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"Oh, so that's how you think it's going to go?" She smirked. "Let's go." She began walking in the direction they needed to go in order to get to the game room. It would be fortunate that the two of them combined would silence everyone else in the room. Cather knew the effect she had on a room, and she knew what effect Zane had on rooms. No one would kill them with a ping-pong ball, not today.
10/28/2017 #91

"Not that i'm complaining, but i'm surprised you aren't attempting to drive a spear up his butt right now," Orla admitted. "Oh, hello, Al," she added, not forgetting to be polite here. She smiled at the couple, though. It was nice that Al was able to push past his anger, and be glad Puck had come back. Maybe seeing the box of brownies softened him up. Regardless, she didn't have to clean up elf blood. That was a good day, if you ask Orla.

The only thing to do now was let the two talk it out. She'd stick around as a mediator, knowing most of Puck's side of the story. She doubted things would be as violent as she initially thought. Hopefully, Al would be able to just threaten him later and eat the peace offering. He was probably more understanding than she had been giving him credit for. Orla wondered how she would've felt if she were Al. If her loved one disappeared, then she'd probably feel terrified and just be glad to know their okay. Well, she'd want to kill them for making her worry. But she'd kill them lovingly.

"Food?" Xander asked, looking up at the goat with squinted eyes. The guys carrying the bucket seemed to get more of the milk on themselves than the bucket. What buffet was she talking about? Cheese? Because it didn't seem like that goat was coming down anytime soon. Even if it did, he didn't imagine goat being a "buffet" of food. He was focused on watching the guys scramble for the droplets of milk, not looking back at the Valkyrie until she urged him to sit down.

He turned his head to look at Kate, glancing at the chair briefly. He looked at it like he was waiting for something to pop out of the wood or expecting it to catapult him the moment he sat down. Empty it on the battlefield? That didn't sound all that appetizing. With a reluctant sigh, he sat down. Testing the Valkyrie's patience sounded like a bad idea.

The thought of introducing himself made him think this was a weird summer camp. Time to go around and tell the others who you are, your interests, and your preferred method of decapitation. Yeah, just normal camp stuff. So, Xander, do you like death yoga? The thought of having Kate by his side gave him immense relief somehow. He was obviously anxious, but having at least one person there with him was a comfort. "I didn't ask your name," he said to himself. "You knew mine. I forgot to ask your name," he said, looking up at Kate like things were starting to sink in that all this was real. He looked terrified, but also curious. Eyes like that were sharp. As much as he protested, she certainly could not have made a mistake. "Um... what's your name?"

10/28/2017 #92

Zane followed, looking around. You'd think after the outstanding performances by his siblings Samirah al-Abbas and Alex Fierro, Zane wouldn't get such a cold shoulder. Of course, Sam and Alex were heroes. Zane. Not so much. He caused too much trouble for anyone's liking. So of course the older vikings looked at him with contempt. He was his father's son.

He went over to rack the balls up, ignoring the stares he got. He just simply smiled, "I have a feeling we're going to have an audience, hope that doesn't bother you."

10/29/2017 #93
"I didn't have any spears ready." He replied to Orla still over Puck's shoulder. In another fast move, he broke the hug and kissed Puck harshly. This time he broke away before the elf could even think about prolonging it. "Now, what took you anywhere near that long?"

"I had this cute greeting all planned out and everything, babe, and you just ruined it." Puck tried, but he received a look for that sidetrack. "Okay okay you know it can happen. Look, Orla sorta knows what happened if I need back up before you murder me, she will provide it. It wasn't on purpose, Al. At all. It was supposed to be a two day thing."


Cather glanced around as she prepped the table and took a stick. "Well I don't have a problem with it. They'll be quiet and that'll be nice."

10/29/2017 #94

"Until you lose," Zane grabbed himself a pool stick, examining the tip carefully, "Ladies first."

The colored balls sat in a triangle, the white cue ball waiting. He leaned against the wall and watched her. His ten dollars sat at the corner of the table. He twirled the pool cue a bit, watching Cather. He wondered when she learned pool. Surely she'd been around when the tables just appeared in Hotel Valhalla.

10/29/2017 #95
Cather shook off the comment and moved around the table to position herself better. Then, with a swift movement, she knocked the pool stick into the triangles. Only one actually made it in, and she cursed internally. "Your turn." She looked up at him with her usual smirk.
10/29/2017 #96

(Um... do you know how to play pool? If she got one in she goes again. You go until you don't sink any. Also, was it solids or stripes?)

Zane snickered, shaking his head, "Seems your memory is fading Cather's. You sunk a shot, a shame for me but it's still your turn darling. Unless, of course, you're playing by your own rules to benefit me."

