if she wanted to, so he was asking just in case.

1/14/2018 #318
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