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(I sent you a PM, mvb :D do you have a preferred name besides mvb?)

Xander gave Lydia a look like she'd just arrived there with a toilet bowl seat around her neck. Well, that was helpful. He shut his mouth, deciding that no one here was actually speaking proper English. Midgard? What the heck was that? Some sort of padding for lacrosse players? He rolled his eyes, dropping his shoulders as she analyzed him. "Fantastic," he muttered when she informed him he'd be getting used to the afterlife. He didn't plan on staying dead. There had to be a mistake. When he set his eyes back on her, she had unfurled a life-size pair of wings. We're not talking chicken wings from Buffalo Bills, these were honest-to-gods giant angel-like wings.

"Oh, freaking..." he threw his head in his hands, trying to rub away the sight he'd just witnessed like his eyes were a pair of fogged up goggles. "Another one?" he asked himself. He dropped his hands, looking at her like he was waiting for her to start cawing like a bird too. "What? Is everyone half animal around here?" he asked, glancing over her shoulder. "Please tell me that under their pants those are human legs and not some... donkey.. goat... thing," he pleaded. His brain couldn't handle much more of this.

10/16/2017 #31

(Mvb is perfectly fine! )

An eyebrow quirked up in slight interest at his reaction, and though no part of her was tempted to; Lydia could go far more animal than he could ever expect at this point. For a long while, she just watched his reaction and gauged how big of a threat he might be. Clearly, he was the son of some strong god. 'Thor, maybe?' His muscles were noticeable, and if he did have powers, he could be a threat.

Not that anyone could really threaten her.

"Most of us are close to human...but as children of gods, we all have unique abilities." The woman's voice was curt and blunt as she replied, and storming eyes more than slightly menacing as she glared him down.

Submission. The wolf needed submission.

Lydia also wanted to get him to talk about whatever abilities he might have and know of in order to verify whether he was a danger to her safety. Anything that threatened her must be eradicated, or it might hurt others in the process.

10/17/2017 #32

The angel wings were a major misdirection. This girl was far from heavenly. She had the eyes of a proud beast, a wolf ready to lunge at the first sign of weakness. Xander wasn't so easily intimidated. Rule number one of being the new kid, you can't let people walk over you, especially on the first day. After getting expelled from six schools in a time frame of six years, he was pretty much an expert at being the new kid. Unfortunately for Lydia, submission wasn't something she'd squeeze out of this stubborn bonehead.

"Again with the gods thing," he muttered, breaking eye contact with the fiery brunette. Plural. As in multiple. As in Marvel might've been on to something with that movie franchise. He sort of wished he'd been paying more attention now. "So this Hotel Valhalla is some afterlife for kids of gods or something?" he asked. Ah, to be young, new, and stupid again. Poor guy was seriously in the dark on this one. Utterly clueless. "So you?" he asked, pointing at Lydia. "You're parents were... gods?"

10/17/2017 #33

"No. Only one was a god, my father, in my case." Her feathers ruffled, and a steel blue eye barely twitched at the mention of her father. "Needless to say, if you want to learn more, go talk to your Valkyrie. I'm not your guide nor your teacher nor your personal Wikipedia." The American replied bluntly. The hairs on her arms pricked like the hackles on a wary wolf might when facing a new face. Fortunately for Xander, Lydia wasn't so keen on morphing into her beastly form at the moment.

Her hair was swept back with a hand before she took a step close to him. Intimidation was key here, something that only a predator and warrior really needed in apply to any given situation. It was in her DNA to be dominant, so she couldn't really help herself, not to say that she didn't enjoy the feral instincts coursing through her veins at some points.

A blessing? A curse? At this rate it was a bit of both.

If anything, she didn't enjoy talking, so action would suffice in the place of words in most cases. "You will learn soon enough what it is like here, we all do eventually." The brunette whirled around, preparing to leave him alone in the hallway until two people came up to more or less corner her.

A wild animal cannot be forced into a closed situation.

