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"Boy do I ever know that. I hate even getting just a scratch." Puck snickered. He pressed the button to open the elevator doors, and marched in, keeping the doors open with a hand as he waited for Orla.
10/26/2017 #61

Orla stepped into the elevator, remaining fairly silent for some time. Suddenly, it felt a tad awkward, but she wasn't sure what to say. "So," she began, balancing on the balls of her feet. "Brownies, huh?"

10/26/2017 #62

"It's always been his favorite dessert." Puck shrugged, having pressed the button and was watching the floors go up on the panel. "Sorta ... plain? But I really don't control what he likes to eat, as you might imagine. And these are from the best bakery in Boston, so they usually make up for things -- although I can't promise they'll do much this time around."

10/26/2017 #63

"Kinda hard to control Al at all," Orla mused with a half smile. "Or you for that matter," she added, nudging him playfully with her elbow. "But I sincerely hope you don't get murdered. Like I said, that'd be a mess. I'll grab a shield, and you can toss the box as a peace offering," she jested, though it wasn't a bad suggestion. Hiding behind a dome and throwing in a distraction? Battle strategies! I don't usually get pastries. So where is this alleged best bakery in Boston?"

10/26/2017 #64
"True. And that sounds brilliant, I don't know why I don't use a shield on a daily basis!" Puck grinned. "Oh and the best bakery is this wonderful little place called Zackles Bakery. I have been under the impression that they are the only bakery that can really be allowed to exist for literally all of eternity. I would try to ask and see if it could go and stay even after Ragnorak, but I'm not sure the gods really feel like keeping on building alive during the end of time and space."
10/27/2017 #65
Cyrene Lysandra

(Anyone up for an RP? On a side note, I've decided to scrap the Zavira x Selah ship, since I tried writing out a few scenes and it just wasn't working XD So, they're both single :P and I've got everyone open: Luna, Kalen, Zavira, and Selah)

10/27/2017 #66

(@Cyr are there any rules for waiting on role-players to return? Like some forums say you have to wait 24 hours at least or a few days for a role-player before you move on, if they have not responded. It's been eight days since I heard from mvb. I'm not sure when they're coming back.)

"Zackles," Orla repeated. She looked amused at the thought of Thor guarding a bakery, protecting it from being destroyed by giants or something. "As humorous as it is, it is unlikely," she agreed. "But you never know with the gods. They may end up doing it just for themselves if you get one of them hooked on their sweets," she insisted. "Did you expect that favor to take you so long to complete?"

10/27/2017 #67
(I will let you know that mvb is a rather busy person and tends to float away for lengthy periods of time from my past experiences with RPing with them.)

"Absolutely not. It was really annoying that it took that long, it frustrated me to no end the entire time. It wasn't even really a thing to do with gods, but either way people will always be demanding with what they want from you." He sighed. No matter what world you were in, people wanted something from you in return for merely walking on their land.

10/27/2017 #68

(What Ragz says is true. The end of first quarter was today and the past few weeks have been wrought with stress and drama. My soccer team is going to the championships, so I have had lengthy practices every day, on top of mounds of homework due to Honors classes. My activity also has to do with my amount of inspiration, and it's very hard to find any inspiration to write when you have an 85.85% to bring up to a 93% as the week ends. Sorry for any inconvenience!)

10/27/2017 #69

Kate merely gave a slight shake of her head, sending her large hoop earrings into a melodic clinking. "You'll find out at dinner. Most questions are answered there, in some cases. Either way, you'll learn more as you become adjusted to this place. Personally, I would recommend making some friends so that you learn more of the rituals and habits that we do here. I'm not around all the time, I hope you know. AP calculus is a hard course to pass." A scowl formed on her lips as she thought of her upcoming test, but the thought was quickly willed away as she opened the large doors to the dinner hall.

10/27/2017 #70

The brunette's eyes had a frankly feral looking glint in them as she strode down the hallway she was so accustomed to. Though she hadn't been here for long, Lydia had personally made sure to become acquainted with the many rough edges it beheld, finding the way they moved to be somewhat hypnotizing.