He snickered, "Go on now, take your turn. I don't want you yelling later that you forgot the rules of the game and I manipulated a win."

10/29/2017 #97
(Hahahaha - no not really. I played like once. I apologize. Next time I indulge in this I'll look up a rules book, in fact I may want to now... we'll say it was solid.)

She cursed again, this time under her breath, and shook her head a little. "There are many reasons not to go down here, and rules of games are one of them."

Cather set herself up again, and this time, missed entirely. The blame, she decided, was her current raise in annoyance at things. The people around them would forever have something to hold over her now that they knew she wasn't good at something.

10/29/2017 #98

(I was confused and I decided, "Zane's going to use this" because he totally would)

Zane couldn't help but keep smiling. He knew it would annoy her but he was completely amused with her. He nodded and moved around the table, looking for a good way to get to the cue ball.

"You're solids. I'm stripes," He stopped, across the table, raising the pool cue against the table at a high angle and looked around. He didn't have many good options. Shifting slightly towards the left, he hit the ball. It went off, hit two stripes. Then the wall, hit a solid as it bounced back, and rolled to a stop. Nothing sunk, but he got some pretty close to the socket.

He moved back a bit so she had space to walk about, "So four hundred years here," He figured maybe he could get her talking about herself, "How'd that happen?"

10/29/2017 #99
(Hahaha ok.)

"Roughly four hundred years and I'm still having to deal with idiots like you," she clucked her tongue as she moved around and positioned herself, prepping to shoot, "It wasn't on purpose. No one dies on purpose. I just happened to believe I was finally getting revenge on my father..." She stopped for a moment and shot, sending a ball down the table but nowhere near anything useful.

Cather stood up to look and watch him. "Dark elves. A nice band of them. Very unpleasant creatures at times. They murdered my father when I was young, and they apparently came back for me when I was older."

10/29/2017 #100

"Dwarves?" Zane raised an eyebrow, knowing that much. He didn't poke fun, "Did you at least kill most of them? That has to count for something right?"

Zane moved to the far end of the table. He didn't break eye contact, lining up his shot and shooting, sinking in one of the stripes he had set up earlier. He moved, lined up again, and started to set up another shot as best he could. Sure, he had one that he could possibly make but he was feeling ambitious and show off-y. It would rile her up if he got a shot in twice in a row and managed three turns.

10/29/2017 #101
"I managed to kill three before I went down under, so maybe it accounts for something like you suggested. I don't know. I didn't kill all of them, and that's my issue. They're either still out there or descendants of them are. And as for dwarves...well I suppose they were." She lined herself up again, making a shot and getting it in. Cather proceeded to try again, but was fruitless as the ball was nowhere near where she needed it to be.
10/29/2017 #102

Zane looked at her, "I take it you're holding back from going after them. Dwarves live a long time don't they?" He wasn't really sure. He assumed, "I take it they aren't the same sort of dwarves as Lord of the Rings huh?"

He lined up his shot, cursing when the ball crawled to its hole and stayed on the edge, "Damn it!" He was a bit happy though. The cue and his stripe were pretty close. Cather could manage to not knock it in, she needed a steady hand though. He had faith in her though. She'd surprise him.

10/29/2017 #103
"Yes they live almost an annoyingly long time. Nordic dwarves are more like those from Tolkien's fantastic imagination than you would think, but these ones were not. These were filled with hatred. Hatred for Nott and those who had been connected with her, or so I've believed." She lined up and prepared to carefully launch the ball, not sure if it would hit anything but her objective was to get it away from his. Cather gently pushed the stick and just barely managed to get the white ball away from Zane's, but not hitting any of hers.
10/29/2017 #104
"Huh," Zane murmured, taken aback by the confirmation that they were like the ones in lord of the rings.

"That's your mom ain't she? Nott? Who is she anyways?"

Zane lined up his shot, sinking the ball. But then her purposefully missed, longer this went on the more he could get her talking.

10/29/2017 #105
"Yes, she is." Nodding slowly, she made a shot and got one of her balls in, then proceeded to try again -- and fail once more. "I suppose she isn't as bad as some. Quite tame, actually, as she sticks with what she knows. Not that I've ever really met her. I've seen her in dreams but I doubt she remembers my existence, it has been 400 years after all. There have been other kids born to her more recently."
10/29/2017 #106
"But who is she? What's she the goddess of?" Zane asked, watching her, "What's she do? War goddess?"

He sounded like a normal person for a minute. So much more like someone else and not completely like Loki. Or as annoying as the trickster. He shot, missing completely. That wasn't on purpose.