Kate, on one hand, had her hair in a tight ponytail and mouth in a frown as she strode towards Xander. For some reason, she had lost him and couldn't yet debrief the guy on the standards, and most importantly, rules of Hotel Valhalla. The way she walked was tense and strict, commanding attention and respect from her gate. Still, Lydia was not fazed as she had already formed a certain bond with the girl.

"What are you doing with him? I hope to the gods you didn't scare the hell out of my newbie." Kate's eyebrows furrowed at the winged woman, and a stern look took over her eyes. She knew it wouldn't affect Lydia in the slightest though, as merely glares did not faze her. Still, the slightest bit of amusement was held in the black haired girl's eyes as she thought about what might have happened between the two.

Intimitation? Definitely. Though unlike the others Lydia pressed for information, he didn't seem all too terrified.

Lydia simply huffed, giving an aloof shrug and slight upwards twitch of her lip in reply. The woman didn't have time to turn away and leave, as Pietro had managed to locate her.

'Damn it...' "Do you have me tagged?" Lydia snapped, wings tense. "How in the names of the gods did you find me here?" Her jaw and teeth were clenched, making her voice come out strained and very annoyed.

The Russian simply rolled his eyes. "I just followed ze emotion of fear until I found zou. Vhy vould I tag zou?" 'Definitely still pissed. Typical. Is she on her period? I could haff svorn it vas last veek.'

10/17/2017 . Edited 10/17/2017 #34

(oh my gods Pietro x,D this man is a legend)

Xander was about to protest that he didn't have a Valkyrie or anything, but he got the feeling the last thing he needed to do was open his mouth. She looked about ready to explode, the slightest nudge could send her over the edge. Though when she stepped close to him, he reached for his laser pointer. He didn't make a move to step back, though he suddenly got in what seemed like a defensive stance. Fighting on the first day? Typical.

However, she seemed to either lose interest in him or realized she had something better to do, because she whipped around to leave him there with those wonderful words of wisdom. He knew he was going to hate it here.

Two more arrivals waltzed up, and Lydia sounded about ready to sink her teeth into someone. Jeez, getting in the middle of someone's cat fight did not sound fun. Xander looked down the hall at the opposite end, checking for an escape route, when he heard the words "my newbie". He wasn't sure what that meant, but he did recognize the face staring at the winged girl. Where had he seen that face before?

A flash of ice crossed his vision, and he recalled an outstretched hand before the darkness took over his vision. "You're real?" he asked aloud, looking at Kate as if she had just sprouted horns on top of her head.

10/17/2017 #35

(He's a character!)

Kate patted her shoulder. "Wow, I didn't realize. Thanks for reassuring me that I exist, Xander." Sarcasm was her language of choice, and while it gave the impression of crude indifference, it was merely her sense of humor. "Anyway, we are going to leave those two to do whatever powwow that they need to do at the moment." Her stern gaze softened slightly as she looked at his utterly confused facial expressions, and she gave a slight nod. "I am your Valkyrie, Xander. As long as it had to do with Hotel Valhalla and the Norse gods, you can ask me."

Lydia and Pietro continued to talk and quiet, but very harsh, whispers.

The black haired woman; however, had begun walking down the hallway to an elevator, not beckoning Xander in any way, but giving him the big impression that it was in his best interest to follow her.

After all, did he really want to spend any more time with the other two?

10/18/2017 . Edited 10/18/2017 #36

Xander felt like he must be looking like a real idiot at the moment. His mouth hung open, like he was wondering how she knew his name. Sure Alexander Queen was engraved on his door, but she knew his preferred nickname. This hotel was getting wilder by the second.

He shut his mouth, fearing someone might use the back of his throat as target practice. With a quick glance toward Lydia and Pietro, he decided sticking around for that fiasco was not going to be a good time. As Kate started walking, he picked up speed to catch up with her.

There were a million questions he could've asked. What's your name? What's a Valkyrie? What time is dinner? "Look, there's been a huge mistake," he insisted. Or, you know, he could start off making demands. Hunding had said something about "brave exploits" and "heroic actions", but Xander was about a thousand percent sure that didn't apply to him. "I shouldn't be here. I'm not a hero."