Her thoughts weren't with the wall; however, they were with the general subject of people.

As she was part wolf, a pack was desired, but none with such dull and weak imbeciles. There were a few exceptions, sure, but not many. Most of those who resided here made her hackles raise and wings cramp even more so than their usual. Her whole body seemed tense and ready for a fight, as it was what her life on Earth taught her to be ready for. Kill or be killed, after all.

10/27/2017 #71

Faye was sitting in one of the empty lounges- well, it was empty now, after she'd sent ink-black demons shooting up the wall with just a flick of her hand. It was a crude method of getting rid of people, she knew. But at least she wasn't harming them- a few dancing shadows never killed anyone. And even if they did- well, they would regenerate anyway.

She was cross-legged on the floor, charts spread around her in what could only be described as artfully arranged chaos. But something was going on. Something was about to happen, and she was close, so close to figuring it out. The planets had shifted unnaturally. And now, thanks to the mortals and their brilliant technology, she also had real footage of Mars and the moon. Footprints. On the moon.

It was decades later, and the very idea still made her heart race. It was one of the only things that could, one of the only things that could make her feel anymore. With those pictures on her lap, those footprints, the rockets she had painstakingly studied despite the science and mechanics of it all utterly baffling her, she felt unstoppable. Perhaps that was why the planets were so tense. Mankind was on its way to forever alter the universe. Perhaps they knew it, too.

10/27/2017 #72

Despite the scowl on her lips and the glint in her eyes, the woman was relatively calm. Her body always conveyed otherwise though, but she accepted her naturally rigid facial features as a normal thing. Once reaching the end of the long hallway, Lydia made her way down the winding stairways, preferring them to the elevator. There was something about the cold and dense space of an elevator that made her wary. Perhaps it had something to do with her old confines, which would make sense.

The lounge was her favorite place to be, if there wasn't a crowd as there usually was. It beheld many windows, letting sunlight filter in to give it a warm and open warmth. One of her favorite pastimes was just observing the various views that the windows offered, moving to place to place to take them all in. When that wasn't an option, there was always a crowd of people to observe and pick apart. Despite her general wariness of most forms of interaction, she did like to watch people go about their daily lives. As the American strode into the room, her footsteps were silent. Like a wolf, she was used to hunting and surprising her prey, and thus the habit of walking with silence was quickly formed.

She would've gone completely unnoticed by the other girl in the room, if she had not ruffled a feather on one of her wings. As they usually did, her wings were causing her much discomfort, which resulted in an irritated twitch of her mouth. Lydia didn't so much as acknowledge the girl as she beelined to one of the windows that showcased the moon. The American pressed a cool hand against its class, her lips pressing into a firm line as she took in the scenery before her.

10/27/2017 #73

"Then i'm sure Al will understand," Orla insisted. "It's not like you enjoyed being apart from him any more than he liked not knowing where you were. It was unexpected. If you explain it to him, then im sure he wont be mad. Besides," she said, the eleveator doors opening up to their floor. "No one can be mad when they're eating chocolate."

As she stepped off the elevator, she glanced over at Puck. Even if Al was upset, she doubted it would turn into a huge fight. Then again, two weeks was a long time. When you're immortal inside the walls of Valhalla, it's terrifying to think of your loved ones being so vulnerable back on Midgard. The life of the einherjar was somwthing she honestly felt glad she didnt have to experience. Not that she hadnt thought about it. Once she was older, and she'd done some things. She wanted to be taken seriously. No matter how long the young ones were here, the older einherjar just never took them seriously. She already felt like a joke of a Valkyrie, a pitiful demigod. No, she'd prove she was a force to be respected. She just needed a little more time.