10/29/2017 #107
"Night. The goddess of Night." She replied as she managed to miss as badly as he had. "She drives her chariot across the sky and brings on the night."
10/29/2017 #108
"Apparently some folks took advantage of Puck's generosity," Orla added, her eyes meeting Al's to gauge of he was going to be understanding. "Unfortunately the wify isnt all that grand here in the afterlife," she said. Right, the two had no way to communicate the sudden change of plans.
10/29/2017 #109
"The cell service is nonexistent.... took advantage of you? I don't see why I couldn't tag along to help you. But I suppose I didn't take you on the trip to what my mother wanted, so it was payback." He tilted his head to look at Puck, hands still gripping the elf's elbows.

"They had plans and they decided I was suited to do all of them. And exactly! You should just be grateful I managed to keep these brownies intact." He faked a sulking face, lifting the box a little higher. "I'll make it up to you. I promise we won't do this again."

10/29/2017 #110
"Try not to spoil your appetite before dinner. The enherjar on goat duty have been at it for hours," Orla interjected, as if to give a subtle reminder that goat duty sucked and one should respect the effort put into it lest they find themselves in that position one day. No one wants to be on goat duty. "Are you planning on attending the feast, Puck?" she asked. It'd be one more person to serve, but she didnt mind. This was the boyfriend of one of Odin's brave warriors. As much of an honor it is to serve the warriors, it extended to their partners as well.
10/29/2017 #111
"Spoil an appetite? I can do much better than that. It's easier to satisfy." Puck snickered, but Alfonso silenced him with a look. "Right, sorry lost my, erm, composure there. Yeah, I'll probably be going. They don't have too many objections to me showing up everywhere around here."
10/29/2017 #112
(I posted some ocs last night, Rags. When you get the chance, would you mind reviewing them?) Orla gave Puck an unamused deadpan, though she felt her ears get warm. The thought of such intimacy already got her flustered, but she had to be watching Al's expression. Yeah, she got the gist. "Ahem," she cleared her throat, straightening up her back. She was a Valykrie after all. She couldnt be acting like a school girl (even if she technically was still one). "Even if we wanted to, I doubt we could manage to toss the great Puck out for long. No point in keeping true love apart," she said albeit a bit condescendingly. However, she added a playful smile to assure she had just been teasing. "There shouldnt be a problem."
10/29/2017 #113
(Sure will ;))

"It's difficult for sure." Alfonso chuckled at her comments. "He's a bit like a boomerang in that respect."

"I try, to say the least." He grinned, pleased at his work at making her so flustered. "And there's never been a major problem with me showing up to feasts. I'm like the only elvish representation we have around here. You obviously need me around."

10/29/2017 #114
(Thank you :D) "Clearly," Orla rolled her eyes, not seeming to buy it. However, she didnt mind the elf. Puck certainly made life interesting. And if he made one of the einherjar happy, then she considered him okay in her book. This was her job, after all. "You always come back no matter how many times we toss you out," she quipped, giving him a slight smirk as she folded her arms over her chest.
10/29/2017 #115
"Well it's really hard to get rid of me once you've got me." He retorted, still grinning.

"Several hundred dead people could attest to that, but I think I've got claim on that the most." Shaking his head, Alfonso winked at Orla. "So before I do attempt to destroy this elf with my bare hands for being so bad at communicating, how have you been, Orla?"

10/29/2017 #116
"For the past several minutes? Dreading the possibility of cleaning up elf blood," Orla admitted. "Other than prepping for a calculus exam, i've been just fine. It was a rather wuiet and slow day until a certain one-elf circus crashed into me," she said, glancing at Puck. "What about you, Al? I havent talked to you in awhile."
10/29/2017 #117
"What have I told you about flips down the halls?" He looked at the elf, who shrugged. Alfonso looked back at Orla. "Well that's all good aside from the bit about Puck running into you. Oh - I guess as for myself... Well things are fine. Nothing abnormal so far. Had a lousy job from my mother the other week, that wasn't much fun, but she hasn't sent me after anything incredibly dangerous in a while. Just some souls that needed capturing this time round."
10/29/2017 #118
"That sounds dangerous," Orla protested, her smile fading. "Soul collecting sounds like risky business. I suppose you couldnt turn her down, though. It's never good to refuse the request of a god or goddesss."
10/29/2017 #119
"It's like being the grim reaper, I can tell you that. And no, it's impossible to turn her down. The deal we have confirms that I will do whatever she asks when it comes to jobs even before I die again. In a way, it's just her trying to kill me faster." He sighed, not really wishing for the mood to turn so sour, but it was hard to avoid when discussing his mother.
10/29/2017 #120
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