10/18/2017 #37

Kate adamantly shook her head, sending her large hoop earrings into a spiral of clanking upon her metal garb. "No one can make a mistake with these things. Not all people are chosen as Einhari, Xander. The Valkyrie--I--chose you because you died with valor. Don't you think the same?" Confusion was very common, and the girl was used to questions like these.

10/18/2017 #38

"I was helplessly swinging around a laser pointer that somehow turns into a spear in effort to not die," Xander said, thinking back to how he'd been professionally skewered and then chopped to be served as frozen soft-serve. Honestly, he couldn't imagine that he was very tasty. "Getting turned into a human popsicle doesn't sound all that valor-y," he protested. "Can't you just send me back?" he asked, as if there was a way for him to go back to living.

He was dead. That's what they call you when you're body has been impaled and your heart gets frozen solid. There is no "living" after that. But he had been zombified, right? Maybe resurrected, since that sounded more glamorous. His body was perfectly fine, so he could just wander back to normal Earth now, right? After all, he needed to find Dale before he had a panic attack. Uncle Lucy was probably pissed his laser pointer went missing. Yeah, he had to get back there.

"I have to go to camp," he blurted out. Shoot, that made no sense, probably. But that was what they told him before the whole Frosty the Giant Snow Freak showed up.

10/18/2017 #39

An eyebrow quirked up as he told her his lie, as she was slightly amused. "By all medical and technical standards: you are dead, Alexander Queen." Her eyes took on a harsher look as she turned to face him. "If you go back to Midgard, and if you die there, your death would be permanent. Not to mention, you would seriously cause problems if you just reappeared to you family and friends. I can send you to Midgard, but that doesn't mean I will."

The elevator doors made a click and opened. "You are an Einerjar now, a warrior of Odin. It's time you get used to that privilege and responsibility."

10/19/2017 #40

Xander was about to protest, but Kate sounded like she'd made up her mind. If he was going to get back, he'd have to find his own way. Or, at least, he couldnt ask a Valkyrie. So he'd been selected for some cushiony afterlife because he got popsicled by a giant? He decided not to question it, having a feeling he might insult her.

"Yeah, in-hair-something," he muttered. "My Norse mythology is rusty," he admitted. "But I thought Freya was the goddess of the dead or something? If she's calling the shots, then what's up with the 'warrior of Odin' thing?" he asked, glancing around the hotel.

He looked at her skeptically, like he wasn't sure she could really be trusted. Then again, she had saved his life. Well, sort of. It was hard for him to appreciate. He didn't realize all the other places he could've gone, so dying on Midgard again didn't sound as bad as it truly was. He was far too wrapped up in letting Dale and Mr. Woods know he wasn't dead. Oh yeah, and Uncle Lucien too, maybe. This didn't make sense. He was alive, right? He had a body. He was there. Xander didn't understand the gravity of the situation yet. He didn't seem to understand this was all for preparing for Ragnarok, if he even knew what that was. At least he knew enough mythology to know who Odin and Freya where. Granted, his knowledge was minimal at best.

10/19/2017 #41

"It is an honor to serve the einherjar."

Yeah, but is it really such an honor to deliver a macaroni pizza? Not that Orla was complaining. It's just she thought being a handmaiden of Odin would mean doing something more than acting as a personal maid. Indeed, Valkyries also take part in room service along with serving the einherjar at mealtimes. Most days, it wasn't so bad. So long as the enherji wasn't obnoxious, she rather enjoyed serving the fallen heroes. Maybe she was just on edge because she had a calculus exam this Friday.

The redhead briskly walked down the halls, planning on returning to the lobby. She didn't have anything to do at the moment, which was both wonderful and horrid. When you work hard, breaks tend to be more stressful or boring than relaxing. Her braid bounced in sync with her stride as her eyes pierced the trail of carpeted floor ahead. The elevator was at the end of the hallway.