(sorry! Im on mobile rn)


(np! Tbh ive had people disappear for weeks on me. Some just never come back, and I was just worried I wouldnt be able to use my first OC. But IRL always comes first! Glad to see youre back tho!!! Im so glad to see you bc ive loved roleplaying with you so far n.n)

"Right. Friends," Xander echoed, deciding it best not to tell her the only friends he had included a now dead hamster that could not fly, a half-goat-donkey-person with an aluminum can addiction, and a dwarf who took mythology class way too seriously. He wasnt exactly socially inclinded, but maybe it had something to do with the numerous expulsions or the everpresent sarcasm.

He processed the advanced math course, but looked at her with bewilderment. "Calculus? You're joking right?" he asked, thinking Kate must be dead. Then the doors opened and he forgot all about math.

"Holy-" Xander's mouth dropped as he suddenly stood in awe of the dinning hall. It was larger than his house, with ceilings even higher than the rafters in the hallways. Above were twinkling stars in the night sky. It was incredible, and there was even a goat running around on top of a tree. Yeah, a tree. A giant tree inside, like his room. They liked trees in the underworld for some reason.

The feasting hall was like one big stadium, but instead of a court there was that giant tree with several animals wandering along its brances. Xander noticed a few people running below a sgraggly goat with swollen udders. They carried a golden bucket, catching the leaky drops of milk from said goat.

"Uh... Why is there a goat in a tree?"

10/27/2017 #74

Faye pursed her dark pink lips at the girl who had entered, elfish features fixing themselves into a frown. She followed her case to the window, the moon, and twitched her fingers, making the shadows flinch ever so slightly. Then they stilled, as Faye made the decision not to utilize them. This girl was not bothering her. Sure, her presence might have been a little unnerving, but Faye could deal with unnerving. She was said to be unnerving herself, after all, and she shan't be hypocritical.

Hands pausing, pencil hovering in midair above her paper, she observed her silent companion. Her citrine eyes were bright, intelligent, lemon-gold and scrutinizing. She had seen this girl before. She had not been here nearly as long as Faye herself, but she knew. Her name was one that started with an L. That was all she could recall, because she was not the type to become familiar with names and faces, people and friends. In fact, she was seldom the type to even communicate with people. It was easier the other way- to get them to fear her.

She had built a wall around herself, a fortress fortified by centuries of hiding herself. Of turning the other cheek and curling her lip in distaste at anyone who looked at her the wrong way. Faye ducked her head once more, deciding that unless this girl became a bother, she did not need to acknowledge her presence. Her pencil began to move once more, elegant Italian script swirling across the paper- it was her preferred language- as she continued to chart her observations. Another nighttime visit to Midgard was in order, she decided, to gather more data.

10/28/2017 #75
"His understanding is exactly what I'm counting on. He knows the feeling of being put to a task and being forced to do it, and it taking longer than expected. Although, I can't make any promises that eating chocolate can call everyone down. Some people seem to be eternally angry." Puck stepped out, grinning a little bit but feeling genuinely nervous and uneasy. He began to make his way over to their room, not stopping to see if Orla was following. After three knocks, he waited, shifting between his feet.

Alfonso hadn't expected anyone, so if Cather was there she was going to be sent away instantly, as he knew she'd been in quite a mood for while now. He pushed the door open slowly, and when he caught sight of the elf behind it he froze for a moment. Then, before he could get a word out of his mouth, he found himself moving and wrapping his arms around Puck, furiously hugging him.

"What in all of Helheim took you so long?" He hissed as Puck seemed to find his bearings enough to return the hug. Alfonso caught sight of Orla in the moment, "Oh, hey Orla." He didn't have to take his tone to being pleased to see her, but he was careful to make sure Puck understood who he was being more stern with.

10/28/2017 #76

(Hats is open to RP)

Walking through Valhalla always felt like an endless labyrinth. One minute your heading off to get yourself a post death hot chocolate, the next thing you know you find a room full of old vikings playing slot machines and a room full of Bingo to the Death. Sometimes its fun finding new places you didn't know before or new shortcuts. Other times, most times, it was a pain in the neck.

This was currently Rey's problem. After being taken out in a good daily dose of death, she was looking for some hot chocolate. Problem was, she couldn't find the food court. She'd been here for nearly 34 years and still got lost like it was day one. Ugh.... So here she was, wandering some random floor and hoping she'd eventually find it. Her hands were tucked into the pockets of her overalls, one of the straps hung at her side, revealing more of the black t-shirt she wore underneath. At her hips on a belt were four sheathed knives. And her feet were covered in mis matching socks.

"Five hundred and something floors and they can't put a directory up," She muttered annoyed.

10/28/2017 #77

(Aww, thanks! )

"The Nords here have a...different...way of providing food. It's like a buffet, almost." She answered as led him to a seat and motioned him to sit down with a hand. Her eyes moved up to the ceiling, and they flickered with a bit of distaste before they moved back to look at him.

"You can order anything you could ever want to eat here, just don't eat too much--unless of course, you want to empty it on the battlefield tomorrow morning." Kate's mouth twisted into a wry smirk, but she quickly rid of it as not to scare him too much. He was new, after all, and it wasn't her intention to make him feel uncomfortable. "Once dinner is over, you will introduce yourself, okay? I'll be by your side the whole time."

The woman's steel eyes moved up to face the moon directly. She continued to ignore the other girl in the room. What was her name? Faith? Lydia knew she was here much longer than she, but outside of that information, didn't care to know much about who she was.

As long as she didn't threaten her, Lydia wouldn't say anything.

The moon's silver glow lit up her tan skin, and cast a bright ring of white light around her and the window. Her eyes betrayed no emotion, but her wings were now spread out behind her. Something about the moon caused her to be drawn to it. The American assumed it had something to do with her heritage, but she forbade the thought to fester for too long. Sk├Âll was a tricky and dangerous topic to think about, as the beast inside her generally liked to feed off of her wariness of her father.

A shadow flicked across the corner of her vision, and Lydia's eyebrows wrinkled as she tore her gaze from the moon to investigate.

Her hardened look then turned to the only other person in this room, she said nothing, but was looking for an answer in the girl's actions. So far, she was just writing, a chart from what it looked like from her angle.

Her face turned back to the view that continued to capture her attention, but now she was tense and waiting for a possible attack. Many people here feared Lydia, mostly because her actions proved it. Not many had escaped her profound skill in the art of killing, and many didn't dare be in the same room as her--especially at night. For it was nighttime when the wolf tended to be stronger. The desire to hunt was always stronger in the darkness, and a part of her liked it. The adrenaline that gave with killing was something nothing else could provide her.

10/28/2017 . Edited 10/28/2017 #78
Cather had no plans at all. She usually did make sure something was in her schedule, but today, well today that hadn't happened. It was something that occurred at least once every few weeks or so, nothing new to her after being around for so long, but she found often she was prone to being very bored. And when she became bored, she often became easily irritable.

It was in a state of boredom now that she found herself pacing down one of the halls, a really random one too, not really paying attention to anyone who passed. If Cather reacted, it was with a sneer; and then back to her pacing.

10/28/2017 #79

"Figure out that philosopher's stone yet Nicholas Flamel?"

He couldn't really resist the taunt, since it was guaranteed to get under Cather's skin just a tiny bit. Zane came up from behind her, having slipped out of one of the doors. From the fact that he didn't have any weapons sticking out it could be surmised that he had not come from any of the To the Death classes. Possibly, he'd taken a shortcut from a lounge. He looked down at her, "Seems your wearing a trench in the wood. Hundings not going to like that one bit."

10/28/2017 . Edited 10/28/2017 #80
Cather felt her attention snap, and she turned to look - and glare - at Zane.

"A trench is exactly what is needed to keep you out of here." She hated having to look up at people all of the time, it was probably the one horrible thing about being short. "Hunding would be less pleased if he had to clean your guts up from this lovely floor."

10/28/2017 #81

He brought his hand to his chest, feigning hurt, "Why? Because I'm half giant?" He snickered, because it was a bit funny thinking as if that had ANYTHING to do with his tall height.