10/25/2017 #42
With a joyous crow, he sailed in through the front door - nodding of course to whoever was behind the desk as he completed one flip and headed into another - and made his way down the hall to the area near the lobby. Puck had completed his task in Midgard as had been asked by a few rather unfriendly dwarves and completely against his own morals in most ways, but he had owed them a favor and therefore was indebted to do something. Regardless, he now found himself back in Valhalla, pleased with himself.

He'd also been sure to pick up a box of brownies at the bakery as Al had requested, which he was carrying with one hand that wasn't assisting his multiple flips. Puck trusted his hand to take care of not dropping the box on the ground. He wasn't looking where he was going, either, which probably wouldn't help a situation wherein someone might end up right in front of him -- but he had chosen to not think about that.

10/25/2017 #43

It was quiet today, which didn't really sit well with her. Quiet in the hotel meant something chaotic was about to happen. Orla hovered by the doors, waiting to leave the second they opened. She suddenly found herself wishing she was on solid ground. Not that she was afraid of heights. Far from it. But the whole "too quiet" vibe was making her feel jumpy. The doors opened and she immediately took a step into the flipping one-elf circus routine.

"Hoof!" Orla exclaimed, falling on her back when someone making their way down the hall had collided with her. She hadn't seen much but a flash of white before BAM a huge ache in the nose and the bum. "You gowl!" she snapped, rubbing her nose. "You've gone mad, have you? Doing flips in the lobby like that," she asked, looking to see who she'd run into.

10/25/2017 #44
Puck let out a distinct "oof!" as they collided, landing on his back before sitting up to see Orla. Before he answered, he held up a hand to stop her and checked the box that now lay beside him. All of the brownie were still connected and only a little smudged against each other.

"Ah-ha! I'm the master at keeping these things together. Now what was I - Oh right. Hello!" He waved, still sitting. "Sorry for that, I might have gotten a little too excited there."

10/25/2017 #45

When Puck stopped her, Orla had slight concern that he'd maybe been hurt. However, her concern was misplaced. His true worries were the preservation of some pastries. She rolled her eyes like this was some sort of common occurrence. "I should've known," she sighed to herself, knowing the elf was quite the character on a regular basis. Her eyes became fixated on the elf again, knowing she couldnt exactly lecture him about behaving in the lobby. It would be a waste of her breath.

"You think?" she asked, her tone suggesting sarcasm. "What's got you doing flips in the lobby? Has to be more than just those brownies you brought with you."

10/25/2017 #46
"Oh, I just got over a wonderfully horrible experience of a favor I had to do for some dumb elves and I could finally get out my energy." He shrugged, still grinning. "And then, of course, obviously I'm quite pleased with my evident talent. Won't be getting yelled at today, no sir."
10/25/2017 #47

Orla squeezed her eyes shut, shaking her head as if to expel whatever garble had just entered her ears. Something about a favor and evident talent. She clearly didn't follow it, but didn't ask for clarification. She was certain it wouldnt' get her anywhere. "Oh, yes, of course," she said, getting to her feet. "And i'm sure the excitement nothing to do with a certain son of Hel," she insisted, reaching out her hand for the elf to help him to his feet.

10/25/2017 #48
"Now, whatever gave you that idea?" He took the hand that was offered, chuckling. "It's been two days since I saw him - although I'm sure he's relaxing still - so I think I have an excuse." Puck was actually certain that Alfonso was enjoying their brief time away, but he knew it would be a relief for the man to see him alive even if Al denied it.

"Where were you headed?"

(Brief post in-between actually walking on my toes class and getting jazzy in jazz class ;) )

10/25/2017 #49

(XD it takes stills to dance and rp at the same time)

Orla pulled Puck to his feet, listening to him talk about Al. She smiled to herself, seeing the light in the elf's eyes. The two boys certainly had a strong bond. The Valkyrie put a hand in her hip, blowing the choppy red hair out of her face. "At the moment? No where," she admitted. "There won't be anything for me to do until the feast tonight. Not that i've brought any new heroes in, but i'll still be serving."

10/25/2017 #50
(Lol yeah I've built the skill to know when to for a while now ;)- I'm back for the evening tho)

"I see. Must be quite annoying having to be a waiter for dead people." Puck said, dusting off the box as he looked at her. "At least, I've always thought so. Some of them are very demanding."