"What's the matter darling? Finding nothing to do after a good four hundred or something odd years?" He had made a note to remember that small tidbit. After all, people got touchy about the time they died and how old they actually were. It was weird, "Surely there's a movie you haven't seen. Or would like to see again. Predator perhaps? Or maybe you want a small run through Boston? I'd happily escort you so you don't get spooked by the self driving cars or the iphones."

He was smiling, speaking in a way that almost sound like he was mocking her situation. But he wasn't. It just sounded really close to it.

10/28/2017 #82
"Hundreds of things would be better than any of that. At all." She hissed. "Anyways, Midgard is too much of a mess. They wouldn't want someone like you stomping around there anyways. I'm sorry to hear that you are so technologically advanced that you have to spread your knowledge around to those of us who lead more interesting lives."

She wasn't the type to be annoying about generations like his that came in knowing so much about technology, but Zane annoyed her any day and she was willing to be that way with him.

10/28/2017 #83

Zane leaned against the wall, eyeing her for a moment. Not in the sexual way girls would think. He was looking her over for any clues as to why she was in a snippy mood. Just incase she wasn't sleeping or someone did something stupid that hurt her. She was a pain in the butt. She was his pain in the butt though.

"No more than usual though," He pointed out, "You never know, Ragnarok will come and they'll probably have hoverboards instead of skeleton horses for their undead troops. You don't think you want to know how to use one before it happens? But what's your problem? Bad at improvising? This place has like a million things to do! Go for white water rafting. Or the spa. Unless, you made time to bicker with me in your schedule in which case I'm honored."

10/28/2017 #84
"'l might think twice before I hop on a hoverboard. And as an answer, I'm bored. Incredibly. I don't make room for you unless we plan something ahead of time." Cather replied, crossing her arms firmly now and still glaring up at him.

He was... He was a character, for sure. Zane was the only other person aside from Puck and Alfonso she was good at being close to, and the only person she was good at bickering at who wasn't Puck.

10/28/2017 #85

Zane smiled, "Well then, perhaps I can be of some help then. Now I know these are stupid questions, you being around four hundred and no doubt a brilliant genius to make time for these but, have you ever seen the Harry Potter movies? Perhaps you'd be interested in watching the new Spiderman Homecoming movie instead? Or perhaps you'd rather hit the lounge and play a stunning round of pool. Maybe throw some money on it?"

Zane had only been around for seven months. He was a total newbie. He had a lot of energy for wasting time. It was only a matter of time before it hit a total stop. Zane blew raspberries at them and laughed in their faces.

10/28/2017 #86
"I've been known to watch those magical movies en repeat. A game of pool sounds intriguing, I suppose." She nodded slightly. "How much money do you have currently on you?" Cather would search her pockets after he let her know how much was in his.
10/28/2017 #87

"We could go ten if you like," He was reaching into his pocket, "Unless you want to wager something else. I got a good stack of candy and chocolate in case that interests you. Or IOU's."

Of course, there must be an unspoken rule to not give away IOU's, especially to children of Loki like Zane. It was just bound for trouble in the end. He pulled the cash out and showed it to her, so she knew he wasn't bluffing. A crisp ten dollar bill, the corner bent slightly, "Don't want to clean you out of cash after all."

10/28/2017 #88
"Ten sounds agreeable." She said. It was a mystery how she'd ever gotten to know the kid in the first place -- but here they were. Cather didn't really have anything against him, unlike every person in Valhalla. Children of Loki were hated by most people, but Cather hated most people. It allowed her to befriend those who were disliked by others.
10/28/2017 #89

"Okay then," Zane grinned.

The son of Loki had found himself in the middle of a floor, floor 31, with several different people. Many of them eager to show him the ropes. A few wanted to show by killing him. Others wanted him to join their little group. Somehow he singled Cather out as an interesting person to bicker with. Something about her, it was just fun. She fought back. She threw it back. It's what made it fun.

"Let's go then," He moved off the wall, "Sooner we start, sooner I become ten bucks richer."

10/28/2017 #90
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