10/25/2017 #51

(excellent :D)

"I kinda enjoy it," Orla admitted with a partial smile. He had a point. There were many times she got angry. She was delivering food when she could be battling monsters. But most of the time, she realized the importance of it. These were men and women who would fight in Ragnarok, and they spent every day training for it. Some of them were the very souls she chose. "True, I want to conk some of those meatheads, but they all did something worthy of Valhalla. To serve the einherjar is an honor, as cliche as it sounds. I like to think i'm doing something worthwhile, something Odin trusts me with."

10/25/2017 #52
"As cliche as that sounds, it's understandable I suppose." He nodded as he spoke in a rather absentminded manner, glancing down the hall. "So if you weren't anywhere in particular... you wanna go scare the crap out of Alfonso? I think we could manage it quite well. I mean, unless you were busy with something else. Maybe we'll run into someone else while we're at it. I enjoy dragging people into things."
10/25/2017 #53

"Jeez, I should come along just to make sure you don't cause any more trouble," Orla admitted with an exasperated sigh. "What happened to bringing someone a nice box of brownies?" she asked. "Now you're off to scare the poor guy?"

10/25/2017 #54
"Well it's uh... sorta been longer than two days?" Puck spoke, lilting his voice to form a question and shifting uneasily. Honestly, he expected he was going to scare the crap out of Alfonso, no matter if he tried an eloquent prank or not.
10/25/2017 #55

"You mean it's been longer than just two days since you've seen him?" Orla asked, raising her brows in surprise. She assumed the favor he just completed only took him two days, and he'd returned immediately after to see Al. "You two aren't fighting, are you?"

10/25/2017 #56
"Oh, no, not at all.'" He shook his head. There was a reason they liked to consider themselves the only couple in Valhalla that could manage not to have large amounts of arguments -- compared to most theirs were quite mild. Einherjar usually resorted to killing their significant other to teach them a lesson, after all.

"No it uh, it took me a little longer than two days to do the task. I'm talking like... almost a week. He was out on an errand for his mother the week before I was called out, so it's been two weeks since we've actually seen each other. And I haven't managed to really be in contact - you people really need to get phones - so he might think I'm dead? Or at least that I'm never coming back or something. It was a really long, boring task. I'm no architect but they wanted me to build this thing for them and -- well anyways it was a long process."

10/25/2017 #57

"Two weeks?" Orla repeated with wide eyes. "No wonder it's been quiet lately," she muttered under her breath. "I'm gonna warn you now. The brownies are a good start, but he might murder you," she said, shrugging her shoulders. Two weeks with no sort of contact would certainly worry anyone. It had to be especially hard for relationships that were quite literally worlds apart.

10/25/2017 #58
"You're not wrong, death is a likely possibility with that kind of record on my hands." Puck gave a little, dramatic sigh. "But at least he will have been the one to finish me off! Would be nice if I could get by with the brownies, yes, it certainly would. But I'm sure I can come up with something... more, later on, and it will make up for it." He winked at her as he spoke, not detailing any farther than that.

"Anyways, I should probably head on up. If you were a witness to the murder that is most likely about to take place, you could testify in god-court or wherever if need be, if you were to join me."

(Well I have to scram and sleep, I've already stayed up later than I should have this evening but I'll be sure to reply to your next post as soon as I wake up tomorrow and I'll be around all day and more so in the evening then I was today, I have A little less dance on Thursdays.).

10/25/2017 #59

(Sweet dreams n.n good luck at dance tomorrow!)

Orla felt a bit of red in her ears when Puck winked. She didn't have to be an empath to get what he was insinuating. She folded her arms, looking away from him with a humpf. "You're a hopeless romantic," she muttered. Of course, she doubted Al would really try to actually kill him. Not that he didn't deserve a little maiming. She didn't have anything else to do. Besides, it wasn't like she didn't appreciate their company. "I'll follow you up. Cleaning up elf blood is incredibly difficult," she insisted.

10/25/2017 #60
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